May 9, 2008

How much value do we place on value?

G'day everyone as they say in this very merry old land of OZ!

I was watching some of the LOGI's the other evening and it struck me like a bulldozer running over my toe how ridiculous the human race Truly is. Have we lost all sense of priority? I think so!

Yes the ladies looked Divine and The Gents too, but really ... who cares about what designer made what dress or created the jewellery that you never got to see, because it was hiding behind the luscious locks of hair that had cost many $100's if not $1000''s to be tussled and tousled to look just the same as every other hairdo that adorned the red carpet. I didn't even catch the designers names , and even if I had, would I know who they are? Or indeed even care? I think not. I went into a little fantasy of being there in a beautiful gown and when asked 'who' I was wearing I declared with much pride 'St Vincent De Paul'.!

It is imperative that I remain on the LIGHTER side of these matters otherwise my sorrow would be too extreme for me to cope with.

I have to say it again 'WAKE UP PEOPLE' ... for goodness sake "WAKE UP".

I am not decrying the talent of those that walk the red carpet or indeed receive the awards ... but the decadence ... the expense of the entire occasion ... from frocks to jocks ... from dinner to winner ... from tabloid to hemorrhoid ... TRULY its ridiculous. Do they not know there are people of this world who have no clothing, no food, and no home to put a red carpet in. Or is it they just don't care?

I am not saying that the awards should be aborted. But perhaps if one changed the rules a little and made it statuatory for all clothes to be brought from op shops (of which I'm a great fan) and for all monies that would normally be spent on the whole deal to be sent to those in need. that would make me feel a whole lot better about it all and the human race also!

I have never been able to understand people who put so much value on the value of things. When people comment on a garment I am wearing I say ... 'thankyou ... op shop $4'. ... they appear to be appalled and say 'Don't say that, pretend it was such and such' . WHY WOULD I DO THAT? That would be a lie and I don't lie. I am particuarly proud of my 'original bargain' and feel I am helping the planet in some small way. Why should I feel I have to hide that. Some people are very strange in their way of thinking! (and I accept that they may feel that way about me!)

Speaking of values ... the other evening I had a White Cloud meeting and he spoke of waking every morning and asking oneself this ... 'How may I be of value today?' ... That's the kind of value we should be concentrating upon. Let us renounce the values of material wealth for it is little more than egotistical pride... that is not to say one shouldn't have material wealth, but it is where one places its importance that is of concern .... and let us focus upon the value we may be to ourselves, others and the planet.

WhiteCloud said that if every soul upon this earth plain awoke and asked the question ...'How may I be of value today?' ... then our world would instantly be the world we are searching for. In which we are longing for it to become. Instead many of us still choose to adorn the body with valued jewels and yet leave the soul worthless. Let us choose to adorn the soul with valued jewels and learn to recognise that what is worn on the outside of the body has little or no value when it comes to what riches we possess.

Have a great day everyone

Value your own worth and make sure it is always full to the brim with



newsboy said...

I think celebrities have it tough. They are working for the man - and who is pulling the wool over our eyes many times. Also, they are walking on the red carpet - just like royalty and presidents etc. - red carpet = bloodline - could there be a clearer statment of who they work for?! Its amazing any good movies or truth gets through but Im glad it does.

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom!!!

I am Juliana, from Brazil...and It´s a pleasure to meet you!!!
I'd like to tell you...CONGRATULATIONS...for your words and your love...
I read the message about Oct will wait for them...with love in our heart...kss...Juliana

Anonymous said...

"how may I be of Value today?" Im gonna try asking that everyday, beginning tomorrow morning. Great advice