Dec 10, 2009

Was it a bird , plane, super man, star-gate or missile gone wrong?

Ok people ... excitement in the air as what looks very much like a portal appears in Norway. Just google 'blue spiral norway' and take your pick basically! Let us also take note that there is a video up giving a computerised version of a rocket spiralling out of control and it is being said that is all it is.

So .... what are we to think? How are we to think? What do YOU think? What do YOU FEEL? Could be a cover up as usual. Ask your soul what IT thinks?

There is talk that it is the 12:12 star gate. (also best to google)... and that we shall be experiencing an enormous amount of Love filtering through. I have to say even though yesterday I was diagnosed with a chest infection I feel incredibly high today with all this hype ... could be the antibiotics and puffer of course ... yes, I had to give in .... after 9 weeks of sickness I am affirming that they will kill off everything that is not serving my wellness. Interestingly ... a beautiful gentleman in South Africa offered me distant healing and found there to be ... how shall we say ? ... foreign entities around trying to obstruct any healing getting to me (assuming to stop me getting well and channelling ?) where are the FEDS and their counter attack... that's what I want to know!!!! Just kidding ... OBVIOUSLY!

It is a very strange thing for me having to keep in the background with The Federation with all this occurring ... as I have said .... all is as should be ... and perhaps reasoning of my unwellness for so long at this time will all make sense in coming days.

Truly ... whatever that is in the sky .... how beautiful is it? It can't possibly bring fear. The Federation have said all along that when they do come there will be no mistaking that they come in Love.

So ... is this it then chaps? Is this the beginning? Or is it a rocket missile out of control? My heart tells me that ONE DAY those souls that continue to bury their heads in the sand and call us 'loonies' because we are so quick to assume that such mysteries as this taking place are of ET nature ... .. will sadly be 'STUNNED' into gobsmacked silence as proof before their very eyes unfolds ...bringing with it ... an understanding of Love that nothing and no-one can deny or pretend is anything else other than what it/they are ... LOVE.

Let us see how the following days transpire shall we? I have such a strong 'ET phone home' feeling in my heart ... yet I know the lines are down for now ... When the time is right I feel sure The Federation of Light will let me know CLEARLY when my energies are corect once again to speak with them.

I am off this afternoon to the Gold Coast as tomorrow my birthday treat with Esther and Jerry Hicks and The Law of Attraction seminar awaits me . My current ailment doesn't allow me to talk and walk at the same time, (my husband may find this a blessing of course!! )I am presently struggling with the whole breathing thing ... but I am still going come what may... I've been looking forward to it for so long. I find Esther to be the 'supreme' direct voice channeller ... and I Love to watch her work on DVD so to watch her channel "Abraham' live is very exciting.

My chronic fatigue thingy is sadly turning into chronic fat!!! Hey ho ... I shall deal with all of this come the new year ... or indeed The New World!!

Thanks to everyone for all my lovely birthday wishes.

As you prepare for christmas ... remember that the best present you can give anyone is your smile .. and it costs nothing!!

Abound in
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.
Bloss xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Great words Blossom... Much LOVE, LIGHT and Golden Rays to you and your family... Wish you get better as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad when I signed on and saw you had a blog about the light in Norway. No matter what it was, it was beautiful and something to behold, indeed!
I hope your birthday was a celebration and good health returns quickly.
I am making my way to a warm beach for the weekend and look forward to soaking in the light. Susan

Faith said...




Unknown said...

Just thought I would share this. Last night the time of this posting, I hopped on my computer and looked up 3 things, I went to Blossom's website (which I check regularly), I looked up Prophet Yahweh (the guy who summons UFO's, whom I have rarely ever researched), and I researched the golden ratio, out of which is formed the golden spiral, which nature seems to always conform to. And this was all before I had seen that there was a spiral UFO seen in the sky! Not sure what to make of this, but I thought it significant enough to share.

Anonymous said...

the light over norway has been verified as a russian rocker launch

The Happy Picker said...

How amazing that light in Norway is. I reckon its something special. I feel its no missle or weather balloon.

I could just imagine a 20k long space ship appearing over some country, and the experts saying its a weather balloon. LOL

I feel we look to so called experts too much. My tip would be turn off the news, and find your own, and share it.

Take care


Sylvia said...

Dear Blossom, Happy Birthday ofcourse, hope you had a great day!
Get well soon, loads of hugs from Holland.

BlackSwan said...

Tut tut Metatron less of the double negatives please :

"nothing that is not at 5D or above will be capable of withstanding the energy here."

what the heck is that supposed to mean people?

Coach Enrique said...

Let's try to enjoy this wonderful sign on the sky, let others try to make sense of it. We -true light workers- KNOW in our Heart what it is. Why do we have to send everything to our minds for "more details"? Let's get used to live in a different way, let the Heart be the Guide of our lives, today...

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

First, happy birthday! I am glad you commented on the blue spiral light show. Something tells me it was no accident. I do hope you feel better soon. I am in week 5 with the same ailment. It is comforting to me to know you are also sick (please don't take that the wrong way). It keeps me calm and reassured that all is as should be.


Unknown said...

Hi Blossom,

I hope you enjoyed your birthday and I have been sending lots of love for your health to return to normal.
I am also very happy you have posted about that fabulous spiral light in Norway.
It looked magical and not like any misfired rocket; even though that is going to be the "official" response. Are we surprised?
Many are saying the next few days are going to be doozers; and in a GOOD way. I sure hope so.


Blossom Goodchild said...

well for me .... I just dont buy into that it's is a missile gone wrong. A perfect spiral like that with such a beautiful blue ray beaming from it .... something gone wrong it is not!!!! ... Give us a break. Dont insult our intelligence ... I just cannot accept that as an explanation! Thats my thoughts anyway!! Have a great day one and all.

Anonymous said...

These are best photos of a "spiral" I found on the net:
Btw, does anyone have any previous experience with Metatron channeilngs? Were there any similar announcements from him like that before? I'm kinda getting tired of unfulfilled promises...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be such a party pooper, but I really think it was just a failed missile launch. just look at these photos taken a little later that morning, and then draw your conclusions.
funny how something so bad can be so beautiful, I mean the spiral thing.
And here is a great explanation on youtube
sorry again, but the thruth is probably better than fantasies.
happy holidays

Anonymous said...

So now they claim it was a rocket! interesting how at first the Russians said no they hadn't fired a rocket,and with President Obama doing his Noble prize acceptance speech in Norway the next day, things I feel are definitely happening, same thing happened when the pink light was in the sky last year in England for 2 days no one knew what it was and then they came up with it was for breast cancer !
On a personal note things have happened to me, I am now looking at this site that thanks to Blossom I have found, when I awoke with the word 'pulsar' and colourful geometrical shapes (AA Metatron stuff) in my head yesterday, Blossom found a channel that had 'pulsar' in it, I think I have found my family, as the previous night I was literally stopped in my tracks, I had to close my eyes and breathe, so much love energy was being sent, tears were falling,as I said hello my family! (please note I had no idea what pulsar meant apart from a car type!)

I am Yalah of planet Aluru. On your sky map, we appear as a Pulsar. There is intelligence and life on all the cosmic bodies that you view as Pulsars.

YALAH from planet ALURU through Zilanthrah 12 /09/ 09

Peace be with you, precious human family. We thank you.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Blossom... Lets see what these "specialists" will say when the ships become visible to us... maybe it would be a Balloon showing in the skies... :)

Dan said...

No way it was any kind of missile, but at worst it was projected FROM the point where the blue light seemed to be going. Even that though, I doubt or pointing and no one has said what is THERE. Along with that, there are a few similar events on the net from weeks past that weren't talked about as much. I'm still in a great "Hurry up and wait" mode and mood. :-)

Getting over a weeks long cold myself, I hope everyone else is staying or getting healthy and drawing in all the right energies to do so.

Susan said...

My first thought was of a portal. And my thoughts haven't changed. But crop circles keep coming to mind as well.... must go look at some pics of crop circles.

Faith said...

And if the Russians are making rockets that do that, maybe we should hire them to design our Fourth of July celebrations in the USA, and quit funding NASA.

By the way, dreamed last night that I saw several huge spaceships cruise past me, all were different designs. Got a closeup look in the window of one but couldn't see anyone in there..

Anonymous said...

The cover of Esther and Jerry Hicks's book "The Vortex".... is very similar to the Norway Spiral. That's quite interesting!

Rob said...

Hello all. Hope you had a great birthday Blossom.

I find it very interesting that Obama just accepted the Nobel Peace Prize around the same date. Where was that? O yeah Norway

What ever it was it sure was amazing. I remember reading one of the channeling from the FOL & them talking about cropcircles appearing in media other than crops. When i first saw this it was the first thing that popped into mind.

Love & light to all.

Hafrun said...

I heard on youtube that people did not hear anything
how can that be if it was a rocket that exploded.
I believe that this is something very important.
love to you all
p.s. read more info

Anonymous said...

~The Federation of Light~
2nd July
By the time all is in place for this balancing to do what it is to do, you will find that there are many many ,many more phenomena of many many different varieties that will have occurred. Most of which will have you baffled and yet , like the key to a door , when all is in place , the unlocking shall reveal that every single placement is in correct alignment and when their purpose is revealed … at the drop of a hat, everything shall fall into place. Please know dear ones … We do not wish to be secretive or puzzle posers, yet there are certain details that simply would not concur with that which we have in place. There are plans that are not yet ready to be opened up to you for the timing is inappropriate and to reveal certain matters now would not be useful to the overall benefit of the upliftment of your planet. We have much in place and when it is able to be shown to you, you will accept reasoning that at this time you may not be able to, because of measures that must be taken into account regarding safety of that which is to be revealed.
You have all been so patient with the unfolding of this new way. We are so very grateful that your steadfastness to the cause remains firmly in the Truth of yourselves. It Lightens everything as it moves forward and into that which is FREEDOM.

As Blossom said what do you FEEL it is? Love,light and joy Kerrie
P.S. Faith you always make me laugh, love you!

Anonymous said...

What about Metatron channeling? Does anyone think there is some merrit to it? And that we could expect interesting things tomorrow?

Blueagle said...

Hello Blossom and All!
Another thought here on the sky vision.
Several years ago I had a soul painting done. It has several symbols on it that are personal to me. With the painting I received an instruction sheet telling me how to use this painting and to meditate on the 'symbols' and it gave the meaning of the symbols. One of the symbols was a 'spiral' just like in the sky.
It's explanation was "The Fingerprint of God". Over the yrs I have associated most of the symbols, and how they were associated with me, but until now I never gave the spiral that much thought. so.....when I first saw the sky photo's, I automatically thought 'the fingerprint of God'.
My Higher Guidance says that what was shown in the sky was not manmade.
I know that the vibration and the frequency has really come up in the last few weeks. I felt like I had been plugged into a socket. It was not just a surge, (like in the past that lasted a couple of days) did not leave me til about 2 days ago. and from since 11/11! For someone who did not know about the ascension it could be devastating. I knew yet still did not know how to deal with it. It was like I was trying to get out of this human body, or like I was 'too much' on the inside for this 3d body. I was truly wired!

"Oh What a Ride we are on!!

Happy 12/12!
Much Love and Blessings!

Joseph said...

For anybody who is or isn't familiar with David Wilcock and Project Camelot, here's a fantastic interview about the Spiral, shedding some light on a larger picture.

David Wilcock has a website dedicated to exposing the truths of ascension at and Project Camelot has been conducting a whistleblower radio for some time at

Hope this helps. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beloved one,
We ALL celebrate the recognition of your light entering into this experience of density. The service to ALL in ALL-WAYS is beyond any words that can be expressed.
The nature of the event that took place that day was a glorious gift to witness. Yet in our presence of our truth of what we are, no proof outside of ourselves is necessary to validate what we already know, except for the expectations of the mind … where all questions originate. We are the ones that we wait for … only the mind questions this.
Much Love and Light, Just me

Klinton said...

how did you go with ester hicks.Abraham ,,on the gold coast....i am dieing to hear about your experiance there.. and yes i agree with you, that was no rocket and the timeing was spot on for the event that took place in Norway. there are many other vids on youtube about worm holes that are very simular, and that one was one of the best displays from the GFL yet...there will be more to come , so lets get ready for the show.. hmm i may need more

love light and peace

Faith said...

I agree with Coach Enrique today, that's a good sign!

You said...

Your well being lady Blossom.
Happy birthday.:)

Anonymous said...

I have just got back from Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham workshop
They said that we were so much in our knowing that the expansion that was created to day was incredible, they seemed very happy as we we all,I feel very centered in self, very balanced and in the vortex!So yes I too am dieing to hear how you went Blossom:) love and light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Hi, On 11/12/08 Matthew said in paragraph 11 & 12 right after the Election that Obama will be protected by a great light. When he was about to receive his Nobel Prize he had to choose his words very carefully. Some did not think he should have it.
Maybe this was God's signal of that protection on that special day in that special place.
If this spiral is of this significant for a special man just imagine how great it shall be for all human race!

You said...

Blossom you should read about the Blue Star Kachina prophecy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It was a rocket, the glowing blue dust was rocket fuel. All rockets that are shot off at night leave this trail.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous if you want to believe that, if it makes you feel better fine, but for me I am going to dream up a world filled with love,LIGHT and joy!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is people all those who want to do the same, its a choice that is all.

David Wilcock is the author of the upcoming book "2012 Enigma: Blueprint for a Golden Age"

As The Feds told me breathe in the Gold light and I am! sometimes a little pink is needed also, as I shift this 'unworthy ego'

Anonymous said...

hello again and happy wednesday. i check your blog daily to see what new news there may be regarding your health and happiness, as well as developments with the f.o.l. folks.
noticing a lack of new entries, i'm a little concerned that you aren't bouncing back as soon as i, you and countless others would like. im really sorry youre a sicky pickle miss blossom. if i were closer, id give you a big hug and a bowl of homemade chicken soup. in that i cant be there to offer soup 'n encouragement i will continue to pray, hope, and have faith in your full recovery. i will continue to expect your renewed energy and ability to live life to its fullest, most fabulous potential.
im confident that we are all looking to your new state of perfect health with great anticipation, loving best wishes and daily rememberance in our meditations.
bless your heart blossom, you give us smiles and joy, hope for better tomorrows. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom... I'm feeling this blog very calm... Want to see this with bunch of comments. But everything seems so quiet, so silent... Hoping to SEE some action from our friends.
Love, Light and Golden Rays.

Anonymous said...

Blossom - your light becomes my light when the moon rises in the west... and sets in the east. Stay strong... the federation is near. Your pain will soon be eased as the non believers will be soon be presented to our friends high above!

-Odakota Wolk

Ami Drutman said...

Dear Blossom, I don´t know why, but I had the need today just to say that we love you. Im sure you know that, but sometimes we need to express it again. ;)

Anonymous said...

Blossom, Have you checked out the site? They channel the Galactic Federation. And they are saying some amazing things. It feels right to me just like your channeling does. So even if you are too unwell to channel you can still hear from them.

Ray C.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Would love to see you sometime in the chat room over there

Faith said...

Odakota- that is good news, do you promise?

Laura said...

Blossom - you came into my thoughts so strongly yesterday, just like with Amy! Just want you to know how much you're loved and appreciated! I hope you're feeling better and all is well!

petersteel said...

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