Feb 6, 2009


Fed up waiting for the Feds?

Have a look back at how you have grown in the last 6 weeks. How have you faced your challenges? How quickly have you moved on?

I know from past experience that when they come back it will be with a higher energy because we ourselves have evolved and been affected by the purer vibration that is filtering through. This doesn't mean you can necessarily feel it. Many it seems are being tried and tested.I mean REALLY being tried and tested. Maybe to make sure you let go of all the baggage. Maybe to deal with those final issues that you just can't/won't let go off. It's now or never I feel. The speed in which we now move into the next phase is like never before and there simply is no time to dilly dally. So close is 2012 and your soul vibration needs to be in place.

I've been thinking a lot about this, and I feel that it's a question of going back to basics. Remembering the Love ... Remembering the Light ... and for GOODNESS SAKE lets not forget the Laughter!!

So much information on this machine to choose from. So much that can enlighten, yet so much that can weigh you down. Be discerning good people! Too much info can knock you about a bit. Stay focused on the joy of life. Keep it simple. Be the example of who we truly are... LIGHT...

So Lighten up yourselves and Lighten up the pathway for others that enter your energy field. LETS LIGHTEN UP AMD BRIGHTEN UP! Recognise these days, there is much of the heavy energy clinging on to threads that are thinning and breaking. Release it all! Let it go.

Stay positive and know that we are on our way. To where? None of us really know. Yet we can FEEL that the road leads us to a place that we all want to go! So ... keep on track folks! If you need a rest by the way side, by all means take it. Soak up the sun and smell the roses. Recharge those batteries when you need to, for oft times we allow them to get dangerously low. Honour yourself for this journey you have chosen to undertake. When you are renewed, in the words of Val Doonican (who?) walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye!

We came to planet earth to enhance it by discovering our destiny. With each smile we raise its energy and in return it shows us beauty beyond comprehension.
Keep smiling everyone. We are almost there!

As always fill this world with all the
Love Light Laughter and Golden rays you can muster.
Blossom xxxxxxxx

Ps. Whoever this little chap in the photo is ... a million thank you's. You have raised the vibration enormously by the laugh you have given me alone!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Blossom!
It's good to straighten things out so once in a while...
Please keep up your good work!

Rob Brioul from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Looking at this little boy I recall what my friend said before the 14th of October: 'I hope they will bring some spacefood. I guess if their spaceship is half-world size, so the boot can't be small.' :)

Keep on Blossom - they will come soon.

It's gonna be a YEAR... :)

Raphael from Poland

Ps.Sorry for the language mistakes (if there are any).

Anonymous said...

So funny:))
Can you feel the energies at the moment? looking forward to the full moon on the
9th Feb & March 20th equinox, I especially like the bit in that Metatron channelling about thousands of ships will be stabilizing the frequencies.

This utube is good


Christine Day had these frequencies go through her and like me she thought it was God, but she got contacted by Pleiedians they taught her to use these frequencies for healing and is doing amazing things.At first she was shy about healing people but she said people came to her.This is what happens to me.So much of what she says is what has happened to me, it was so good to see it.I had been asking spirit to show me others that are getting this stuff. She is from Australia but they told her to go to America.
The young lady that works for me had a dream last night that she had some frequencies going through her, in the dream she could feel the love so strongly she felt so much bliss, a man near her felt the frequencies but got scared, she felt his fear, she looked him in the eyes and said it's ok dont be afraid, he relaxed then and surrendered to the love.
The lovely Jenny on Brads site and her son got contacted again! but she said when I woke up I knew I had been given a download so to speak but I can't remember what.She said a year ago I wouldn't have been talking like this.
I'm wired, I seem to get like this when things are going on up there with the alignments or what ever.But I'm getting more used to them now, not so overwhelmed.
I think I told you about that 7ft. tall painting I found of a white feather on a black back ground, I'm picking that up tomorrow.So excited:))
Love to you Blossom

Claudia said...

Heard about the fires in Australia, please stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Blossom it seems the federation of light are ET's that want to control us and use the term love to flock towards them.

Our true path is to become one with God and not be saved by beings from the outside.

Your being adressed here.


Anonymous said...

There are many paths to God Anonymous, I'm glad you have found one. As FOL say there are many truths to the one real truth love.
As we release JUDGEMENT and FEAR and live in the present, we FEEL that love and this is the wisdom our hearts are telling us. we just need a little help to know what it is we need to do to hear that gentle soft voice.Forgiveness is a good tool as Jesus said 'Father forgive them they know not what they do'It is time now to tune into the christconsiousness light that Jesus anchored here 2000 years ago, we have expanded our consiousness it is time, we have so much help from the higher dimensions.Theo a group of 12 Arch Angelic beings as channeled by Sheila Gillet has beautiful teachings like FOL. Sheila's doctors were preparing her family for her death when Jesus appeared at her side and healed her so she could do the work needed for this time of evolution of consiousness.
I myself had a visit and was awoken
and if you could feel what I feel there would be know more doubts.

It is with grace and gratitude that we accept FOLs assistence for the betterment of ourselves and the all.