Aug 3, 2014

New channelling up. Aug 2nd. 2014.

Update from Blossom Aug 2nd. 2014.

At last ... a new channelling up!! I am still in England ... and STILL not sure for how long.
 I needed a project whilst here and one that was productive. I am no film maker ... Yet, there was no room to do a jigsaw puzzle!
So, please enjoy ...
Blossom G.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom <3
Hang in there, you're doing great!!

Ami said...

Thank you dear Blossom!
I send to you love and light. We miss you a lot!!!
Be strong. Hold on your light!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a safe yourney Blossom, enjoy your homecoming :))
xxx Joke

Unknown said...

Blossom. I feel that your contacts have played us all a fool and will no longer read you messages. Love and Light to you.

Unknown said...

Thought you might enjoy reading this article:

Much Love, Peace.

Unknown said...

I very much enjoyed your last channeling. I'm still here, doing my own thing and following you :3. All vibration is my vibration... ouch... LOVE.

Unknown said...

'Trust the process' is one of the best advices ever imo.

Anonymous said...

Luisa from Galactic channels has just posted your last channel on my site Blossom,in case The Federation are making a point here,I thought I would remind you and your readers of your Golden Chalice channel as it is one of the good healing ones,may be a gardening tool,it was indeed White Cloud and The Federation who suggested it.

Thank you Kerrie .....

5th May 2011
Good morning to you . As I was tuning in , I saw very clearly a Golden Chalice. It reminded me that a long time ago, White Cloud suggested that each morning before we got up ... to visualize drinking a Golden Liquid from a Golden Chalice and it would enhance our day greatly. Sadly like so many things, that suggestion went right out of my head, yet I KNOW I am being reminded of it by you and putting this suggestion forth to those who choose to do this and therefore find it beneficial. This was your plan was it not?

Yes indeed. Yet may we suggest also to take this action into a deeper level of yourself. For when one is imagining drinking from it , it is for the soul to FEEL the Light that is infusing into your BEING as you do so. To understand this on a Higher level of yourself will make all the difference in the world.

Ami said...

Thank you Blossom. Thank you FOL. These messages are indeed like water to grow the seeds of my soul.

I'm so grateful. The assistance is very very appreciated.

Love, love and more love to ALL YOU!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your latest channeling, it gave me a lot of Hope. I don't like to cling into stuff like revenge and such, although sometimes It gets out of my control...I try my best to fix the mistakes I have done in the past, and I always be has loving has I can. Sometimes it's hard, but something tells me that I'm improving and things will get better. I'm looking forward for the next days ahead. Much love to you Blossom and everyone.

Unknown said...

How nice that you said that we 'all deserve everything' in your latest channeling. I agree with that too. Peace.

viola-annai said...

dear Blossom,
I truly appreciate your conversation with the GFL.
They are of high frequencies..
I feel that most of the time, I read them.
question is:
why did they prepare us for the event, while talking about it for several months . . and now - one year later, nothing.
No word about it.
W h y?
I know, that I do my best; although each day is a challenge, .. and I will do my best furthermore, but I am also truly exhausted.
Why is the event no special talking point any longer ?
I would be thankful for an answer.
Greetings from Viola

Blossom Goodchild said...

dear Viola
I'm afraid I cannot give you an answer! That's just the way the channellings go.And yet I do feel that all they are explaining to us, is helping our vibration in preparation for it!
keep on keeping on ...hard sometimes .. yet , the heart knows we must.
Sending golden rays
Blossom G

viola-annai said...

yes, it`s just the way, the channeling goes . .this is, what I can comprehend... and the heart knows we must. True words.
Thanks, Blossom, for your golden heart.
Send you my greetings.

Anonymous said...

I want sharing a comment on my site about the little light...

Dear Steve,
Thank you for sharing this story. It is one of Neale Donald Walsh's childrens stories, and I believe the title is The Little Soul and The Sun. In one of Walsh's early Conversations With God books, he was given this analogy for Who We Really Are, and subsequently wrote the beautiful childrens book. In either form, the analogy is a great one, and it addresses so much more than Forgiveness! :-)
The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them. Namaste! Thank You for Being!
With Gratitude, Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Joy & Compassion,
Kelly ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

.....also want to share that The Federation have been speaking about the gold light and a channeler from Wales and contactee of White Cloud’s Eileen Coleman has just channeled on the importance of it,an artist has just posted a painting she channeled of the gold light and called it Truth,tomorrow is the luna eclipse and Sonja from the Netherlands has posted about the gold light and asked us to connect with it.
There are indeed many truths ‘out there’ and I have had to learn to respect that and stay centred in mine,but at the core of all ‘our truths’ there seems to be light, a gold light and The Federation of Light have said we are to be known as the Golden race because that is the colour of our light.I want to leave the date here of one on my favourite channels of yours Blossom,the first one about truth 22nd Nov 2008
I have to smile the first number I have to type in below to submit this comment is 2006 the year Jesus came to me on Christmas Eve:)

Unknown said...

yk248 said...


I love your channelings, and I get how you "got it" with the nothing matters concept.

But regarding the last one on Oct.12 this was really confusing to me.. I did not understand how the way I choose to behave supposedly "doesn't matter". Maybe the point they are trying to get across is the non-judgement of the universe towards all beings, which that I fully get, and I think this is what you experienced when you thought that the things "don't matter" - you let go of judgement towards reality and how it is therefore giving space for more Love to flow. I understand that.

Maybe I do get it on some level.. :) !!

Love and Light

I wonder what the feds would say if you asked them what they think about the idea that "Everything and nothing matters". I just thought about it and it somehow rings true, a kind of cosmic paradox..

Rheena said...

At long last the FOL have revealed themselves to be Impersonalists -- those who know all about how Love works, but do not acknowledge the Being that IS Love.

Ascension is a wonderful thing, a great Wave to catch, Yes. But I'm riding the Wave to get closer to God, not to get a light body, or to see a Pillar of Light.

And so I am grateful for this nicely marked exit on the FOL Highway, and I take my leave for what it is I seek.

Blessings to all of you on your sacred pathways.

Anonymous said...

To those who are not enjoying this path,I wish them love and joy on their chosen path...Nothing matters!!!!
for those of us choosing to stay with the FOL take it from one who knows,the ride can be bumpy,but also so much joy,they gave me a new piece of the puzzle a few years back and when I questioned it they said know you like puzzles Kerrie enjoy,so I worked it out my self ( with divine guidance) and learn’t to work with them with more clarity and grace,they know us well,they are within us all.
Rheena God speed on your path.

Remember the Federation’s channel

AS YOU DRINK FRESH WATER … KNOW YOU ARE FILLING YOURSELF WITH MORE LOVE. ~ The Federation of Light ~ Blossom Goodchild -- September 20, 2014

A few of us discussed this channel in light of White Cloud’s advice to drink of the golden light ( I saw and tasted this light a few years ago and immediately my soul knew what I was experiencing)
Recently we have been joining in with the water ceremony in New Zealand that happened to come soon after that channel,this is the grace with which they guide us,this kind of thing has been going on since 2008 at a pace we can handle,they know us well,more then we know ourselves,they KNOW time well too,their timing has been spot on,so even though there is no time where they are they can still pin point ‘our time’ So happy 14th Oct 'No Show',I know they know what they are doing,indeed White Cloud knows what he is doing,indeed it is because of White Cloud’s continued guidance and faith in me I continue to have faith in me,bless him....
The Federation of Light through Blossom.....Your guide that you know as White Cloud is part of our Federation. He is one of our most diligent partners. His work shall be spread over many lands through you. There shall be a time when his True identity shall be revealed. But it is not appropriate at this juncture. We have many sections within this Federation. We are always in constant negotiation with others that circle your planet in order to bring about your new world. Our task is of the greatest yet put into play. We are heartened by those such as yourself who have taken on their duties with such determination, even when sometimes the odds seem against you. As our earth draws itself from its darkness, you shall witness phenomena that will dazzle your eyes. For those of you who have continued on in faith, you shall KNOW that it has all been worthwhile. Any doubts shall be removed from your being. For there shall be no place for doubts. All will be revealed in a way that is of great understanding

from "The Bridge" by Blossom Goodchild - A Channelled Communication with The Divine Oneness and The Federation of Light

Unknown said...

It crossed my mind that you might enjoy this anime:
It's not to violent or sexual or anything like that, it's cool:

It's an ongoing anime, it's new still on episode 8.
Here's a trailer:

Love and Peace.

Ami said...

Thank you dear Blossom; you expose so many question beatifully.
Thank FOL for the patience.
So many doubts, questions, for example: the reason and granted permissions for their (FOL) "intervention" in the game, the roll of other galactic civilizations in earth, The Event and the game, the possibilities to access our souls (out of the game), paranormal events... Phew!
Very interesting. Love to all you!

Anonymous said...

Hi blossom,
I just wondered if you remember one of your channellings over the past couple of years stating that by the end of 2014 we would know of their presence? Or maybe im mistaken and read it elsewhere. Keep up the amazing work, its truly uplifting.
All my love
corrina xx

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Corrina
I 'think' you are right ... Not sure what I can say about that!!!Yet, I know I have to keep on keeping on ...that, or give it all up. Yet, for me ... they have taught so much that has helped me get through life, it would seem wrong to stop, just because I can't fully understand from where I am .. I know you know what I mean.
Lots of Love Bloss xx