Jan 1, 2010


My head didn't hit the pillow until 4.30 am this morning. Luckily I am not a drinker, but I would imagine there will have been a few sore heads today after a humongous fun packed 'do' at our place last night. People rocked the night away, indulging in food and alcohol ... the blue moon (that actually isn't blue at all) shone down upon our blessed space and I grinned broadly giving thanks in my heart for all the friends and family of all ages that grace my existence.

Since my recovery I seem to be in a 'natural' state of thanks giving. It just seems to be there within me ... it is really rather pleasant. For me there is an air of expectancy of that I know not what!! But it feels as if any minute now some marvellous news is going to be issued forth. That same kind of feeling within when one is knowing of an arrival of good friends ... one has spent so long preparing and making sure all is in order and then it comes to the point where one must just wait patiently for them to show up!!

I am not saying that this year is the year that the BIG SHOW will happen .... not saying that at all .... I am just trying to describe a feeling.

The energy without doubt is stepping up ... the pace of awakening is ever quickening and more and more open up their soul to its longing for itself.

I feel that with this faster approach to ALL so much more shall be presented to us ... for we are now in a position to handle it. What was once known to be 'off the wall' is now common place .... and this is how it shall continue.

So decide to be alert, astute, in tune and in LOVE. There is so much more that is coming our way and we need to be vigilant for the opportunities this new way shall present to us. Let not complacency be the agenda of 2010 , but let us be in awe of the wonders that occur. This feeling that so many are experiencing has to mean something ... and although I do not know what that something is .... I know it is good. I know it feels full of hope. I know I am ready for it. Are you?

Go within people ... listen to that breath of silent acknowledgment to the soul that is bonding with its home land. Let nothing distract you from the understanding of the moments of bliss that we can encounter when able to leave this troubled world for a short while and connect with our Higher Truth ... our Light ... our Love.

Bring to you your hearts knowing. Lift your spirits along with your swords of Light and recognise THE BEGINNING ... for it has begun.

2010 is the time of reaping what you have sown. Plant your seeds well as you continue to create our new world ... nurture them and watch them grow.

A very prosperous new year to all.

How's this ???(thanks to Carl ... The dutch translator for The Federation of Light)

WOW!!! Now that's what I call an orb!!

AbsORB Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays at all times
Many thanks
Bloss xxxx


Anonymous said...

Claudia thanks for posting this on the previous post, I popped it here again in case it gets missed it is good, 2010 the year of creativity of manifesting follow your hearts desire.


Blossom that is one huge orb,I was listening to Dianne Cooper talk of an orb that had two energies in it looks like that one may have had a few energies there.

You sound upbeat, so good,I have been trying to put every thing that has happened last year all together and it reminded me of what a year it has been,but now I am missing The Feds.
Oh well I give thanks that I can feel! and move up the emotional ladder and give thanks for Esther Hicks. Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

Dan said...

Beautiful words blossom and as good as any channeled message. I've felt like a kid on Christmas eve for what seems a LONG time now, expecting SOMETHING MAJOR to pop up and surprise us all. A GOOD surprise too. :-) I've been feeling a "concentrated" thankful lately, for so much and it's interesting that you said you feel that way after getting better. Mine seems to have been amplified after being down for a few weeks too.
Having seen the movie Avatar, I can now picture how connected I would love our world and everything on and in it to be. The feeling adds to the giddiness and thanks I feel I'm broadcasting all the time now. I love it! I feel that this new year is, has or will be THE major change a lot of us have been expecting.
Many golden rays, Light and all the love in the multiverse to you, yours and all!

Ami Drutman said...

Lovely words, Blossom. Happy new world. Im sure this year will bring us wonderful news. Love to all, everywhere!

AnonimaAnonima said...

Amazing grace of the heart space, that's the show we've been waiting for, wooohooo :-)

Shiny happy 2010 everyone!

Dan said...

Kerrie, thanks for re-posting that You-Tube link. I was almost in tears feeling it all to be so true.

Blossom, I forgot to say in my last message that the picture of the large orb (smaller one in the back ground) almost looked like a portal, with the swirl in it. I could almost sense the energy from it even in a picture.

I keep looking up expecting a wonderful surprise.

Love to all!

Cath said...

Hi Bloss,
Great to read your words and feel your energy.
I was just telling my friend yesterday about The strong Air of Expectancy that has been surrounding me for days (well actually months). And just as you said...I'm not sure what it is, but I know it is great and will be wondrous.
All My Love and Light,

BlackSwan said...

Happy 2010 everyone. Roll on the New Year and all the positive future potentials we can can co-create!

Blossom, lovely to hear you are back to normal or even as it sounds.. a new improved version LOL!

Anonymous said...


Thanks Blossom for your newsletter it sounded so uplifting,just what I needed,I suppose everyone knows about the pyramid in Russia, I was looking at it again today, I read here

that it was on the same day as the Norway spiral and I thought of this channel.

6th April~The Federation of Light~

We have just shown to you in your minds eye the great pyramids. There was a time when we worked closely in Love and respect for each other. There was a time when those who did not reside on the earth plane were able to connect in such a way with those who were. It was as if there was no ‘barrier’ between us. This time is to come again. This time is drawing so close, for the awareness of your planet has reached the level whereby this merging may be possible once again.

I am feeling very home sick tonight, on the night before the Norway spiral I received an energy of such love it bought tears to my eyes, I said yet again hello my family, the next morning I awoke with the word pulsar in my mind and thanks to Blossom, I was directed to a channel that was channeled that day in which they referred to themselves as from a pulsar.
Love and light Kerrie

This man is beautiful.....
James Gilliland ECETI Interview


he helps you to understand how to connect with them, like he has been doing on his ranch for 22 years, and the shamanic connection to them, to ourselves to Mother Earth.
I gave thanks for White Cloud last night as I couldn't sleep and I put on his meditation tape, we are very blessed to have his guidance I feel.I listened to his meditation of the gold light coming down into your head and it reminded me of my dream 20 years ago of that exact thing happening to me.I slept well.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying that Blossom you are mad or telling lies, I do not doubt for one moment that you are channeling something.I too was following everything you have been saying. I was out there on Oct 14th hoping to see something. The biggest trick the Devil has is convincing you he doesn't exist! If you were to read the bible you would see that all of this federation of light stuff and aliens etc is actually foretold. They are not aliens they are demons,I know it sounds far fetched, believe me I have gone from being a total athiest and believer of aliens, ufo's suppernatural stuff etc. Then some things I was looking into lead me to read texts from the bible. It is all in there just look. So many prophesys came true since the bible was written and these events are also foretold in the end days of our distruction and the antichrist. I am now a follower of Jesus, and hope that if even one of you are saved by looking at what I have said then I will be pleased. A good starting point is to look up on you tube a a man called Brian Smith. He talks a lot of sense, you will be lead on from there when you question everything. He also preaches about this stuff on the God/religious channels on sky tv.The bible teaches us to question and test everything to see if it is from God, so please people just do a little research. My email address is kimhukimhu@yahoo.co.uk if I can help anyone that wants to know more I will be more than willing. May God bless you Blossom and guide you to really see what you are channelling. Also all other channelers and followers out there please just look into the possibility of what I am saying. I know not everyone believes in God and Jesus and you have probably been preached at so many times, I do not intend to preach. But it does concern me that people can believe in aliens, vibrations and orbs and inner light and all that spiritual stuff but think the idea of God is far fetched or ludicrous!!! I should know I was one of them. PLease just don;t put all your eggs in one basket, remember there are ALWAYS two sides to a story...all I am asking is to just look at the other side PLEASE.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anonymous ... each to their own Truth and thank you for sharing yours with all of us here. Have I ever said I do not believe in God? The Divine is the essense of ourselves and without that feeling within me when connneted with THE DIVINE no channelling could take place. My protection and my Truth come from THE DIVINE. For me ... God is Love , Love is God. It is the same thing. I cannot get along with all the bible says. My heart feels it has been changed to suit those in power and to fill us with fear.Fear and God just do not go together and yet the bible is full of it.We are all of God. The bible talks of punishment and things that do not resonate with me, for LOVE does not punish. I could go on, but I do not wish to sway you from what you have found to be your Truth and in that I am TRULY happy for you.
Much Love and Light and Golden Rays

Anonymous said...

©1996 Frank Sant'Agata

Love and fear are the only emotions we as human entities are able to express. All the others are just sub-categorical emotions. For example, on love's side there is joy, peacefulness, happiness, forgiveness, and a host of others. On the other hand, fear reflects: hate, depression, guilt, inadequacy, discontentment, prejudice, anger, attack, and so on.

Love and fear can not coexist. Where one is, the other can't be also. The one will leave immediately, should the other enter its presence. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing great joy, and are suddenly overtaken by fear, the joy is gone! But it works the other way too: If you are terrorized, frightened, or otherwise threatened in any way, all you need to do is turn to the love within, and the fear disappears.

Learning to make the active choice to love and not fear in every situation is the way to find inner peace in this world. Yes, I said choice! We all choose what we wish to see in every situation, at every moment. Most of the time we choose based on what we learned in the past. It is what we were taught by our parents, teachers, peers, doctors, employers, etc. and what we were brought up to believe we should do. We act on laws that we made to control our behavior and that of others so that we may live in an orderly society. When someone gets "out of order" they may be disliked, fined, incarcerated or killed. Sometimes, entire countries get "out of order" and our answer is to declare war on them. These are all things that are done out of FEAR. We fear that, if someone is out of control, that is, not following the rules we set up for them to follow, they are a threat to us, and we fear they will harm us in some way. So we react to our fear by attacking them first. That is the way of this world. The law of the jungle so to speak; eat or be eaten; kill or be killed. That is the way of fear!

The way of LOVE is quite the opposite. It makes no rules, no laws, for they are not needed! If everyone lived God's law; the law of love, no other laws would be needed. Laws that protect our bodies would not be needed because we would not wish to harm another. Property would not be in jeopardy because we would not wish to deprive another. We would not use drugs because our love for our selves would prevent self-destruction. We would not drive recklessly, or at excessive speeds or under the influence because we might hurt some one or our selves. We would not sue any one, or lie or cheat or deprive or take advantage of them. A world without fear would not need lawyers, courts, police, or jails, because every one would trust and care for one another. Prices would not go up, work would be done right by service oriented businesses, foods would not have harmful ingredients, workers would not be exploited, etc. But that is not the way of a world built on fear! We as individual entities, sharing one God mind can make a world of love. We can do this by keeping connected to our Source, which in fact we are, but need to open our awareness to it.

Love is LIGHT. Fear is DARKNESS. When you turn on a light, darkness is no more. There is not a trace of it left! There is not even a hint of darkness ever having been there! God is LOVE. Love is light. We are all children of God, therefore, in truth, we are only LOVE. When we act out of fear, we are turning out the light, denying our truth, and entering into the darkness. We leave our love behind and attempt to be something we are not. We attempt to be apart from our Source; apart from God.

Let us try again this day. Let us tune in to LOVE; to peace, joy, and happiness.

Father, help me stay connected to you this day so that I may know the peace that is my inheritance. Lead me through a world where I see only love in every situation. Guide me to make the choice for love and to relinquish fear. When ever I am tempted to listen to fear's cries, let me listen instead to loves song and know it is my own. Amen

Anonymous said...

“There is no fear in love. Perfect
love casts out fear.”
~ 1 John 4:18

"Faith is the strength by which
a shattered world shall emerge
into the light.”
~ Helen Keller

“God has not given us a spirit of
fear, but of power, love, and a
sound mind.”
~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Blossom!

I have to say that i am tired of all these channelings out there posting dates for disclosure, first contact and then nothing happens. Always!

But not with you. You came to youtube after oct. 14 and i could really see that you were for real. I could fell that you were talking from the botom of your heart.

And after that, you sticked to your point, your message, never talked about dates anymore and continue with your site and blog, allowing people to express themselves.

You even made to a point that your channelings are not the main reason why people come here.

I'm sorry to use your blog for this, but you are one of the few that allow people to question channeling/channelers.

Light up the darkness.
Eddie, from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

In this youtube it shows footage of UFOs swarming in to draw in electro manetic energy from lightning and it explains how we have got our technology from the space craft that we have shot down using plasma beams. I am reminded of my love for storms, I go outside and draw in the energy, at one time a few months ago after I saw that Mother ship around the moon, I stood out in a storm,closed my eyes and sent them my love as if they were so close.I felt such a love in return,

NASA STS-80 UFO's In Earth's Atmosphere.... (The Smoking Gun Video ! )


Re demons anonymous I could not have these feelings if The Feds were Demons, I have never believed in Demons, and yes before all this started I researched all of that stuff, just to see why people allowed fear to be their dominate force and I just couldn't read anymore as it FELT not of me, and if there is anyone I can trust it is me.Why am I so involved in all this? I had no desire to see UFOs before my soul guided me into research and Blossom,despite an experience in 1989 of them,I had no desire to speak of the spiritual things that have happened to me all my life before all this.
You are searching for truth as you have said my friend and that is the desire that will serve you,just don't allow fear to block your path, the angels then can reach you, speaking of angels www.asktheo.com (my mentors.)
I have even been told by a member on my site not to trust the guidance of Mother Mary that I have received all my life??? as her belief is that she.... well I won't even go there.Fear alignes you with the HUGE collective consiousness that is out there,luckly Love is gaining strength,balanced light will prevail.
Love,light and peace Kerrie

Klinton said...

a small extract from Mike Quinsey (Salusa) jan 1st 2010

"Some souls will still refuse to acknowledge the truth, but their denials will mean that their future will be in accordance with their beliefs. God does not impose the Creator’s Plan upon anyone who chooses a different experience, because it is known that eventually they will find the path to the higher dimensions and the Light"

Thought this relevant when i read it

love,light,peace and MunBeam's to all

Anonymous said...

Dear Star-child Blossom,

Hello, once again.

I am so pleased with your work and wanted to share:


This video is beautiful as I know your heart is, be well in the comming year.

Ciao for now.

Andrew said...

Hey everyone! happy new year.
This year i really want to expand my conscious and personal growth/ coneecting to higher self, etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of some really trully free online meditation helpers...thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I think you are all getting confused with the messagage what anonymous was saying. He/she is simply saying and correct me if I am wrong annonymous? You are channeling demons, Gods fallen angels of which a 3rd were cast from heaven that are not in hell (not until judggement day)they are now bad spirits whom come to people through channeling and mediumship, and as spirit guides. They fill you with love and the feeling of light and protection and the bible tells us that they are able to completely transform into all of these feelings. What they are doing is filling you with such love and joy that you are too convinced that they are good. Thay are here to take Gods glory, to trick and to help channelers etc trick many more. They talk sense they tell tou whjat you want to hear so that you can preach it to others. YOUR thruth's as you say are not from the divine for God DOES NOT allow channeling and has made this perfectly clear in the bible. Now Blossom the bible tells us there is a way to test your spirit guides, higher beings etc by asking them about Jesus? They will NOT glorify Jesus, they will tell you he is an ascended being and all sorts of blasphemy, the bible tells us that they WILL NOT GLORIFY WHO HE REALLY IS because they want to take his glory for themselves. I too have read the bible and put my faith in God and Jesus and the Holy spirit, there is only ONE type of meduimship/channeling allowed and that is called PRAYER! All apperitiaons of Mary etc are also these spirits that are bad, they take away from Gods word to trick so many. PLease do not say you believe in God but then pick what parts of his words you want to dissregard and fill with quotes of other people talking about love and light...who do we take as more prevalant us mere humand with our own ideas of what makes us feel better or GOD's unchanging ever eternal word, when your soul being depends on it at judgement day you cannot be ignorant to Jesus when he stands before God on your
behalf as your mediator. He says in the bible if you do not stand for me I will not stand for you! You cannot possibly claim to believe in your own version of the divine, that tells me that you have not read the bible cover to cover, for if you had and understood you could not possibly go on channeling demons unless you do not want to be saved on judgement day. It really bothers me that people are quick to say they don't like parts of the bible that do not suit them, you can not decide what your own truth is if you only see one side of it YOUR OWN! Read the bible all of it and you cannot come to the conclusion that channeling is fine. If you truly new God you would know Jesus and all that is detestible to him. Channelers are like young children, you do not yet know right from wrong, you need guidance to what is and isn't acceptible, not being belittling just trying to explain! Also God's punishments are needed, and we see what has happened to humanity where we do not stick to the rules, it has become consumed by evil, and harmfull practices that are abhorrant to God, I ask all of you to just question everything, just because something feels right nd of love doesn't mean it is as annonymous said "the biggest trick the devil has is making you believe he doesn't exist". Just think people that's all I want to say.Just think "WHAT IF" what if he or she is right!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anonymous. I have seen it fit to publish that last comment out of respect for everyone's TRUTH! But may I say hear and now I will not be publishing any more about this topic. I have been down this road before and this place of peace turned into a battle ground... And I am sure God doesn't want that!!! May we all recognise that each of us has the DIVINE RIGHT to choose their own destiny and feelings. What suits one may not suit another but judgeing is something I have learned does not suit me. Therefore I cannot believe that God is going to hold a BIG JUDGEMENT day and send all of the really good kind loving people of this earth to hell because they chose to follow a path that suited them through their OWN TRUTH and not throuhg words in a book. I listen to my souls knowing, that is all I have for my guide. We must allow each other to BE who they choose to be and find their path to enlightenment in the only way they know how .... by followinbg what feels RIGHT. If something feels wrong as much of the bible does for me then why would I follow it? I was brought up a strict catholic and it served only to help me understand that it was not the path for me. However by following my own heart I have found a peace and reassurance in my soul that GOD LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM , not for what books I am told to read when they do not resonate with the love in my soul. Thats the way it is for me. And with all respect, just for the record, I believe the devil was created to keep us under control and to fill is with fear. Just my Truth ... because this earth allows us free will, so I am expressing it, as are you. Isn't it grand??
In all thanks to you for your Truth, and please respect mine.
Golden Rays. Blossom

Anonymous said...

Well I just thought I'd let everyone know that mercury and mars is retrograde, so we will feel like we are going backwards for a couple of weeks,and from a couple of comments here it would at first glance appear that way,so good to see you speaking your truth Blossom.Mike Quincey has just come under attack also,we keep crucifying our saviors,yet The Feds have told us time and time again they are not here to rescue us but to assist.Hold onto your hats,these energies are going to bring everything to the surface to be looked at.

Jerome said...

Hey Blossom! Happy new world to you too! To start the year of with the latest announcement of a possible event happening soon (here we go again) check this out:


Who knows, landings seem unlikely at this stage but decloakings would be a good start, with all the expectancies in the air and the failed delivery of disclosure on nov. 27th....

By the way, nevermind the bible-lashing(yawn!)I feel God(dess) is unconditional love in all it's many different expressions and is certainly not restricted to one particular script of testimony. We all have our own story to tell and share :)
Best wishes and love to all, there's only one of us here!
The Netherlands

AnonimaAnonima said...

Love is great, God is good :):):)


Anonymous said...

Life is but a divine journey with many opportunities
to express one’s highest purpose and destiny.
To exist, having not shown your heart
only saddens the world
as the human heart is what enlightens humanity." – Buddha

(29) Jesus says:
(1) "If the flesh came into being because of the spirit, it is a wonder.
(2) But if the spirit (came into being) because of the body, it is a wonder of

(3) Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has taken up residence in this poverty.

jesus christ (gospel of thomas)

Dearest souls of earth. You are in a position NOW to adhere to EVERYTHING that you came down here

to accomplish. You say you do not know what it is. You say you are waiting for something to happen and

then you will know.

September 16th, 2009 federation of light

hope this works

rich xx

Faith said...

Right on, Blossom, you go girl!

Just one thought, there have to be plenty of standard Christian sites to visit for people who believe the demon/et story. So why would one of those Christians be coming over here and checking us out? Maybe they are searching because they don't feel they have the whole story...(I know they might say they are here to enlighten us but I know better)..

Love and Hugs from Faith

Anonymous said...

i agree with blossom. all we need to do is treat people with love and respect. theres no need to preach about god or read the bible. just be a good person thats all.

Klinton said...

some more viewing for the soal....


just a different angle and i feel some much truth with this monk

love light,peace and munbeam's to all

p.s you have to go see Avatar in 3d you light workers will love this movie and the way its presented..it is a historic movie that is changing many lives as they watch it.. giving hope that man will join with the rest of life love and oneness that is the light..

Blossom Goodchild said...

@jb. I have not published your com ments as I have stated that I am not prepared to go on the long discussion regarding the matters of whether or not I am channelling something that is not of Light. So we shall just leave it be now. If the teachings I channell do not sit well with you, that is fine. It is your choice to read them or not. But please do not try to make me change what I KNOW as my TRUTH as it is my right to follow my own guidance. In the same way I would not dream of trying to change yours for you. I thank you none the less for sharing your thoughts.
I wish you many Golden Rays as you continue to follow your own heart. Blossom.

You said...

Live and let Live, if you have a good heart.

Happy New Year everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, I was wondering when will you put up your next channeling? I'm from the kindom of Cambodia, our first king married a naga king's daugther(reptilian princess from a different demonsion). Thats the legend of how the khmer kingdom started. Most of the royal blood are mixed with reptilian blood up until the 15 and 16 century . The temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia were built to mirror the Draco constellation, the same way the Giza pyramids were built to mirror the Orion constellation. I was hoping if you can ask the federation of light about all the ancient ruins on earth. peace, love and bleesing to you

Anonymous said...

New~Motherships Caught On Amateur Telescope


This is good they are huge about 2.5 light years away and have been orbiting our planet for some time.

...and things are hoting up, the pressure is on to disclose, I love Shirley McClains talk,in this clip I read her book Dancing in the Light over 20 years ago, she is fantastic......

It is great to watch before the Great Big Announcement


Avraxis said...

Concerning the message Jerome posted a link to ( http://www.niburu.nl/index.php?articleID=22458 ).
Somewhere after the New Years Eve I had a feeling that something would happen around the 15th of January. I was amazed to read that someone confirms that. 0_o
Around the Christmas and up to the 2nd of January I had also a feeling that this month would be critical for me. That I would get some important job to do that would "keep me moving" so to speak. An air of extreme expectancy, waiting for something very important, and it has never been so strong before. I also felt an increased presence of beings around me, beings I sometimes felt earlier, but again, it has never been that strong before. All of these feelings decreased in intensity at the 3rd of January, maybe due to the retrograde Kerry mentioned (I don't know, I know nothing about astrology), but there still is an air of expectancy. I still feel the beings around and I still feel that something's coming. Maybe I'm not so excited about it anymore because it is already certain to happen? ;)
What is very important about all of this: it will be something none of us is expecting. I don't know what it will be, but I don't feel too strongly about the possibility of mass decloaking or announcement. If it will be like that it will be conducted in some suprising manner. And I know it has to be like that because if too many people knew the real plan it might fail. Anyway, I know for two years now that my soul has prepared something extremely unexpected for me. And that there is something equally unexpected prepared for the world. Now it is coming to fruition.
(Faith, get ready for the speech ;) )

Lots and lots of kisses to all of you, love and light and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might all like this song:


Polonaise - by Jon Anderson and Vangelis

If you just take my sense of freedom
If you just take away my home
You can't ever hope to win me
This I'll tell you so sure

There is strength in the common people
For the people is all we really are
Young and old, the wisest and the lowly
Each indeed is 'Holy' in the 'Light of Love'

When the 'Word' comes
I will be waiting
Like a dove that shines he prays for peace
Some have waited what seems a lifetime
Some are waiting now to be released

For the moment we have this freedom
We will choose the way our hearts will move
All the people lost will find their way
Give that chance today
Hear and I will pray

No not for nothing hearts will not be broken
As long as we are open
Our hearts will make us free

Free for the Earth man
Free for the millions
In the 'Glory' all will come to 'Truth'
No aggression, that we leave behind us
To be replaced
By 'You'

For tomorrow another morning
For tomorrow another day
In our children there's that sense of freedom
Help them use it wisely
I will pray

Andrew said...

Amazing youtube there Kerrie. It certainly gave me goosebumps. I am so excited. OUr lives are about to change. I can feel it. Ahhh! Bring it on! I can't wait. I'm so excited.

In the mean time like others have said here. IF you haven't then go and see AVATAR it is a wonderful movie and I know you will love it and the themes which it emits.

I've really started focusing on meditation and...well it's just amazing. The energy that you feel within is hard to believe until you actually experience it. Seriously. At first I was kinda scared to hold onto the energy, it's that powerful once you really get focused.

HOld onto your hats everyone, or better yet tie them down. :D

jerome said...

@Avraxis , I feel it is sort of surreal too when they mention decloakings, yet I like you have such a restless feeling of excitement in my being that we really are going to get 'the good stuff' before too long....time will tell...
Take care

Anonymous said...

hi guys this is it (get ready)

thanks to all its been great


BlackSwan said...

someone asked for some meditations. some lovely ones here to download free


Anonymous said...

I just received a knock on my door from the previous tenant looking for her mail, as I gave it to her I noticed a letter that was for me that I had over looked, in this letter was 'a feather' White Cloud is close,Blossom:)I was reading last night that bit where he first opened his/your eyes in book 1, walking in the light and the love and the emotions that were felt, it was so beautiful,you are so blessed Blossom. I am so grateful to be on this ride,all of us here joining in with you on this journey are blessed.
This feather came to me when I was reading a post from The Star Elders that I really resonated to especially the bit about going through a war within at the moment and the analogy of what Jesus went through before he ascended, there also was a reference made to Atlantis,I received a portal in my head in meditation just after 11/11 star gate and when I asked what it was I was told portal to Atlantis, and the other day I came across a conversation on my page I was having with Anya a while ago that I had forgotten about(channeler of star beings)and in it she referred to Atlantis and floating islands some of us were creating there, and the reason we went astray, basically I feel forgiveness of self as The Feds said and others is needed. Love,light and forgiveness Kerrie


Faith said...

wowee zowee avraxis you are giving me the goosebumps....I do now have a detailed outline for the speech, still have to fill it in and practice actually speaking it out loud. So,Jan. 15th gives me something to work with, I know no promises here. But this morning I woke up with 'La Marseillaise' in my head, French national anthem. The first line translates roughly as-
'Arise children of the Fatherland, the day of GLORY HAS ARRIVED!'

This must mean something....Love from Faith

Rosemarie said...

Blossom dearest,special Communicator for many. How did I just know to connect into your site again TODAY! What JOY - to read your 'connection' with the Feds again -- Whoopie -- its all happening for us this year -- I FEEL sure -- our Hearts so READY to embrace the unseen 'magics' of our higher vibrational selves.LOve is all there IS! Cheers, Blessings and Laughter Rose-marie.

Anonymous said...

Indeed we retract from your energy now. We are like birds of a feather, we flock together, and in this way, the NEW WORLD UNFOLDS.

The word “ADIEU” popped into my head. I reckon White Cloud is in amongst all this somewhere. It just makes sense to me.

Thankyou.... thankyou... thankyou
Blossom, I knew I was talking to them in that storm, I love you/them
Only today I had to explain to a lovely member on my site who has nothing but love in his heart for me as he told me that they won't come and all the reasons for this, I had to simply say they are in my heart and this is all I know and my love for White Cloud is what keeps me going and Blossom my feather today! I'm going now before I start crying again!....and my birds song!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and everyone else,

Today I came across this great (but very long) interview of Alex Collier from back in 1994. I felt a great range of emotions watching this (and also Alex it seems!) that I really felt the urge to share this after wards.


He explains so much that I believe, we ALL can relate to. But you must find out for yourself of course :)

Watching this video from 16 years ago, I can see, but most of all feel(!) that the human race has come far and we can truly change.


Cat F.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your latest channelling Blossom and the mention of the amazing 'Blessing' - I'm calling you Bless'em Goodchild from now on! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for the latest message from the FOL. It's so great to hear from them again and it's wonderful that you are now well again. I cried and my heart filled with so much love. I can feel that something big is about to happen. I love being able to come here and read what others are feeling too. With Love and Gratitude and Golden Rays. Tricia J

You said...

Thank you Blossom.
They are already in my life.


Cath said...

Wahoo! Welcome back FOL(althoughI know you have never left)!
Love and light,

You said...

Blossom it's so simple.
There is no separation. All separations are illusions. Us, GOD, The Universe, The cosmos, are all the same, of the same, by the same.
That's not confusing or hard to understand.


jerome said...

Yes! A new message! Very happy to read another channeling from you again Blossom :-)

Anonymous said...

hi blossom, glad to see communication is back on track with the feds, we have missed them. i just have a question for all the like minded folk here, do any of you visitors of google earth notice the constant missing sections over the arctic circle? normally of triangular size for several hundred miles sqd? it moves around a little, i just recently outlined the triangle shape and it keeps moving, today there is a massive square missing over where the triangle had been.. im just curious as to what google earth say as what it is? anyone know? all my love corrina

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Corrina ....

I rest my case. be good to read the comment this person has written at the side also! Quite a few experts write in to let me know when they are about!! And often over Noosa!! My Truth is it is them. Freedom of choice though!

Pudim said...

Good thing to see another channeling up. It seemed like forever since they last showed up and, now that they did, it seems they stopped yesterday.

Thing is, it never felt as if they were away, not for a second.

Thank you, Blossom.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply blossom,
i had seen this link before, but im curious to know what google earths explanation for these glitches are... or if anyone has been in touch with google earth about it?
by the way im sooo glad your better, the internet is not the same with you out of action!
all my love corrina

Anonymous said...

for every week and month that pass by, I feel like I'm loosing more and more faith in this. And I'm pretty sure there are others out there feeling the same way.
We really need something to happen, that at least makes us know that this is real and not just something we can hope is real.


Klinton said...

here's little story from another world


this was a link supplied by my friend Lucian Ilea in the Mike Quincey forum


love light.peace and munbeams

Anonymous said...

me too anon

sometimes i struggle to find a way out of this mess. i too feel i need confirmation somedays. life is hard we all feel it sometimes.that's why we come to this site .but the thing is whether you believe our not the words of blossom hold a lot of truth and love.just like the way she always knows what to write always a great answer from the heart.

and that's why i believe.

good luck anon
and well done blossom

You said...

Blossom I was wondering if you could ask them about the creation of the Universe.
I was studding about the properties of ether. I don't think that Universe originated from the "Act of Creation" but it always existed as Creation itself. Ether is the minimum thinest particle of the dodecahedral Universe that covers inert space without voids.
When it is oscilated it is called being.
When it is stationary it is called non-being meaning NON-EXISTENT. So if ether oscillates naturally it could explain universe expansion.
I'm still diggin in into all this stuff but so i'm trying to understand how it works.

Much Love.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@you ... as you know that is not my way to ask. I think they know best as to what knowledge to impart. and what is most important for us to understand first and foremost. Maybe when we get that right we can move on ... or maybe we will just know EVERYTHING once we have got it right!

Darling said...

With love and light dear Blossom!! <3


Blossom Goodchild said...

THANKYOU DARLING!!!!! (teehe) A beautiful you tube. Worked for me!!
Blossom xxx

Anonymous said...

"We feel this will be beneficial to those who are preparing for ‘lift off’ so to speak … and whilst we are full of exaltation within certain plans that are underway we would also stress the facts that your time factor as you know, is not in keeping with the space that we reside. And any misconceptions that have been brought forth by misrepresentation is not of our doing but of those who believe themselves to be connected with us … yet are not. Before we continue, as we have always stated, it is from deep within your heart that the TRUTH of any given channeller is acknowledged. We understand that the intent of many is for TRUTH and yet may we help you to recognise that not all are of a level that are able to reach the Highest good."

As I posted here some days ago, a lot of channeligns out there just doesnt feel right.

I´m glad that FOL said this through you Blossom.

Light up the darkness!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted that extract Eddie,I have read and re read that bit,thanks for mentioning it, it has a lot within it, between the lines so to speak.
I have been feeling the aloneness that comes with getting closer to home, the closer I feel them the more alone I feel.I went to my daughters today and visited with my grandchildren and I can't believe how I could still feel this when I have so much love, but there you have it, I feel so close to home and when they mentioned they will be appearing to some, I can say this has already happened to the father of beauitiful young man Mike, here in Australia, that I trust completely, this young man rarely comes forward, he has received some communication from the Feds,it was he who confirmed my connection with the Feds about a year ago, he and his mum Jenny were engulfed in a white light whilst driving,they have had a declocking whilst sitting on their front porch and the father was awoken with a being looking in at him through the window, he said he wasn't the least bit affraid that so much love was felt, his wife Jenny woke up to the bright light as the being left and said thank goodness I didn't see, I am still healing fear, I laughed and said I know what you mean Jenny, I am not sure what my reaction would be either. But I would like to give it a go:)And if the feeling is anything like what I have felt at times when those frequencies go through me I am sure I'll be fine.


michael jackson-you are not alone

Are you not in tune with your Higher self these days in a manner that is so very different from former days? Does not the aching in your heart tell you that we are ever closer to that part of yourself that connects with us?~The Federation of Light~

Thanks "darling" for that youtube also, good to see you again.

Love,light and homesickness!

P.S Blossom thanks for being there:)

Klinton said...

I found this on youtube.. its about star seed's

take the challange.... hehe


from: LOVEronica22

on youtube

David said...




You said...

Blossom I was wondering about what the FEDs said about meeting us side by side...
Have any of you meet someone important in your lives in these last few months?
I know I did...lol

Much Love.

Anonymous said...

Klinton thanks for that link she is beautiful,as a child I wanted to be with my animals, so I became a dog groomer against others expectations of me:) love and Light Kerrie

We have a peace meditaion going around the sites, everyone


John Henstridge in France has been inspired to set up a word-wide meditation date for our tribe!

· The time: 8pm GMT Friday 15th January

· What to do: Hold a piece of ROSE QUARTZ if possible, and do my SACRED HEART MEDITATION

As we all do this together, we will send a wave of unconditional love around our planet, to all plants, animals and humans on Gaia. We are doing this on NEW MOON, an amazing time for the setting of NEW INTENTIONS!


Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

Anonymous said...

Thank you David for that link! :D
I'm really excited, I really hope it will happen this time.

Love n light