Oct 2, 2009

Focus on the good stuff!

Hello Folks.
I've been rather lapse with this 'ere blogging lark lately. Just seem to be busy with other stuff and that old father time is ticking away in its usual fashion and before you know it weeks have flitted by.
More and more of us are becoming engrossed in our individual processes that engulf our daily lives and rarely are there moments to catch up with friends for a bit of a chinwag. A sign of the times I feel.
Lately I have recieved quite a few emails telling stories of how noticeable it is that those who were so against anything spiritual are 'lapping it up'. They simply cannot get enough now there eyes have been opened to the Light. Its so wonderful to hear. It breeds hope. And so lovely for the souls that were once ridiculed for their knowledge to now be able to share it with those that are so hungry. It allows one to FEEL their purpose is at last emmerging.

I still think there is a strong point to get across regarding focusing on what we want our NEW WORLD to be.It is apparrent that many are still in fear mode and as we all know the more fear is fed the fatter it becomes! I say many times ... and I'll keep on saying it ... feed only that which is of service to the whole. If something isnt fed ... it starves and dies. Simple as that. And yet many still don't seem to 'get that'.
I was recently sent this link. It is not a petition. It is simply a site where you can place your name upon it to bring peace to the world. Focusing on the good stuff I think it is a greatly uplifting idea.


In our Divinely oh so sublte way it is up to us to quash ALL negativity. Is it not NOW so apparrent when one hears another speak in that fashion? It sticks out like a sore thumb! There is so much work to still be done , and yet there are so many of us taking on this task that I feel sure that the rate things are going, it will be no time at all before we notice the change in front of our very eyes, not just within our hearts.

Not so far away from the country in which I now live, thousands of people are dying under rubble from the recent earth quakes. In order to keep the vibration 'up' during these times it is so necessary to send Light to those places. Not sadness, not anger, not despair ... but the BRIGHTEST LIGHT you can muster. Visualise it travelling into the souls who are trapped and in pain. This is where we can Truly help. Send peace to them. For we know what an affect it can have.
As white Cloud says , it does not benifit the situation at all to add your sorrow. But to imput your DIVINE LOVE can change the attitude of the entire vacinity if enough of us concentrated upon it. Take a moment if you would now and then amidst your busy day to send some Golden Rays their way. It takes but a thought.

I have been looking through some old paper work and came across this which I had forgotten all about. Probably many of you have already seen it. but for those who haven't ... Just an illusion, but a very clever one none the less ... bit like life really!!!!

Concentrate on the four dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds. Then close your eyes and tilt your head back. Keep them closed and wait .... and watch ...

Fill your days with Golden Rays.
Love Light & plenty of Laughter
Blossom xxx


Anonymous said...

Was it Chez Guevara? I closed my eyes, and that was what I exactly saw.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Yes, Blossom, you are so right, we all should increase the light within, connect with other lights and souls and spread light and love wherever we can.

I think that your soul already knew what you've been channeling throughout the years, and now you become one again with that knowledge and that love deep within.

Bless you! :)

you said...

thank you for your Love.

Ami Drutman said...

Thank you dear Blossom. Your words are made of love and light. When somebody tries to offend you, I can feel your pain. We are all in the same game. Know that we send to you our love. You are so important to so many people, helping us to wake up. Thank you, the FOL and all the people that use their love to connect souls.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom sending light from a heart that is not in fear but in love is so healing, I know this is what we are here to do, be that light.I have been off line again and looks like I'll be off untill the 13th Oct but I have been enjoying me time and loving it! All is as it should be:)I have also been going over all the channelings and filing extracts under catorgries, it is amazing where The Feds have taken us so gracefully, so gently so as not to shock the patience the love is beautiful. Love and light to all here Kerrie