Jul 7, 2009


Greetings one and all!!

Back in Oct last year ... (when all was very quiet in my life and not much happening!!!) I was contacted by a man by the name of Neil Hudson Newman. His knowledge and findings in regard to the famous Rennes le Chateau and much more are mind blowing and he has written books on the subject. Google him if you need to find out more. Neil is a mathematician and very knowledgeable on decoding genuine Crop Circles and messages.He wanted to inform me that my Oct14Th message was correct!So began an email friendship and indeed some maths lessons!!! I am one of those people that if you get as complicated as mentioning a percentage and a few numbers ... you've lost me ... I have a sort of numbers dyslexia (which apparently is real ... I was relieved to find out).So this very patient man has gone to extreme measures to assist me in understanding information he sends and how/why it all adds up and what it all means.

Often when replying to Neil it seems unknowingly ... I would say exactly the right sentences which would flabbergast him ... to do with a certain project that we may be discussing ... which then seemed to assist him in his next move with it.

My point with all this? Whilst replying to Neil a few weeks ago (18th June) ... some strange phenomena went on with my email and it said I had sent my letter to him, 17 minutes ago .... when I hadn't actually sent it at all. I felt 'a message' come through and wrote it down for Neil on the unsent email... it was an image I got of green balls of wool in a basket and a few other things ... explaining of course ... that I had no idea what any of it meant in relation to anything!

So you can imagine to my surprise when he sent me back a very excited email the next night saying that on the 17Th June (17 Min's) this crop circle had appeared!!

Looks very much like a green ball of wool to me!!! Tingles of Truth ran through me ...what a happy bunny I was!

Neil has since written up a long involved explanation of the message I gave him that day and how it all came together and what it means.(he explained to me he couldn't make it shorter in order to tell all) He is the most brilliant man , so may I just say here , some of you may get a little blown away with its intricacies. But he explains it so well for those who are numerically minded ... and even for those who are not.

I am amazed at how much I can understand due to his teachings . I am so grateful to Neil for giving up so much of his very valuable time to explain to me all the things he has.

So here is the link.Click on the COMMENTS box ... then click on the heading : A Psychic; Crop Circles and Ground Breaking Journalism


I would like also to take this opportunity to thank every one who has written to me regarding my decision to channell when appropriate. What a wonderful group of souls I have attracted!!! Thank you all so very much for your kind words and understanding.

I won't be leaving it too long before I next channell and I will be sure to let everyone know when I do ... Please subscribe to my mailing list on my website if you wish to be informed that way and to receive my monthly newsletters. I will of course be posting the fact that a channell is up when ever it is ... if that makes sense.

Also ... as I am here ... there is a particular 'anonymous' who's comments are far too obscene to publish , who continues to pursue his obsession in telling me what he thinks of me! I hereby today ... for the first time ... acknowledge you publicly ... and want you to know that every single time I receive something from you ... I send you Golden Rays. Myself, family and friends have to laugh at your name calling for there is surely nothing else that can be done. Who ever you are ... the more you hound me .... the more Love I send you, which is obviously what you need. If you think so ill of me I simply cant understand why you keep coming back and reading this blog. Surely you would get more satisfaction by going somewhere that FEELS right for you. Why torture yourself so? Your threats do not threaten me ... your words do not shock (any more!) , so why don't you call it a day here , and move on? May all who read this send this gentleman many Golden Rays for he Truly carries much anger.

That being said ... because it is long overdue ... I think I am ready to close for today.

Swords of Light to the skies at all times ... Lets not forget!

Many thanks for your continual support ... friendship and Love.
Golden Rays , Love Light and laughter.
Bloss xxx


AnonimaAnonima said...

Bless you Blossom :) Because that's what you are, truly truly blessed :) And of course you have a huge support group, both on Earth and off-Earth. So it's easier for you to keep your light shining. The way you shine reminds others to shine as well.

My own guides seem to be very fond of you. And it wouldn't surprise me if they were closely linked to your Feds. Because the messages I get are basically the same.

They say that this is only a start, light attracts light and other lights will gather around that light, so the light will shine brighter and brighter. This is how we will become a network of light all over the planet. Isn't it interesting that many of your readers all live on different continents? Australia, Canada, USA, South America, Europe, you name it. Everyone shines their own light and connects through this website. And even those who come here and don't seem to recognize their own light yet, they might come here for a reason, because they are trying very hard to find the way to the light themselves. The more obsessed they are, the more eager they are to participate in the light party. And they will succeed because they have a strong will.

Your crop circle friend sounds interesting! Math and spirituality coming together. Heart and mind coming together. Beautiful! :)

This is the right link: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2009/westkennettavenue/comments2.html

Much love to you all :)

Frosti said...

Thats it Blossom.
We embrasse darkness with our Love.


Anonymous said...

blossom, just don´t pay attention to that person!
im sure that all that he wants is a little bit of attention, just ignored him!

regarding the "absence" of channelings: all is all should be!
i think that all the people who has follow you and the channellings since october or before are pretty much ready to continue and move on by themselves


Anonymous said...

AWESOME !!!! yeah big time Shivers me timbers on that telling of and showing pic of the CC\green ball of yarn ~ dear heart Angel of light Blossom our sister friend, we LUV you ! and we send golden rays out in the universal continuum healing the hearts of all ~ with a little shoulders shrug for those who just cant quite 'get IT ! Lightswords UP!
ps I continue to use the anon cus that's the only I can get in... oxoxoxox
peace, golden pink rays of LUV!!!

Anonymous said...

keep it up blossom! the people who enjoy reading your blogs and channelings FAR surpass those full of hatred! :)


Stungy said...

HI Blossom,

First, thank you and the fed for everything you've taught me :)

But I wanted to mainly show you the two crop circles that will probably go down in history... Along with the Alien/Disc crop circle from a few years back... Once again, they are communicating with us.

Check it out.



Ami Drutman said...


We love you and we are with you, always!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share this link, as I haven't seen anyone mention it.

"UFOs spotted over 10 states during July 4th celebrations"


Funny thing is, I have had 3 dreams about The Federation of Light since December, and all of them involved fireworks. :)

Anonymous said...


Sending you and everyone lots of love and light. Don't let people like "Mr. Anonymous" get to you. We can only concquer the dark by staying strong and true in the light. Hopefully one day those in the dark will awaken to the truth that we are all one, and that love is the only way.

As you always say, all is as it should be. There is love directed to you and all souls on our mother Earth by so many of us around the world.

Lightswords up!

Love and light to all!

Best Regards,

P.S. Still seeing 11:11 all the time... and have the "feeling" that we are on the cusp of a major event. I guess that time will tell.

Faith said...

You can click the button next to 'name/url' instead of google account or the other choices like anonymous...and then just fill in the name you want to use, don't have to have a url- I don't, just leave that part blank, it works!

Very interesting about the crop circle guy...I'm looking forward to reading his analysis- Blessings to All, Faith

Faith said...

OK now this is really weird-- the fake 'word' that you have to type to show you're not a robot----just now for my last post was a nickname my brother used for me when we were young- 'Patie' kind of a baby talk version of 'Faithy' which was what the family called me. And now for this post, the word is 'sabersis', kind of like Saber- Sis, or a sister who has her light sword up! Is this cosmic or what?- Faith

Anonymous said...

To the soul who is in pain and needs to project that to Blossom, forgive yourself my friend, fear is a dark place to be in, I know or used to know it well, Blossom has no agenda here she is doing what her heart tells her to do in service, but she is human and can take just so much, so please let your light shine on the dark that is trying to engulf you and release your fear, spirit is not in judgement of you as you are from the same ball of love energy that we all are, remember who you are, you are love all else is an illusion find peace and gift that to Blossom.
Love,light and peace to your heart from mine

Frosti said...

Hi Blossom and all.
Sorry using your space like this.
But i was wondering if you Kerrie could extange your email with me.
I know that you Blossom are busy.

Its really important.


Anonymous said...

I reckon it wasn't only me, but I promise that I will stop writing abusive comments...

Vigusa said...

We all love you Blossom !!!!


Sharon V said...

Blossom, what a gracious person you are! I'm sure this nasty anonymous person is wanting to upset you...as it gives him a feeling of power...but instead you send him Golden Rays. What a loving, kind person you are! I'm looking forward to the next channelling (whenever that may be), as I've become enthralled by them. I've also been looking at the crop circle site regularly. Absolutely amazing stuff...& so many of them are popping up. I've also been hearing the vibrational sound for quite a while now...similar to the sound of cicadas, but lower toned & not as irritating. It's just there, constantly in the background.
Keep up the great work...enjoy your break, & I will keep looking out for those FOL channellings.
Love & light,
Sharon V

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anonymous. Thank you for your graciousness to retire. You have made my heart sing.We'll see if the comments stop and then I will know if you were a single force!!!
I hope you find peace in your heart and indeed find the truth that you are searcing for.I know you will. Golden Rays to you and many thanks. Blossom

Anonymous said...

Hey Frosti here it is my friend:

Did anyone else see the double rainbow around the moon on the 7th (eclipse) Leanne and I did sooo nice:)

My lovely elderly client came in to my salon today spreading her joy and her love, Leanne needed some support, apart from me not too many around her are understanding what is happening and as White Cloud said in A New Dawn it can feel lonely.
But once again the universe responded and this lovely lady lifted our spirits up with the love she says that God gives her to spread around, she said it is so nice to be able to talk about how she feels to those who understand, so she too probably feels the loneliness, she said the love and joy is bursting out of her these days and that she has to give it out or she will explode:)

Bianca said...

Bloss, there's an old saying on the internet regarding people who only seem to want to annoy others and it goes:

"Don't feed the Trolls" XD

Which basically means don't spend any attention on them. You dedicating quite a sizeable porting of your blog entry to this particular specimen's only going to fuel his negative enthusiasm :-/

So keep sending Golden Rays, but don't give him what he actually wants: aknowledgement that his comments are affecting you in some way or atleast drawing your attention.

Anonymous said...

I can see lots of "Y" here, dear Blossom! Shouldn't it (they) appear on a crop circle?


SM said...

Hi Blossy!

My hubby and I visited the crop circles in Wiltshire, UK last weekend and they are truly amazing and are becoming more complex...

If you visit this link and click on the crop circles image you will see the latest additions:


Also recently a Wiltshire police Sergeant reportedly saw three very tall (over 6ft) beings with blonde hair wearing white coveralls inside a crop circle. He called but there was no response so he called again, they saw him and ran off at a speed he had never seen any person run before,they just disappeared. He could also hear a crackling of energy that gave him a headache lasting all day.

Please click on the link, the crop circles are wonderful in design and are appearing almost daily.