Dec 18, 2009

Look out .... I'm back!!!!

Well ,SOOOOO happy to say that after 10 weeks of illness .......... I am back !!! Hooray!! Its odd to think that this time last week I was still feeling very poorly and now, I walk into a room to do something and realise that all is normal and I am behaving and breathing as I used to. It is such a blessing. I keep remembering to say 'thank you for my well BEing'.How easy it is for us to slip back into acceptance of the normal, taking health so much for granted when we have it. It is like that with so many things is it not? We don't fully appreciate what we have until we no longer have it ... and it is only when it is missing from our lives ... whatever it is ... that we TRULY realise its value.So perhaps let's make that extra effort to be in appreciation for all that we have at this time. Be it friends, family, things, health, circumstance ... whatever it is , remember to appreciate it NOW while it is still with you.

My step daughter and family have come to stay for Christmas.To have the energy of children around and the laughter they bring to the soul through their innocence is God's own tonic .

My intentions are to resume channelling with The Federation of Light sometime in the new year. If it is meant to be of course. I am also intending to take White Cloud out and about. There is so much wisdom in his words and so much Love in his Being that I am putting out to the universe for this to be so. For now ... I feel that the readings shall be put aside. I feel even though I would only do three a week max, that they take too much energy from my physicality. Direct voice channelling is very different in its nature from 'clairvoyance'. So at this time I feel it more beneficial to do White Cloud to many at one time , maybe once a month ... as opposed to using up so much energy on one soul. It has been fantastic and he has helped many, in this way ... but that decision had to be made ... for now anyway.

So, there you have it. These last 3 months have been a journey and a half one way or another yet I know I have learned much from it (and so have those around me!!!).

Be of great cheer people ... enjoy enormously this time of giving, receiving, sharing and TRUSTING.

Once again I thank you and very much appreciate all the kindness and healing wishes that everyone has sent to me.

Make sure you do lots and lots of ho ho hoing and really recognise how good it FEELS to do so. Laughing lifts the vibration of yourself, the planet, the universe and all that dwell within it. So come on ... do your duty ... hup two three four ... laugh till your inner BEing recognises joy ... and forgets any issues that do not sit well within. Lets remember who we are, why we are here and get this show on the road!!!


Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Bloss. xxxx


AnonimaAnonima said...

Merry Christmas, Blossom :)

Many hugs, good vibes and golden rays. And we all would be thrilled to hear from the Feds again.

Cheerio chaps! The groundcrew is still here and loves to hear from you :)

Pamela said...

I am sure I speak for all of us when I say how good it is to hear your "voice" again Blossom :) You sound just like your ole self!

Welcome back!!!

Pamela said...

I am sure I speak for all of us when I say it is so good to hear your "voice" again Blossom. I think many of us were rather concerned and it is marvelous to see you are back!

We missed you bunches :)

Much love,

Faith said...

Blossom, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling great again...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! so good to feel your vibes up there where they belong Blossom and so good to hear you are going to do your White Cloud groups again, I would love to go to some, keep us posted.I am feeling great, I have just got more confirmation and back up from the universe on the Norway light this is fantastic.

Norwegian Spiral DISCERNMENT Andromedan message ---
These new Andromedan guides sound different as they come through my voicebox - I am still getting used to them! (The sound on this clip is also distorted, as I'm having problems with my recording program.) Their energy is HUGE and very loving however!
For more info on the spiral as a holographic projection see David Wilcocks interview here:
Try the Unity Consciousness Breath meditation on, and when you get the hang of breathing through your prana tube, do it in short spurts all day long! It increases your energy awareness, takes you out of fear and into love, and awakens your pineal gland!

Big love to my tribe!
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

P.S. My Dog has been acting so strange we can't work it out, ever since 12/12 he is my large outside dog that is whining to come indoors all hours and has also gone hypo, last night I woke up at 2.30am and sat outside with him, my son woke up also he said he doesn't know what woke him up,they say dogs go weird with UFO activity lets HOPE!
Love,light and JOY Kerrie

Dan said...

SO glad to hear you're up and at it again. I noticed when I was down for 3 weeks with a nasty cold (the flu has always ignored me) that being recovered made me feel so grateful that the love sent out seems to be a bit stronger. Love, Compassion and Gratitude seem to be what's needed all over, so that's what I try to send. Since we know Blossom is again doing well, I hope all of you are too!
Hugs, Love, Light and ALL to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Blossom, welcome back. It is so good to hear you are well again and just in time to enjoy the festivities. Please stay well and happy and take things easy. We want you to remain healthy and happy, and we'll wait patiently for you to communicate with the FOL when you are up to it.

Have a wonderful, magical Christmas and New Year filled with love and Golden Rays.

Tricia J

yk248 said...

Blossom that is some AWESOME news.


Anonymous said...

Well said Blossom, and hooray hooray! - so wonderful to know you are well again! Lets all give thanks and put a perimeter of light around you! Wishing you an especially wonderful Christmas with your family, and much light love and laughter to you and everyone!

Jerome said...

Hey Blossom! How wonderful that your back on your feet again, especially now with all the festivities coming up.
A very happy christmas to you too!

Take care, stay well

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, much peace and love. I'm glad you got through this and is now recharging your energies.

Wish you a wonderful christmas. Have a great weekend.

We love you all.

Unknown said...

How wonderful to get this good news. Peace and blessings to you and your family, dear Blossom.

2010 is going to be a good one!


Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across a site up on symbols and it made me think of just before the Norway spiral I was getting colourful geometrical shapes in my head
see this link........
well I looked also at what a spiral symbol meant........
The Spiral Alchemy Symbol is an alchemical symbol representing the eternal ‘filtering and weaving’ of Pranic properties into the body from the infinite Universe, to provide a continual self-rejuvenation and healing process within the body and consciousness. In ancient Ireland it was also seen to represent the serpent and kundalini, as well as being a symbol associated with ‘death and rebirth’.


BlackSwan said...

good on yer Bloss! Bouncing back. Have a great holiday.

matthews latest message:

mentions briefly about the Norway spiral

You said...

Have you guys seen that giant pyramid craft video?
There is tones of them on youtube.
Take a look.
I let the viewers decide for themselves.

Much Love 4 U Blossom and Everyone.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are well again Blossom! Have a wonderful holiday season! I look forward to more info from the FOL through you, too.
Sincerely, Robert S.

Meredith said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling well again. Love and light conquers all!!

Enjoy the Christmas season and follow your heart with your channeling decisions. All is as it should be.

So happy to see your energy up again!

CosmicSoul said...

So happy that you are better, Blossom!
Much Love Light and Laughter to you and yours.
Merry Christmas and "Happy Landings" to FOL and Friends!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
A member of my site has put up an event for 21:12

and here is a meditation for it:

Never mind Christmas and the inevitable stress surrounding it - take time out to reconnect with our precious Earth and join with other Warriors of the Light - to meditate, dance & sing our joy into Gaia, awakening portals of high vibration across the planet!

In this transmission my guides explain some of the purposes of doing this practise/meditation - they say it is like alchemy, in that the elements you are connecting with help to transmute negative miasms in your physical body! They say that the ancients have always understood this.

Download the meditation Connecting with the 7 Sacred Directions free on, and use it on the 21:12. (You can do this standing, you don't have to be sitting, but do do it outdoors if possible.) Lets celebrate together across the globe as we transition into the age of Light!

Love love love and happy solstice!
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light xxx

BlackSwan said...

another Moscow UFO spotted same day as the Norway spiral:


Anonymous said...

There have been more spirals in both Siberia and China. Out of interest try Hassdalen in your search engines there have been lights there since 1981 and are being taken seriously!
Lots of light and love to everyone

Andrew said...

Great to hear that you're feeling better Blossom. Merry Christmas to everybody. I hope that everyone's holidays are filled with light, love and happiness.

I was watching the carols by candle light the other night and I realised just how much people truly come together this time of year. It really is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I can't stop thinking about your poor dog and I feel the need to say something. Please read this article and consider keeping your "outdoor" dog indoors more often. It may not be a UFO that is triggering that behavior. Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Disclosure should be coming up pretty soon. I'm just waiting for Obama to announce the good news about The Federation of Light to the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Sooo funny, my goodness no, my dog is soooo not a chained up dog without shade etc. I am a dog groomer and have been for 40 years so I am used to the behavior of dogs and my dog has a beautiful life with three large trees a back veranda 4 beds with a choice of a kennel a lounge the partially covered back porch where I mostly am, where I work now that I am semi retired, he has everything he needs and more and has done for 9 years,he comes inside with the air con. when it is extremely hot,my poodle sleeps on my bed ( and yes for all those that say that is not a good thing, I know!LOL) and also has a choice of four beds, no this behaviour has me stumped, so far he is happiest on the front porch, but I keep putting him out the back so he can enjoy grass.He is not sick he is still eating and is happy on his walks and when being brushed or when he is on the front porch. No this behavior is out of character for him.Either it's UFO activity or the hundreds of cockies we have recently had flying around squawking he is a big sook!

You said...

I posted the comment and forgot to provide the link lol.
I hope that we are safe...
Not at the mercy of any invaders..


Faith Beatty said...

How interesting Kerrie! My dog has been jumping up and running to the window at night alerting to something and there is never anything there. At other times she looks at me and whines as if trying to tell me something. She'll be laying on the couch with me and start this low growl while staring at the window. This is so unlike her. This just started about 10 days ago. I wonder if anyone else has noticed their animals acting strangely.

Klinton said...

hey Blossom.. you still Have'nt answered the question from last did you go with Abraham
down on the Gold Coast.?

Sharyn said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better Blossom. :D Have a joyous Christmas celebration.
Much love

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Klinton ... I enjoyed the law of attraction seminar very much. Over 1,000 people soaking up the energy.I didnt agree with all that was said necessarily but that's a good thing because I have learned to find that which is 'my truth'. A great day.I think Esther Hicks is one pretty phenomenal chick!!!
And while I'm here ... just letting you all know I'm feeling ticketyboo!!!And Loving it!!
Golden Rays. 3 more sleeps till Santa!

Laura said...

Just wanted to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas! I hope you're holidays are filled with laughter, peace, love and joy!

Sooo happy to hear that you're feeling well again Blossom! It`s about time eh! ;-)

Also just wanted to mention that I'm also seeing some strange behavior with my two cats. They are brothers, only a year old. One has been acting so strange lately. He`s been very nervous, and follows me wherever I go. He doesn't seem to want to be alone. And he has been jumping and meowing at the walls for some strange reason. His brother on the other hand, has been very under the weather for the last month, almost like he's depressed! I really can't afford to take him to the vet right now (out of work)- so I've been praying for him everyday and sending him lots of golden rays. I'm hoping they're just ascension symptoms! He could use you`re prayers though! :-)

Happy Holidays everyone! Much love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Blossom with the Hicks workshop here in Sydney (800 people) I found that as incredible as Esther was and as amazing Abraham was even though they came from the heart and was in service and unconditional love, there was something missing and I feel this is what I found years ago when I read the secret, it wasn't until I read the Moses Code that I found my home and I feel that the next book by Abraham will be more for me, as it is on the law of attraction and spirituality this is where The Feds and White Cloud have taken us,Esthers friend and mentor Sheila Gillet (Soul Truth)channled teachings by Theo 12 Angels takes you there, and I feel Esther is doing her job at bring people up to that place, this is the next step, we are there already! We may not be able to comprehend it, but we can feel it and hold the light and as it goes out in a ripple effect others will 'get it!' we are 'The Way showers' this I truly feel.It takes FAITH to walk a path that feels of truth despite the mind not fully understanding where it is going.So I know Blossom you may not post this as it is not your way to talk like this, but I do love to try and work all this out, it is my small self trying to understand all this.Love to you Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Mark Huber needs some Golden Rays please, he is being stopped from doing this work,here is the links to an email I just received.

klinton said...

I found this on you tube.. thought i would share... lol you guys where the first one's I felt I needed to send it to...

peace love and light.. enjoy

RafaelVR said...
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BlackSwan said...

thx Klinton. Enjoyed. Its amazing how browsing on youtube can take you offtopic. check out this little girl who is too cute for words, explaining Star Wars:

Faith said...

OK everyone, I've been working on a speech called 'ET 101' that I can offer to bring the public up to speed after the tv disclosure presentation predicted by David Wilcock to happen by Christmas 09. Last night, I dreamed of someone telling me 'you will be giving the speech in 2 days' .......eek! hold on to your space bonnets....happy Faith

Coach Enrique said...

I'd like to share with you something about Christmas. If you're interested, please go to
Thank you Blossom! We are all closer to our Destiny...

Anonymous said...

So.... no disclosure, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well so much is happening around disclosure, the pace is full on at the moment,keep manifesting people with these energies the quickening is quickening,talking about energies they are also full on at the moment, my chakras must have needed some huge clearing,its everyday now, several times a day and so many dreams,while I was working with the channels today I came across this,it helped.

~The Federation of Light~ May 17th
(Blossom asked when these chakra clearing will stop)
Not for a while dear friends. There is plenty more where that came from! But recognise it for what it is and what it is doing. It is moving your entirety into a Higher level of itself. A Lighter level of itself. Therefore do not allow it to bring you feelings of anxiety. Instead replace those feelings with joy. With excitement in the knowledge that what is taking place is that which you have been waiting for … for so long. It is your birth right … this time around. When one lets go of that which has been carried around for so long, it is inevitable that their balance needs time to adjust to the Lighter Being of themselves. This is all that is taking place. With every breathe that you are taking … YOU ARE TRANSFORMING YOUR PLANET.

....My grandson is so into transformers at the moment, and my loved symbol the dragonfly means transformation maybe the universe is trying to tell us something!

Love,light and BREATHING!

Anonymous said...

I confirm, Kerrie!!
- Strong call on Breathing and feeling the energy around us -

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to visit a mothership tonight!

Faith said...

I'm going to bed.....see you on the BRIDGE! over and out.......

kerrie said...

LOL.... I love you Faith!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharyn said...

Obama has apparently put in an order to declassify secret documents which could be a step in the right direction for disclosure. Happy New year all! :D
Love Sharyn

The Happy Picker said...

Hi all and what interesting things are happening. I wouldn't mind having a ride in on of those ships Kerrie was talking about, but I"m no where near a portal, that I know of here in Perth western australia.

I read they even have an onboard bar, not that I'm a drinker, but its intereting to know that there seems to be a social side to these beings which is nice to know. I think awhile back Blossom was asking what the FOL do on there off time, but there seem not to be an off time for these beings. I wonder if we will get to know a bit more about there culture.

At times like this i wish I had the CB radio Blossom and her fellow channelers have :)

10 4 good buddies and have a happy new year

klinton said...

here a news link on Obama

Leiust said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Picker you know they said a cafeteria not a bar:) LOL and they said liquid light beverage or some such thing, but yes I am the same I can't drink anymore, it has been 3 years now, on Christmas day I had a glass of wine to be social took 2 sips and my heart area felt awful, I couldn't drink anymore, I had to drink heaps of water,so weird.Happy New Year everyone! I guess I won't be drinking tonight either!!Love,light and joy Kerrie

P.S. On yahoo news I just noticed NASA is trying to manifest an astroid colision with Earth now! in 36 years and need heaps of money to "PROTECT US" LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little Faith, I'm sure all of the food and drinks at the FOL cafeteria are completely life-enhancing ! I'm thinking of a favorite restaurant I used to go to when I lived in Philadelphia. It was healthy but gourmet, and they had an entire drink menu that sounded like standard drinks but was all non-alcoholic and made from fresh, FOL, can we have that please? see u soon

Faith said...

that was from Faith

The Happy Picker said...

Kerrie: Your not missing out much, and I doubt that the FOL serve drinks that will give you a hangover. A good healthy juice is the way to go. I wonder what the FOL eat/drink.

Faith: Sounds like you where going to a raw food restaurant, there are so many good ones over there. Not as popular here yet.

I wonder if the FOL's history is similar to ours.


Anonymous said...

Canada X M.O.D. admits Alien Technology Operated by the USA

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU Blossom and all your followers, and of course to the FOL! all my love corrina

Claudia said...

Happy New Year Blossom!