Apr 14, 2009

Chile Continued.

Some people are feeling the below pictures of Chile April 10th are the reflection of the camera lens. Perhaps I was bit remiss and should have added the third one I was sent. Surely the reflection is not the case ... in this case! Then again, each one must make up their own mind about it.

And the forth I have just been sent.

The gentleman who sent it to me is concerned that the pictures are causing some negativity for me on my site ... (he should read the comments I've been getting just lately from a lost soul that I can't possibly publish!!!) The thing is ... this is what it is all about.

Speaking YOUR Truth!

And not letting others get to you if their Truth is not the same. These pictures ring True to me, so I shall keep them up here ... If others don't feel the same ... that's cool too.Its all about non judgement. Each to their own and all that. If people do not like what is here ... there is no-one asking them to return ... their choice.

Love ... Love ... Love .... Love .... Love!!

and those lovely Golden Rays!

Many thanks ...
Love Light and laughter


Anonymous said...

hello everybody, please take a look to the link below, a very good photo of a UFO (or i may say "light ship"??)


peace to all of you!

Cory said...

Thank you for the newest picture, Blossom. :) I'm not sure what to think about them, but either way...real or not...they still feel nice! Just think about it. People giving hate...calling you a fraud for feeling your truth. What you want. It just shows that some minds are still not ready to accept some peoples truths. Not willing to accept what others believe.

Heck, even IF these pictures are false...why try to down the spirits of others with "oh you're a fraud! A fake!". It baffles me so much how people can be like that. But as you said...let no one mess with your own feelings and truth!

On a side note...I have someone who needs plenty of golden rays sent to him. My father, Todd, has just lost my mother after twenty five years. She left him upset and he hasn't been himself lately. I've been sending my own to him, but with others out there helping...maybe it'll help him get back up onto his feet!

Thank you, Blossom!
TONS of Love and golden rays!

Anonymous said...

Again I read your words (AND those of the FOL) and feel lifted, lightened and just happy. While I feel like an impatient kid (at 54), I know they are right and can't do too much yet. I also know and feel that things are getting lighter, brighter and better even while the world falls deeper into this recession. Weird, but as bad as some things are, others are wonderful. DO keep up the great work, marvelous conversations with the FOL and all that love and light you have going out to the world.

AnonimaAnonima said...

These pictures ring True to me, so I shall keep them up here ... If others don't feel the same ... that's cool too.Its all about non judgement.In the old age we would fight a war over the most silly disagreements. But in the new age it's okay to disagree, but without the old age aggression and judgement.

Disagree, leave out the swearing and judgements, and you're there, in heaven, where the lightships float or not, that depends on your eye sight :-)

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

One thing strikes me...the story of the pirates in Somalia. Maybe just a coincidence, but back on Oct. 14 there was also this story breaking news in the NWO-mass media, remember?
And another strange thing, maybe also just a coincidence: the ship of the rescued captain...the Maersk Alabama..also ringing bells.
Remember that back then (I suppose on your blog) someone had made a similar (and more elaborate) connection already.

Blessings, in the hope that even lost souls will find healing out of this eventually.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Dan, same here, yeah! :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and all,

I feel like I want to say something here about the negative comments that may occur with regard to the sightings pics (and with many other new things occurring in human consciousness)...

Please try to understand that any time you receive a negative reaction to your truth, it is because you've touched a fear in the one reacting. THEY rarely understand that, but you can know that in those moments and find compassion rather than a need to fight back or get hardened.

Those who comfortably and willingly embrace the shift occurring and the new phenomenon that go along with shifting consciousness... are in a position to assist those who fear these changes. We are One family borne of Love, remember that. These are our brothers and sisters. You needn't preach or teach them directly, but love them, certainly. They are but another one of yourself.

Please understand that their fears do not negate your truth. In a way, they emphasize the importance of your truth at this time among humanity. The need for you to BE YOU as fully, openly and honestly as you can be, with love in your heart and your knowing keeping you steady.

I appreciate the deep fears rising in those who never chose to consider so much that they are now being forced to face rapidly and without many tools at their immediate disposal. The most natural response is to push away what frightens. Deny it, rewrite it into something that creates less panic within. Be aware of this and have compassion.

Or not, of course, your choice.

I just feel like I want to blanket the world with a calming blanket right now, because so many are getting so agitated and confused. EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT. Be at ease. Be well. Rest in the knowing that LOVE is what's on the rise, and the fear... is just the debris on the road, being cleared as we open to New Life on Earth.

GarRub said...

Good pic's I believe what they said about we would be seeing more small ships and or lights before the big show.

I Have Not Seen But I Believe!

We Are Humans Becoming-Help Us Become!

Keep sending our Love to those who have little faith for the greater plan comes ready or not, Love Shall Conquer All!
We Will Become!

Thanks Blossom

Love to All

Anonymous said...

Can anyone eles FEEL somthings is going on NOW! I have energy pretty consistently in my heart area sort of a little bit anxious but being told its going to be alright!
I came across this today last page in SNAPSHOT
I always know of White Clouds ‘jug/sand’ story to
Correct. The sand will settle before we arrive. You
spoke this morning to your husband of feeling as if
there would have to be some kind of ‘feeling in the
air’ in the weeks leading up to this event. There will
be notable changes for those who are prepared to
acknowledge. Others, like many things that are
presented as opportunities, will pass these changes off
as something other than what they are.
You awoke to the song ‘Every breath you take, every
move you make, we’ll be watching you’ playing in
your memory. We are here to give you the strength
you are asking for. We are here to give ALL the
strength they are asking for. Yet, we say in all
kindness, we cannot give it to you, for you already
have it. All that we can do is enable you to BELIEVE
in it. Walk with courage as you are doing. Each and
every one of you. For indeed much courage and
strength shall be required of you in the days to follow
AFTER our visitation. Have you considered how your
world will change? We shall leave … and your world
will be in pieces for a time. But we say … PEACE
shall return and life on your planet will never be the
same as it has been since the downfall of man.
That is why we say to you
Those of you who come from LOVE not FEAR shall
feel at home. You shall experience such extreme and
overwhelming pleasure. Do not feel that one has to be
near the ship in order for one to feel the Love that we
bring. What we bring with us is far beyond just the
ALL in your world shall ‘feel’ us and the LOVE we
If those in fear of us were to stop and breathe, they
too would hear the voice within their soul. The voice
of reason. The voice of their Higher self …
comforting them… reassuring them …
WE ask for everyone to STOP and listen to the
message we bring. It can only be heard in your hearts.
There is much to be done afterwards in order to
explain ‘the soul self’ to one who has shut it down.
Much weeping shall occur by many. A grieving for
the time lost. Yet we say to you … the smiles from
those who are here to carry out their orders shall
brighten the earth with Rays of Light and as the tears
of the lost fall onto the seeds that we throw onto your
wounded planet, the warmth from the Love of those
already awake shall allow the seeds to BLOSSOM
into a planet alight with colour … as it radiates from
inside out. BACK into the TRUTH of itself.
Thank you. Need I say more!

on NOW!

Faith said...

Wow Kerrie-
Thanks so much for your beautiful
contributions! and to everyone who
is showing up here and sharing their hearts...I look forward to meeting you all at the PARTY! Faith

ps I remember dreams a lot and I also often wake up with a song in my head that seems to be part of my message..I just recently dreamed 'Fiddler on the Roof' was about to be happening...anyone have an idea what that means for now?

Pudim said...

Interesting... Every Breath you Take is the music I use as alarm on my cell phone. I ALWAYS wake up to the sound of it.

Thank you for those words.

Anonymous said...

hi all has anyone been having strange dreams lately .i have been experence strange dreams about things of earth that i thought were true that arent like the centre of the earth as molten lava teptonic plates earth was created with a certain amount of water and so on but my dreams are telling me that its not real. and then last night i woke up and had the number 249 running around my head for ages and still in the morning .is this normal or am i going crazy thanks

Anonymous said...

My dreams have been full on for a couple of years the more you own them the more you allow into your awareness, you are not crazy. BELIEVE!