Jul 22, 2009

Letting you know ...

Greetings Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am being interviewed by Ross Hemsworth on Glastonbury Radio (UK) - www.glastonburyradio.net this Saturday morning 25th July at 8am.( QLD Australia time) If you are in the UK it will be 11pm at night ... and if you are elsewhere in the world I am going to have to leave it up to you to sort out the time zone!! It's been a while since I have done a radio interview ... so all Golden Rays sent to me at that time are welcomed!

I also just wanted to make you aware if you are not already of the http://www.FIRETHEGRID.org on July 28th. The more of us that join forces at the same time ... the more affect we KNOW it has. So please take a moment to click on the link and find out all about it. (should you so choose of course!!).

OK ... I won't keep you .....

Trusting this finds you all abounding in

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays



Dan said...

Hi Blossom, The link you posted, if copied and pasted, works. Clicking didn't, but THANK YOU!! I had no idea and I'm glad you posted the info. They have a clock page as well to tell everyone what times convert to what as well.
Bless you AND yours as we're all "flooded" with love, light and wonderful energy(ies) that day.
(Got a Google acct so I can SIGN now) ((grin)) and 7:18pm for you is 2:18am for me. Night night...

Frosti said...

yei great blossom.

I love to hear you on the radio.

It feels like The Truth is nearer everytime you do it.

Much Love and Good Luck

overzicht@hotmail.com said...

Hey Blossom! Many golden rays will be coming your way, you'll do just fine I'm sure! All will be as it should be, no doubts :)
Take care, be well
Jerome, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Golden rays on your radio interview Blossom:) feeeel the love, stay your authentic self and everyone will hear you from their hearts and recognise your truth and your light.

I have had the most beautiful syncronistic, magical, eventful, colourful, incredible and powerful day to day:) wow! when you feel the energies that is one thing, but when the universe provides in abundace physical manifestations one after another all in one day well!!! I am smileing big time, I am "in the flow" at the moment bring it on! Love,light and JOY

Wanda said...

Dearest Blossom, Brightest blessings to you! I only caught the last of your radio show, darn, I hope they put in archives!
Last night, I was washing dishes, and this voice kept blasting in my head.."We are created in the 'Image' of God."..then, all this stuff just started pouring in, so I had to stop and write it down. Forgive me if it's a bit long. Just had to get it out.

I finally 'get it'! 'We are created in the 'image' of God.' That's it!! The 'image' being what our humans mind's limitations only allow us to see as the SOURCE-the ALL there IS. But it is so much more. We were created WITHIN that image-as a spark of that divine energy-that ONE-sent out to learn and explore and experience the all that we can only imagine.
And since we all originated from that ONE, we are all part of that ONE-all part of each other. And we will return to that ONE. We all carry this memory deep within us.
Every energy form that exists-be it plant, animal, mineral, or spirit-we are all from that ONE energy, just vibrating at different levels, or frequencies, if you will. All dimensions and universes are all sparks of the ONE, but the level of vibration is different, so we can't perceive the others until we change our vibration.
Our "Family of Light' has been trying to tell us this for so long. They have been watching over us, guiding us with Love-and waiting for us to change our vibrations enough to be able to join them in the Light.
The Custodians have done their job well. It IS time-and with the new energies flooding the Earth from the solstice and eclipses, more of us are awakening in mass, feeling and seeing more of the TRUTH. Our Light families from many dimensions and universes are gathered here, watching what is happening on Earth right now. Never before has an entire planet been given the opportunity, or been in a position to make the shift into an entirely different dimension and reality. there have been civilizations, yes, but never has there been a global shift such as this. The ALL is watching! Family from every part of the All.
For this is truly the greatest show ever!
Let's let them KNOW we are ready. It IS time to Fire The Grid again, the more Lightworkers that join in, the brighter our beacon will be. We did it in 2007, we can do it again.
Lightswords up !! Let's make this planet SHINE !!!

with much Love and Light to all, Pink/Golden rays to ALL.


Wanda said...

Oh my, I was just sitting outside and had a flashback to last evening prior to the writing of my last post.

It was almost sunset, and my eyes tracked a large white chevron shaped image across the sky. It was either very low, or it was very large. But it seemed almost ghostly, but definately formed and moving slowly.
Completely forgot about that until now. I love sitting outdoors!

Anonymous said...

Wanda not just the content of your post but the feelings you are having is what it is all about, you are relaying so much in the energy of your post welcome to the FEEEELINGS!!!!!
Blossom I enjoyed the interview immensley, I had a big smile on my face when The Feds did their light show for Ros minutes before the interview:)(Ros said he had just witness a pulsating light in the sky that wasn't moving but was emiting a bright light for some seconds before disapearing)

Talk about timing, the interview finished 5 min. before I had to open up my salon (9am) and with Leanne away I kept my poor client waiting for 5 min. or so shows you where my priorities are:)
You bought up an interesting point for me personally anyway,that is of protection, I always wondered why I don't have any fears there and I have always felt very protected and this I have been told numerous times by mediums and indeed White Cloud when I visited you,from what I understood in the interview it is ones intentions that keep you in the light and safe,this is why I probably feel protected as I have no concerns about my intentions at all:)Even this extravert ego of mine never gets in the way of my heart, so I guess spirit knows this:) love,light and JOY