Feb 21, 2009

The FOL resumes communication!

Hi One and All,
Happy to announce the return of The Federation Of Light and their communication with me. You can read their channelling on "After Oct 14th channellings" page 8. www.blossomgoodchild.com Lets see where we go from here!

Also, as proposed in the previous posting,( a veritable tongue twister!) I have now put a new page up on my site called "Golden Rays Tales'. So send those stories in!

I also have a few radio/internet interviews coming up, so feel free to check out my 'Events' page and you can also hear the ones I have done in the 'archive' section.


Many thanks.
Love Light and Laughter
Blossom xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I was up this morning at 3am on the net talking to those who were challengeing the Feds truth of who they are, couldn't sleep! oh joy I'm soooo happy for you, for me for us.
love.light and much joy
( I have NO attachments???? )

Elfosvaldo said...

I knew it! Something very epecial happened last night.

light and hugs for you all!

AnonimaAnonima said...

Thanks for being a channel Blossom :)
And thank you guys "up there".

I've been wondering about the WHY behind October 14th. If it wasn't an announcement of their arrival was it perhaps a world wide wake up call? Loud enough so it would be the talk of town, but yet not "real" enough to make people go crazy and getting goverments in their star wars mode. Most people on Earth are definitely not ready for meeting their galactic neighbors, I'm not sure if I was ready myself. Although I was more than curious if anything would happen on October 14th.

At least your 10-14 channeling managed to wake me up and to question things I've never questioned before. Like: is there life out there and is it possible to communicate with other civilizations? Questions every 12 year old has been thinking about, but I hadn't until September last year. And I'm a few decades older than 12 ;-)

So what I've been doing the last couple of months, I've been reading, reading and reading. I've been absorbing a lot of information. And I've been talking with all sorts of people about ET's, ufos, conspiraries, starseeds, New Age, ascension and spiritual growth. I've never spoke with so many people in such a short time who more or less understood what I was talking about. Until now I've always been the eccentric hermit, but all of a sudden my way of living and thinking seems to make sense. It seems that I'm aligned with the interesting times we're living in.

5 months ago I never thought much about extraterrestrial life and now I seem to get used to the idea. It's like getting used to the fact that Japanese people speak Japanese and have different cultural traditions than in Europe. It may take some time to get to know one another, but finally you end up as friends or co-workers and you'll feel fine with it.

I think that awakening has to be a slow process so we can get used to the new facts and a newer much broader perspective on life on (and off) Earth and on ourselves. I'm sure that the ones who assist humanity and the ascension of the planet exactly know what they are doing. They are planning things carefully, but they also must be flexible to change plans, because both the Earth and humanity are a living entity, and peace and emotional stability are very fragile on this planet.

I'm not sure if their appearance would be very helpful at the moment. That's why they prefer more subtle but not less effective ways of communicating. And by listening to our hearts and tuning in to the right channels, we keep ourselves updated. We now know that we're not alone in our efforts to make the world and our lives a better place, and we get more encouragement than ever. That means that we are defenitely on the right path.

With love :-)

AnonimaAnonima said...

Part of you latest channeling:

I feel White Cloud very much a part of ‘you/this’ today … why is that?

This too shall be revealed in its own good time!

I’m laughing … (with all respect) my chubby little White Cloud in a Treky suit … I think not!! … Love it!! A pleasure my friends. My heart is singing. Thank you for today.

The pleasure is ours, yours, everyones. Be of Love as you go about your days. Love only Love. Adieu.

Adieu? Are you White Cloud?

Indeed we are not … and yet …

And this is what you (Blossom) wrote in one of your books (I've been copying this from a website):

And can I ask where is White Cloud within all of this?

Your guide that you know as White Cloud is part of our Federation. He is one of our most diligent partners. His work shall be spread over many lands through you. There shall be a time when his True identity shall be revealed. But it is not appropriate at this juncture.

So perhaps time will tell who White Cloud really is. He is probably part of a GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS you are channeling, something Magenta Pixie has explained very well in one of her videos.

First Magenta Pixie had contact with one or two guides, but after a while they started talking to her as a group. I shall try to find the video, it might help you to understand how the unexplainable works :-)

The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9UaDkjE33k

Anonymous said...

dear blossom goodchild you are very close tell truth . even federation of light and ashtar command both are goodguys . if you like know race of every galaxy .

Anonymous said...

For some reason I seem to be drawn to the 'Plejarens', I believe them to be a part of the FOL energies, and I check back to this site at least once a day for more insight with Blossoms channelings.

I also 'FEEL' they have a lot more to say to Blossom in the next few days too.

Also, can anyone tell me why I cry every time I read the channelings from the FOL ? I have a sense of relief when I read them, it's strange, imo.

Thank you Blossom for all the work you are doing. Good day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom

sorry about me being frank...I don't believe you anymore!

The latest installments of your "comunication" with the FOL are...just ridiculous and childish, in my view...desperate attempts to get out of this head high.

So it's now or never and they're not sure wether to show up or not? Well...a couple of billion people here on earth are starving...your(the FOLs) words are an insult to all of them, if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing offensive in my previous comment just not 'in line' with yor agenda...and still you don't publish it.

Blossom you're a fraud!
Shame on you

Blossom Goodchild said...

OK Anonymous. I am about to post your two comments after I have said my little bit. No, you were not rude, you were polite, but to be honest, when I read your comment I felt really upset! You dont know me sir/madam, and yet you feel it necesasary to judge. I spent all day either channelling or replying to emails or writing my newsletter, none of which I get paid for I might add, and comments such as yours make me feel like giving up! Luckily I have had five emails in the few hours march Ist channelling has been up saying how much it resonated with them. I wonder why the hurtful ones stay in the head ... and the heart! Then to top it all, whilst pondering on your first comment and takiung a break to eat my tea ... if thats ok with you, you send me the second one. Please anonymous, reconsider your actions. How about giving me a break. There are NO desperate attempts taken by me, believe me , if the Federation are there then I will channell in the manner they wish to work with me.If they are not ... I dont. That simple. I am publishing your comments to satisfy you, not to make an example out of you, for many bear your name, but to do as you have asked and publish your words. Perhaps when the Federation arrive you could take your issues up with them!! Many Golden Rays to you! Every now and then I need to say my bit ... and this is a now and then!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom

I was so upset last night (of course it had nothing to do about you, as I don't know you either, but I have rarely felt in such a way in my life) I just had to write...forgive me for having transported my negativity to you.

Maybe your golden rays do work after all...even if we're literally worlds apart (writing from central america) I suddenly felt better this morning...and that before I had a chance to see your replies.

Struggling Andrea

Blossom Goodchild said...

hey Andrea... you have just made my night! Another new friend to add to my list! Grinning from ear to ear! Many healing Golden Rays coming your way again! Love it. thank you. I am humbled! Truly thank you, you have no idea how good i now feel. Must away to bed.. Its almost midnight and my pumpkin is past its sell by date. Bloss xxx

Aslan said...

Hi Blossom,

I would actually like to comment on your posting for March 1, the "NOW or NEVER" piece a friend in New Zealand forwarded to me.

I sent a reply to your website but thought I would repeat some of it here.

I have read and agreed with your own frustrations with the missed promises and predictions from our friends above. I also understand that their viewpoint of us is VERY different to our own, one may say beyond our comprehension!

I am part of a small group of energy workers in Canada. We believe in the coming changes with the fullness of our hearts. The point I would like to stress is that we who follow the light and who have been trying to educate others find it extremely difficult to maintain our credibility if promised happenings don't occur. I know you better than anyone else have had this experience.

Our friends above really need to understand this. Today, with the economic situation that we all face, news and proof of their coming would have a greater impact than anything that President Obama could promise. Yes, there would be widespread confusion and possibly panic but that is what we are here to assist with. It is too much for them to expect that all humans would immediately accept the lifting of the veil but there are thousands who can step forward and offer help and clarity until a more widespread visitation could take place. After all we incarnated at this time so that we could participate in the coming changes.

Some sites who profess to have "the" connection talk about "stasis". A mode where all are put into a prolonged sleep (stasis) until all is fixed. We will see if that occurs.

Your connection and their concerns seem more "human" to us. I can't ask more strongly that "THEY" need to understand that the time is nigh. This must happen now before we start to lose believers to the frustration and assault on our faith in our evolution. The mixed messages and continued messages of promises to come are not helping.

Our excitement is there, it hasn't gone away but it is somewhat dimmed! Even with your latest message we hold back, the kettle is on but hurry before it boils dry!

We await!

Heartfelt support and thanks to you.