Apr 18, 2008


More and more I find that if I 'up' my level of 'TRUST' then the more the Divine Plan of the Universe and indeed my life's path finds it easier to present itself to me! And it is all so fascinating in the way that it does. Really, I am learning that if in Truth you ask from all good intentions from your heart for something, that it will surface when you most need it to. Well actually, I rephrase that to when the Universe feels it is most appropriate. For often we feel we are at the eleventh hour and yet we are not ... for it didn't arrive/occur... and yet here we still are ... surviving!! I am learning more and more as I travel along 'My Quest Street' that it appears to branch off unexpectedly into 'Try this one for size Avenue' and that then turns the corner into 'Possibility Court' etc etc. I'm sure you get my drift. I could go on and on but I might run off the map. My point being ... actually what is my point? I'll try and find it and stick to it. Ah! Here it is ... right where I left it in Waffle Place!

These are such exciting times my friends. We tend to forget just how exciting they are for we get bogged down by our everyday routines and 'must do's . I think it imperative to remain focused on the excitement. To have the air of expectancy about us . Expecting what ? You may well ask. For me ... I would say 'The Change'. NO ... Not as in 'Menopause ' you understand. But regarding 'The Changing of our ways' in order to change our planet. After all isn't that what we came down here to do? This Blog today is just a reminder. Lest we forget folks. We have a job to do down here . To SAVE this planet. To move it into its new vibration. Let us stop dilly-dallying and get on with the matter in hand. Which is ... to spread the word. And that word is Blossom? Again, you may well ask.

LOVE of course. That's the word. The one and only word we need to keep in our minds, in our thoughts, in our actions and indeed in our deeds!! If we TRULY begin to 'feel' the presence of LOVE in every moment of our lives, in everything we see, hear and do, we would notice such an immense change , we wouldn't be able to recognise ourselves ... for the better.

I'm sure there is nothing awry with any one of us right now. Yet we must seek out our TRUE potential and put it to good use must we not? Within each one of us lies our reason for our existence this time on our planet earth. Have you found yours? Some may say ' I've searched and searched but to no avail' . Others may say 'I seek it here I seek it there, I seek that purpose everywhere'... and still no luck. I say ... in my worldly wisdom of course ... Stop the searching, be at peace and ask to be shown. I KNOW there is a saying 'Seek and thou shalt find' ... but if you've been seeking and nothing has shown up, then maybe, just maybe, you are not quite ready within your souls development to discover it. Maybe if you did, you wouldn't know what to do with it! Be patient in all things. When the pupil is ready ... the teacher will come. And many of you are thinking as you read this ... He's late!

Really ... The Universe knows best! We may think we do. We may think we are ready , but just think of how far you may have progressed within your soul self in the last 6 months alone? May be your True gifts are not able to surface for another two years! Minimum! Imagine , at this rate , how wise you will be then? And maybe , just maybe, you are here on earth purely to beam a smile of Radiance onto another with in one single moment of one single day. That x 1000 ... see? ... you ARE changing the planet and you didn't even KNOW it.

Stop beating yourself up all the time. Pat yourself on the back for you are all probably doing so much more than you are aware of.

And I'm sure the Universe is Thanking you muchly for it.

Have a great day as you go around smiling your radiance.Filling our world up with plenty of Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays


Jill Simpson said...

wery good sis. we need to be getting these out to more people. had a great meditation today, have spent a long time looking for my purpose and have found it in so many ways, but i guess i am always looking for a dual carriageway that has many lanes, so i can swap from lane to lane at times, still going in the right direction but giving me variety of speed and time . Today I got clear message from the great WC whilst immersing myself in water and shining forth my light (this was in my meditation of course) to do more to help you grow your website and what a valuable part I can play in growing the word. Sometimes I lose my way a bit and i think i must have been parked in a layby for a while, but I am feeling refreshed and ready to travel along with gusto - until i need my next rest of course. Anyway happy travels down our many roads, pathways and streets to our final destination, oh yes of course, its not the destination is it , its the journey!with love , light and laughter. Jill x

Anonymous said...

I have been reading some rather firy comments about you in various places on the internet. Don't let them get to you. If you believe what you are doing is the right thing and you are not harming anyone, YOU GO RIGHT AHEAD. One thing though, I think this comment was a little unwise......

'It appears from the comments that some have a problem with the fact that there is an exchange of energy for this event. Perhaps folk assume that I am already so enlightened that I can live on fresh air!!!!! Golden Rays to ONE and ALL.'

Dont get angry with them. When you do they have won.

Lots of love to you. Fatbags XXX

Anonymous said...

Ummm excuse me, but may I comment on this post "Maybe...Just Maybe" please?

I have never given much thought as to where life was leading me. Most of my life I have spend trying to lead it. I believe things happen for a reason, I'm here by pure chance, and this post made me look at my life differently, to take inventory so to speak of my self mentally.
In this post you say
"LOVE of course. That's the word. The one and only word we need to keep in our minds, in our thoughts, in our actions and indeed in our deeds!!"
Today at work someone was standing in front of me talking to me, I wasn't doing anything of great importance, but as they spoke I truly thought, "oh please shut up and go away"I know horrible huh? what kind of person am I? But then I thought, as they continued to speak, Its okay John, and I tried to consciously shift my thinking about the situation. I do believe we need more love in the world. I guess i am human and by acknowledging this flaw as a truth of myself (albeit, not a very nice truth) I can then change it in myself..
Just a though.

Unknown said...

Well Blossom. I belive that the strength is about being in one owns being, not in some beings authorety. Love is a two way street. And a promise is a promise.

They are out there I know for sure! But we are not the rats ore the monkeys they can use as they want. So you better ask them, what they want, and remember! You know who you are! Dont let anybody play a game with you! If they really are ass sincer, as they say. They will understand, and change there way. Ass they said they did, and would!

I do understand how you must fell, but you also have to understand, that this is a work you guys have to do together. Its not about belive, its about trust. Its not about you ore them. Its about life.

If they keep telling you, that they really wanna help, but keep you in the dark. Then just remember where we come from in this world, and remind them. And if they dont understand, they have another reasson to be here. Dont blind yourself with promises of love.

Fell the truth, and understand it. Being free is not to give away your breath, its to let others breath. And if that is, what they want... Let them know, you want the truth, let them know, you want the same.

we are there children in a strange way, but not in the same way, as we have children. In there world and in there memory the past have been a long travel and learning exsperience and its all in there minds. They know more, they have seen all in the univers, but still they belive in good.

They just dont always understand where we are, so its very important to say things like... In what regard, and what way would you make this happen and why? Be specifik please!

I tell you, they have no humor, but they learn. There is no humor in the way they have been living for many 100 years. they are good, but they dont think about the heart so much, but they learn.

They have no human skin and dont fell naked. There eyes are sensible and they hear everything in there brain. They are also in a harmoney, but looking as we do for a place where they can find some peace. Thats why they have chocin us, and this planet. Its a buityfull place.

They know, that they are not alone finding this place. There are others here.

But know this! its not us that come from them, we all come from many. They have used the oppertunaty to bread on us, and yes they look alot like us. There children with us is here. Some direktly from them and us, and some with there genes.

Many has done that to the life of this planet, and now you can se some of the result.

Dont be mad at them, just talk to them like men. Thats what they want.

they are not like humans, socialy!

And by the way Blossom. The note I got from them, said the same, as you where told.

its ok, but somethings came up, we have a new plan. Read it again! They said a bit more, but you have to think about, that they dont usaly write a message like that.

Im not a channeller, but I am a phone. Ask them in private ok! You can always email me private.

And Im just trying....ore they are just trying to say its ok.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I am curious, and I realise this may come a bit late and perhaps out of synch, but none the less I would like to share.

I am not sure how to put it in words but I believe our friends were on top of Sydney CBD, on the harbour right after sunset, the evening of the 14th Oct. It was the most beautiful thing we (my family and neighbour decided to share some time together at sunset by the harbour, by the old petrol tanks, after work) ever saw. It wasn't a space ship as in what you would stereotypically expect. It was enormous. I wish I could send you the vision telepathically (I'll give it a shot) as it was so big I cannot be bothered to even try and explain it. It/they/love was there, and to be honest ever since every sunset has reflected a remnant, a reminder of that evening.

On the 16th Oct, there was a school of Dolphins, not one, not two, a school of Dolphins, in Sydney harbour by the opera house.

When you put the two together, it gets a bit surreal...the thing is it was real.

I realise this message may end up in this odd spot and obscure way on your web-site, I didn't know how else to share this with you.

I am not sure what I want out of this, perhaps to share faith. It doesn't matter now, really, it is merely indulging, sort of indulging of the ego a bit. The visual assurance that is...

You know. But there you go.