Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day/Aquarius Day!!

Golden Rays at my favourite sunset spot in Noosa.


Valentines day AND the first day of the Age of Aquarius. Should we not all be floating in a sea of chocolates and roses?

I myself, do not really understand a great deal about astrology in fact I don't even know how to spell my own star sign , but I DO know my musicals and isn't this when Peace will guide our planet and Lu ... u u u ... uv will steer the stars! What an excellent thought. Surely this can only be a good thing? It has been sung about for years and hey, actors and actresses took their clothes off for it. ( I wasn't one of them I might add, but one of my friends was !!)

This then must tie in nicely with the move into 2012. Isn't just about everything tying in nicely with 2012? I presume that is because we are so close to it now. It's one of those classic 'so near and yet so far' syndromes. I mean... what really IS going to happen?

It seems we are on a musical theme as the song from 'Paint your Wagon' springs to mind 'Where are we going? I don't know? When will we get there I ain't certain, all that I know is I am on my way.' ... And we are!

I know I am probably repeating myself when I say .... I know I am probably repeating myself when I say .... (couldn't resist!) ... that throughout it all we must hold on to the fact of what this whole Ascension thingy is all about. Of what this whole human thingy is all about ... of what EVERYTHING is about ... LOVE. For if we lose sight of that in amongst all this hype and craziness we have lost everything. The whole point of existence on this earth! You can read info 24\7 about what it all means ... this moving into the Golden Age. You can blow your brain up with one or another's version of the Truth. You can become very positive about it , or very negative, depending on what you chose to read ... BUT LETS NOT FORGET AT THE END OF THE DAY ... ABOUT LOVE! HANG ONTO THAT WHAT EVER YOU DO!

For me, when I'm feeling troubled and I don't know what to do I ... give a little whistle ... (again couldn't resist)... I make a point of getting back to the LOVE. Strip everything away and think about the feeling of LOVE. Then somehow everything is copable with. Nothing has changed, it doesn't suddenly allow you to make sense of anything, but it does make sense to simply feel LOVE and remember that is what we are all about. Anything that is a challenge so easily becomes not so, if you surround it with Golden Rays. Yes, I KNOW I have spoken of this , but how did we all learn our times table, by repeating it over and over until it sunk in.

Try as an experiment introducing Golden Rays in to your every day living. Be bold to say it out loud when they are needed and watch ... sit back and watch ... indeed count how many others start using the same phrase. See how easy it is to influence others for the betterment of mankind. And Golden Rays is not just easy it is the most efficient way to change all things that are in need of changing. And if you are unable to 'stay' within that circumstance, send the Golden Rays and then walk away and let their energy do their work. Simply by saying it, you are changing the vibration upon which you are facing.

I have a feeling I have said this before ... I have a feeling I have said this before ... but how about I start up a new page on my site called Golden Rays stories or something like that ... of how Golden Rays has changed a circumstance etc that anyone has been in. I feel it could be up lifting an encouraging and help to spread the concept. So ... start now ladies and gentleman, send your stories into me on bloss@blossomgoodchild.com and lets see how we go.

That's exciting. I love it when something springs out of nowhere.

Well, that's it for now i think. I have been trying to see if The Federation are ready, but it seems not ... and not alot I can do about that.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Got to go as the cards are blocking my letter box and the chocs are melting ... and the roses ... well... they need water ... but most of all its the Love ... its the Love that is just there waiting to be received! FROM ALL ... TO ALL ... BY ALL.

Golden Rays to each and everyone coupled with much Love Light and Laughter.
Blossom xxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day
Hi!Blossom so happy to see you singing:)) I have been thinking of love today, and I was thinking that if they don’t show up it won't change who I am or my love for them, some people may say this is being na├»ve, but as we let go of fear and go to the wisdom of the heart those people will be in the minority, for sometimes it takes great courage to let go and surrender to soul truth, for 2years before I fell ‘In Love’ with FOL, I fell ‘in love’ with me and this was due to my heart awakening to the truth of who I am by letting go of judgement, expectations and fear, so therefore no external happenings will change that, my small self may not understand what others do or don’t do, but it doesn’t stop the love, once its there, there is no going back, and this love recognizes the love in others (including FOL) as we are one.For if they do show there will still be people who say ‘yeah clever trick, but we’ve heard of clever tricks before, how is that going to help us in our everyday life? These people are still looking outside themselves for a savior, as FOL said, ‘take note we come to assist, it is gracious to accept assistance when it is offered,’ It’s not unless you help you by being the love you want to see in the world unconditionally and own your God given right your power.the energy is there you just need to align with it by dropping the baggage.LOVE YOURSELF and as FOL say, who cares what others think.for there are many truths on the path to the one real truth love.LOL
And as Olivia Newton John sings
Love is letting go of fear
Love is letting go of doubt
Love is letting go of chains that tie the spirit down
Love is learning how to dance inside the light again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Child Blossom,

You are such a happy soul I can't come to your website without leaving with a great big smile on my face and I thank you so much for that.

You are truely a blessing, in that, if it weren't for YOU I wouldn't be on my path to enlightenment.

Say "hey" to WhiteCloud for me, and I'm sure the Federation of Light Beings will contact you soon.

Love and Light forever dear Blossom. Ciao for now.

NightHawk said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Bless you anonymous. Peeeeece!!

Willie G.R. said...

Dear Blossom

Thank you so much for your blogs. The federation may not be available to share with us yet, but you sure are doing a great job in emulating their messages ^_^. Take care and many blessings.

Unknown said...

Keep believing... they're there. Best regards from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I've heard about a "comet" named Lulin that's coming very close to Earth and will probably never come again according to scientists. It's going backwards(!) through the solar system and is green, having NOT lost a lot the gases that a comet does when nearing the sun. Just a point of interest.