Nov 11, 2012

What a trip my Sedona trip was!

My Oh My! When you are in sync with the universe … you know it! Everything from start to finish went so very smoothly … I looked like I was sleeping with a coat hanger in my mouth … my smile was that huge!
To meet up with the rest of the team and to hug such dear friends whom I had only ever emailed was a heartfelt acceleration within each moment.  

The entire ‘cast, crew and audience’ blended as one in this theatrical production we created and never ever EVER have I experienced such a high vibration of LOVE … I thought I would veritably eject into space.
Synchronicities abounded for all ... Twin souls/flames were meeting in abundance it seems … (just call me Yentl) . The entire resort should have been renamed Hug city!

The high quality of speakers had me quaking in my boots each day … awaiting my turn. Last of the twelve … there was very little for me to say that hadn’t already been said. I was considering having a karaoke hour!!!!! Yet … as always when one trusts … White Cloud clearly dropped in to my mind what it was I was to do. Which took me completely by surprize and something I had not even considered. After pondering on it a while, it felt completely right. He suggested I do a short speech from a one woman show I had done years ago called ‘Shirley Valentine’. I had done it recently (the speech not the show!!) and therefore it was fresh in my memory. It fitted perfectly and segued beautifully into that which came out of my mouth afterwards. (I am asked never to prepare anything). Plus for me … to be able to ‘perform’ in that way was an added bonus, as to do so is my passion. The spiritual side is my mission! Put the two together you have one very happy bunny.
So all went well from that point of view and to top it all The FOL asked my permission to speak through me on the second conference. Something we had not yet accomplished as it is usually just by telepathy … straight onto the computer. So … we gave it a go and indeed … through they came … with wobbly squeaky voice ta boot.

I felt so privileged and happy to be part of a team that oozed that good old fashioned Love Light and Laugher and I thank each one from my heart for the experience shared.

I saw the Grand Canyon … and so did White Cloud. Wow! What a moment. There I was, looking out onto this amazing vista when suddenly I felt quite overwhelmed with a sort of sadness … I knew White cloud was about … so I (quietly and subtly ) brought him  through and we opened my eyes , so he could once again experience in the flesh this special land . I ‘felt’ he was from this area perhaps.  
Stephen Cook and his partner Anthony were with me on this trip and they instantly knew White Cloud’s energy.  So they managed to keep the moment sacred by putting a protective barrier around me . He had about 7 minutes of looking around. When White Cloud left I burst into tears … it was so emotional ‘for him’. I kept hearing ‘thank you’ for quite a while afterwards.

On the drive back to Sedona … Stephen decided we should take a short cut … about twenty minutes on an off road track ... he thought! Two and a half hours later and having descended 4,000 feet (without a parachute)  down a mountain in the pitch black with a sheer drop of the said 4,000 feet … three jibbering wrecks arrived back on ground level.  We laughed the whole time. LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Top marks to Stephen for steering the car through the gravelled rock fall that constituted the road (When googling where we were after the event, it stated quite emphatically that this road should NOT be attempted in anything other than a sturdy 4x4!)
It would not seem right if I did not mention my new found friend Mr Porter who so generously paid all my expenses … allowing me to experience and be part  of such a wonderful opportunity. It was so good to meet him and do a bit of sightseeing together. Sedona is indeed the most beautiful place. The energy there is quite overwhelming.

Thank you too, to a lady of Light that sent me some money to then go to Mt Shasta on my way home. I met up with her also in Sedona and an instant sisterhood was recognised …as I felt with quite a few who I shared time with. What a mountain … and snow!!!!  I asked for ‘The Talls’ or ‘The Elementals’ to join me … yet to no avail.  However I did get the sense I should swing a guitar case around and burst into ‘The hills are alive’. (Thanks to my mate Billiam for driving me through California to get me there)
So much more, so very much more I could say … yet it was really very much ‘You had to be there’ syndrome.

There is an opportunity to watch the second conference. All twelve speakers can be viewed with their diverse and fascinating perspective on ‘Preparing for Ascension’. Including Mr Mike Quinsey channelling SaLuSa for the first time without his computer!
A great shame that the screening seems to have taken off three feet of our height and added it to our torso! Truly in real life I do not look like an overdressed Marshmallow or maybe I do … and I’m in denial!

Forgive me for not mentioning each speaker individually. Yet may I say that everyone has enriched my life. Thank you.
According to so very much information … Ascension whatever it means to each, is soon to be upon us. Let us enjoy the countdown that leads into a different level of Light to be presented to us. When it arrives I FEEL sure we shall behave accordingly and continue to spread this Love Light and Laughter to all those who are open to receiving and passing it on.

Thank you to everyone for it all. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Here is the link. Cost $65.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I've missed you. Welcome home


Anonymous said...

Tears....of joy...for both you and White Cloud...all is as it should be....I am just back from The Blue Mountains here in Sydney Australia for 11/11, on my way back I kept hearing what White Cloud said to me through you Blossom...’It is a joy not work’....I will stop trying too hard and doing too much,I will slow down and make this a joy:) already I have slowed down on my site,the seeds are sown, time to just keep them watered so that they Blossom!!!!! xxx

Catherine said...

Wonderful to read your blog Blossom, will love to view the streaming tomorrow. Thank you dear lady of light and love - you are such a treasure. Catherine xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, I was wondering how you feel about the promised 'pillars of light'show that was mentioned in your channelings. Do you think we'll still be getting an undeniable, unmistakable display of some sort before long?

kind regards

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! What a wonderful experience for you and White Cloud. I am feeling so much joy at the moment that my eyes keep leaking! It is such an exciting time. Blessings to all and much Love.
Tricia xx

Justin Harman said...

Come one, come all. Enlightenment and understanding, a mere $65.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ jerome
Hi there ... who knows. This was mentioned in the conference , My answer being that I DO FEEL that we will see these pillars of Light ... yet I have let go of all time scales. Works for me! xx Many thanks .

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Justin .
Oh Golden Rays Justin! Enlightenment understanding and so much more! Its a bargain!!Lighten up Justin ... your choice as to whether you want to view this or not . Your choice on what you choose to spend money on . Let go and let be. Much Love.

Andrew said...

I'm sure you know about the beautiful Solar Eclipse that occurred over Northern Queensland today (perhaps you even got to see it...not sure if Noosa is north enough). Living in NSW I only saw it on the morning television but even that was astonishing.

What a wondrous experience. What really shocked me was that without even knowing about the upcoming eclipse, literally 2 days before I had a dream that I saw one! On the actual day I had no idea what time it was taking place (only in the morning) and I woke up and switched on my television literally right at THE moment of the eclipse. Mind boggling.

For a while I've lost hold of my own light. I think my guides used this eclipse as a fresh little personal wake up for me. It worked. ;D And from what I saw on the TV all those who witnessed the eclipse first hand showed wonderful signs of being uplifted energetically. You could see how loving, open and bright each person was. Seeing that gave me the trust that we as a collective consciousness can all rise out of our old mindsets and into the Golden Age!

Just had to share.
Love, Andrew. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response blossom! :-)
much love

Anonymous said...

Justin I do not know if I will watch the Sedona conference,probably not,I do not have the time to tell you the truth,as I said earlier I am slowing down and loving it,my site is filled will beautiful souls that keep it going with out me,the light is growing,as I said earlier and also The Federation of Light mentioned the seeds have been planted ‘it is done’ it is not the $65 at all,that is not an issue,watch it or not,it has nothing to do with enlightenment, all though I have no doubt the energies will be very uplifting,for me the energies streaming down to our opening hearts are uplifting enough,I no longer crave for external proof,I no longer need to defend The Federation of Light (I laugh now at that thought, I am funny) why am I even typing this now? maybe something I say from the bottom of my heart will speak to some one’s heart or not,we all do what we can to assist others and to assist ourselves to understand how we can communicate with each other, for this seems to be the greatest challenge of all,I am indeed a keen student with that and this is why I love The Federation so much they are Masters of communication,it is not what they say or don’t!!!! it is the way they say it:)
P.S My attention has recently been drawn to the channel about the 15yr old boys questions to The Federation of Light due to a few young members joining up asking those questions,so it is the 7th Dec 2008 some good questions asked from a lovely young man our future leaders.
blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Been gone awhile.

Somethings never change.

You couldn't help yourself, Kerrie, could you?

Blossom, glad you had a grand time in the U.S


Anonymous said...

Copy and paste for you NYC

.......we all do what we can to assist others and to assist ourselves to understand how we can communicate with each other, for this seems to be the greatest challenge of all,I am indeed a keen student with that

Anonymous said...

only 65 dollar for watching a stream thats insane must be the most expencive stream online it seams no enlightment here just people after your money

and blossom i used to be a big fan of you but all i can see now is well nothing realy lots of things that never happend and never wil and for that i thank you it was the best thing that could happen for me coz i woke me up to these manipulating beings and an agenda i dont want to be a part of

even more so i would never invite these beings to our planet and if they ever show all i want is them to leave

how can anyone involved in this ever be enlighted? when noboby knows anything and all they do is just follow this is not enlightment this is manipulation just the same crap we get from all goverments only difference is these are aliens just doing the same thing and i would never wanna be a part of that no matter how good they are presenting themselves i am not moved by there words more like the opposite, over 4 years of the same crap over and over again no contend just emty words emty promisses emty everything it seams many dont realize the most destructive force is false hope

how can anyone ever get enlighted without knowing anything or wothout being involved into solving the worlds ways as they are? you cant coz if someone is doing it for you you dont learn anything

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon ... How marvellous you are doing just what they asked of you ... following your heart ... not mine!Golden Rays to you ...

Anonymous said...

Anon remember anger is the next step up the emotional ladder,it gets you out of depression! we need to get all this stuff out, no good holding it in,when they come you will remember and you will have a choice to forgive yourself or not,but if you were following all this before my guess is your heart opened for a while and you will forgive yourself and let go,remembering who your are,who they are and why WE did it this way.
Oh how I wish I could tell you what has been happening,the magic,but I can not, I have learnt this,I only want to help you and others understand,yet I know even this comment will have people shaking their heads at me.I know what you are going through, I have been there and it is terrible,the only way I stay in faith is by the magic that keeps happening as I place one foot in front of the other always choosing to believe and forgiving myself for my fears and closing my heart. Yes Blossom just said follow your heart and she speaks of truth,that is your way back home,but there are short cuts and maybe my comment will help you find a short cut,may be not,maybe I will cope more flak for writing this but I am getting used to that.
from my heart to yours anon I know how you are feeling I have felt that and I don't want anyone to feel like that,please feel my sincerity in all that I am saying.....ok editing now xxx

Anonymous said...


Why the need to always one up the next guy? I'm totally baffled by your constant interference ! Why can't you wait to be asked your opinion? Jeez and they say New Yorkers are pushy !! Let go and let everyone find their own way. Sorry to say but you come off as lecturing and it's very irritating.


Cath Clift said...

Wow Blossom, it really does sound that your trip was amazing. Living in Las Vegas...I felt you and the conference was so close to me.
What an experience for you to channel the FOL.
I'm holding on to my hat!
All My Love and Light to you,
Cath Clift.

Ami said...

Dear and lovely Blossom:

I am very glad for you, your trip and your happiness and joy in that trip to Sedona. I missed you a lot.

Thank you for those last 2 wonderful channelings. Thank you very much.

To those who consider the money issue, please remember it's still not easy to live without some kind of phisical interchange called money (energy). Know that Blossom is doing her best to share with all of us, her dedication to canalize, to write down the messeges and the approach to every one of us... and it's free, an act of pure love and kindness.

Thank you Blossom and the FOL; you make a wonderful team; you make me smile, laught and also cry...

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful time in Sedona and the other sites you traveled to in USA.

Hopefully you are ready to shed some light on the coming changes on 12/12/12 when our hearts will truly be activated.

Global Unconditional Love will soon become the norm not the exception.

We LOVE you Bloss keep doing what your doing.....

xufwipp said...

12/12/12: this is the first time I heard about this date?

@Kerrie: would you mind telling a little bit more about the magic you're experiencing? And no, I won't shake my head. I'll just listen as I always do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you xufwipp, 12/12/12 is a gateway same as 11/11/11 every gateway opening I seem to receive contact, on the 9/9/09 one I saw a portal and when I asked my guides what it was I was told it was the portal to Atlantis,this was confirmed for me only a few months ago I discovered that indeed on that date the portal to Atlantis was opened........

(Through the 999 activities of Light that occurred on September 9th, primarily the activation of three of the twelve Atlantean crystals and the download of the 48 symbols of immortality, a portal of Light has been created into Atlantis at this Now moment and it is possible to travel through the converging time lines and experience a deeper understanding of your Highest Potential from the Golden Age of Atlantis –) higher energies are coming in via these portals,from what I gather our star family are filtering these energies so we do not blow our circuits, we have an alignment also on Dec 3rd also Mercury,Venus and Saturn will be directly over Pyramids at Giza.
I am receiving guidance in the form of dreams and messages in my mind to go to places that are of high energy or ley lines,’grid workers’ on my site have taught me about making crystal grids,I discovered that where I go to is on the sacred 33 parallel as mentioned in ancient aliens,I asked Peter a Melchizedek priest on my site if he knew of the sacred 33 parallel he said he did and that in 2005 he in fact went to the exact place I was guided to in the blue Mountains Australia called the 3 sisters,he was given a crystal that was shaped like the three sisters in Mt Shasta
here is the link to what he said and the picture of the crystal at the 3 sisters

White Cloud contacted a Reiki lady in Texas to get a message to me and it was this lady,Jill that told me that both she and where I go to in the blue mountains is on the sacred 33 parallel,she said she saw coloured lines going from where she lives to Australia,White Cloud put her image in my mind wearing a yellow rose and the song the yellow rose of Texas before she contacted me so I knew who she was and that this meant something,I know White Cloud’s energy well,I know when I receive guidance from him as apposed to the others I have also been contacted by and that is another story,all of these occurrences and contacts have been proven out side of myself,they always get backed up,Blossom knows about them,I email Blossom privately, but I feel we all should be working together and sharing all of this,I am not the only one being spoken to this I know thanks to my site,a few months ago I had a dream to go to a different place in The Blue Mountains over looking the Gross Valley and a new member on my site told me that is where the group of 40 ( anchored in one of the 12 Arcturian etheric crystals in 2003 under channel David K Miller,they actually came to visit the crystal on the 14th Oct this year! that date ring a bell? when I first went there I was invited to a private sacred fire ceremony for the solstice up the mountains,the house had no number but I smiled at the name ‘White Cloud’s house’ I am not imagining all this this and so very much more is happening so thank you for listening to me and possibly to White Cloud too.
The other day I said to White Cloud I need to talk to someone about all this and that moment a lady walked by my house and said hello she is a channel for AAMichael and Sananda! ask and it is given so fast now days.
Blessings xxx

xufwipp said...

@Kerrie: I was lucky enough that you were reading this page. Thanks a lot for sharing! :-)

Anonymous said...

xufwipp thanks for listening and your caring,I can feel that,I came across this today, maybe we are getting there:)


November 29, 2008 ~The Federation of Light~

Anonymous said...

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

Per Archangel Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous,this is a good explanation from Patricia Cota Robles (more on her link)

On December 12, 2012, 12:12:12, our Mother God—the Holy Spirit, and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout all Creation, will breathe into the Earth’s Crystal Grid System the highest frequencies of God’s Transfiguring Divine Love that Life on this planet is capable of withstanding. Due to the monumental influxes of Light that have occurred over the past several decades, and especially since the Dawn of the New Millennium, this will be the greatest influx of Divine Love Humanity has ever experienced.

For over 500 years, December 12th has been celebrated in Mexico and throughout Central and South America as the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. For millions of people this aspect of Mother Mary has symbolized the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God. On 12-12-12 our Mother God, and Her exponents representing the Divine Feminine throughout all Creation, will cocreate a Forcefield of Divine Love that will envelop every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth, and all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of Life. This forcefield will reinforce a multidimensional and multifaceted Womb of Divine Love and a Birth Canal of Divine Love that will assure Earth’s safe passage up the Spiral of Evolution, and the Birth of the New Earth in the Realms of Cause.

by Patricia Cota-Robles

OvnisUfosLights said...

Hi everybody. Latest captures for Nov 22 and Nov 25. More to come.... and some people think that nothing is happening :))

And the FOL mentioning the Sun... I have seen something enormous interdimensional in front of the sun. Soon to show itself? hmmmm


Anonymous said...

More on 12/12/12

The Global Day of Worship (GDW) will be held on December 12, 2012

Anonymous said...

f o r e v e r . [happy birthday blossom]

Anonymous said...

Blossom please excuse the source for this report - I thought you might be interested in the PILLARS of LIGHT seen over Finland.