Apr 21, 2009

They DO work!

Hi All.

Just to give you this link to a site regarding another Global meditation on May 9th for those interested.


Every little bit helps.

Whilst here, I've had some interesting comments lately about Light Orbs.This one appeared above my shoulder in a photo as few years ago. Doesn't look like dust on a lens to me! Ever get the feeling you are being watched!!!!If you are able to zoom in, it looks so like an eye!! Not saying it is .... just sharing!!!

Love Light & plenty of Laughter!
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

it does indeed, very interesting.
Also if you are reading this blossom, I'm 17 years old from Toronto Canada, and regarding the last channeling, the federation mention say " Many are HAVING to sleep, when they wouldn’t usually sleep, because we are working with them and finalising data collected, and confirming strategies that are to be put into place with those of you on the earth plane that already have their position in place and are awaiting the signal."
This to me is very interesting as in the last month i have been sleeping at odd hours ( afternoon) and cant seem to keep awake, now, assuming this is not illness induced,it makes me very excited to KNOW that there is already progress occurring, even when i may not be aware of it.
Much love, Sebastian ♥

Frost said...

hey blossom its me "FROST". guess what? i have finally get it. lets get help getting this vibration high UP THERE! thank's everyone

Liz said...

That's definitely a light orb! I've seen these in other photos, in fact you'll find tons of photos of them if you just do a Google image search for "orbs"!

Anonymous said...

For you Blossom and all us dreamers
made my heart sing:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I don't know if you've listened to this interview but I found very coincident the fact that a "nuclear accident" would had happened at the same time as "important events" on the skies ... What I can understand from this is that your extraterrestrial friends had just avoided that event by no showing. Think about.
Golden rays for you and all blog's friends.
4 October 2008:

"Dr Bill Deagle called us early in the morning (in Australia, where we're here for the NEXUS Conference) to report a long night of visions and received information about imminent events which left him shaken to the core. We've published this call unedited and immediately (http://projectavalon.net/bill_deagle_4_oct_2008.mp3). The audio quality is excellent. If the information Bill Deagle reports is accurate, then nothing could be more important."

frost said...

Lets say "disclosure" happens and they spill the beans.
What if this is a false flag operation to trick us.
Think for a second its the perfect reason to unite humanity.
They would just say :Uh well the aliens wants us to dissolve all religions because they are useless and they want us to practice another form of religion for "spiritual growth"
and bang one religion.
Uh well the aliens told us we should have one government because it would eliminate all wars. bang one government
Well they also told us we are at risk of being attacked by other races so we have to unite under one banner and one force.
As you can see we have the reasons to have:One force,one super state,one global currency,one language,one religion.
And these are only a few examples i don't have an entire team or a government budget to think of more cunning ones .
it also suggests "re-programming" and that kinda sounds bad .
I can almost see the scenario:All aboard for the flying saucer express next stop re-programming station please watch your step.
Why would anyone be so interested in helping us i mean we cant even help one another.Sure we as a race are loving and peaceful but animals are the same.

more then EVER there is a need to unite and this IS real happening to our lives!

frost said...

We are in for an excellent surprise when we soon suddenly realize we are looking at the world through each other's eyes. Our true nature is raising its profile in our minds & we will soon realize that our perception of individuality was merely useful to help drive us towards working together.

We have the critical mass now that it takes to allow our intent for this knowledge to spread to literally induce this metamophosis of our world and minds.

Nim said...

hi green loving blessings on this celebration of our mother, earth to all beloved kin. Yes, we have been seeing these lovely 'orbs' for awhile now appearing in many pix. Some say they are from a Pleiadean ship some say they are a new form of life that is appearing everywhere on Earth. They are awesome and they ALL contain the beautiful spiral design that may be type of writing, a glyph.

L said...

I didn't realize it until now, but I read the first comment above and realized that I've been experiencing the same thing, regarding sleep... I'm young, I take walks almost every evening and eat pretty healthy, and I even gave up caffeine, and yet starting several months ago, I have been tired often so that I have to take a nap nearly every day! So that is an interesting "coincidence"...!!