Sep 19, 2012




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Well… it’s certainly been a long time since my last blog. Life is whizzing by at such a rate that when I do sit down …the thought ‘Right I must do a blog’ is far from my mind. Anyway … Here I am and I AM SO EXCITED!

 Many of you will by now have heard that I am going to Sedona to speak at the 2012 Scenario conference ‘PREPARING FOR ASCENSION’ … which for me has turned into ‘PREPARING FOR MY TRIP’. Having never been to the states before this whole thing has me in a veritable whirl.

People are writing in with such offers of kindness to make my trip as easy as possible. I am in overwhelm to say the least.

 As many of you will know, a gentleman from America who has very kindly donated to my site over the years asked if I had heard about the conference and sent me the link. When I read all about it … there was no doubt in my mind I was going to go. I simply made that decision ... and believe me that was a big decision for me!

I decided to add to that dream that not only was I going to go … I was going to be a speaker there as well! Even though I had no intentions to intrude on what was already planned. It just seemed part and parcel of my dream!  Not knowing ‘how’ this was to manifest was not my problem. I left that to the Universe. I decided to have not one doubt. So every time I focused on it … I got SO excited … as if I was already going! A week later ... the same gentleman emailed me asking if I would do him the honour of accepting my airfare and accommodation as a gift as he felt White Cloud was giving him a nudge to do so !  (Nice work my little injan pal.)

After picking myself up off the floor … I proceeded to jump up and down like someone with a spring up their proverbial you know what!! It took me so long to calm down!

I instantly emailed the likes of Steve Beckow, Mike Quincy, Suzy Ward and Stephen Cook … just to let them know I would be there. Within minutes Stephen Cook was on the blower ... rejoicing alongside me … and asked ‘Would you feel happy to be one of our speakers?’.  2nd part of Dream accomplished! Done deal!

My point being … when all is in alignment … when you keep your vibration High on whatever it is you wish to manifest … the Law of Attraction brings it to you without fail .

Another INCREDIBLE thing about all this … 7 years ago I had a reading with a lady … (in fact the same lady that told me to sit down at my computer every morning and that a NEW ENERGY would be contacting me … hence my friendship with The Federation of Light was born.) She told me in that same reading … that a gentleman from America would see what I do and invite me to go there and from there … basically … hold on to my hat … as I would be travelling all over the world after that .

Last year after a White Cloud evening a gentleman who I had never met came up to me and told me EXACTLY the same thing … almost word for word. Though he said it would be before August last year. My! How I am learning to let go of this ‘time thing’. Clearly those upstairs, due to having no time … cannot calculate ‘our time zone’! They have proven this on many an occasion.

So … it makes you think … This must have been planned at least 7 years ago by those upstairs … then it makes you think … this probably was planned before I even came to the planet this time. It really blows your head off … how ‘upstairs/universe/powers that be make everything happen that is meant to happen. I can’t say I focused on it much. In fact many a time I thought ‘well clearly that ‘aint happening!’ Yet here I am 7 years later … going to the good old US of A to talk my walk!!!

This is TRULY going to be so special for all concerned. What an opportunity! I shall gladly learn from all those there and what they have to say.

Those who have been to Sedona speak of the HIGH energy there and I have heard of the City of Light awaiting in 5D. Perhaps we are there to organise the cranes and shout ’Lower it down lads … left a bit … right a bit’.

Whatever is to take place … in whatever form … I simply KNOW it will be raising the vibration BIG TIME. I KNOW TOO … I am definitely meant to be part of this amazing event … (not to be confused with THE BIG EVENT that The FOL speak of ) … but almost!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your LOVE and support regarding this trip. THANK YOU to the 2012 Scenario for giving me this opportunity to serve.

I look forward to being interviewed by Stephen Cook on 26th Sept  Judging by our chats on the phone … there could be a lot of giggling going on!

So … to all those attending … ‘See you in Sedona’. Not a song or movie as far as I know … yet it should be!



Anonymous said...

Soooo very happy xxx

Anonymous said...

Dreams do come true ! America will truly be a better place while you are in it. We all welcome you with open arms.


Ami said...

Oh, Blossom, I'm really happy for you!!! I feel it's wonderful that the conference in Sedona have someone as vital and important as you are, in this process of ascension.
Love, love and love to you! Enjoy every moment...

P.S.: If you're ever in Buenos Aires - Argentina, please knock my door, you will be very welcome! It will be a pleasure to stay here.

Anonymous said...

6betI am so happy for you Blossom. As soon as I heard about it, I thought how wonderful that you are going and also speaking. I just wish that we could all go! Enjoy every minute of it and tell us all about it when you come home.
Love Tricia

Anonymous said...

Friday September 21, 2012 will be the International Day of Peace please join if possible or keep it in your thoughts.

The only way we are going to save ourselves is Global UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ALL beings on planet earth.

Is that too much to ask ?

Sergio said...

Hope all is well with you Blossom and to everyone reading your blog.
Love, peace, happiness and prosperity.

OvnisUfosLights said...
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Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time Blossom..thank you for all you do. Hope there is a recording/video for everyone to know what was said.
Bon voyage
love Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Hi glad you are coming to visit us in the US. If the planets align, perhaps you would consider coming to Sarasota, Florida, as we have a similar vortex to Sedona, and a vibrant and enlightened metaphysical community. If you are interested, there are, I'm sure, many who would love you to speak here. Just let me know. Blessings, Tina

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Tina. thanks Tina .... maybe next time round! xxx

Anonymous said...

Blossom - many of us truly enjoyed your radio chat on In Light Radio on the 2012 site. You are a true pleasure to hear and the positive energy flows out to all to us all.

Will the Sedona Conference offer pay per view live Streaming of the speakers ?

Global Unconditional Love is the WAY to the Golden Age

Blossom Goodchild said...

glad you enjoyed it . I had fun doing it !!Below is what the 2012 team have to say about live stream etc ... The InLight Radio team is creating a unique and intimate conference event which requires both an energy and information exchange between the speakers and the attendees. It is a sharing - and a sharing of up-to-date information… Those attendees who are coming have paid to enjoy, feel and participate in this environment, which is just as reliant on their participation as ours, as well the energy of the city of light, Sedona.
They have also paid for their travel and their accommodation to commit to attending the conference - and hence enjoy our commitment to them.
As you would expect, we have seriously considered our options and, as we will be likely travelling with further events in the future (none of which has been decided, I might add), we feel that it is about the sharing and participation in the event that is important. So, there will be no live streaming nor a DVD of the event.
Additionally, the costs and the time involved are prohibitive, especially when this is a non-profit event and we are keeping our costs to a minimum. The post production needs, as well as the need for currency of the information being shared, also preclude this from happening.
Sierra Neblina and Stephen Cook - for the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with you people how many dates and things she have to say that never happen before you see you are being used drained for your energy

but i gues this comment wont be allowwed :) proving how you are not of light you cant even deal with this

Anonymous said...

Anon what ever is ‘wrong’ with us has taken us on a ride and a half,thanks to Blossom,anything that has been ‘drained’ from us has been lovingly let go of,what is left is lovingly embraced,in gratitude and humility.
I was up at the Blue Mountains here in Sydney Australia for this equinox where I go regularly now, especially since a new member of my site informed me that where I was guided to go by a dream is where David K Millers group anchored in one of the 12 etheric Arcturian crystal,thanks to all of this I have been able to be guided to energy vortexes,I even went to a house up there having a shamanic fire ceremony,the house had no number it was called White Cloud’s house! anyway back at my camp site across from me was an old bearded man with a Jeep and on his camper was a flag with JEEP on it,the sticker on his Jeep read ‘It’s a Jeep thing you wouldn’t understand’ I do not mean to sound arrogant in my knowing far from it,I just want you and anyone else that maybe considering all this to know there is light at the end of the tunnel but we must do the work,it is a gift given to all of us.

I offer you this video from an enlightened soul who was contacted by the Arcturians and made aware of who she is,she is my rock at the moment.

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland! A guided meditation to unblock your Ajna Chakra, Third Eye. Sudevi

21st June 2009 ~The Federation of Light~

as each one of you awaken more and more to the Truth of yourselves … more of your Truth can be revealed? And with that … as it evolves … the entire ‘game’ becomes so much more ‘involved’ as it ‘evolves’. The pace is quickened and the excitement as one understands its position on the board … so to speak … allows the enthusiasm to ‘want’ to become more involved … it works in this continuing cycle. Ones eagerness to learn /recall heightens … the further along one becomes down the road. There is a never ending bank of interest … for the more one knows … the more one sees there is to know … it is continual …And yet as we say … as one grows into their new understanding … one cannot help but be fired by their own inquisitiveness. Their intuition is their guide. Leading them on to a brighter place … and as the brightness lights the way ahead … what is presented is even more beautiful than the place one is in … that they thought could not get any more beautiful … and yet it does dear friends . On and on and on ….As one walks into the Truth of what IS … one becomes THE LIGHT that they are.
You NOW in this moment of time on your planet reside in THE LIGHT that is you at this moment of time. THIS LIGHT that is you is of a particular brightness due to the particular vibration that you are residing in upon earth within this moment. However … as you move up into the Higher vibrations the YOU that YOU ARE is able to become a brighter part of itself. Therefore it is able to be of a brighter LIGHT. It is the SAME Light yet it is ‘whiter’ or more golden in depth. Again words fail to provide that which we desire to express.

Anonymous said...

I have to speak up here, and condemn the notion of not sharing the conference with those of us not able to attend in person. The 'money' spent by those who are attending is God's energy anyway -- there is no ownership in the new world == only love and stewardship.

The thought that the conference will eventually 'travel', therefore needing to safeguard the 'participation aspect' of itself from dilution is a misguided notion.

The focus is on uplifting the planet, not perpetuating a traveling group of speakers.

We have no idea how much time is left, so do not concern yourselves with building a future for the Scenario Conference; such motives are nothing but self-serving.

There are many ways, in this age of wall-to-wall recording devices, to inexpensively cobble a record of the conference together so don't bother with the 'too expensive for our budget' line of thought.

The fluffy aspect of New Age-dom needs to pare down and get practical quickly. Humble up, quit looking for your own greatness and start serving others instead from the Greatness of Your Love.

Anonymous said...

Good point Sahari, thanks for speaking up,when 'us humans’ get together in groups we do get into old ways of being it has been my observation, business consciousness kicks in,the bigger my site gets the more I want to run,I am constantly facing that fear I have had all my life,whenever one of my little dog grooming salons got too big I would move and start another one,I have had 5 of them over the years and never stay long enough to make money out of them,now I am doing the same on my site, I drive my admins. crazy,not to mention Blossom, how many times I have said ok I am stopping this,I keep saying it wasn’t meant to take this long, I only wanted to get the word out,not deal with all this,we have a long way to go with releasing old patons,we can’t do it without their assistance, the other night I looked up to the stars and simply said HELP!!!! I can’t do this on my own, I need your assistance pleeease...then promptly said ok I am good now,I can do this... lol.
I am sure once Blossom’s light energy get involved that consciousness will be transmuted,White Cloud’s unjudgementle,unconditional love will do the job,there is energy on my site I have been told by sentitives that feel it and I am sure White Cloud and The Federation of lights energy is what they are feeling,I am simply anchoring it in, as I love them so very much,it has been my observation that in order to transmute a consciousness we have to embrace it to a degree, but be the observer of that ego, unjudgementaly in zero point energy,the spiritual ego is still an ego,Blossom is a strong soul to be doing that,luckily she doesn’t get too heavily involved like I do trying to work it all out with the mind, it is very tiring, yet I keep doing it! hense the plea for help to get out of this mind,which by the way my prayers were answered,I kept waking up all night with a feeling of such love, I kept smiling and looking out the window at a stormy night sky feeling as if they were so close,the next day I stayed off my site and I grounded that beautiful energy,allowing myself to be in that space for a little while.

Anonymous said...

It’s all happening whoo hoo, 2012 is magical,only yesterday I was meditating on and off all day, feeling exhausted as if my job is done and I can now rest and heal,then Sarah tells me Ben from Ashtar Command,who she met whilst doing her global ‘light anchoring trip’ since meeting her twin flame on my site,is also amongst speakers in LA,I have had Ashtar synchronistically guiding me for 2 days ! we are in the flow:) obviously not time to stop and lick wounds,time to move forward and get this show on the road,I am feeling all charged again,Blossom if anyone in Sedona wants to know anything on any topic The Federation have discussed,here is the link to the headings and extracts with links to the full channel:) at last I feel stuff is happening,the 12 AAngels that channel through Sheila Gillett said it would be a while before our vibrations are high enough to meet with our Galactic family,I was starting to think they were right,well maybe not!
we are great co creators:)

Ashtar Command Los Angeles Meetup - Cosmic Reunion 2012 (November 24-27th)

Ben-Arion invites you to Come and Enjoy Thanksgiving 2012 with your Cosmic Family! A 4 Day Event That Will Transform Your Life!

The Cosmic Reunion Conference will take place on November 24th-25th, and on the 26-27th of November we will have a Wonderful Community Hangout in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

It's almost time for an overwhelmingly POSITIVE October Surprise from the FOL - Let's all look to the SKIES with warm thoughts for a better WORLD as the month progresses.

yk248 said...

Dear Blossom,

I really feel the words of the Federation, this time. I truly believe that what they say is true.

Thank You so much for these transmissions :)


Be well . :)

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom and FOL; you revive in me the most pleasing love. Thank you so much!
Love to all you. Have faith and hope!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Fukushima issue.

It's time to join with FOL to help contain this problem.

Ground under reactor 4 is sinking.

Faith said...

Blossom, I love your latest channeling! the part about the special clouds.....reminds me of a dream I had years ago after reading Sheldan Nidle's 'You are becoming a Galactic Human' that said we would have a mass landing of ships by 1996! anyway, I had a vivid dream on Oct 30 1995, that I was riding in a car with a friend and all of a sudden saw a certain design in the clouds and it made me SO HAPPY, I knew it meant ships were coming out soon... I also saw a bunch of parked ships, little ones with the lid propped open. and the military had set up liaison centers to help the Earthlings deal with all of the ET's here . A woman in camo was showing people how to point to a body area that needed healing, and the ET would do a healing for you. very fun! have fun in AZ, love you.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage Blossom, thinking of you,safe trip to Sedona,I just now noticed this on my site and felt like pasting it here:

love be in you
love be as you
light be in you
light be as you ~ WC ~

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Blossom - we all hope you had a wonderful trip and we cannot wait for your comments on the seminars and Grand Canyon Visit. It's always good to be back home no matter where your travels make take you.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Not home yet folks.! Get back friday morning in OZ. Had thee most amazing time .. which I shall be reporting once home and settled in. Much Love to all .....