Apr 13, 2008


How good are you feeling today folks? Have to say I have moved into a great space. The sunshine has returned to the Sunshine Coast at last. All very good timing , seeing as my melancholy mood has left me and my cheery self has returned. Seems another shift is over! Hooray!!

Please bare with me for one moment while I get a certain matter out of the way. Apparently I need to keep incorporating my keywords in my blog so I can keep my ratings high!

So ...

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Marvellous! Tickety Boo! That should do it. That's not cheating is it? Just needed to get that out of the way in order to let my creativity flow.

I saw The Moses Code movie last weekend. It inspired me. I had never really understood the 'I am that I am' thing about God. Apparently it's a comma!! .... (well, as far as we need to know at the moment ... the next phase as it were!) In other words ... I am that, I am.

Neil Donald Walsh explained it well for me in that everything he looked at he said to himself ... 'I AM that, I AM! 'It made sense to me and I have been practising it all week.!

I have heard of people who really have experienced 'The Oneness' first hand. In that everything blended into One. All energy was visible as energy. The 'material' side of life just disappeared. How awesome must that be? Even to experience it for just a minute. It would be an imprint on the memory would it not? It would allow you to keep things in perspective when one was clearly losing the plot and was in a place of allowing all reasoning to vanish out the window. ... To be able to return to that place of nothingness . To be able to switch off from the routines of everyday. To be able to 'Be' nothing. Oh how I wish I could experience that. And yet ...

Is that not where we come from? Is that not where we shall return to? When All Understanding, All Forgiveness, All Allness and Everythingness is accepted in one single thought. The thought of Oneness. So I guess really, the thing is not to be frustrated, not to be for ever 'trying' to reach Nirvana. If we are for ever 'trying' I reckon we lose the point of simply 'being'.

I think it best to simply accept that we KNOW that there will come another time ... outside of our present humanness ... when we shall once again 'Be' who we are.

NOTHING ... NO THING ... and within being 'NO THING' ... we find ourselves ...

NOWHERE ... NOW HERE ... present in the moment.

For there is only that. A moment, followed by another moment and then another. How, where and indeed when, we choose to experience each moment is our decision. THAT is an important lesson to learn I feel. YOU are IN CONTROL of your thoughts and therefore YOU decide how to "BE" present in that moment. Happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, laughing, crying ... you choose, for it is only you that can!

Take control people. Gone are the days when we lived in ignorant bliss of blaming our lives on 'God' and accepting our fate. Here, NOW, are the days of creating our future and if we KNOW that, then surely not ONE of us would create a dismal one.

So perhaps, I would say for those in the KNOW, it is our responsibility to pass that around. To let others KNOW that WE as INDIVIDUALS are the ONES in control of our destiny. The ONES in control of our future.What would you create? Take a moment to think about the world you would like to live/love in. The more we focus on the NEW world that is ours in the making and KNOW it to be a TRUTH , a reality, then the sooner my friends, our NEW world WILL come into being and we can allow the hatred and destruction that we once created to vanish into the Nothingness from whence it came.

Walt Disney here we come . Wah Hoo!!!!!!!!!
Remember always to fill yourselves up with
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss .


Anonymous said...

Hi Bloosom,
I came across your old post of the Moses Code, I didn't see the movie but I read the book sooooo good.
I have a piece of paper stuck over my computer with all the qualities I want to BE and do the exercise with the in breath I am that, out breath I am.I feel it works when I get into too much head space it helps center myself again.
Love and light

Anonymous said...

Been thinking again!!!!!!!:))
I am that,I am, Oneness realisation
I am that I am, Is this possibly ego realisation?
I read once that the God that created us (not divine oneness,that is the creator of all,)Was the 'Jealous God of the old testament he created devotion to him through fear and judgement and separation to the Divine oneness (is this the game master?) It has been said that Arch Angel Lucifer oversaw this plan and in fact he is of great light to drop into 3rd dimension to assist us in this experience,This is how we created individuality as we struggled to survive.As FOL said in snapshot 'this is a rare gift we have given ourselves,we choose/were chosen to play out this game and were joyous until we hit 3rd dimension.Years ago around the time I had my UFO experience I went to a rebirthing with a friend (she was a medium) to the facilitators surprise we both went back to the spirit world before being born. I didn't want to leave and cried when I was born, but my Angels calmed me, I heard a high pitched resonate and felt so much love and I fell into blissful acceptance.With the new energies and expanded consciousness I feel we are going to Ascend body and soul uniting the ego with the soul as one, creating heaven on earth as we release fear and judgement and ego chooses(with free will)to listen to the heart, shining our light not caring what others think for they will not be judging either as we will be one yet individual.
I woke up at 3am one morning with a quote in my head 'I think therefor I am ' I thought why would spirit give this to me? this is saying that we are our mind.a few weeks latter I was given Eckhart Tolles The power of now to read and in it there was a quote that Eckhart challenged by a philosopher Renae Dante ' I think therefor I am' I almost fell of my chair!but I still wouldn't accept it.Releasing is a challenge, but at the time I needed to get this understanding of the shadow side of the ego in order to accept it.THERE ARE MANY TRUTHS ALONG THE PATH TO THE ONE REAL TRUTH LOVE ONLY LOVE.AS FOL said:))