Apr 30, 2009

The Pink Light vibration.

Thank you to Victoria who created this to assist those in meditating with the pink light vibration filtering through to us ... as The Federation Of Light has said. She has recently been inspired to start up her own blog which is


Golden Rays to one and all.


Victoria said...

Thank You Blossom!

And thanks to all who visited my blog and voted on my poll:

"Are you ready for 2012?

There is still time for more votes. The closing date is not until June 21. Thank you!

Lots of Love and Light to you All!



Anonymous said...

I would be very interested to know what The FOL's opinion is on The Swine Flu.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Blossom, I've given up hoping for the FOL-chaps to show up. I've been following their channellings right from August last year, and I could always feel their message strongly, but nowadays I can't follow them anymore, this everything is love-discourse - I can't have it. We have heard it before, and no, it isn't true: where there's love there's also hate, the two can't go without one another.
In a nutshell: they've had their chance and blew it right from the start, and now they're probably about to fail for good. Hope to be in the wrong, but this is just how I feel at the moment...and their messages more and more fail to convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

that´s exactly how I feel to.. It´s frustrating..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Friend, do yourself a favor and study some basic physics, you WILL realize that all of this "mumbo-jumbo-wacky-doodle-UFO-magic" is REAL !

I had my doubts a few years ago and immersed myself in the "known" sciences we have today, it led me down an intellectual path I was NOT prepared for.

I went "down the rabbit hole", so to speak and when I came back up I could see clearly as to the specifics of to this stuff.

I don't know EVERYTHING but there's too much hard core science behind Blossom to dismiss this.

Good luck on your journey, my friend.

And Blossom keep up the good work.

Ciao for now dear starchild.

David said...

Dear Blossom,

I think the time is right to be honest with us and with yourself. I want to make clear I've got no bad intention at all. I just want you to recognize you probably have a problem. Please go to the doctor and tell him/her you heard voices of extraterrestial beings telling you a lot of false promises and giving us hope to, finally, find ourselves alone. The supposed FOL is causing more pain than spreading love. We are tired of waiting, and the worst thing of all this is that a lot of people is waiting forever instead trying to change the world. I believe we are the only ones who can change things for good, human beings.

Sorry for my poor english, and, please, please, be honest with yourself and let's change the world together, by ourselves! :)

David said...

Dear Blossom,

I'm the same author of the previous message. I just want you to know that I love you, I think you have not bad intentions either and I hope that everything get better.

Sorry if I sounded rude in the previous comment. I'm not used to write in english. And do not be sad, we can do great things together. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's exactly how I feel too.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. The conversations you have with the FOL DO sometimes fill in blanks for me on things I hear or read elsewhere. As long as they continue to focus on love and light rather than warnings, fear and scare tactics, I will continue to scour their words for the light shining on the truth. Yes, sometimes I think they are a bit more cryptic than they need to be and yes, I'd be thrilled if they'd just show up and say "HERE WE ARE! Know now the truth and the love", but when they can, they will... :-)

In reply to annon:
I can't believe that you really think there can be no love without hate. While there are several people I have no use for what so EVER, I can not bring myself to, or allow myself to hate anyone. I may have a strong dislike for a few people, but I tell myself that somewhere, someone loves that person that I have no use for. Before I go to sleep at night, I try to think of as many people as I can, starting with those I do not like and send them "Love, Light, compassion and gratitude". If there is enough light shining on anyone, not only will all others see what they are and are up to, THEY might be surprised at what they see, make a change and become someone or something else. You CAN have light without dark as each is the lack of the other. You can have love without hate and you can drive hate from yourself and your life without losing the love and if you can't, I've sure found out how for myself. There's a lot I don't like and a lot of things that disgust me (and yes, a few people), but sending back love sure tends to confuse those those that try to hide in the dark. :-)

Anonymous said...

Reply back to anonymous: sorry, the "hardcore-science" you're referring to boils down to some blurry videos on youtube, there's not much more to it really, irrespectively on how long it takes you to understand that.
Nothing will ever convince me of alien life unless I've seen it and I've not been on a ride to the next star system personally.
And if the FOL are here for some serious business, they better start to get real: 95% of all religions are exactly saying the same thing as they do, that we must love each other, and we all know, to how much good that has lead humanity.
If that's all they have to say, they better come clear with the fact that it will probably all end up in tears...again.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Dan'l:
Sorry, but this is how I perceive my existence: a continuous struggle, between "good and evil", "black and white", "love and hate", "war and peace", "life and death", call it what you want...and I don't need some hypothetical aliens to remind me of that...seriously.
We need proof, fine words just won't do.

Anonymous said...

Everyone please send some "positive" frequencies toward anyone who is negative.

According to the established sciences this WILL dispel any "negative" frequencies.

Love and Light to all.

Especially you, Anonymous