Jul 16, 2009

Lightening up!

If Mohammed won't come to the mountain ............

I'll be back in time for tea!! And on an even Lighter note ... if this doesn't make you laugh or at least make you smile then you are in great need of a humour jab!

On a more serious note .... please have a think about signing this petition and also look into the movie 'Moon Rising' which you can find out about on the same site.


Golden Rays one and all .... hope this finds you brimming with
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxxxxxxx


luisa vasconcellos said...





luisa, kees, adriano


luisa vasconcellos said...




luisa, kees, adriano

gaea said...

sat nam
that is a beautiful photo of yourself ms Blos! Space cadet Blossom. I want to share an email from some friends that are planning a teleconference free to all. It is to raise energy for MotherEarth healing. These are wonderFull people ~ I took kundalini yoga teacher training with them. Please join in the dates are much spoken of within these pages: the upcoming eclipse all luv and light be on and within you all family, Gaea here is the info

Sat Nam! I am writing to let you know about 3 FREE teleconferences with Guru Kirin (my sister) to align with the current 3 historic eclipses and to activate the Divine Feminine on the planet.

Some of you were on our teleconferences several years ago or know Guru Kirin through our Teacher Training Level One Courses.

Guru Kirin is a soul intuitive. At this time she is communicating with Gaia Mother Earth and with major souls from the other side to receive direction on how to best move forward on our individual and collective missions.

She has received directives from Michael Jackson that she will share with the group. (I personally find it very fascinating to connect with the higher meaning of events and activities of souls.)

In addition, there will be time for you to share. She will give group readings and facilitate the process of setting, clearing and activating intentions for the whole group. Everyone benefits from the recalibration of the group energy.

3 Sessions 1:00 - 2:00 pm PDT

1. Tuesday July 21

(Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon 7:35 PM PDT)

2. Tuesday July 28

3. Tuesday August 4

(Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5:55 PM PDT Wednesday August 5)

You can join the teleconference by calling 866-809-6529.

The access code is 6604146#

The calls will be recorded and webcasts made available.

Guru Kirin offers individual sessions where you can receive personal coaching, special clearings and ground in and to activate your gifts.

e-mail:kirinkk@yahoo.com for an appointment.

I will be on the calls too. I wouldn't miss them! Please tell your friends!

Many blessings,

Guru Rattana :+)

Anonymous said...

Looking good Blossom:)
Well the moon is in the lime light again,thanks Blossom I emailed that message re the bombing of the moon my goodness how they/we fear the Goddess energy,I have been posting the channel on replacement of the moon (30th Nov.) again, I was inspired by a fantastic picture Billy put on my page of a castle on a dam with water rushing through it,The Goddess energies are huge at the moment with the 22nd July being Mary Magdalene feast day,and don’t forget this:

On July 21st 7:35pm PST in the United States and July 22nd in Asia at 2:35am GBT
the sun will be eclipsed by the moon for over six minutes. This will be the longest solar
eclipse of the 21st Century."

"Given that the moon is the embodiment of the feminine, during this 'once in a century' solar
eclipse, her energies will be exalted, bringing her into equal partnership and balance with the solar,

And I just came across this youtube so beautiful

Through many Faiths, the Divine Feminine is held sacred. The Blessed Mother Mary is the definitive energy of the Mother. As a timeless Icon, Mary has been the sheltering arms for those that are enduring changes and in need of her nurturing energy.

Marys heart is an eternal flame of spirit that can light an infinite number of candles without ever becoming depleted.

Mary has been known by many titles: the Queen of Heaven, the Mystic Rose, the Queen of Angels, and Theotókos - the God-bearer. The Mother Mary is not the property of any religion in particular: she transcends them. She is the ultimate archetype of Universal Maternal Love.

Humanity Healing is proud to share with you this sacred meditation mantra for the Theotókos, The Mystical Rose.


Wanda said...

Blossom, you are a cute astronaut ! Kerrie..I don't know if this is the same article about the moon bombing in October, but check this one out. Apparently, there is even some sort of moon treaty that WE enacted, that WE will be violating. Not to mention, it possibly being considered an attack on the existing ET colonies on the moon.


I found this to be astonishing. October 9th is not very far off. I wonder how far our LIGHT family will let it go.

Hold on to your hats !!!

Love & LIGHT and Golden/Pink rays to ALL.

Anonymous said...

hi i posted a vision i had last week on the last set of comments about the tv programme that we had to watch.the funny thing is itv in england has canceled 4 of its highly rated programs for no apparnt reason on wed 22nd from 7 till 10 is this coincidence or what

Bianca said...

Wasn't it supposed to be Moses who went to the mountain and not Mohammed?

Bah, who's keeping score anyway ;)

Faith said...

Very interesting about the tv programs being cancelled for Mary Magdalene's feast day, along with a vision of a special tv program that everyone was supposed to watch. I will throw into the mix the fact that twice in the past week I have dreamed of Contact- last night I was being shown that I will be someone who will speak to the public about the relationship between Star people and us. Seems awfully imminent! Love from Faith

just remember 'aliens' is not a very polite term-

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Faith .. happy to put links up to other channellings , but they take up a bit too much room to have them written out in full. so I havent published your last comment. thanks. hello everyone!
Golden Rays. xx

Anonymous said...

Interesting dream Faith, I was thinking today about that same thing!

In keeping with the Goddess energy: I am indulging myself tonight on Morning Stars beautiful site mountzion in particular in a group started by a lovely French man Dirk, that has incredible knowledge of Mary Magdalene and Goddess energy looove it! I feel like I am home again! This man loves The Feds channelings.

From Dirk:

Roses are so Beautiful
leading us helping us breathing with us to the amazing stillness beauty and wonder of our hearts
that is a most beautiful rose itself
and that is home of our soul
our true being

with love
and a most happy holy week next week
Mary Magdalene and Jesus awaiting us with their Sacred Love and Roses

and a blessed weekend too
to all of us on mountzion
to all of us on planet earth
to our beloved Earth itself

in joy and in love


~The Federation of Light~ 13Th June extract

Dearest lady, we wish for you an abundance of pink flowers. If one was to imagine being surrounded by the petals of the pink rose and allow the senses to smell of their sweet scent, one would find almost immediately that their persona would be transformed from that of a weed to that of a beautiful rose.

Allow yourselves to FEEL the resonance of such a land and to FEEL the heart beat of its very core. Again we say … as we have done so in past days … take the time to become One with the very core of your Mother Planet. When an unborn infant lays gently within the womb of its parent … it’s comfort … its resonance … knows only of the regular heart beat of the soul that is providing its very nurturing. It relies upon the FEEL of that heart beat … to know that all is safe and well. It is ‘at one’ with that pulsation … for it is feeding from it in the knowledge that it can Trust the harmonic rhythm in order to be sustained and fulfilled. We say to you that this is no different from how we wish you to relate with your Mother Earth. Be at ONE with her heartbeat. The more you take the time to vibrate along with her, and to feed on her milk, the faster your growth shall become. And what does a young infant give in return ? Take a look in the eyes of a child. Look into the very windows of their soul. They ARE LOVE. They give LOVE. A Mother gives of herself freely asking nothing in return, yet a smile given in appreciation is worth more than any of your words can express. You are a family of LOVE. Every one of you.


Margaret Starbird talk to Regina Meredith of the Conscious Media Network on the story behind Mary Magdalene and the da Vinci Code, watch the full interview for free at www.consciousmedianetwork.com

most beautiful video of awakening of Mary Magdalene in every woman in all creation



Frosti said...

Hi Blossom and all.i feel that i have something to share with you.

The other day i find out the "Y" simbol also represents Man/Person in japanese alphabet.


Maybe the fol can be human...
just a tought.

Much Love to all.

Faith said...

OK Blossom, I'll quit pasting wads of stuff....I love your new channeling--that is very touching that the FOL are kind of like your 'child'---in a way that is so so true. And even when your child acts in a way that is not totally pleasing at every moment, your job as a mother is to love this child, and help prepare the way for him/her to...Blossom!And like a good parent, don't get your ego involved with what others think about your child...(easy to say)

It is also very interesting that in addition to what the FOL said in reference to your miscarriage, that you also got another bit about that pregnancy helping prepare you to channel. Somehow the 2 pieces of info seem very connected, don't you think?

Love and Hugs from Faith

Anonymous said...

Faith you are really driving yourself these days good on you the light is shinning bright,
Wanda thanks yes hold on to your hats indeed, something is going on the universe is talking to me big time at the momment! info overload a little bit, but all good thanks to Echart Tolle and resting in the now:)
Blossom looove you:) you brave lady you,I felt it when your heart skipped a beat in that last channeling when they said Indeed … quite the contrary!
This knowing is such a soul truth,My son keeps saying mum you don't know, no one does, but I do!
And it is not as if my life depends on them showing up, I would not fall a part and stop believing in them or me.This peace I feel this knowing, this memory is independant of any exterior event, I may not understand if they don't show but it wont change the path I am on I am there now I rememberd!

And don't forget this every one:

New Moon 29º Cancer Astrology ...
This second New Moon in Cancer will be a whopper, with a total solar eclipse. This year we get a second chance at diving deep into the compassionate heart within and without. The eclipse follows a pathway over India and crosses through Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and China. This total eclipse resonates with the energy of this excerpt from "The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva" by the 13th century Tibetan monk and scholar Gyalse Togme.
How interesting that this eclipse is seen in the skies above nations that have wrought destruction and tyranny upon a populace that practices the bodhidharma, the ultimate path to cultivating a compassionate heart. This eclipse demands that the governments of China and Burma stop their violent repression of the peoples of Tibet and Burma, who have suffered and lost so much.
This eclipse demands the rest of the world to do everything it can to free the people of Tibet and Burma from these repressive regimes that lord over them with such hatred. The Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is now inconjunct Sun and Moon in Cancer. This represents the pain and suffering caused by withholding the heart, making change almost impossible.
On this New Moon of love, we must accept the responsibility to cultivate the intention for living each day as a loving, heartful, mindfully, compassionate being. Recognizing the sources of suffering is a compassionate act in itself. Clear seeing of the causes of suffering leads to the desire to end all forms of our own suffering and the suffering of others. We can go one step further and take action to make reduction of suffering a reality.
Solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 Wikipedia
This solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the twenty-first century, and will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132. Totality will last for up to 6 minutes and 39 seconds, with the maximum eclipse occurring in the ocean at 02:35:21 UTC about 100 km south of the Bonin Islands, southeast of Japan. The North Iwo Jima island is the landmass with totality time closest to maximum.
From the Moon (Feminine) and Emotional Cancer
To the Sun (Masculine) and Leo in the Blink of an Eye

Faith said...

Kerrie- that poem by dirk is gorgeous, can you give us a link to the mountzion/morning star site/s? Has anyone here read the Kathleen McGowan books yet??? besides me, they are incredible on jeshua and mary magdalene. I am feeling the twin flame vibes! About time, already. And Kerrie I totally relate to your description of how you can 'know' yet not be attached in an unhealthy way to exact date/outcomes.
much love from Faith Ann

frosti said...

what goes around comes around right?

just here to send my love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith I am sooo glad you are feeling the vibes:) they are good aren't they:)

here is that link:


It is to the Mary Magdalene group you will have to join to access the entire site,

I have just now posted an important email on today's energies I received from Dr. Richard Presser (solar eclipse)I have been feeling them for 2 days now, breathe them in people it is going to happen so invite it resistance will cause imbalance, we have chosen to do this, to be balanced and to save our selves and our planet have faith 'All is as it should be'go with the FLOW this is what feminine energy does!
here is the link to my blog post:


Time to give birth:) it is interesting that it is 9 months after 14th Oct!

Love,light & joy:)

Wanda said...

Brightest Blessings to all this wonderfully charged day! Blossom, thanks for sharing your story with us, I share that painful experience too. After the last channeling and the eclipse today.. I don't know about you guys, but my veil is getting very thin !
Slept really solid & peaceful last night, but woke up feeling lighter in my body..more "spring in my step" so to speak..couldn't stop smiling ! All day like that. Then, when I got home, had chilly bumps that felt like little hands touching up and down my arms, kinda nudging me.
Then Kerrie...
after I read the post on your site..I feel like wings are hugging me. OK...the dorkness is over .. :-)
Once again..Hold on to our hats..we can do this!
Love, Light, and the most AWSOME golden/pink rays to all. Lightswords UP!