Apr 12, 2009

April 10th in Chile!

thank you to Osvaldo!


Riccardo Bianchini said...

My name is Richard Bianchini,I am Italian more I live in Brazil,I do not believe Aliens,More admire you,I go to read its books..:)

Riccardo Bianchini said...

My English is Bad..:(

Good luck

Frost said...

I want to give my opinion about this without sounding any disrespectful.
Like any in any type of work, i think there is nothing wrong in hearing someone's critics.
I heard them all the time, and they only help me doing the things that i, do much better.

Honestly i believe that you are telling the truth, i for instance wouldn't put myself throw for what you have been, if it wasn't in fact the truth. And truth has that effect on me also.
But i don't believe that you are channeling Alien beings!

When the Federation of Light specifically says on the October 14th announcement that:
"Your governments and your media will try to disguise us. This will fail". Wouldn't you think that they would be ready for any incomes?They also say "Our technology is far advanced. There are those in high places of ruling that KNOW full well of this. Therefore they know that there would be little point trying to ‘pretend’ that they need weapons to destroy us."
And then that whole moon subject and the google earth as well. I mean c'mon!

Any entity that is of a higher mind would not have put anyone in the situation, that you would have been put into if that date would have been true (or a lie for that matter)
I don't know much about channeling, but maybe, just maybe, human beings are prone to making mistakes and errors, even when it comes to channeling.
So did the information that you delivered, which from what i could read is corrupt.

People can be so mean about this. It is just because people really wanted it to happen.
Like when you don't get what you want on your birthday. We all want them to come and change closed-minded views in an instant.
What really upsets me is when i hear claims such as "they did come, just not to you." I do not pout and throw fits, and I certainly am not closed minded.
I have to admit the love and light thing works my nerves a bit because, we humans don't know anything about love and not much about light.
Is it easy to not believe it? Yes. And why would I say that? Just like a politician, even the FoL back peddles on what they say, and to speak honestly It looks to me that even you ain't happy at all about what they put you through.
What else can i say?
I haven't seen a UFO or God, Only the interpretation of both by man.

Anonymous said...

well, guess what, it's not about you believing in it or not. It's about the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frost,
For 2years now I have been guided by what I thought were Angels and or Masters as the thoughts in my mind the visions and the feelings that lead me out of my limited reality were Divine in nature and I whilst feeling guided all my life have never really focused on this guidance only when I needed it desperately, the rate that this guidance and the clarity of this guidance has increased over the last few months since my connection to all this. I can only say to you as it would take too long to type ALL that has happened, what ever is going on there is more than our mind can comprehend and I for one am so grateful for the love that I now feel,and that others feel coming from me, peace ,clarity, connection to my heart and the Feds as if we are indeed one, my family don't know what to believe, but they are happy that I am happy and are grateful for that. Open your heart it's as simple and as difficult as that, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.The Feds knew this was going to be a hard channeling for Blossom to put up and White Cloud once again got to me to get an email to Blossom the exact moment she put the channelling up!All of us are playing our part, this is our creation our soul growth we all choose how this was going to pan out, the Angels The Feds who/what ever they are are not in judgement of the human experience, all they can do is assist us and they seem to be getting us to help each other,we are not victims we are creators collecting ourselves along the way, healing our many past lives and connecting with our soul groups for support before the great shift in 2012 we are incredible beings to have done so well in this illusion of separation from source/God whatever is you perception, the struggle has created our individuality,anyway that is my take on all this, felt the need to post it. Love to you
All is as it should be. BELIEVE!

Anonymous said...

Great pic Blossom, looks REALLY big !

I don't usually respond to other posters but I feel I should because I was EXACTLY like you.

At the start of MY awakening I thought ALL this UFO, Channeling, Mystic, Magic stuff was full of 'bunk', I too needed hard core scientific evidence to make any sense of any of this stuff I couldn't see, hear, smell, taste or touch, so I set out to find the science of it all.

I immersed myself in all the main stream sciences especially PHYSICS and to my SURPRISE, all what I THOUGHT was a bunch of 'bunk' truly ended up to be the TRUTH.

Do yourselves a favor and study the known sciences we have to today, and I can almost guarantee you will the see the LIGHT in regards to all Blossom is doing.

Best Regards and good luck to YOUR awakening.

Blossom don't you ever quit what you are doing are are surely a blessing.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Well, i believe in aliens and in blossom, at times, but i have to say that photo is just reflections from the street lights, and blossom should not put up photos like that.

Anonymous said...

It's pics like these that show clearly what you are, BLOSSOM: a fraudster.

Again, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Those are lens flares from the lights. Not a ship. If you notice they are the same color and the same pattern as the lights below.

The reason they get higher is because the camera is moved.

Anonymous said...

hi..im realy skeptical about this as you seem to quote "new world" quite a bit which makes me think of the new world order is this just another part of their tactics to keep us all preoccupied & stop us finding out the real truth....

Anonymous said...

hi all my dilemma in all this is i find it hard to believe another human 100% (we dont really have a good track record do we)thats why i find it hard to believe the god jesus thing.but to me this does feel right .but i dont want to pin my hopes in the words of another human (no disrespect blossom) through hope brings fear.i would just like a tiny insight to it all to be a passionate as you blossom(channeling thing lets you know its real)iam ready for it all i want to be empowered (feb 22) and i want to help every living creature get their too.but i feel as if the goal posts just keep getting moved. any advice thanks.

no dissrespect intended to anyone thanks for for your time

Anonymous said...

I am a great admirer and am respectful EVERYTHING that is said on this site. Blossom rings "true" to me and there is alot to learn AND alot to be in awe of! BUT...these pics are inverted reflections of the lights below!....look carefully and you can see the source of the reflection!

Anonymous said...

hiya i just wanted to put in my 2 cents about the photos. It actually looks like the lens has dest and or scratches on the lens. I really do hope it is real, but in my professional opinion ( as a professional photographer) this is my opinion. I've been following you from the start Blosssom, and i can't wait for them to come and see us face to face.
Love and light

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. if you DO look at the lighs visible 'in the sky' in the photo.. they ARE actually a reverse mirror image (in spacing and colour) of the lights veisible 'on the ground' below them.

This indicates a refraction within the lense of the camera.

OK lets not covince ourselves of ANYthing here, BUT if the guys upstairs gonna do their thing then there will SURELY be NO uncertainty about it when they DO!!!

In Light


Anonymous said...

When you look upon those you love, do you not want the very most and best for them that is possible?

Even if you think you know what that is, do you not intuitively understand that they must come to know what that is for themselves? That you cannot give it to them, and even if you could and did, they would not value it because they would have no idea how to do so? They would not truly know it as their own, because it was handed to them from outside of themselves...

Do you not realize that you cannot dictate what they should believe, what they should do, how they should feel, etc.?

Those whose view of Creation is far more expanded than we tend to have here at the human level are loathe to take away from us our choices.

Free Will is the Divine Gift we were given in order to explore WHATEVER WE CHOOSE TO EXPLORE. This includes many things - ideas, beliefs, experiences, etc. - that you or someone else may not like or think are "wrong" or "bad".

But for those whose view is more expanded, there is no judgment. All choices are Divine. All choices are worthy and honored. And there is also no forcing.

At this time on earth truth will out because it is time for this. But there are those who will not choose to see truth for what it is, though it be right in front of them, and they have that right.

Those who cannot see truth by soul choice not to, will not see many things most others will. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS.

When it is their time, they will see. And know. And feel. And perhaps even perform miracles themselves. But only when it is time for them. Only when they choose.

For it to be otherwise would take away the greatest gift that made this entire paradigm possible. It would negate our humanity, dismiss it out of hand.

I don't know about you, but I can feel the deep, abiding and unconditional love felt for all of humanity, precisely and specifically because of humanity's amazing ability to forget who they Truly Are and experience life from so many perspectives that deny truth. Do you understand this idea? What an amazing feat!

Many are done with doing this "anti-self, anti-life, anti-truth" thing, but some are not. Those who are seeking a way through to the truth of their being will open to it in their own way, and it will be perfect. Those who are not seeking this awakening will experience their path differently, and it will be perfect.

Some may choose to leave this earth before things get much further along, because it is "too much" for their humanness to overcome while down here on the ground. To face these changes is inevitable, yes. But some will choose to do so from their more expanded state of being, that which they re-enter upon leaving this physical, human plane. This too is perfect.

With much love...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Anonymous ( allowing others to discover their truths) as the Feds said there are many truths on the way to the one real truth and that they must be honoured, but that they are not here to serve some individuals soul requirements,It is a challenge and one I am aware of as I go around the sites with the channelings to not step over the line to respond from the heart and not ego desires to MAKE them GET IT The Feds said we must collect ourselves along the way but for those that are so inspired to assist as in fact The Feds are ASSISTING.
We are all learning so much from them and from each other,Once again as they said 'it is how we interact with each other is how we will create our world,' when we come from the heart we can't go wrong, it is the ego that is learning, that needs the love and light shone on it so it feels that warm blanket of yours around it, so it can create a new play ground to learn and grow in.NAMASTE
p.s Blossom I used spell check this time:) my god my typos on the last post, I am still feeling very tiered, White Cloud has definitely switched me off (with my permission!) it had to happen!:)
Again thankyou for you.