Apr 10, 2009

Enjoy the 'feeling' everyone.

WEll. its 8 oclock in the evening and I am just preparing to go off to the beach in Noosa with Goody (hubby!). A few are meeting us down there, where we plan to lay under the stars and offer our welcoming hearts to our space family. We are told there is a portal above us here on the beach in Noosa,we are very blessed.
So just to say .... thank you everyone and enjoy this union with those of us on earth and those of us who are not!

I will look forward to hearing how it went for you.

Many thanks to all.
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom xx


Anonymous said...

It's 3:18am in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV., and I'm getting ready for a WILD ride ! Yippee !

"Olly, Olly, Out and Free" - Just had to say it.

It's a bit cloudy here but it's thers's great BIG beautiful moon out.

Can't wait for 4am. Anticipation is building !

I'll report back later.

Ciao for now.

AnonimaAnonima said...

12:40 PM Central European Time, the ground crew is ready.

And of course the sun shines really really bright!

First I will do my daily meditation and then I'm ready to join you.

Love & Peace & Blessed be :)

Cory said...

Hello Blossom!

It may be pouring outside but my heart is still going out here. I sat outside just for a little to watch the clouds and listen to the rain this morning. I feel such a gentle feeling in my heart. It truly is amazing. It makes me smile.

Love and light to everyone out there. Whether here on earth or smiling from the stars.

Vigusa said...

awwww :( there are so many clouds. it has been like that all night so I couldn't see a thing :(((

I hope you had more luck Blossom xoxoxoxox

rob6523 said...

It went great! Good energy present.
I got some et-faces returned during my visualisation. It was at 1 pm local time here in Holland.
Thank you Blossom!!!

Bianca said...

Had quite some Third Eye chakra activity for a while. And the sun sure helped get in to the right kind of mood ;)

I got so comfortable that I fell asleep o_O

Unknown said...

I can feel the power, my third area feels very clear....

Dethduck said...

Right up to, during, and for a while after the visualization at 7am here in New England I felt my crown, third eye and heart chakra pretty much explode open. Very tingly and warm. Was a pleasant experience, though kind of hard to be sitting guard post, meditating with a big silly grin on my face as employees wander into the building. Beautifull clear sky outside today. Was very nice to NOT see chemtrails being laid out for once, saw two planes try to but their trails promptly dissipated, which gave me a chuckle.

Pudim said...

The sun started shining exactly at the time, 8 a.m.. It dissipated the fog and brought a very warm feeling, very comfortable.

I could see pink with my mind's eye, lots of a subtle pink. It's been a wonderful morning here at São Lourenço, MG.

Lots of love to all.

Deb&Vic said...

My husband Vic and I drove over to the east coast with the dogs, sat on the beach with a lovely breeze and warm sun on our faces which helped with our visualisation. We're not great meditators but hope that our effort has helped in raising the 'love' vibration ... We finished with a breakfast picnic of curried pasties and hot chocolate with just a smidgen of rum! Looking forward to your next message Bloss. Love always, Deb x

Anonymous said...

Even though it was 4:00 am and pouring outside...the sky seemed so lit and bright through the clouds...
It was sooo peaceful. Used my rose quartz's and filled with pink, pink, pink!!! Much love transferred everywhere!
Can't wait to hear what they saw!
Love & Golden Rays!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know if I should be keeping this private or share it with others. I woke up a few minutes to 7am (Toronto, Canada) to join the visualization event. I tried to stay awake and open my mind to the feelings and visuals that may come but I fell asleep ten minutes later and this is what happened in my dream. I'm the one who posted the other post on this board about the "smiley face" craft earlier in the week. I haven't dreamt of anything of this sort after October 18th. Until today... Here's what appeared in my dream:

Noticed craft in a grey stormy sky, many of them. All shapes and sizes. I pointed them out to my partner, she saw them too. We're then in a room on our 3rd floor. Suddenly the door opens and there is a group of tall human-like beings in fitted orange uniforms. They're super tall. One of them says my name with a question mark. I say yes, that's me. A tall woman with wavy dark hair to her shoulders steps forward and hands me some stuff. Seems like they want me to carry out some task. They talk about what I need to do next. One of the men takes over and explains things (none of which I remember now). I was given some instructions, a sky map, a small chip in a plastic bag, a big metal bell than turns into a 3d video screen, and other objects. The bell when activated showed some orange jelly vainy matter that pulsated and morphed. It looked alive. I felt so excited. Kept asking them questions. Where are you from? They pointed a location on a map that one of them mounted on the wall behind me. I can't recall what it looked like. They were friendly but also very business-like. They had a mission to accomplish and I was to follow what they tell me. I didn't want them to leave. They were so interesting. I woke up with a smile on my face exactly at 7:30! - half an hour later. I felt as if all that had to be done was done. I felt part of something special and clearly out of this world.

Did something really happen or was it just my mind going places? But what is imagination anyway? Isn't it just a link to the universal? Why do I remember so many details?

Nancy said...

It's now 10:15am in Las Vegas, NV and I just woke up from sleepy time...it was so relaxing laying outside by the pool at 4am and looking at the moon through the palm trees was amazing with the misty sky. I felt a huge connection with FOL during meditation. Kept seeing things off and on in the misty clouds (long shadows of something). It's hard to explain the connection, it's more of a feeling of love and happiness and yes like a huge giant portal was open or something around me in the sky. I did hear something for a second or two that wasn't outside and not in my head of brief talking of something I didn't recognize. Dont' know what it was...It only lasted a second or two. I did ask them in my mind when will I see their ship and kept getting within 3 days and before my birthday April 18th...Who knows but did feel like after 1 hour of being out there the connection wasn't as strong. Definitely something was going on up there during the first hour. After an hour and half of being out there came in slept on the sofa with kitty...slept very hard till just now, was very relaxed. I don't usually sleep this late!
Peace, Love & Light to all,

Guy from Germany said...

Nothing happened?

Anonymous said...

WoW ! That was something else, I felt 'tinglely' all over for about 10 min., and as I was visualizing/meditating I felt their ships in the skies all around Las Vegas.

There's an overcast here, and after my meditation, being outside, and looking up, I could've sworn I saw the word TRUTH spelled out in the clouds.

It was freaky ! And I enjoyed all the love I felt from everyone.

Thanks dear star child Blossom,

I'm awaiting some feed back from everyone I turned on to this visualization, I'll let you in on some of the more fantastic experiences from them soon.

Ciao for now.

crystalpersuasion said...

Dear Blossom,
I woke up at 6:30 a.m. Eastern time. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy. It was instead a beautiful morning. I just wanted to say thank you for your pure heart Blossom and thank you for being so courageous. I have never given up keeping faith. I check your site every week without fail. I checked week after week after October 14 and when I finally saw a new message-Wow it was a wonderful feeling. I enjoy that part of you that you share with the world. I have one question in regards to the FOL. I have been doing much research on the subject and what I've realized is that there have been communication and a promise of an appearance for 20 years or more by various groups/channels. Perhaps even longer! I know that we are approaching the 2012 timeline, but what certainty do we have that they will in fact show themselves? As I write this, I know the answer is that we don't have a certainty but rather more of a feeling/knowing. I believe they are the angels of old, they have always been with us; and there are many stories of them in the bible. I really have to believe that we are entering a timeline when they will communicate with us the way they did in the days of old. Blossom, you may see wispy appearing aliens similar to Close Encounters, but I see them as the great Masters coming once again to assist in a non-intrusive way. Either way, all is good; and as for this morning, there was much love in the air and I know many felt it. I have to admit I was looking forward to receiving the feeling of oneness that one of your readers wrote about when describing his dream. Wouldn't that have been wonderful? Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my thoughts. Love and Peace to all and thank you again Blossom for all that you do to uplift humanity!

Lovelovelove said...

I bundled up and headed outside to feel the full moon's cleansing rays at five this morning. There was a lot of presence around me and, for the first time, within me. Thanks everyone!
Love you!

Faith said...

I felt a lot of energy in my third eye and head as well- went outside at
6 am with my mini-pyramid and ruby
and turquoise and frankincense..sent
love rays for 15 minutes- did see a jet go by and 2 geese- I was very happy that the jet just had a normal contrail, not a chemtrail. Too chilly to stay out longer.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! well Blossom after Thursdays experience of energy in the solar plexus that I feel was releasing, as I said earlier I had the most joyful Good Friday full of syncronistic wonders and filled with feelings of creative energy and connection to something big about to manifest its self, the birth of a new consiousness, I laid down on my lawn and looked up at the beautiful moon and let my fearful thoughts flow gently out the river into the ocean as Theo says in soul truth, I felt the peace and the connection to other souls all doing the same, at 9.30pm I was opening my eyes when I started to feel an energy in my heart area so I started breathing and closed my eyes again, a thought came into my head of what the Feds had said:
'Lie down in your pastures and valleys of green. Feel the earth resonate with the breath of life that you are. ‘Will’ our presence in to existence. Then we can FEEL your LOVE vibrate with the beat of the earth.'
I started feeling that I was breathing in time with the Earth. I feel we have anchored their energy here and that it won't be long now, this asension is all about staying grounded in the physical, not astro projection we are ascending body and soul together, I have read this in soul truth as well. I have joy in my heart nothing can take that away I have NO expectations, just a deep disire and nothing can change the joy I feel in my life now, this is not going to go away once its there its there for good heart is open. Namaste

Kane said...

Hi Blossom,

Myself, my Father and Fiance went out a bit and had a look around, we didnt see any lights or anything, but we had some magnificent storms down here in Victoria, lots of lightning to watch.

I hope you had wonderful night with friends on the beach.

Anonymous said...

A couple of great experiences from people on brads site, and so much love and surport for you Blossom people are sooo lovely things are definately changeing, more love in the air.

I was sitting outside last night, catching a glimpe of the full moon, listening to some music. The moon was to the right and I looked off to the left and there was a few lightships visable in the skies over my area. One shot straight up from out of nowhere & hovered for about 20 mins, till some other ones came near and they flashed different colors and dematerialized. They rematerialized and did some interesting flight paths circling this one area, they hovered, they changed an aray of colors. This went on for well over 30 mins. It was very exciting to watch. Wish you guys could have been here. ;-)
sending all the peace, love, and light of the universe
Endless blessings

I have only had a couple of genuine personal psychic 'events' (it's either that or psychotic events) in my life, and just now I had a third, aka Blossom's Visualisation of a Vast Vessel. I'm not going to go into details because there are'nt any really; but I WENT STRAIGHT INSIDE A SHIP. It was flicking in and out, but they, these extremely attentive people were close to me and telling me to relax, everything is ok, hello. I felt too 'scared' to engage more, but there were lots of healing rainbow energies, inhexhaustable energies, bathe in these they advised me. Wow.
I hope other peoples connections were as satisfying as mine. Love and Light to the one.
I was a little ritualistic, candles for atmosphere , incence and your favourite meditation music and relax , watch the breath, the energy is immense at the moment I believe.
Nearly forgot, they use holographic energy/power in incredible ways that i could'nt possibly begin to understand, but thats not important of itself. They gave me personal advice, again sntaches like through a week reciever, and tips on meditation when I asked. I look forward to doing this again after a bit of a break

SM said...

Hi all,
Hope the visualising went well!

My husband and I had the same visualisation...

Think we met our space family... even had a tear joy and relief! Very powerful...

Love Light & Laughter everyone

Looking forward to your experience Bloss 【ツ】
Sarah & Mick

simon said...

i was watching the global consciousness project dot (GCP measures randomness in random number generators, they've discovered that events that focus humanity's attention, e.g. 911 or global meditations have an impact on the numbers, making them non-random...this comes out of princeton university, and their collected body of data is now more than a million to one unlikely, i.e. it's scientific proof that attention affects reality) and it registered a big spike towards non-randomness right at the meditation time. nice. a good summary of the GCP is at:


Anonymous said...

Hi there from Grafton on the East Coast of Australia. Had a very intense session using White Clouds visualisation which went for 20 mins, then spent the next 10 minutes outside just looking up at the intensely bright moon as it drifted in and out of the clouds.

Found myself bursting into tears that turned into a torrent, so great was the emotion I received back!!

Can't wait for your post Blossom, confirming the overwhelming success I know it was.


Blossom Goodchild said...

Shawn... I haven't published your comment. Too obscene. Clearly you missed the point of the visualisation.So I send you Golden Rays to help you understand why it took place. Light and laughter to you, I feel you are in need! oh, p.s. where I come from a hoe is a garden tool, is that what you meant? :)

Steffani said...

I felt some INTENSE energy vibrations in my heart chakra this morning while doing my visualization. :)

Frost said...

i wonder what excuse the FOL is going to present this time. i thought i have read:
"We have been deliberating with this in mind and have consequently decided that indeed a Light show is to appear."
oh and what about:
"all systems go button"
blossom with all due respect, you may even be channeling. But these guys don't seem to keep with their promises, that is why i'm forced to dismiss this all over again. sorry.

TheDreamer said...

Hi All,
I decided to at least post under a name instead of staying anonymous. I'm the one with the elaborate dreams happening around the times of Blossom's events. I posted earlier about the meeting I had in my dream with the tall space beings. I can't stop thinking about the feeling I had during the dream and after I woke up. I also wanted to add that later in the day I disabled not one but two electronic cash registers at the coffee shop where I go almost every day. I was about to buy myself a coffee when the cash register in front of me stopped working, it just went dead. The cashier was really surprised because they never had a problem with it before (the place is brand new). So she asked me to walk over to another one that was still up but the moment I stepped in front of it, it went dead too. Interesting, isn't it?

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hello to you Frost. No need to apologise. There is no need for The Federation to give an excuse as they did not say they were going to show at the visualisation. They quite clearly say in April 6th channelling that they were not giving a date. I feel many hoped and maybe assumed it would be then.For them to show themselves then was not the point of the visualisation. I feel it helped towards the time when it is possible. Golden Rays to you.

Faith said...

Wow- thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful and amazing experiences! I just got home from folkdancing and feel very very happy!
Something is going on, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

I personally do not know what to make of all of this. I would like to believe it is real, but I just do not know. Sorry if I offend anybody- it is simply how I feel.

I HOPE it is real!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom! (This is honeybee, I'm anonymous just because I didn't get an account yet). I wanted to share what I saw yesterday. Let me start in the beginning, I had a fantastic dream the morning before the visualization where I was there with someone who represented my higher self, viewing a hidden light show - no ships, but lots of light flashes in front of clouds.

So, then I woke up and went out for the visualization at 7AM. Like you, I had a ton of trouble concentrating. My dogs chose that exact time frame to throw a noisy party. I was a little disappointed I couldn't participate as fully as I'd wanted. Like you though, I stayed at peace (as I love them), and sent love to Earth and everyone on or above while visualizing.

After a few hours had passed and I went out to run errands, I saw in the clouds the edge of a ship! And it was huge! There were some clouds and some blue sky out, it was sunny, but under the biggest darkest gray cloud I could see this double edge, very much a perfect line, slightly curved like over a rounded ship - that didn't match any of the other clouds in color or form. The closest I can come to describing what it looked like on that edge was a white/silvery satin cloth kind of shine. It was otherworldly! I'm having trouble describing, but I've never seen anything like it, and I've seen photos of "cloud ships" but was never very convinced. This was NOT a cloud! I watched it for about 20 minutes as it drifted away over town, the other clouds were moving and changing shape like clouds do in the wind, but this perfect double edge never changed in 20 minutes like the others, it just drifted away as if it were a solid object, staying under that one cloud. So, if anyone likes math, it was a cumulus type of cloud it was under, (gray on the bottom), those are supposed to be about 2000-3000m. high at my latitude I've read, and if I held out my hand flat at arms length, it would have had to be at least one flat hand big, judging by that edge, (maybe more than one hand since I could only see one double edge).

This was a great learning experience, holding this feeling. Thanks for that! I can't wait to see these, I'm really not expressing well how beautiful even just that one edge of it was! I felt the message was "its not time yet, but we know you're looking so here's a peak to snow that we really are here"

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old and live in the USA.

I have a question. DO they say anything about ghosts? There is a house that has been in my family since the 1950s, and everyone who has lived there has experienced horrible, scary things.
When I lived there, some strange events happened to me.
Sometimes, I would wake up to a freezing bedroom and see black orbs sitting in the corner of my ceiling. I would even levitate off of my bed.

One time, at around 4 am, I was awaken by a strong sense that someone was watching me.
I turn over, and standing at the foot of my bed was the most HORRIBLE looking thing I have EVER seen in my life. It was about four feet tall, and its face was so hideous.
Even thinking about it as I write this freaks me out lol.

The reason I am talking about all of this is because I would like to know if these aliens have anything to say about ghosts.

Anonymous said...

I think my heart is about to explode out of my chest. I was reading the comments and came across the one from 'Nancy' and her thoughts that perhaps we would seem them withing '3 days and before my birthday April 18th'. I shuddered when I read that. Why? Because a few weeks back during a particularly heavy meditation course, I 'saw' the face of Barack Obama and the numbers 4 1 8 appeared in front of me. After the numbers I saw the words PEACE and LOVE. Prior to that experience I had a dream where I was in the Oval Office (a fly on the wall sort of way) and listening to a conversation between President Obama and one of his aides. The aide was pleading with the President to come forth with the information we all need to hear. The President said that if the aide felt it that strongly that he would indeed address the matter after his return (at that time I did not know he was leaving the country) and after the spring break (Easter). I am putting 2 and 2 together here but I have a very strong feeling about this coming week prior to the 18th!

Anonymous said...

I love how we are all coming together, the lovely honeybee that just posted is the same lady who's photo I sent you of the upside down rainbow that was outside her house just before the visualization:)The naysayers are in fact helping to bring us all together! as we raise our light as one and we feel the love inside of us it goes out so strong and they feel it too,my heart is still feeling something, still needing to breathe in that pink light it feels like an anticipation feeling.

Blossom Goodchild said...

anonymous, regarding the house you speak off. I would say it is in definate need of some cleansing and Love. Completely different from THE FEDERATION. Perhaps get in contact with someone in your area who deals with these things.Golden Rays to you ... and the house!

Vicki said...

Hello! I was interested in your comments on the moon, Blossom. I was very taken by the moon here in Perth during my meditation too. As I sat out under the pergola, the moon was hidden behind a sheer black cloud with nothing showing through. At 7pm precisely (9pm your time in Noosa) the moon spectacularly started to rise above the black cloud. It was beyond words. And also, my own meditation was visualising as surrounding the planet in a pink cloud of love, so I was gobsmacked to see the FOL describing this very thing!

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous 4:15 12th april post
(Obama) You just reminded me of a dream I had over a year ago I was getting a lot of vivid dreams and waking up with thoughts in my head at 3 in the morning these all lead me to Blossom and research one of these dreams was that Mt. Rushmore crumbled and that just in front a play was going on with some English actors and they didn't even notice they just kept right on with the play totally CHOOSING to focus their MIND on the arts. I didn't even remember the name Mt. Rushmore for a while and then I looked up the American Presidents (I'm from Australia not into politics)I found out about their connection to the masons and that lead me to illuminate stuff but we wont go there. I feel this is to do with the controlling aspects of us crumbling and what has now happened in America.Namaste
P.S To the gentleman that has concerns that all this is having a negative affect 'Let go Let God' heaps better then focusing on the minds fears it cannot comprehend the hearts knowing.This is evolution this is real soul truth!

crystalpersuasion said...


Have you heard of the event "Return of the Ancestors?" The dates are April 18 through April 28;
"The Institute for Cultural Awareness presents a historic International multicultural gathering and sacred pilgrimage welcoming Indigenous elders and future wisdom keepers representing the voice of Mother Earth, beginning Earth Day weekend, April 18-28, 2009 throughout Northern Arizona. The heart of the gathering will be the 4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas. The intention is to unite and share the invited wisdom keeper’s visions and prophesized ceremonies for peace and harmony for Mother Earth and all humanity."

The Institute for Cultural Awareness’ goal is to sponsor 72 or more global spiritual/cultural leaders and 28 youth council leaders from around the world

More info can be found on www.ica8.org
Couldn't help but think that White Cloud would be there!

Love and Peace.

Jon said...

I've been feeling quite drastic energy flucuations the past couple weeks. Some nights i can barely sleep and feel i would rather run around while other times i just feel very spacey and drained. But I've also had a sense of trust and calmness knowing that the "new" vibration is settling in. Strange digestive symptoms as well;developed quite the aversion to meat recently. And one more thing, I keep seeing 4:21 everytime i look at a clock. Even woke up right at 4:21 am the other morning and couldn't go back to sleep. My 21st birthday but i feel something may be going on at this time.

-Seeking answers from any who know. In Love and Light, thank you. Adonai friends

Anonymous said...

To Jon:

I'll take a crack at it, although my waiver/caveat to this I'm NOT a 'professional' about any of what I'm about to impart to you, just reiterating information I have come across.

Your 'energy fluctuations' you are experiencing could be due to the fact that we are almost at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy wherein NASA has discovered a NEW band of light/energy/frequency shooting out of the middle of it, and we are heading right for it.

Your sleeplessness could be due to your higher self wanting to be fully conscience at that particular time, for only reasons you and your higher self would know.

About your aversion to meat; I was told that because of us moving towards a higher density our bodies are changing to a crystal biology, meaning we are changing to adapt to the higher frequencies on a molecular level, and animal product tend to lower our frequency vibrations.

Why 4:21 ? I think your supposed to pay more attention to what ever you are doing right at the moment you see these numbers because your higher self is telling you something is important right at that instance.

Hope it helps, but remember I'm no professional, so take every thing I say with a grain of salt.

Love & Light

Ciao for now