Oct 4, 2009

Google Earth!!

Can't help myself!!!!!

I have been on Google Earth now and then throughout the year and nothing and now suddenly , someone informed me ... Its back!!!!
Go on Google Earth and watch that mysterious 'block out' change by the hour!! Many tremors too!!

I'm saying nothing ... but hey ... wouldnt it be nice!!!

Just going to add this link (from last year)which many of you will have already seen ... but I love it!!

Golden Rays.
Bloss xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

It's all coming back to me now... Oct 14 again? No way.

Sharyn said...

Hi Blossom,

Excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure what I'm looking for on Google Earth, (version 5?) where or how to look. Help! LOL.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Sharyn. If you scan the globe on Google earth you will see definate 'blocked shapes'. Difficult to describe. Last year it was said that the shape' was blocking something that some didnt want us to see!. Can't prove anything. But I would say keep an eye on it as it changes . I have added a link to the post 'google earth'. I know many will have seen it before but I think it is a particulary good one about this phenomana. Golden Rays

Caislin said...

Thanks for this Blossom!
You know a few days ago I was standing outside watching the stars, about to go back in the house, when i had this thought that told me just to wait a few minutes longer. Lo and behold, a strange unearthly craft whooshed over me!

Now I'm seeing a surge of people's facebook updates with things along the lines of 'Did you see those lights?'
I'm thrilled!

I have my own theories of how the FOL are seemingly invisible and yet leaving physical imprints such as on Google Earth, but its too long to explain lol, so I'll just say i'm behind you 100% Blossom!

You said...

I just check out my google earth software.
It's there alright.

They are here.
They always were.
I have a feeling that they might show on October 14th, since the swine flu vaccines are being delivered on 16th October.
They won't allow it.

Thank you blossom.
Thank you so much.


wakeUP-please said...

Hello dear Blossom...
please not again this hype...please...
last time I was very fastzinated from your storys and even the google glitches...but sorry I checked google earth the whole year and put some markings to the graphic glitches, they are there the whole last year... everytime they where there some time small some time larger... please not again this stuff... that are some graphic errors in google earth nothing more... please in honor... don't start the same old storys all over again...iI think you saw last year where all leads to. I really like to read your storys from the GFOL, but If you try to go the same way as last year, my disappointment from last year comes straight back into my mine... so please not the same stuff again...feels like a loop then in my mind, while following you is getting stuck and not wake to up.
thanks and love

Anonymous said...

@Sharyn: you have to activate the "Weather" layer in Google earth to see the real time weather...
What else to say: last night the full moon was radiating in a very distinct pink light, very nice
Oct. 14 would be cool, it would mean that Blossom didn't make this up after all...

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, today here in Sao Paulo, Brazil we had a SOLAR HALO... look what an amazing picture at this link.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@wake UP ....Hold on to your hat!! I guess its so hard when you cannot 'hear' me and only read my words. Seriously... do you think I would be putting myself out there again to be shot at? Perhaps I'll just keep silent!!
Many have written in regarding the google earth and earthquakes ... I am ... like the rest of the world observing ... and sharing ... I have not said they are going to show!!!! It was all there last year too, and they didnt!!! I just feel them around, probably because they are ... no change there! This year has all been about Lightening up.I guess not everyone senses MY sense of humour.Although I personally DO believe that those patches on google earth are covering up 'our friends'. As I say .. no proof, but I am entitled to my thoughts as much as anyone else. :)
I have emails from souls that study those patches and they too our convinced they are covering up something. Apparently they are there on and off.
This is another site like google earth I have been sent , www.fourmilab.com/ which apparrently is better for observing.
@you . yes I know the 'evidence ' link is from last year! :)
May I say I did think before acting about putting up this post. I have been having a great laugh about a simple matter of getting the year wrong. I dont really know how to express what I am trying to say. Because ... as I say ... I dont think for one minute they are going to show ... I was just Lightening up and sharing!! Thanks Have a great day everyone.

Ami Drutman said...


Jort said...

Hi Blossom (and friends),
last year i made two video's about it, and kept checking Google Earth. I never saw it stop, although there are times when the "cut outs" only concentrate on the pole's.
I will see if i can make another video from the pictures i took from Google Earth this year. In the mean while, have a look ad my vid's from last year, and of course have a look at Google Earth for yourself!



Live long and prosper!

Sharyn said...

Hi Blossom and all,
So, I've been back on Google Earth with directions as suggested by Blossom and anon (many thanks to you both) and have seen a couple of blocked out areas - one over the antartic the other up near the arctic. I assumed a couple of things - one that the block out is a gliche of some sort in the software and mapping - hope I'm wrong there - and secondly that the clouds are not real time - weren't they photographed at some time in the past? Or are they, as anonymous says, in real time, which means a direct link to a satelite, doesn't it? Can someone who knows about this stuff explain it to me please. Many thanks for your patience with a middle aged ludite - well almost ludite anyway! LOL
Many thanks and love

Anonymous said...

@ sharyn: please consult:

Faith said...

Everyone here is responsible for their own disappointment, don't blame it on Blossom. Every day, every moment, we have a choice to see the half full or the half empty part of the glass. The thing is that our culture has taught us to be very very skilled at only seeing the empty portion, and at remembering all of the moments when things looked empty AND at anticipating all the half empty moments we will have in the future. YIKES!
Like a new set of muscles, the gratitude response takes practice and the muscles may be sore at first. Don't give up, keep your humor and keep your yearning for contact, just let go of the control issues and the victim consciousness! I know, easy to say....Golden hugs to all here........Faith

Anonymous said...

As I said on your previous blog Blossom I am off line and will be untill the 13th Oct due to Big pond error or universal guidence what ever your truth is, I'm going for the later, it has given me time to reflect on this year and my heart is full and in gratitude for all you have done and are still doing.I too feel them close but as you say these days I always do,we had a huge storm last night and I loved it, it felt like a huge releasing, I went to bed and noticed while I had my eyes closed I could still see my room, I kept opening my eyes and it was dark when I closed them it was light, so weird (this has happened once before) I fell asleep feeling very connected as if the real world was being seen from within me:) BELIEVE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Halo Solar here in Brazil.


Unknown said...

Not sure if logic would ensue, but wouldn't planes be hitting this giant thing? Flight patterns are all over that area.
Most planes reach a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet, which is higher than most clouds. I think there may just be a glitch on google earth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
take a look at this video from Spain. REALLY AMAZING!!!

They ARE here!!


wakeUP-please said...

I Know what I saw !

Anonymous said...

I am feeling in such a space of 'little girl lost' today, waiting for the computer to get back on line, so much time to myself these days as I have someone else running my buisness now,I thought I'd come to the library and see what the universe has for me and I was given this by a beautiful Indian Doctor I have on my site enjoy all you lightworkers WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sharyn said...

Hi all,
Casey, that is a really good point about the flight paths of planes and the height of clouds. Any other thoughts?
PS Google Earth has so many more funtions than we realised - it's so cool. Thanks for helping me out, especially anon.

Anonymous said...

I do hope a new chanelling will be posted soon...I'm dying to hear from them...
@Sharyn: you're welcome
(It's all got do with karma, you see, I'm repaying for the bad energy I confronted Blossom with, a long way back now. And to Blossom: I'm glad it wasn't only me, have nothing to do with your latest struggles. Be strong, people do change after all)

Blossom Goodchild said...


Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain how to see the mysterious marks on Google Earth, and am having the same problems as Sharyn
Can anyone help.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anonymous. If you watch the video on this post you will see the strange 'block outs'. They are not there on google earth today 19th oct, but every now and then they appear , big or small ... different shapes. You just have to keep a look out. many thanks.