Apr 22, 2014

Don't forget to water!

So, remind me again … what are blogs for? …  ... ... Blogs are for writing posts!
It’s been so long … so very long since I last wrote anything at all!

Life takes over and time flies, and a new day dawns and another closes and somewhere in between, we have moments of remembering this and that … and things we should really have done yet not gotten round to … and we say to ourselves ‘we’ll do that sometime soon’ … and soon comes and goes … and once again a new day dawns and another closes and somewhere in between etc. etc.

Amidst all of that … we breathe! Consciously or unconsciously!

Sometimes, life speeds by without us capturing moments to BE STILL and KNOW we are Spiritual Beings living in physical form. It is so important for us to take the time to connect up with our Higher selves … yet we find other things to occupy the mind … and for those moments, we forget how unimportant the trivial things we give most of our time to …serve little in assisting our souls.

And isn’t it our souls we came down here to nurture?
We wonder why we are feeling out of sorts. We wonder why nothing makes sense to us and lose hope in all things that we … not so long ago … had hope in.
Up and down we go …round and round … trying to makes sense of it all. Good days, bad days. High days, low days. Yet on we go … and now and then, we feel the need to take note of ‘where we are at’.
How far have we travelled?

A long road indeed. Yet it is not in the walking … it is in the growing. The more we grow … the more we recognise the desire to grow.

AND … as simple as one can imagine … the greater the growth.
Imagine … each morning and each evening … a colourful watering-can … sprinkling water over your Being.

When WHITE CLOUD speaks of water, he speaks of LOVE.
How often do we fill ourselves with LOVE?

A few minutes before opening the eyes and a few minutes as we close them once again … is all that is required. Not much to ask … not time consuming … and yet so many times, we chose to re-run the concerns of the day … or run through the necessaries of the morning instead.
Allow the new day to take care of itself.

Your responsibility is to NURTURE SELF … FIRST AND FOREMOST.
And it begins with that little watering can!

Surely you can give yourself that much time? Surely you KNOW it makes sense?

Go ahead … Be bold … Be daring …

And as you water … watch. See how much you are growing. Watch the bud blossom into flower.

And do not stop there … Do not limit yourself … Do not stop at a single flower.
BE adventurous … BECOME AN ENTIRE BUSH!!

Only YOU can expand on yourself.
Only YOU give yourself permission to bloom.

Only YOU can take YOU beyond your dreams.
Only YOU are YOU becoming YOU!



Now and then little signs appear just when you need them.
Easter Saturday this appeared in the sky above my house. We heard no plane, yet assumed perhaps a religious group had done it for Easter … How lovely it was to see this message in the blue sky. Even more so to see the 'Ray of Light' that appeared in the second picture (which was not visible to the naked eye).
Pic 1.
Pic 2.

It filled my heart with warmth because I chose to feel that way.
Sending to each one who has taken the time to read this, a heap 'um big bucket of ...
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom G.







Anonymous said...

Welcome back and thank you.
Blessings, NYC

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Ms Blossom - we all missed you dearly.

Please do all of us a favor before you leave for months on end.

Give us the remedy for Blossom withdrawal symptoms.

The old you tube videos and radio chats just don't work any more.
Looking forward to next channeling.

Hope you had a wonderful time on your travels and especially seeing the new grand baby again.

Anonymous said...

...so very nice to smell the wonderful scent of the Blossombouquet once again ; )
I missed it very much!!!

x x x Joke

Ami said...

Thanks you Blossom, and thank you FOL. Not a day passes without thinking of you; Often I really miss you.

I try to feel the FOL with us all the time.

Your channelings are beautiful, touching my soul.

Love to all you,

Anonymous said...

love the pics from croatia, they are the real deal. what the fol says about them is true as well.
remembering to spend time every day focusing on breathing in and breathing out love is very important also to changing and raising your state of being.it also works fast when you begin to feel stress or worry.

thanks for sharing the pics and the good advice, that even though appears simple, especially to those stuck in the mind, is really all that it takes. the heart and spirit know the truth and we have to unlearn everything we have learned/taught to be able to be quiet enough to hear and understand and receive/allow.

spending more time in nature with our animal brothers and sisters will help those who cant seem to let go of duality and the mundane and they will teach you how to open your heart.

Unknown said...

I hope your doing well. Dropping by to send you love, not much but still, LOVE. <3

yk248 said...

Dear Bloss,

Thank you for the last chat with the FOL.

For me personally, I do not care about the fact that they haven't shown up yet and we don't know when they'll show up. I am evolving and shining more light every day and am loving what is happening. I truly see the light shining brighter and brighter all over the world, or at least feel it. And when I am down I have amazing friends and a spiritual community online that I can share with.

So for me, all is well and I don't need a validation that we are evolving or for something to arrive some time in the future.

I am appreciating your chats with the FOL, they are such high vibe! And I did miss it when you didn't talk with them for a long time :)

Much Love and Carry on!! :) <3

Unknown said...

Another nice channeling Blossom, thank you! Hopefully the next one won't take as long lol. Though it sounds like life has been very busy. Time definitely seems to be speeding up. Have to say I agree with some comments about just letting things happen of their own accord. The FOL seem very concerned not to scare people and keep disruption to the minimum, which to me is very loving. There are still so many people that look at you like you are crazy if you bring up UFO's etc. But also I've noticed a big change in attitudes in recent years with the discovery of over 1,500 planets around other stars. People are beginning to realise that the universe is a big place and consider other life possible, if not probable. So...things are changing. But I'm not looking to be 'saved' by off world beings. Helped yes, but we as humans need to raise all our vibrations by literally 'spreading the love' and looking out for each other. Then we'll be ready to meet other beings from outside our solar system. Keep on keeping on!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Put everything aside, and just have a wonderful safe trip.We'll all be here when you get back! I'll leave the light on for ya. lol

Anonymous said...

blossom and all, it seems many are still confused about what the fol says about love and comprehending its power.

if we want different results, we must change our beliefs and the way we practice living and looking at life. this is what the fol is here to help us with. nothing is more important than this, as i have attempted to explain before. this is the key to everything.

your attention feeds your reality. wanted or unwanted you get more of where your attention lies. you can change this by looking at your life and then changing your focus. its designed to be that simple, and it is. we just aren't taught this,so its difficult for many to comprehend and practice this. when you focus on what is wrong, you are creating more wrong and feeding and helping those who promote this agenda. they feed on fear and anger so stop feeding them!

the fol spoke of love again. look at love and acceptance as the gas pedal on our journey. look at resistance hate or fear as the brakes. resistance of any kind creates attachment, which leads to suffering. we must let go of our attachments and like they said, be love and send love to all. this doesn't mean its condoned as they said, but it will not trap you by being who you really are.

you are weak when you are in resistance of any kind. you cant move forward, for the brakes are applied. the ego/mind is always in resistance. the heart is always in love and expansion and acceptance. duality is a product of the mind. if you wish to leave duality, you must walk the path of the heart and LOVE.

this is the only way out for anyone in this world. your attachments to duality through resistance act like strings that tie you to everything you don't want. its like tug of war. you are attached and enabling the very things you say you don't like. if you let go of the string, you are free to create something else and they have no power over you. this is where love and acceptance comes in, this is how you let go of the string, thru love and acceptance.

apply some discipline to your lives and choose only what makes you feel lighter to add to and help this grow. see what happens if you start practicing this and start building what you want, not feeling bad about what others are choosing.

this is what the fol keeps trying to get all of you to see and to be.

blossom, you may not realize this, but you keep insisting that life sucks by arguing about how bad things are. in doing so, you are staying in the mind, and doing exactly what the dark forces want you to do. you are helping them keep the status quo, not using light and love to anchor heaven on earth here. please stop making excuses and instead remember who you are and then be it. forget about all these bad things, which are only illusion and are someone else s choices, they don't have to be yours..

i guarantee if you look around and stop reading the media you will understand its all a lie and heaven is already here, and beauty and happiness are all around you waiting for you to notice them. the dark forces need your attention, for they cant exist without it. why do you keep insisting and focusing on what you say you don't want? if not much has changed for you, then maybe its time to do something different.

this is why you are here, to create what you choose, not add to what someone else has chosen.
blessings to all, traci

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks for that Traci. I am totally in tune with all that you say and do my best to live this way ... Now and then I slip ...Yet always , when ready , hop back on board. Like you, I do not read newspapers and listen to very little news ... I have a blessed life indeed ... Many thanks for sharing .
I have had so little time this year to write blog posts ... Trusting this second half will change that. Much Love to all . xxx

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thank you for that 'Light column'. Loved it! Oh dear ! Was it really April when I last did a post ... In England with a very sick mother at the moment ... Not much time for anything other than focusing on her .
Love to all .
Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

I wish you much love and strength Blossom!

xxx Joke

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,
Sending healing vibes and (((hugs))
across the pond to your Mom!!
All is as it should be <3

Unknown said...

Hope your Mum gets well soon, big hugs xx

Unknown said...

I hope your doing well Blossom. Hope your enjoying your summer! Much love <3.

viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom,
greetings from Germany.
And a question:
why is it no longer possible to visit your website?
I asked a friend of mine, whether it may be, that my connection isn`t o.k., but no, the same with hm. I see, that you are with your mother to help her, so may be, you are not able to answer right now. I can wait.
Longing a little bit for some loving words from the GFL.
Love to you, Blossom and thanks for all you are doing.
I always feel the truthfullness and warm love in the words and the energy of the GLF.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Viola, thank you. Yes , I have just been alerted about my site being down. I am on to it. I am having to stay in England as my mother is still very ill .....
Much Love to all .... Things are not to good ,so it's not the right space to channel at the moment , as all focus is on my mother.
Much Love to all. xx

viola-annai said...

Hurrah, it `s o.k. now, Blossom.
Thank you - that was very quick :-)

The time will be the right time, whenever it is, you are going to connect again with the GFL to have a conversation, Blossom.

Warm hugs to you.
Love and only love
to you and your mother.
Greetings fom