Feb 22, 2009


Someone sent me this video with the spanish wording also encrypted.(? That word sprung to mind , yet I'm not sure if it's right!)and I was so happy to receive it,and see how far it had travelled ... particuarly as the makers live in my home time in Noosa and I have had the pleasure of meeting them. Good work guys!! This is the english version!

Enjoy folks.!

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays .
Bloss xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Great video

I'm so happy that the FOL has come back. Now let's wait a while for 'UFO' (I would say IFO :) disclosure in America and then we shall start a ride :)

p.s.I think you're gonna be one of the first people who THEY will meet after landing. ...maybe you should think about a landing place in front of your house ;) (seeing in my mind these great white circles with big 'H' inside for choppers ;)...and you staying nearby and waving with light sticks to help in landing maneuvre...if it happen at night of course lol

Peace :)

Anonymous said...

The video is right on point ! When I began my path to 'enlightenment' I couldn't believe the amount of information:

1. Channels
2. Mystics
3. Yogi's
4. Christianity
5. Muslim
6. Buddism
7. Atheists
8. Politics
9. History
15.Quauntum Physics
17.Etc. . .Ect. . . Etc. . .


I now believe the word LOVE really does mean what the video is all about.

Thanx Blossom for being YOU. Ciao for now dear one.

Anonymous said...

I am that I am

I am,that I am


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
Congratulations on interview
Alicin was lovely so warm the two of you communicated so well, so much lovely energy was felt.
I feel the main point of love,light and laughter was conveyed rather then the drama of it all, fantastic! you have away of bringing the average person to the light, on ya!
The latest channeling's were great,
I felt FOL were feeling like I did when my children came of age, I've done my job and it's up to them now to create their world and be guided by the love in their hearts.