Apr 11, 2009


Plenty of Light Orbs around when snapping away afterwards. And also an amazing display of what can only be described as gold dust in front of the flash/lens, which I have only ever seen once before when a group of us did a meditation down there.

Goody and I arrived at the beach to discover a hubbub of folk celebrating the Good Friday festival. Hardly the quiet space I had visualised. The tide was high and so was the noise around, and I wondered if coming to the energy point had been such a good idea after all! The darkness was alight with the glow from a young man twisting fire sticks which was creating a group of enthralled observers. All umming and ahhing. Mmm! Not quite the silence and solitude I was looking for. The moon was covered by cloud and spots of rain began to fall. For a brief second my heart sank, but then as always the ‘All is as should be’ kicked in, and I simply took everything in my stride. Just before 9pm, a threesome sat quite close to myself and the other four with me. Obviously enjoying the looseness of tongue that alcohol brings forth and merrily jaunted their tales of frivolity! Ho Hum! Yet, onwards … not to be deterred as the hour was now upon us, I took some deep breathes and began offering my heart out to our family in the sky. I chose to keep looking up and found myself in a space of deep reverence with all. I LOVED the thought that many thousands across the globe in this ONE moment were sharing the same space. I could feel my being filling with warmth … no longer did the surround sound from outsiders bother me. In fact their laughter and sounds of simply being alive faded into a knowing that we are all here, doing what we do, in the same space at the same time, and whatever it is we are doing, however ‘worlds apart’ and so different from one another it may seem … it makes up this earth of ours … and I found myself welcoming the sounds as they became one with my space of being.

As I looked at the moon as it struggled to reveal itself on my behalf … I found a strange thing taking place , as if … as the clouds rolled past it, someone was pressing the pause/play button, on and off. Continually. As the clouds moved on, they did so in a stop/start fashion. I was very aware that this was happening for me in my reality.

I felt a peace running through my very veins. I wanted to send that peace out to our star family. I told them they were welcome to join us and that we were ready … and hoped that very soon they felt the same. All the while my heart felt it was bursting at the seams with this LOVE that I had inside of me.

I felt the need to look at my watch. 9.30pm on the dot. As I looked … the words ‘It worked’ filtered through to me.

A smile was on my face and those with me.

I was sent a comment from a gentleman named Simon :
‘ I was watching the global consciousness project dot (GCP measures randomness in random number generators, they've discovered that events that focus humanity's attention, e.g. 911 or global meditations have an impact on the numbers, making them non-random...this comes out of Princeton university, and their collected body of data is now more than a million to one unlikely, i.e. it's scientific proof that attention affects reality) and it registered a big spike towards non-randomness right at the meditation time. Nice. a good summary of the GCP is at:


Indeed, I was sent many comments about the experiences people had, which can be found in the comments for the posting ‘Enjoy the feeling everyone’. Do take a look!

After today’s channelling it has become more obvious about the point of it all. When we all join together in this way we create such an amazing energy that can be felt not only by those that are participating but by those who are not. And that is how we change things. Those that know … act … in order for those that don’t know to … re-act. I have such a strong feeling today that those of us that ‘know’ are the way showers for those that need to find out. I have known these things before but I ‘get it’ in a deeper clearer way today.

Thank you everyone for all the support shown. Together we can ‘get it!’.
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom. xxx


hilda netherlands said...

very honored I could do something by meditating with 32 cristal skulls in a circle.
Blossom, you are an example to the world by showing us your everlasting trust in the GF and therefor yourself!!!!!
With laughter.pink and golden rays
the netherlands

Pudim said...

We should have global visualizations like this on a weekly basis. It would certainly contribute to the process.

simon said...

thanks for posting the comment about the princeton global consciousness project on your blog, blossom. it's enervating to see something so intangible as a meditation actually show up in hard science.

i'd guess most of the readers of this will be familiar with the wingmakers website. the guy that put it together has 2 other sites, lyricus, an educational site, and event temples. the latter is - i think, i've yet to read all of lyricus yet, and it's supposed to be a progression through the sites - intended as an organisational space to do more of these types of meditations. could be a useful tool, as one thing that has come out of the GCP is that the more people are involved in an event, the greater the impact upon physical reality. there's an interview with james (the originator of the sites) where he describes what he sees as a new "island of consciousness" rising in humankind, as we discover our ability to co-create with one another.

Stonemaid said...

Joined in from Gibraltar! It was a cloudyish half-sunny one pm here and I sat peacefully with my rose quartz crystals trying my best to visualise with everyone around the world, and in the skies above! I'm not sure I am very good at it yet, but I am trying!

Love to you all.

Darling said...

Hi Blossom, thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity! I woke up at 6:30 in the morning yesterday and at 7:00 I did what I could to visualize the FOL ship.

What I found strange is that at first I had trouble visualizing when suddenly I saw two paths in front of me, I felt myself as part of the mass of humanity and with intent, we directed our attention and energy towards the path that shined the most. This colossal stream of energy move very slowly but eventually settled into place.

At this point, a tingle went through the top of my head and down my spine. I'm very much a beginner at this and I have no clue if I helped, but I'd like to think so. ;)

Seeing your photos brought a big smile to my face, I resonate with you wholeheartedly and I "know" that its but a matter of time before we meet our friends from space.

Love and Gratitude Dear Blossom!! <3


Ami Drutman said...

I felt peace and love. Im hopeful. Light and love to the world and the whole universe. Thank you Blossom.

Ami Drutman

Unknown said...

You inspire us every day, Blossom. I wanted to share this link with you, it's gcp.com.

Take a look and see how global consiousness spiked yesterday. You will be amazed.


Vigusa said...

I got them too Blossom... lots of them I will send you the pics later.. just can't right now for I have to run son urgent errands. and congratz!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Elfosvaldo said...

Hi Blossom. I have some picture I will send you later.


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom, How much longer are you going to channel FOL announcements of their soon revelation to the people of the Earth? Just asking. Have you ever thought maybe of disservice that they are doing to people that have spiritual inclination? That in effect these kind of broken promises can avert them of their true spiritual path? Because somebody can argue that if this is a hoax than that everything else that isn't part of this material world is also just food for naive and weakminded. I don't think so and because of that I think that things of this sort are very dangerous because they chase away true seekers and people who are not yet sure that all these "New Age" tales may be true but feel that there is something in it. So instead of gathering people for possible dimensional shift that we may be aproching (2012), this can be of service for those who do not want such a positive outcome for the human race. I really think that you are goodhearted person and that you really mean well to all humankind and that because of that you are publishing these channelings. But I beg you to rethink wisely if by doing so you are doing a favor to humankind or not. After all, everything is said, all that is left is just for them to show up if they were truthful.

Jamie said...

Hi Blossom,

Although I did not have any fancy crystals, candles or meditation music, my wife and I took time out to lay down on the bed, looking at the sky and sent our message of love to the universe right on time.

With the help of your white cloud message, we felt connected to the world wide egg of love that cracked and spread through the universe.

Much love to all

Anonymous said...

And the syncronisities keep happening! Billy a lovely guy from Greece who has helped me with my site has just posted a video on animal consiousness
And it made me think of your reply to a email I sent you and how in it White Cloud came through!
(Fill your hearts with this everyone keep the faith, All is as it should be')
This is my reply to the post:

As a model in my young days I felt working in that industry didn't feed my soul, I had always had a close tie to my animals so I became a dog groomer something that surprised a lot of people as I wasn't the type per say, after 40 years in the field the animals have taught me so much and I didn't realise how much until I started using the insights I use to tune in to them to tune in to Blossom and The Federation of Light, White Cloud has even taught us to respect the small creatures,
now when I grab a flea off my poodle I stay centered in love and send it back to source with NO feeling of disrespect for its essence it may sound silly but it keeps me centered in my heart and connected to the all and keeps the flow going I don't judge life I love it, White Cloud through Blossom told me of a white standard male poodle jumping around excitedly wagging it's tail with a tartan bow on it, the next day a client popped into my salon with a feather for me ( she knows about the feathers I keep getting from I believe White Cloud) her beloved White standard male poodle had recently died and it was Christmas time and she used to tie tartan bows on them at Christmas, when I told her she was so relieved to know that he is happy plus it supported me in assuring me that I am being guided in what I am doing and White Cloud is indeed there as I felt. Namaste

Eric said...

It was a great meditation for my, Blossom. Do you suppose it would be too difficult to orchestrate monthly global meditations? Would that be too frequent for everyone? It might a great way to keep our signal strong!

Vigusa said...

dear Blossom. as promissed I sent you the piccies.

I sent them to your email addy: info@blossomgoodchild.com

Hope you like them... Also in the FOL website you can find more .. It was just too big to send them all to you in ne email. In any case if you want them anyways let me know.

The website url is:


Some guys tell me that it could be dust with a flash effect, however the same time I took a few pics and nothing was there

Love and light xoxoxoxoxo

simon said...

eric, great idea.

i don't know whether a monthly schedule or the event temples approach (they do meditations 4 times daily) is a better idea. both, probably. it might be the case that a scheduled monthly meditation would get more focus and involvement, while the regular, 4 times a day meditations can be useful as a little and often approach.

i just discovered that the GCP have made a new addition to their site, whereby you can see the individual random number generators and how they are reacting on a global map, as well as a combined chart showing the overall non/randomness (i.e. the data that generates the GCP dot). it'd be really interesting to compare the eggs (as the generators are known) to people's geographical locations during these meditations.


yesterday's movie is currently at:


AnonimaAnonima said...

Great pictures Vigusa :) These are real orbs. I never was able to catch an orb on cam myself. But it's said that we draw light, guides and angels to ourselves during our meditations. So for everyone who wants to snapshot orbs, do so during or after your meditation.

I always find it hard to plan my meditations and to find the peace of mind and concentration when I participate in a global meditation. Rationally I understand the effect of mass meditation, but personally I rather meditate when I feel relaxed and ready.

I also participated last Friday. I decided to face the Sun with my eyes closed so I could literally experience the light. Of course there was a lot of energetic activity and downloading going on and some of the regular mind talk ;-)

I haven't experienced anything special or different during the meditation. I chatted a bit with my guide afterwards and I asked if it's useful to visualize a lightship because they will only show themselves if we are ready. And at this time we are still preparing ourselves.

My guide said something like this, that global meditations are a part of our training to work together as a global consciousness. It helps us to raise our vibrations and to work together on a higher level. And by "us" he means the people who currently live on planet Earth.

A lightship is something we could need as a focal point, but we could also focus on love or on God, because it helps us create love and positive change instead of fear. What the Federation of Light does is inspiring and uniting us and giving us the tools and the knowledge to ascend.

I still think that it is not about a lightship, not yet. First Contact will come, one day or another. Their real mission is to make us aware of the bigger cosmic picture and to assist us on our spiritual path. And if we are ready, emotionally and spiritually, the FOL and many others will show themselves and we will meet them and work together with them on many levels.

That time is approaching. But it's not about a lightship, that's just one of their nudges, one of their reminders that we never walk alone. And that it's not a handful of crazy Lightworkers who believe in ascension, but that half of the galaxy supports us in the (not so) crazy ideas we have :)

Bless you all!

Vigusa said...

Hiyas Blossom :)

I was wondering if you got the piccies and what you think about them... are they like the orbs you saw?


Mark said...

Love, Light? Good words but take a look at our world now. War, disease, crime and millions are suffering from a lack of food. Yes we need indeed help but with all these terrible things in the back of my mind i believe that most of the people are LIGHTYEARS away from a mental or spiritual evolution. Without REAL HELP we will simply not overcome these serious problems, maybe in a few hundreds or thousand years. Sorry but this is my conclusion. Best wishes! Mark

Blossom Goodchild said...

Vigusa.. I did not get the pics but i looked them up on the link you sent. There are now web sites I believe about Light Orbs.And books published. Google them. then you can decide what you think . thank you for taking the time. To me? yes, they are Light orbs!! Golden Rays .

Vigusa said...

Hmmm how odd Blossom :/ I sent them to your info email. I think it said Ric would get them :PP

But in any case it is awesome that you could see them :))))

And thanks to you and to With Love for your words :)))))

BTW Mark, we can do a lot. We just have to say it outloud that we do not want war and we do not want sickness or famine.

Say it outloud and send love to the world at all times and in all directions... The more the time passes by the more I am getting convinced that YES WE CAN :))))

AnonimaAnonima said...

@Mark, love, light and peace starts within, within everyone of us. If we don't start to look for peace within and create peaceful lives, nothing will ever change. I also think we could use some help when it's about solving global and environmental issues, and when it's about healing our lives, our relationships and communications. We could use some guidance there. And there are, this is what I've heard from other channels, extraterrestrial technologies that will be of a great help for many of the problems we are facing. Bring it on, I would say, but as a global consciousness we need to be ready and open enough to accept their help.

If we work on ourselves, open our hearts and choose love instead of fear, we soon will be ready for the new energies and new technologies. And for First Contact.