Apr 19, 2009



The gentleman who sent this to me reiterated some words from The Federation:

"A vast vessel that is coming into view in your skies. The mists that surround it are lifting and dispersing to reveal us"...

Just sharing ...

and also regarding the pink that The Federation are speaking of ???

The lady who sent this in explained that her friend who lives 100 miles away saw the same thing at the same time!! Nice!

Thank you to both souls for sending these in.

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays.


Faith said...

Pretty awesome cloud....and beautiful
pink rainbow photo...I thought I was
having heart palpitations this morning after not being able to sleep last night- glad to hear it's
'going around'....love from Faith

Anonymous said...

so when are the aliens gonna show themselves? im too anxious to see them and i dont think im gonna. your always talkin to them so why dont you tell em were ready?? we got billions of people im sure ready for these guys to come and still nothing happens. how 'ready' are we supposed to be? cause i dont see any possible way we can be readier. especially if we barely know anything about them. the only true way we can be ready is if they show themselves and TELL us the reality of whats to come. no ones gonna just wait and keep sending love if they never see them. TELL THEM THEY NEED TO COME NOW OTHERWISE NO ONES GONNA LISTEN AND ITS GONNA B E HARDER FOR ALL THESE CHANGES TO HAPPEN. TELL THEM THEY NEED TO PERSONALLY EXPLAIN WHATS GOIN ON SO IT CAN HAPPEN ALREADY. TELL THEM WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i to agree with the above i am axious too but icant keep doing this without proof as this carrys on iam losing energy and i dont no wether the axious feeling comes from fear of this receession i just dont know.all these comments from the fed and blossom say dont use your head but to me using your brain correctly is the only thing that makes us special among all living things.

Anonymous said...

Geez Anonymous, CHILL OUT !


Blossom, you just do what you're doing and everything will be just fine.

Ciao for now

jerome overzicht@hotmail.com said...

Hey blossom, I was going to send you the same footage, the one with the cloud. I'm glad you got it either way, it's pretty awesome footage! By the way, I really enjoyed the global visualization event. I felt these sort of waves of energy giving me goosebumps and and some point I even shed a few tears, the good kind you know. I was just overcome with a strong emotion of togetherness that was really quite overwhelming in a positive way. It would be nice if there would be more events like that on a more regular basis.
Be well, in love and light,
Jerome, the Netherlands.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Trust, trust, trust. First of all in ourselves and second in the higher vibrations that already support us. The Feds are like my spirit guides, they repeat themselves over and over again until we get it. And not just on a rational level of understanding, but especially on an intuitive level. And we also need to anchor and put in practice what we get. It makes no sense staring at the sky and waiting for something to happen, because the real happening has to start within ourselves and within our personal lives. That's probably the hardest part for all of us, to bring the higher energies to the Earth and to channel those energies in a sensible way. To be able to bridge the 3rd and the 5th dimension and to be that bridge ourselves.

Sometimes I find the new energies way to intense and I have no idea how to deal with them. One time feel bouncy and scattered and the other time I feel emotional and confused. It reminds me a bit of being 15 again and being in love for the first time ;-)

It's great that the Federation of Light picks up our energy shifts and nervousness and gives us some useful tips. Advice from my own guides: let the energy flow through you, don't hold on to it, just let it flow. And BREATHE, breating creates inner space, breating releases the tension and it grounds the new energies in our cells and our being. Being creative or physically active also helps.

But the tip from the Feds to tone down the intensity is also a good idea.

Channel that energy into its correct form. Recognise it. Adjust that feeling you are expressing and watch it turn into the pink energy that we have spoken to you of in the past days. Convert that energy that is reaching you, into the form it needs to be within and around you. It is a Higher energy and you are not used to it. It comes in its original format and it is for each of you to transpose it into a system that is compatible with your human form. i.e.


To ‘tone down’ is easier than to tone up. You all, in your human form must learn to control these changes within to suit you as individuals. Think of it as a dial … perhaps a thermostat, and regulate your own temperature. We simply cannot do this for each individual, because each individual is at a different level with in this new vibration. And to complicate matters even more, the newer Higher vibration has many levels within it.

AnonimaAnonima said...

I think we can all use some grounding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCfFFtEct9U

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I am so sorry that you have been the receiver of so much negativity. I want you to know that your Heart and Love, both of which you are freely sharing here without expecting anything in return is the most Precious gift anybody can receive. Ignore those who do not resonate with the energy that you are transmitting. One day they will get it, or maybe they won't, whether the FOL appear or not.

I have a picture that I wanted to share with all of you. It is a screen capture of an image that I found while playing with Flash Earth last Oct 14. I won't say what it is or isn't. Dear Blossom, I suggest that once you see it you don't say anything about it either, let everybody get to their own conclusions and they won't blame you for something you said.
I am just waiting right now for Flash Earth to download some images from the exact same area so that when I put everything together, we get to see what is there now or isn't, since there were so many clouds back in Oct 14. Oh, and then, a few minutes ago, I was wondering where you lived in Australia, and oh shock! the image is from above that area! I had not checked that before. Anyway, I will let you know soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! No sites like that here in Detroit....just cool, cloudy, and rainy. lol

Love reading your blog Blossom!


Anonymous said...

Here is Abraham channeling through Ester Hicks explanation of manifestation of our desire to see spaceships,explains why I got into all this, as I rode the wave of like minded peoples desire to create a better world, as this was my desire, it was not to see spaceships! However I now have come to realise this is about uniting as one and practicing powerful manifestations as we ascend and evolve our consiousness. Basicly me and others like Me tuned into mass desire and a plan as to how to wake the rest of the world up to create an experience to surport our expanded consiousness.A more creative playground so to speak, that is surportive and caring.
The Feds have shown us who we really are as they patiently guide us through this manifestation they are us without resistance.They are we are CONSIOUSNESS Namaste


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Have a look at "The Astrology of the Ancestor's Gathering", could you envisage a better gathering and planetary context for your friends to show up?
Anyway let us send to them and to that place (Arizona, US) as much golden light as we can, especially during the window of April 21-23.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom and Blossom's friends,

There's been a time when we didn't know anything of this and we were not that anxious as we are now. Please let's give ourselves a *present*, by allowing the consciousness of the now to take place in your hearts, not in our minds.
Let us share the Gonden Light from heart to heart!

I found these words below particularly inspirational, hope you too.

Adama of Telos Through Evelyn K├╝mmerle. 13th February 2008

"Every Minute you spend with waiting
For potentials that might happen in the future
Is a lost minute for aware creation
In your present days.

Your present days could be much better
Than you allow them to be
If you granted to yourself
To open your eyes and your heart
For love."

Anonymous said...

Uh... it's a rainbow.