Apr 23, 2009

just to let you know

April 23rd, an unexpected channelling has just gone up on page 13.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays to each and everyone

Bloss xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that channeling Blossom I thought I would look to see if anything was said today, I have been having to bring myself back to my heart all day feeling something unfamiliar with my world wondering if I am feeling others fears or is it my old patonings coming back,I feel we are releasing big time and I feel we need to stay very centered in self in who we really are and keep breathing in that light.And I gave thanks today for the protection I feel and have been told is around me.I know they are protecting us, I know they are more then cosmic beings, I feel there is a climax happening, I am so focused so????

Anonymous said...

I won't give specifics, but 2 items they gave you were direct responses to (or for) a few things I've been trying every night as I hit the bed. Your message pretty much told me that "yes, that's right and keep it up". Thanks you Dear Blossom and as bad as things LOOK for many, they "FEEL" like they're getting better to me. Like you said, it's a "knowing" rather than a feeling or a thought. Do keep up the great work and know yourself that there are MANY of us that love you to tears for the courage you have in all that you do.
MASSIVE amounts of love and light!

maraxena said...

I would like to add something, if you feel uncomfortable, when you read or hear something, give it your blessing and let it go. A little prayer; I'm free from fear, quarded by angels, flowed through of light and the dear of God.This will help you .

wenn etwas was du liest oder hörst dir Angst macht; segne es und lasse es los. Ein kleines Gebet ; ich bin frei von Angst, beschützt von Engeln , durchströmt von Licht und die Liebe Gottes ,
hilft dir weiter zu gehen.

Als je iets leest of hoort wat je bang maakt, zegen het en laat het los. Een klein gebed kan je er bij helpen weer rust te krijgen; ik ben vrij van angst , bewaakt door de engelen en het licht en de liefde van God begeleidt mij.

Jerome overzicht@hotmail.com said...

Hey Blossom, I have thought about the co-ordinates that didn't seem to be making clear sense to you in the channeling. If you look at co-ordinates as being part of a timeline and a timeline being a sequence of co-ordinates, then you could assume that the federation is saying that there's a shifting in the timeline taking place. Those co-ordinates are events we go through as a whole and determine the outcome of our future. Reality is not a fixed matter of affairs since we influence it all the time as co-creators. As the federation said there is much opposition coming from 'the dark forces' that wish to play out their agenda and the light and love coming from all of us in addition to the great efforts of the federation and other beings of light, is causing a positive change in the outcome and thus creating a form of energetic friction you could say. It's like a re-allignment for lack of a better description. Perhaps is makes some sense. I hope you got my email I send yesterday with the CNN interview with astronaut Edgar Mitchell talking about ufo's.
Take care, be well
Jerome, the Netherlands

kees said...

hmm...this is a bit of an odd message, isn't it? i get an itchy feeling from it. as if it's not the GFL talking here, but forces pretending to be that. their opening "Beware of false prophets" could very easily be applied to this channeling itself. the same goes for the ending "what you think we are … we are not". it would be very typical for the dark forces' sick humor to pull this kind of trick. they did it before, from 4D spaces. i never trust messages that say to come from the light but instead use words like "control, death and destruction" anyway, even in a warning frase. i'll let this one pass me by.

Anonymous said...

this channeling really did strike me the fed struggle with words like co ordinates but use slang words iota.come on.now they say if we dont let go of fear.If you do not accept this the plans in place would not prevail.hang on .didnt they say that all is in place in this plan not long ago .and what about the mention of the book the bridge come on this is stuff to save human race .love and all so make it available for people to read who have not got it yet .

love and light

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom

You are surrounded and loved for your courage I am a 56 year old Brit with MS and I have been feeling the build up of energy so strongly in the past few months. Love light and golden rays Joan

Dethduck said...

Do not fear, for fear creates.
Do not forget, love creates as well.
Never forget that love and fear are choices.

When you say they are the results of outside influences and stimuli, then you give responsibility of yourself over to those outside forces.

Faith said...

Jerome, could you please share the link for the Edgar Mitchell interview? thanks Faith

Anonymous said...

The end, the conundrum. I cannot help but think, they mean they are who they are, but they are not our saviours. That is what plays in my head, which is slightly depressing but something I will think on....

Anonymous said...

Blossom, 'They' say:

"..we would care to mention a few things that appear to have been distorted by others who believe they are following Truth and yet are possibly doing much damage.."

And then proceed to mention NO things that have been distorted by others.. except that 'things' HAVE been distorted!

Blossom can you try to remember to hit the 'be specific' button in future please?

I need to KNOW WHAT the bullshit is.. not just that there IS bullshit.. we all know THAT anyway!

Next channelling, unexpected or otherwise can you please remember to ask 'them' to give us specifics? IS NESARA true.. ARE 'replicators' a reality.. (that was via Sheldon Nidle).. WILL we go to the Crystal Cities.. ARE there Light Cahmbers planned for the rapid activation of our DNA.. etc?

What ARE the lies due to arrive from the false Prophets?

Unless we are told these specifics, those who can not reliably access their Higher Intuitive selves, and there are many, FOR The Truth, then information such as that recently given only acts to INCREASE the 'fear factor' surely?

"Beware False Prophets" Yeah sure.. we ARE trying to be aware to beware.. but it would REALLY help if 'they' could just sat for example "Don't believe anything you hear or read on the Internet about 'Birdflu' or 'Nuclear War'.. see what I mean?

Thanks Bloss.. and keep up the good work!

In Light & Love



Hi Blossom. I have been following from day one..and I do not read or listen to anyone else because I feel your messages are of love not fear...the dark forces are not individuals but dark energy...so when we think negatively ( fear doubt impatient jealousy depression ) we form part of that dark cloud..I feel there is a lower frequency and higher frequency..like attracts like...if oyu are depressed or fearful you will attrack the same lower frequencies to you...just go with the flow and know whatever happens you will be inside the protective light...I do not fear anything except myself..so I stayed relaxed and positive and as long as I stayed that way then all is good...how do you stay positive? stop watching news and listening to people who wants to make a buck on the 2012 thing...you noticed that those fearful sites offer you services for a lot of money? when you Blossom give it for free! the way I feel is this..if lightbeings are sending a message for humanity it should be free! yes it costs money to publish a book and a CD so there should be charges for this...but some sites charge you hundred if not thousands of dollars to tell you to be afraid!..I stick with your messages..I have seen them ..yes I saw them on Oct 15..no it did not look like hollywood aliens..it was subtle the light came into my house amazing..no way to make a video it was suddenly and with no notice..but it was for me and my family to KNOW ..yes it is true there is a difference big one between believing and knowing...if we raise our frequencies you dont need to meditate ( though it is recommended big time you do ) just stay cool and relax and positive ...our fears and anger hurts the earth million of times more than plastic bags...imagine the earth carrying all this negative people? is like you living in a house where everyone is sooo negative..the earth needs to cleanse herself from those pockets of bad energy...we should help her...she did so much for us now is our turn to show her how much we appreciate what she did for us a beautifyl giving mother that she has been..every morning every second just say thank you...when you drink water say thank you..when you breath say thank you eventually you will feel this beautiful energy fill you inside..you know when I water my plants they let out a delicious fragance..when I feed the bird they give me music...nature always gives back..amazing we need to learn to give back..dont take unless you give back..it is the symphony of the universe that keeps balance and abundance and life..when you take and not give you become stagnant..thats when death starts.....the FLO are trying to tell us that...thanbk you Blossom and thank you FLO and thank you all you out there making it better for the earth to heal.
here is a video that tells you what the Earth feels..
it was a real message given to a lady in 1970 through her out of body...they use her vocal cords to send this message..it has never made it to the list of best seller ..it should have back then in 1970http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nt5Wx_-EAA&feature=channel_page

crystalpersuasion said...

Thank you for all that you do, how appropriate this message was. My husband and I are both feeling this energy that is so charged, and electrified. I agree with Jerome saying that there is a lot of friction now. I have been watching politics very closely for quite some time and it seems like many things are falling apart here in America. But, upon closer inspection, it's more of a purificaton that must happen. Disclosure of all sorts is occuring and the dark forces are loosing control. Love and light are winning! Your channelings resonate with me like no other. I find myself checking your site everyday for that unexpected message. Thanks for today and everyday! Love and much light to you!!!

Victoria said...

Hi Blossom, I wish the Federation of Light would channel more often. They give out such strong feelings of Love! It is sooo Adicting!!!
I can't help it but to read and re-read their messages. I feel soooo much LOVE that it feels my Heart is going to explode!!!
I can't wait for Ascension! I feel as though I have already Ascended!
In Love and Light, Victoria

fazedtime said...

in my mind the false profits would be things like the web bot predictions and other things that come from various web sites they do very often promote fear and confusion. I my self took that message to heart for i was one that would look through those websites and then in turn tell friends what i saw or read. i will stop doing that now.also about the end of that message, my inturpratation is this: they are who they say they are (and have always stuck to that) and they are not what we think.( as in what they look like)but thats just one mans opinion.
love and light always: fazedtime

fazedtime said...

in my mind the false profits would be things like the web bot predictions and other things that come from various web sites they do very often promote fear and confusion. I my self took that message to heart for i was one that would look through those websites and then in turn tell friends what i saw or read. i will stop doing that now.also about the end of that message, my inturpratation is this: they are who they say they are (and have always stuck to that) and they are not what we think.( as in what they look like)but thats just one mans opinion.
love and light always: fazedtime

Coach Enrique said...

Blossom, I personally hope you don't try to direct the FOL channelings in any way, as some people suggest. I strongly believe that you should let these energies tell you whatever they want to say whenever they want. I feel that when you try to direct the theme by doing questions, you mostly create your own answers. You are a very fine-tuned recipient, one of the best one could find, so please keep this Mission on top of your priorities. These energies are not interested in entertaining us with stories about what they look like, the size of their ships, Crystal Cities or Light Chambers. Time is really short now and we need to stay focus on our Inner State and the need to connect and stay within the Love Source. Everything else is just Mind games and Ego stuff.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for all you do, to communicate the FOL's messages to all of us around the world. I've been following your channelings for many months now, and I of course was disappointed when Oct.14 didn't happen... but I have kept up my hopes that the FOL will finally show themselves to us and that our world will finally begin to enter a new era of love, peace, and LIGHT. The channeled messages are filled with LOVE and I can't tell you how many times I've cried reading the FOL's messages. I've creid because the pictures they've painted of what our world can potentially become are so beautiful. A part of me has also cried because I have also wondered if our species will really be able to band together and usher in this new era of love? As many people on our planet are filled with love, there are so many who are so ignorant and blind to love and light, and that scares me. I try to focus on love and not have fear, as much as I can.

Is there any way that you can ask the FoL if there is any correlation between the coming changes and with people experiencing the 11:11 synchronicity phenomenon? I've been experiencing this phenomenon for the last 4 or 5 years now and lately it is getting more nad more frequent. I have no idea what it means, but I have a feeling that it has something to do with ascension. Maybe a sign of some sort? I don't know... but I wish I had an answer for it that would help me understand what it means.

Thank you Blossom! LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!


penguins said...

Dearest Blossom,

Firstly you spooked me slightly in that I only check the FoL readings at weekends, but felt drawn to check today. Good stuff.

I know and appreciate most of the chanelling sessions are "downstream", but in any event would love to know your/their thoughts on the power of music as we know it down here. It seems to me this is one constant humanity has, and something very powerful too. The way it invokes memories, or joy, or contemplative moods. I have always believed since a child that our mastery of "music" taps into the old knowledge.

Dunno what you think Bloss, I might be talking rubbish, but I think you know what I'm getting at.

Much love

jerome overzicht@hotmail.com said...

This is the link of the Edgar Mitchell interview on CNN for Faith who asked if I could share it, enjoy!
In love and light,


Coach Enrique said...

I have a few words for those people that feel anxious or desperate for not knowing the details or not feeling prepared for what is impending over us and its potential final results. Be aware that these feeling come from your Ego programmed to keep you in fear and in darkness. You feel that you are unable to connect to your Higher Self and look desperately here and there to be told the Truth. Well, I tell you in Truth that ALL of you are perfectly able to hear your inner Guide... Actually you WERE already in perfect communion with your Higher Self until the designers of this Society installed in you a "second mind" and the created fears were trasmitted and updated throughout all of your existence until now. It is now our job to return to our Original State, to RE-MEMBER it, because we ALREADY ARE who our Ego "strives" to be. That's the Ego's job, to keep our spirit busy on a seemingly endless strive to constantly drain our Divine Energy and serve others' purpose diverting us from just BEING Who we already Are.
The good news on these final times is that the current Energies are designed to expose and terminate the Ego, which reacts to this as a program would fight a virus and plays its final cards creating a greater discomfort (doubts and fears)in those who are not able to separate themselves from it and are not ready to let it go. The Ego is the anchor that prevents us to fly. Watch it for yourself, it is now being openly exposed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
Just got this from the lovel Jenny
(Mikes mum)
Just wanted to tell you Kerrie how overjoyed I was reading that message. It totally filled me with love and joy and seemed to be a message that I truly needed at this time. I have been distracted lately, looking for my hope in any channelling or even main stream news and forgetting to look within. I am so so happy tonight as I feel my feet are back on the right path. I actually only just saw her message on SOE as I only visit that site occasionally. Was totally puzzled by people's reactions wanting to know who the FOL are. I don't need to know who they are, or where they are from. All I know is that their message totally resonates and fills me with such love and a yearning to return to the being that I truly am. Anyhow, just had to quickly write to you and I bet something is going to happen real soon. I can just feel it and I want to be ready. To fulfill the mission that I can here for.
LUV 4 U Kerrie

Blossom Goodchild said...

Coach Enrique ... just needed to say thank you. Your comment was timeley and so very very valuable to me. exactly the medicine I needed. Golden Rays to you in appreciation. Bloss xxx

Blossom Goodchild said...

To TONY ... have you come across this site re 11.11http://www.nvisible.com/ . It has been recommended to me althouh I haven't had time to read it! Also White Cloud talks about it in one of his books.
DAVE ... yes music is of great value . also talked about by White Cloud.
Somehwere in the 'older posts' is a list of all the chapters in White Clouds books and what they contain. if either of you care to find what book /chapter, i will happilly copy that for you to an email.
Have a great day.
Bloss xxxxx

Audrey said...

Love to you Blossom, stand in your truth and forget about the 3d grievances. We're all here for a purpose, most of us may now really know what it is, but what's important is your truth... your knowing, deep inside. We may not understand some things in this moment, but we eventually will once we've taken a few light years back. Hehe, take care everyone and remember to follow your "knowing" no matter what. <3

~Audrey aka Darling on Blogger

Anonymous said...

You said
The good news on these final times is that the current Energies are designed to expose and terminate the Ego, which reacts to this as a program would fight a virus and plays its final cards creating a greater discomfort (doubts and fears)in those who are not able to separate themselves from it and are not ready to let it go. The Ego is the anchor that prevents us to fly. Watch it for yourself, it is now being openly exposed.
Made me feel so sad that you would feel that way about the ego, can we not observe it at work as it screams for control and gently as a mother would, nurture it and allow it to take a back seat as it learns through non judgemental unconditional love that it is OK, that the heart can guide it, so it can create a new world for the souls expansion in alignement with the wisdom of the soul, is it not the spiritual ego attaching its self to an I'm so spiritual ego that I do not require an ego at all? surely eastern philosophy can unite with western ego in peace and oneness, or is it that we all want to go back to source energy NOW? I don't think so, we just want a new playground without the bullies.I don't want to terminate anything! and as for a virus, The Feds said that our individuality was hard earned and it is a precious gift we gave to ourselves, I know it has been a long hard road but we are strong souls who were chosen to do this. Please don't cop out now.
Blossom I KNOW how you feel BELIEVE me I do, but when I saw this my heart was soooo sad.I see the beauty MOSTLY of our creations we have potential we are magnificent creators it is just that the pain of separation has caused us to not see all the beauty, as we are choosing to focus on the pain, because that is loves nature to want to fix it, but ironically how we fix it is by not focusing on it.
Release fear, release judgement know you are love all else is an illusion,Look at how my ego has just expressed it's self in collaboration with the heart, I know this was not all the hearts work I see the fire in this post coming from the ego and I am allowing it, we CAN evolve this ego it can be done.I have read all Eckhart Tole I know coach enrique where you are coming from but we are creating from infinite possibilities as Deepak says and the universe responds.
In gratitude to all of us posting and creating as The Feds said how we interact with one another is how we create our world.
Peace and joy to us all from the bottom of my heart NAMASTE

Victoria said...

Hi everyone, I created a blog to help out raise our vibrations. I also modified an image of Earth to help with the visualization. Please check it out and feel free to comment. Thank you.


Love and Light to Everyone,

John said...

Blossom, why are you afraid to talk about Jesus Christ? and because you like to hear truth so much, one would think that you have read the Bible... ??? maybe??
Anyway, I think you should address Christians since there are 2.1 billion of us.
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

@ John

This is not about religion. The FOL is addressing the whole world. It only speaks of LOVE. Why do you want to single out one religion? Every human being in this planet is capable of feeling LOVE because our origins are LOVE/GOD, that is the ONLY common denominator among humans. The Loving Almighty Creator. Religion is not.

Dear Blossom, I wish you Peace in your heart. I wish the world would understand what the FOL have just told you about peace, contentment and no more need for answers, because everything is already felt/known within. There are so many layers to be experienced in this world and people think this is not possible to be realized, and that is precisely what is happening to many of us in These Times.

Love and Light to All


Coach Enrique said...

To Kerrie: discussing about the Ego is not easy because we all have different backgrounds, we probably have different definitions and I am sure we are talking about different things, so there is no way to come to an agreement or conclusion. I just wanted to share my beliefs with those who cannot feel safe and at peace with themselves in these times. Everything is happening within us. Material circumnstances are just a reflection.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou coach Enirque your reply and for coming from your heart,this is where dispite our BELIEFS and as you say our different backgrounds we can recognise each other and KNOW the oneness that we are and there are no need for answers for there are no questions as the heart just KNOWS! (IT IS FULLFILLED). NAMASTE

Unknown said...

If everybody can take a look at this website by Nancy Burson, who is manifesting some non-earth DNA in her body and is now being scientifically studied by authorities:


Those beings call themselves FOL are no better than we are. "Things went beyond their original plan" is but an excuse that the FOL can never be specific at all.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Dear Blossom,

It takes a lot of courage to stand your ground, to honor your truth and to be a channel of love at the same time.

Be of love, be gentle with yourself and have compassion for yourself on those days you don't get it.

You channel great messages. Many of us need to read such messages again and again so we get it.

You open up many minds and hearts. But you aren't responsible for what is going on in those minds and hearts. It's up to us to figure that out. And to find that place of peace within.

Much love and peace to you :)

AnonimaAnonima said...

Hello John,

I understand where you're coming from and I think you ask a very good question. I sincerly hope that there will be a Christian, who is trusted and respected by many, who has the same sort of connection Blossom has and who will be able to bridge the gap between traditional Christianity, the energies of the New Age and our galactic family.

I actually think that every religion and culture will have their own spokespersons, channelers and contactees. Many of them are still "in the closet" but they will come out as soon as they feel ready.

I also assume that Blossom isn't the only one who channels the Federation of Light and other higher dimensional energies with the same purpose: the ascension of the Earth and the assistance humanity. They are all very neutral when it's about the religions of this planet. But I also think it's time that the questions many Christians have will be answered in a language they understand.

Have you read the books by Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God? This Q&A answers many of the questions and doubts mainstream Christians have. It's not exactly the same as the FOL, but energetically speaking it comes from the same place.

But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love. Bless you :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
The Spanish translation of your last message is here.


Several of the previous ones will soon follow.

Traduccion en espanol del ultimo mensaje de Blossom. Pasadas traducciones estan por venir.

Amor y luz para todos.

frost said...

what hurts me the most is to know, now that i'm awake, to see my brothers not realizing what is around them. why can't they understand that this is already a strange place to be

John said...

@ With love

Thank you for your comment, but I have to say that if the Bible is true-meaning that Jesus is the Christ because the Bible is a testament of Christ- then the FOL would also testify of Christ. If the Bible is not true-meaning no Christ- then 2.1 billion people are being mislead by the TRUE FEELING IT BRINGS. Yes, you, Blossom and many others get these feelings of truth.
Ok now, we are both getting feeling of truth. Do you see the contradictions?
All I want to hear is what the FOL think about Christian beliefs and I'm sure Blossom could mention this
Thanks again

Christian V. said...

Dear Blossom,

I'm not sure if you are aware of the book Stranger at the Pentagon. It is of this supposed Venusian being that came to Earth during the 50s and met with the President, etc. To this date it has not been proven a hoax. Will you be willing to ask the FOL about Commander Valiant Thor?

He is supposed to be still coming and going from Earth with 77 other Venusians.

What if the FOL you are in contact are some of these people? Venusians with human physical appearance.

Thank you,

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi John. Saying this with Golden Rays of course, but this blog once became a war zone regarding peoples opinions on the bible. And I dont wish for that to happen again, so can we leave the Bible issue aside please. As I continue to say :) I do not ask the Federation questions unless it is about the channelling they are speaking of at the time. No offense to you or indeed anyone ... thats just the way it is . thank you for your participation and trusting you understand. Blossom xxxx

Anonymous said...

@ john if you want to know about the jesus thing and bible read the channelings in the 80s called THE LAW OF ONE this explains everything and more,and much more


Liz said...

I think I get it!

The "false prophets" are the prophets of fear, or rather, all those who are spreading fear about the coming times. We must avoid that fear and focus on love.


Victoria said...

Hi everyone,

This is a very interesting video/radio recording. At time: 2:44 it mentions "Be aware also that there are many false prophets" .
The whole message resonates with the messages from the FOL.
At the end the news channel talks about the interruption and the message they heard. It doesn't seem a hoax to me.
I just wanted to share this with you guys.
Love and Light to you all,

Victoria said...

LOL I forgot to include the link:


Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

From Blossom’s book The Bridge
I am ready to begin I believe you know who I am. I am the sunset and the sunrise. I am the sand and the sea. I am all things I AM.

Never before have these words been brought through in such a way. I will prepare the days ahead for those who are preparing themselves. Each in turn shall rise to the fullness of themselves. They shall understand the importance of their Truth. They shall acknowledge the wisdom that is theirs. Never again shall their hearts be downcast for I bring in these following pages the WAY. Accept what is written, however UNBELIEVABLE it may appear at times. Largely, I come through you because you are the one that was given the go ahead and approval by many. So...shall we begin?

Blossom I got in my head today that the agreement we all made was that you need to give us the green light,
lets release that unworthy ego it no longer serves. Namaste

NightHawk said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi Blossom! I've been so busy with my you-tube site I havn't been anywhere else on the web in a while:D. I wish you peace, love and light!

frost said...

the prophets will be the ones, that will promisse something that will not have anything to do with spiritual evolution. there are a lot of awaken people now, so it won't be hard to see who those prophets will be.
At this point i think a lot of people had realize by that there are people in charge who don't want us to take our rightfull place in this Universe.
The awareness of that, is the key to everything.

Disclosure is already starting, i don't know if anyone has notice the recent news about 2009 x conference regarding the alien presence on planet earth and some of the recent mainstream media news about this.
here are some links that i found out:

CNN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y0sJkdl0FI

Fox 25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJB4uRMR-jg

Fox News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w82QPiuijU

Times Now (India) http://www.muft.tv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30497&Itemid=186

Russia Today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4ojvzMOPY8&eurl=http://videonews.smallshop.com/search?q=edgar+mitchell

MSNBC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-iuaW9dP2s

KARE 11 (USA) http://www.kare11.com/video/player.aspx?aid=78181

this is all VERY RECENT news, and there is a lot more about what is going on now.

thx Blossom 4 posting this.
Love you all

Coach Enrique said...

I'd like to share with all of you my belief that the FOL cannot be specific about any event simply because WE are the ones allowing or dis-allowing events to happen. The material expressions of this planet come out from our collective energy and they have to respect and move accordingly. They see possibilities as the energy changes but not even them can be certain about specifics such as dates or how-is-it-going-to-be's. That's why they encourage us to focus in our Inner State and look for Divine Love, so the Collective Love energy can rise to a level where the outcome we all desire can be finally materialized. There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I couldn't wait and I ended up doing to the pictures what I originally intended. Check it out. I put them together in video format. The site will be for the Spanish translations but I added the pics there (with English translations:).



Anonymous said...

An extract out of Matthew.s books channeled by his mum Susan Ward
This is Matthew, with a short message to greet you with love and assurance that the latest Illuminati plan—biowarfare— not only will fail, but will be a huge breach in their remaining toehold in your world. Jean Hudon asked for my comments on the swine flu outbreak that was being touted as a global pandemic. I have asked my mother to send my reply to Jean to her distribution list for still wider dissemination of the truth about this virus as well as my additional note about our observations of public reaction.

"Once again the dark streamers that are heavily influencing individuals in powerful positions have lashed out in what can be well-termed this energy's 'death rattle.' The newest strategy—the ordering of laboratory-designed , created and released swine flu virus—is, as before, abetted by the controlled media's part of the plan, to declare PANDEMIC! It is puzzling to us that these dark ones did not learn from their abject failures with SARS and then the avian flu, both of which were widely publicized with the same global pandemic prognosis; eventually the publicity was forced to cease because those diseases caused a few deaths, then totally fizzled out. This swine flu situation will have the same result. The technology of our family in other star nations has neutralized the vaccine that is intended to spread this disease, just as they did to prevent the spreading of SARS and avian flu.

And this is good Blossom,
The new leaders are those that are coming from the heart, in service and in alignement with their truth and in integrity, to create this new world and the universe is ready to empower.We are being called to LIVE OUR TRUTH. NAMASTE

Anonymous said...


I remember one of the channeled messages from the FOL, they had mentioned that we would see rainbows when they were nearby. Something happened to me today that I believe was the FOL giving me a sign. Anyway, I had been thinking a lot about the FOL lately... thinking a lot about ascension and also about why I've been seeing 11:11 so much for the last few years (I see it everywhere and every day, multiple times a day!). Anyway, I've been meditating and focusing my thoughts towards the FOL lately and asked for a sign that this is truly all real.
It was a beautiful day here today in New Jersey (USA) and I was out in the back yard playing with my two children, who are 2yrs and 1yrs old. As I was with my children, they were having so much fun playing and laughing with me and I had such a feeling of joy and love within me. Their laughter and love just filled my soul with incredible happiness in that moment. As I was having this feeling within me, something like a voice told me to look up into the sky. As I looked up, there was a beautiful rainbow directly overhead, high in the sky. When I saw this, I felt an incredible surge of love and happiness all the way to my core, and almost started crying. In my mind I said "Thank You!" while watching this rainbow as it slowly faded away, and in my truth I believe it was the FOL telling me "Yes, we are here!" It was not raining and it was a beautiful warm clear/sunny day, which is not usually when you see rainbows... so it had to be a sign!!! Maybe I'm crazy and this was all just a coincidence... but in my truth I believe that it all happened for a reason. It was an amazing moment and very hard to describe the immense feeling of happiness and love that I felt in that moment.

Love and Light to you Blossom, and to all! :)


Victoria said...

Thank you Frost!

But some of the videos have "been removed due to terms of use violation".

I wonder why?...more cover ups perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Seeing more rainbows again today here in New Jersey... Just walked outside to take a break from work and there was a huge rainbow halo around the sun! BEAUTIFUL! This is the 2nd rainbow I'e seen in two days... Could the FOL be near???


Anonymous said...

You said:Maybe I'm crazy and this was all just a coincidence... but in my truth I believe that it all happened for a reason.
No you are not crazy,this is how they work, it is the feelings that you get that comes to you that makes you remember who you are and who they are love only love,I was asking my self the same question the other day after I had a beautiful experience in meditation of contact with them, at the time I KNEW it was them because of the energy that they come in on.But the next day I was thinking was that really you? and my attention was drawn to a small icon in the newspaper that I was wrapping the rubbish up in, the icon said 'thinking of you' it didn't click at first then the lights in the kitchen flashed on and off and my attention was once again drawn to the small icon,
then the penny dropped and I gave thanks and as I did that familiar feeling went through me that I get oh so regularly now when ever they are around and I am sending them my love. so stay alert and KNOW they are there and that we are loved.Namaste

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom! I just read the channeling of the 26th. For about 6 years now I've had people telling me to be careful with my energy and that the main reason was that "I know more than I realize I know" and can or could DO things without realizing the power behind it. Now the FOL is telling us all the same thing. We already know... My BIG question would then be, If we have the knowledge, (or the answers) already, how do we ACCESS this knowledge that we already have? A few of the sites I frequent have seemed to have really quieted down and a few people have seemed really down. It's been "kind of" decided that we are (or feel like) we're in the calm before the storm or even in the "eye OF the storm" of great changes and advances in our energies and vibrations. Once in awhile when I'm reading one of your channeling's, I want to interrupt the FOL and ask, "But what about". :-) I DO have to say that of all the things I read and the channeler's I keep up with, the FOL is not one of the ones repeating the exact same thing every time they speak or even rewording the same things. They do emphasize a few things they've said before, but that's good.
As always,
MASSIVE amounts of love and light!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom
11:11 is coming up a lot! so I was thinking of that Lady who was asking about it, I have a video on it and also White Clouds and that other energy that came through's explanation of it on my site www.thefederationoflight.ning.com and I'll pop it on my blog.L&L

P.S.Aparently there is an important Pleiadian alignment coming up mid May that will be causing a code within some people's DNA to be activated more if they are of the Pleiades frequency so breathe in that PINK Light, I have been needing to breathe a lot!
I had a song again!going on in my head yesterday, it was going on at the same time as I was thinking negative thoughts about myself, STERIO!Olivia newton john's 'Breathe it in, breathe it out trust the love that shines within' from her CD Grace & Gratitude:)

Faith said...

Hey Tony, thanks for sharing with us about the 2 sun-dog rainbows you have seen in a row. I once read about a Hopi prophecy that says when you see 3 of these in a row....you guessed it! The Space Brothers are coming! Hey, May Day would be good..:)

Victoria said...

I was recently asked “how to wake up”. I thought about it for a while and realized that although waking up is a personal experience, by sharing our experiences we can help and support each other with our unique journeys. By sharing we give guidance and hope to those who don’t know how to begin, feel they are lost or are ready to give up.

I invite you to read about my awakening and encourage you to share yours. I'd love to read about it.

http://2012-ready.blogspot.com/ Thank you Blossom for publishing this.

Love and Light to you ALL,