Jul 24, 2014

Blossom calling Earth ... over ...

One thing you can never do is know what is around the corner … till you get there.

I came to England from Australia to visit my mother who had been suffering with a bad foot … and needed something to look forward to. So, I arrived … in the nick of time to see her into hospital with what is more commonly known as gangrene! Her toes still remain on her feet and thankfully her feet still remain on her legs!

An angel, in the guise of my sister, flew over from Australia also, and together we have been each other’s back bone. As we were in the 13 months we shared together before my father passed. A treasured time.

My 92 yr. old blind and pretty deaf stepfather is in need of much loving care … yet finds it very hard to receive … and we’ll say no more than that.

Mother is now out of hospital and at last eating again …

We have no idea how long this chapter in our lives will last. I was due to fly back home last week, yet of course under the circumstances I am now staying … indefinitely. I feel we are into Act 1 scene 3 of what could be rather a long play!

Yet … THANKING ALL THAT IS for being able to be here. Divine timing or what!

Thank goodness for Gratitude! It is helping each day, to find the things in life to be grateful for. The flowers in the cobbled pathway outside mum’s front door are a sight to behold … for on the other side of the house is a main road … and believe it or not … WE HAVE SUNSHINE … GLORIOUS SUNSHINE ... IN ENGLAND!

I give Gratitude for my humour! Oh, how we are in need to laugh every day. Something my stepfather wishes he had done more of in his life apparently ... yet it’s never too late to laugh.

 I brought my mother a singing duck ‘Gertie’ when touring Australia. (She collects ducks) She sings ‘You are my sunshine … my only sunshine’ … In fact … let me introduce her. If she doesn’t raise a smile to your dial … go get some help.

Ladies and gentleman ….. Gertie.
Rolf (stepfather) was abhorred when I suggested letting her out to perform in the hospital ward. He told me not to be stupid as people were ill and they didn’t want all ‘that kind of nonsense’. Naturally I ignored him … and introduced her to patients and visitors alike. Oh Gertie!! … How she has brought a smile to so many sad, sickly faces. Most days I would go in and announce it was time for a bit of ‘Gertie’ … She is now a very well loved duck. And even now that mum is back home again … we have a ‘Gertie session’ … (to which Rolf mumbles ‘Oh God’ under his breath) … Yet … I rub her nose in his face as she sings and whether he wants to or not … he giggles.

It is so essential to offer ‘sunshine’ where and when you can. It really doesn’t take much to ‘lighten the load’. It must be pretty miserable not finding SOMETHING to laugh at every day …

The hubby remains patiently back in Australia … yet the house seems very empty apparently. Especially as I have been away on tour with Calender Girls most of the year.

I have SO very much grandeur of joy in my life ... It can knock you for six when you suddenly are ‘dropped’ into a completely different vibration … yet allowing for … yep … more Gratitude … that one is so blessed in the life one has manifested.

So many things are a blessing all around us. Mum lives by a canal and a river … so although the town is pretty non descriptive (for want of a more descriptive word) … We have the opportunity to be in nature and breath in deeply to renew our energy.

Whilst walking the other day … a young cyclist stopped to chat … He walked with us for the next 40 mins or so. Within the first five minutes he felt safe, I presume, to talk about ‘spiritual’ experiences he’d encountered … and well … the rest is history. He had no one to talk to about these things and was rather lost in a sea of alcohol every night in order to find himself. Jill and I were so uplifted to have that time to give him a well needed shove in the right direction.

How timely that we were walking in that exact moment down that stretch of pathway as he cycled by and made comment about the lovely weather as he passed. That is all it took … The Universe is TRULY on your side when you decide to sing in harmony with it.

Like the two chaps who run the laundrette (Yep … mum has no washing machine … oh joy!) It was the end of the day … we were waiting for the drier to finish , so we were invited out into the yard for a cuppa … There we were in the middle of Bingley, Yorkshire … taking to them about the enlightened ones and the Illuminate. It was they who raised the subject … I nearly fell off my perch … due to the huge grin on my face and in my heart. What this young happy lad didn’t know about it all was nobody’s business.  I think he was pretty shocked to discover we knew what he was talking about! Yet, from the minute we walked in, he made washing your smalls such a happy time! Just goes to show … wherever you are, whatever you may be doing … it really does bring such ‘oomph’ to the heart to be in the presence of ‘happy’.

We laughed on the way home. Who would have thought?  It was so very uplifting to FEEL that the world is TRULY waking up to it all and it was so deeply heartening. Again … to us … Heaven sent.

Regarding channelling. So far ... there has not been an appropriate time or space to carry it out. Yet I have thought about it often. Purely, selfishly for myself … to be honest … I feel it will make me feel more ‘grounded’ and in touch with some form of normality. Not that most people would consider having a chat with ET’s to be normal you understand!

There seemed to be nowhere to go that felt right … Yet the universe heeded my desire and the lady next door happened to mention that if we needed to ‘escape’ during the day , we were welcome to use her garden (which involves quite a few steps up the path.)

Not only did it fill my soul with immediate strength, as I looked out across a mixture of the old wool mills (long converted into flats) … Yet the hills and dales and the blue sky from just that extra height instantly renewed me.  PLUS … She has a little log cabin, which we are also most welcome to use!

SO THERE IT IS … On my doorstep … a retreat to sit down and tune in and have a conversation with my friends on High! I am not sure when this will be, yet my goal is to have accomplished this within the next fortnight … providing everyday conditions allow.

All around us, it seems, if we choose to be aware of it, are signs that we are looked after. I guess no matter where one is, or what is going on … it really means so much to KNOW that we are part of ONE BIG UNIT … and that which we choose to focus on … is that which we receive … more and more and more of! How wonderful!

I have had some seriously down days … just the not knowing of how long we shall be here and what indeed the outcome shall be … Rest assured,  I shall keep you informed … if not just to express for myself, outwardly what is going on inwardly .

So for now … I thought I would leave you with a rather comical email I sent to family and friends when my mother was still in hospital and the cavalry (sister) had not yet arrived. I just needed to find a few laughs in what was really rather a desperate situation.

Until next time folks … I send Golden Rays and Love to all you care to read these words and very much look forward to a time when I am once again home. Yet … there sure is a good learning in living in the NOW.

Update on my mother! (Whom I love and adore and RESPECT … yet felt the need to express my frustration with some humour …)

I am presently in England. My mother has been taken into hospital with an infected foot. (Diabetic) …

So a week later … she is drugged out of her skull and hallucinating nicely … thank you very much!

Glory hallelujah! She is arguing with me that the man in the bed opposite ( who is actually an Indian lady with a scarf over her head ) is very good at doing his ‘Dog finger puppet show’  to all the children. When I explained ‘he’ was a ‘she’ and there were actually no puppets … or indeed children … she said that what she was saying was perfectly feasible ...  I just hadn’t been looking when she was doing it … and that she wasn’t doing it right now, because she ‘d hidden them under the sheets!!!

All the while Rolf’s (My 92 yr. old step father) deafness does not assist the farcical situation by saying …

I SAID … all the while Rolf’s deafness does not assist the farcical situation by saying …

I SAID  All …the  … while  … Rolf’s … DEAFNESS … does … not …. assist … the … farcical …  situation by saying … ‘

What ? What? What?’ at every spoken word.

Mum then explains to him in a whisper, that she is telling me about the Golden Retriever on the other side of the room and that the Japanese lady in the green satin frock is very sweet and smiling

at her …. (Which is actually the 1 litre bottle of sparkling mineral water … either that or her guide has appeared!)

“What? What?’, Rolf again shouts … ‘Speak up, I can’t hear a bloody word you are saying ‘. 

‘Oh shut up shouting’ mum shouts back …..’Or the maidens will get cross’. (Nurses, I presume!).

This, topped with the five Indian ladies (with scarfs over their heads) visiting the she/he man opposite, which now to mum, has become a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia and the very large, beautifully darkened skin Yorkshire lass to mums right, who has the entire Jackson five and the family around her bed, who’s every other word is unrepeatable here, tends to grate on the nervous system a little!

Mum … has developed a charming habit … She has taken to taking her dentures out and studying them as if about to take a degree on the subject.  This drives me insane … yet kept the two kids visiting the next bed, highly amused, after retrieving their jaws from the floor!

Let’s not forget of course …. Rolf ... Bless him ...  (more blind now than ever … If you SEE what I mean. ) FEELING his way around everything in the vicinity … bringing it up to his nose to see what it is …. Including the dead cat …. Oops!!  Nope … that’s my mother’s wig …. Which seems to have a life of its own and worm its way out of the cabinet to sit on top in the sunshine … every day without fail … (Another of life’s mysteries) 

Oh, and did I mention … The head set for the TV system by her bed? She asked which way they went in … so I showed her … and then put the right earplug  in her hand … She ate it!!

‘No mum, it’s not for your mouth’ … ‘Oh, I see’ she said … Clearly she didn’t … because … I promise I am not embellishing this for humours sake … she put it up her nostril …. ‘No, mum … It’s for your ear’ …. ‘Oh, I see’ … We found the ears … Hooray!!

They don’t want to take her off the painkillers yet, (Seriously thinking of pinching a few to see me through the next few weeks ……. Don’t think mum will miss 20 or so !)

One day at a time … I will be staying in Blighty longer than I originally thought. How much longer I cannot tell.

Must go … There’s a camel at the door in a nun’s habit asking for a can of baked beans.

 Much Love everyone. Keep laughing!

Blossom G.


viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom,
thank you for your private update :-)
Wish you, your sister and mother peace and lightness.. as much as possible in the current situation.
Especially in these last days I must remind myself, that the basis of all is l o v e.
It is love, and that`s the only thing I must and dearly want to feel ...
I feel it in my whole Being, in my bodies or better: in the one body of consciousness, we are building..that the old energy is very weak, veryat an end...
That`s my experinece within me, because my body is a synonym to what is going on ..
It is good, that I didn`t know, what dould and w o u ld happen, may be I would have quit...
It is indescribable, what is going on within.. and an indicator for what is going on in the so called outer world.
M a y i t h a p p e n pretty soon .. what the GFL is talking about.

I hope, you are feeling behind my words.. my English is limited..

Much love and joy for you now.

Viola from Germany

Anonymous said...

Chin up Blossom, you are a blessing to all !!

Much <3

steve said...

I have followed you since shortly before your oct 14, 2008 channelings. It has been such an adventure and pleasure to be a part of your life. My mother is starting to enter into that phase of life that you are experiencing with your mother and your good humor with it all serves as hope that I too will get through it with as much joy and humor as possible. thank you,
Steve in Missouri, USA

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom,

You and your sister are walking a path that most of us will get to, or have been down in the past, so please know you are not alone on your journey, and know that you are loved and supported by all of us who are so grateful for you and your work.

Many blessings to you and your family, and may you all walk in joy and light...
Sarasota, FL

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom, love and light to you. At least your journey is not lonely, it is one that must be walked (for now)!
In ONEness, I love you, Nancy

Unknown said...

Thank you, Blossom, you have brought me around to facing the sunshine during a quite stressful time of my own. Much love to you and your family -- Jane

Unknown said...

Love you sister Blossom. And I hope all goes well with your mother and stepfather. Love and Peace. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Blossom I have missed your cheery posts. I just popped into the blog on spec and there you are...So glad you are there for your mom. Love LInda.

Anonymous said...

Oh Blossom I have missed your cheery posts. I just popped into the blog on spec and there you are...So glad you are there for your mom. Love Linda

Anonymous said...

many blessings blossom during this challenging time for you.
love and light, Terri

Anonymous said...

Bloss - I do hope and pray your Mum is doing better each day.

This may be of help to her as well.

Global Mass Simultaneous Meditations are to begin !


Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.

SatChitAnanda said...

Hahaha Blossom. You post brought much deep laughter. Way to keep the smiles and humor flowing my dear. I continue to chuckle at it all. Those painkillers sound GREAT! Wonderful posting!

Love & Blessings,


Sharyn said...

Hi Blossom,

I haven't caught up on your blog for quite awhile and almost rolled around the floor in hysterics reading the email you sent to family.

I've also just caught up on recent channellings - absolutely brilliant! :D

Thank you and I trust your mother has recovered well. :D

Love always,