Apr 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter and to remind you of the Global Visual Affect that is taking place on Good Friday at 9pm Brisbane Queensland time. ... 11am GMT.

Hopefully there will be literally thousands of us sending out a 'Welcome' from our hearts to our space family 'somewhere out there'.

Many feel that the Light display that The Federation have recently spoken of, will take place on this day. Personally, I feel that may not be the case , and that it may take place when we least expect it. In my Truth I know no more than anyone else.

I think the main point in all of this, is to let The Federation FEEL our LOVE and SEE our LIGHT... and then maybe ... just maybe ... one day soon , we will see theirs!

Above all ... enjoy the fact that many souls on earth are sending out Love ... at the same time ... that in itself, shall raise the vibration of the planet yet again!!!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this visualistion. We KNOW it will do so much good!

Happy days ahead!

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays. and a very BIG THANK YOU!



Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom, you have a great easter too! I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I think it's a wonderful idea to send out our love and appreciation. 'See' you then ;-)
Light, love, laughter.
Jerome (number 67)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too Blossom,
I got some full on frequencies to day (thursday) if tommorow's is going to be stronger, than people BREATHE in that pink light! today I sounded like I was giving birth!
hit the solar plexus as well as the heart in fact I think more! felt a little unsettling I've had this before about 16 years ago,but it lasted longer and was stronger but I think because I feared it and didn't go with it. now I know what it is.Also was very sleepy.Was different to the Bliss frequencies, I like those. L&L

simon said...

happy Eostre from scandinavia.

Bianca said...

I agree with Kerrie. Had quite an energetic download in the crown chakra about an hour or so ago on the way home from work. It's just picked up again a few minutes ago. This'll be the first time I'll make a point to join in a global visualisation. Hope I can stay focused ;)

Anonymous said...

Alright, i'm getting hysterical lol

Hope you have a nice Easter.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you as well.

Just to confirm--this event will take place in New JErsey/New York on April 10 at 7 AM

Anonymous said...

Only bad thing its supposed to rain all day in New Jersey--very stormy

Faith said...

Blossom- I wish you wouldn't have
had to include the wet blanket in your email, in the middle of your usually pleasant messages. The point of everyone meditating simultaneously, for us bothering to all do this at the same time, like ME having to be awake at 6 am in Minnesota , is that mass meditations are very powerful and have more chance of manifesting events than one person sitting alone in their room. I will be there. Love Faith

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Fabulous Las Vegas ! And I will definitely be awake @ 4am, April 10, 2009 - Tomorrow - to partake of this extraordinary endeavor.

This meditation will be a 'hoot'.

Ciao for now space family.

Vigusa said...

With all my love to all I wish you a happy Easter and full of FOL ships :PP

Light ships remember.. if they are not light ships they aren't the FOL ships I think LOL

Bless you Blossom xoxoxoxoxo

Blossom Goodchild said...

Yep Enoch. 7am New York.
many thanks for the support.

Claudia said...

Happy Easter to you too!!



Anonymous said...

G'day Blossom,
As always, here in Brazil at 8AM, we will be "UP and in ORDER" hoping that we can actually show everyone that we havent got any kangaroos in the top paddock…and neither are a couple of pies short of a grand final, Cheers..


Hi Blossom, I will be part of it here in California..4am..Thats the best time to meditate!
The best way to heal Mother Earth is to stop negative thoughts when we do that we are raising our frequencies....and healing Mother Earth....some people are looking for the secret..the secret is thought.. you are what you think ..
keep the good work Blossom...
Love and Light

Unknown said...

I'll be up at 7 am sending love and light.

Happy Easter and thanks for all you do.


Anonymous said...

With much Love from Chico, Ca...I'll be up at 4:00 am...rose quartz in each palm...!! Let's give our family some landing lights...LOL...
Love & Golden Rays to ALL...

Anonymous said...

I have been observing myself! this is how I know what is happening, I let go of what I THINK I should do and follow what my heart FEELS like doing, and Blossom today's syncronisic happenings are making my heart sing the list is too long to post here (even for me!) but I will say this I have not watched TV for months now but I have just now put on The secret, A dvd I have not seen for years and it is exciting me.And I don't care about the doubts my mind is trying to bring up.
As The Feds said
TRUST IN YOURSELVES DEAR FRIENDS. NO ONE ELSE BUT YOURSLEVES. FOR THERE LIES ALL KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH. WE CAN NOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS STATEMENT IS. Only by following your heart’s feelings shall you know who we are and why we come. Abide by that, we beseech you.
It is with grace and gratitude that we acept the assistence of The Federation of Light for the betterment of ourselves and the all.
Love to you my friend and so much gratitude for you Blossom

Faith said...

Hey, I just realized something great-
this week is not only Easter, but
Passover.....get it... PASS OVER!
AS in ships....you get it I'm sure..
So, not only Good Flyday, But Pass Over! Wowee, better get to bed!

Cory said...

Hello Blossom! Happy Easter as well!

I am so happy to be partaking in this meditation. As others have said, I think I've been feeling a strong energy in what is considered to be the crown chakra. Over the past several days, I've had a HEAVY uplifting in loving energy and have had myself surrounded in a nice feeling aura.

I will be up at 7am to participate, since I live in Ohio. I am with you. I don't expect them to show up just because we are sending them some welcoming love. But then again, it wouldn't surprise me, either! Either way, global visualization with happen. I can just feel it. :)

Love, Light, Laughter! :)