Apr 16, 2009

In acceptance.

Hello evertone.
Just to say that it seems the Chile pictures were lens reflection after all. I have been sent analysis by a few 'in the knows', so I shall stand corrected. Always happy to do so.
Thank you to the gentleman who sent them to me, for I know he was simply sharing his excitement at the time. And that is what I was doing ... sharing.

Have a great day everyone.

Love Light & Laughter
Bloss xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Good for you dear star child Blossom!

That's how I KNOW to believe YOU in your TRUTH.

Thank you and NEVER stop with your feelings to help humanity in your own special way.

Ciao for now

Anonymous said...

why havent the aliens showed themselves around where i am? they said they were throwin a light show and i didnt see anything. i believe in aliens but i remain skeptical cause i havent seen anything. tell them WE ARE READY!!! and for those who arent, they just need to accept the reality that they're real. tell them they NEED to show themselves NOW otherwise the world is gonna keep on headin down a road of distruction because they dont know whats out there and the possibilities of what they can do. if the aliens showed themselves then people would be like, hmmm... if there is other life then we can do wahat they're doing to make ourselves better and smarter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you tell them thaT? thank you :)

Anonymous said...

They guy above me is right.
If these aliens are real,and if they want to show up, it might as well be now.
Whether they wait one, fifty, or a million years-it does not make a difference.

There will ALWAYS be people who will be afraid or hostile.

Anonymous said...

It's NOW or NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Maybe totally offtrack, but the other day I heard some woman saying on some video that "aliens" are not allowed to directly interfere in our matters, but that if that wish came from the inside (of the non-alien/us), that would not count as interference...
That could explain the ackward method of communication with Blossom (channeling) and their insistence to "want" the visualization for ourselves.It is this our energy that makes this possible, not their lack of willigness.
Jah bless

Anonymous said...

if you have anything to say about the comment i left ( the really long one talkin bout how they need to show themselves ) then my e-mail is alex_adc13@yahoo.com. please hit me up cause i wanna talk to you about all this. its hella important

Anonymous said...

Just for the record: the video I was referring to is a lecture of Dolores Cannon, very, very, very interesting. A bit long but worth all the while. I will watch it again to provide the exact time for her statement (compare previous comment):


Anonymous said...

dear blossom
i am a 51 yo french man and totaly agree with people above . i have been waiting for this day for more then 40ty years. i have always believed that i was not from this plan (planet ?)and had to live with that thought ... feeling lot of pain looking mankind suffering of hunger, deases, war,looking animals beeing killed or tortured to feed us or for making our clothes . we have like vampires left at our poor mother earth just enough blood to stay alive and we go on each day sucking her strengh and poisoning her like good childs we are ... that's enough . tell them it's time to come. many people are aware from this and the others need a good "bottom kick" (?) to awake . if they dont do it now a big part of mankind will be still sleeping for long and will never awake . we need their help now . it's time to show their light and love for all people on this planet to understand and love eachother too . i can't no more see babies crying on dead mother breath asking for milk and kisses they never more will have . please blossom tell them . it's now or never !!!
it was not so easy for me to write english so be cool with it ...
love should be the only language for all of us . maybe to-morrow ...
paix et sérénité

Anonymous said...

There are always going to be people with fear. that cannot be helped. Are they saying they want every human on the planet to 'get it' before they arrive? cause i'm afraid i don't see that happening. Surely they must say how many people are needed to 'get it' befor they can show up.

Faith said...

Blossom and everyone here-
About these photos- I believe we can be given gifts even in photos- I suggest we be like little children (as Jesus recommended) who would be delighted at the colored lights and just enjoy them, rather than endlessly analyzing whether or not they are 'REAL' or not! I believe that is what 'being in our hearts' looks like- let's not forget this- I think that is the thing that needs to be accumulated among all of us before we get our SKY SHOW...love from Faith

PenguinUK said...

I feel you can "WANT" something that you end up "SEEING" it. So don't keep expecting to see a ship for example. That actually to me in a weird way validates the whole beleive/create scenario. However I would ask fellow potential light-workers to disengage from the want, and relax into the safety of just knowing. The knowing will create the want. (sorry if that sounds a bit left-field, it's what MY soul tells me, everyone's different). Peace to all. xx

Anonymous said...

I found this from a newsletter from Whitley Streiber. Very interesting....

"The earthquakes in Italy were accompanied by a flurry of UFO sightings in Rome and Milan, and Whitley Strieber interviews Italian UFO expert Paola Harris about the possible significance of this. The UFOs videotaped were not earthquake lights, but actual, structured objects.

The sightings have been covered on Unknowncountry.com, and they raise the question: what is the connection between UFOs, earth changes and large-scale natural and historical events on earth? The religious aspect is also covered, as Paola tells us about a very provocative statement quietly made by the Vatican last year, to the effect that people from other worlds do not suffer from original sin."

kees said...

good for you blossom, it takes a big heart for someone to admit they made a mistake (wish some politicians had that skill).

pictures of UFO's that are explainable, make the pics that AREN'T, all the more interesting.

as for all these people above here who want that lightshow NOW - guys, it's not like our ET friends have any interest in entertaining us or something, just for the fun of it. they will only show if they see that our progress towards the light is not going onwards the way it should. just to give it a boost. as long as we're moving on fine, they will never show. because they know that we will be all the more proud of ourselves if we do it ourselves, as they keep saying.

Coach Enrique said...

I fully understand the plea (demand?) that some people make to the FOL about showing up now, but I don't adhere to it. I had also been waiting a long time to witness a day of Glory, of Freedom from fears and the end of suffering and scarcity. I thought that this could only happen if JesusChrist or the Angels (FOL?)came physically down to Earth to remove evil forever. I have been lucky enough to find out that this is not the way it will happen. Glory, freedom from fear and the end of suffering and scarcity are available every second of our lives and it is within us that these golden treasures are. The most beautiful Ligth is inside us, waiting to be released and to heal our lives as we "disolve" our ego thickness and darkness. The outter circumnstances that we define as "reality" won't be ever glorious if we don't become glorious first.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
I feel the need to remind everyone apart from meditating everyday
This is what I personally have found necessary as these frequencies go through the body,
I seem to be drinking a lot of water apparently it is to do with water being a conduit if that's the right word, when my head feels like I have a hangover a long drink of water does the trick and breathe in that pink light,when my heart area gets a presure feeling a download so to speak, conscious breathing brings the awareness into it and we all know by now the power of our minds so lets consciously GUIDE our mind in the direction that serves,
I know this next thing I have been doing sounds out there but hey I'm on the right site to express this! I feel compelled to look at the sun (sunrise and sunset)so as not to hurt your eyes, it apparently as I have read energises you and actually feeds you with information, but all I know is it settles me, especially if I have been on this computer for too long, I seem to connect or something.
Oh and my all time favourite BE IN THE NOW MOMENT instant energiser.
don't project your energy into the future or think about the past bring ALL your senses 100 times a day when you THINK of it to the present moment. Thank you, thank you,thank you for this one Eckhart Tolle has saved my sanity:)
Blossom love to you stay well:)

simon said...

some NASA footage that is obviously of ET craft:


check the owner's other vids for more similar stuff. it's obvious in this video that the MIC/NWO/name your acronym are shooting at the craft in orbit. i vary between anger and realising that those doing the shooting need our compassion more than most.

as to the when, i share the impatience shown by many here. lots of the various channeled sources are now saying soon, as in within the next 3 to 6 months. i also think there is something to the idea that we must collectively invite their presence so as it's not interfering with free will. i know everyone here has been doing that for years most likely, too. my personal feeling is that this summer is going to see some events that there will be no going back from.

as an aside, the presence of thermite (an explosive used in controlled demolitions) in dust from the twin towers has now been conclusively proven, and even covered on mainstream TV. only in denmark so far, but pretty stunning nonetheless:


Anonymous said...

Brightest Blessings to all...I would like to invite everyone to participate in "Fire the Grid II" on July 28th...it was a global meditation 2 yrs ago that focused on LOVE... at 11:11 that day...
the next window is coming up...
check out www.firethegrid.com ..
the more we shine the light, the closer we become.
Let's light the fires !!

Darling said...

Hey Blossom, I want to let you know that I feel this strange nervous anticipation and have been for a few days now... I don't know what's happening, but I sure feel something is going on and I don't really know what, lol! I hope you feel better, sending you loving light! xoxo

Maricel Piercey said...

Blossom, I've got to tell you, you have such a GREAT sense of humour! I absolutely love it! I am actually responding to your most recent remarks on the FOL page. Your honesty, humility and ability to laugh at yourself is commendable...KUDOS to you! It's no wonder they chose you to share their message along with inspiring humanity on our little blue planet of the magnificence of who and what we are and our potential in creating a world of peace, love and prosperity. Bravo Blossom, Bravo!

Love & Light,

Anonymous said...

Personally I have given up meditating or visualizing anything...where I come from words mean more than written contracts...to trust somebody that has broken his promises (as THE GFOL did on OCT 14) is INCONCEIVABLE.

As far as I'm concerned, I think these chaps have done much more harm than good in the last months, and I would continue to mistrust them even if they were eventually to show up: not only did they invite themselves to the party and didn't show up, they now have the nerve to put the blame for it on us, and that is simply INSANE!