Jul 27, 2009


Sorry people, my website is down, I am trying to rectify the matter. Patience in all things.


Anonymous said...

I was a little worried! Thanks for updating us :)


frosti said...

i know blossom but its unfair!
i trying to hold on to love, but its just too sad.

i still love you all very much, but i feel alone like this world.

Gaia is lonely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom
I just received this on my page from my Angel Ametrine and I feel it is a message, so I am passing it on,the syncronisities have been full on I have been receiving red roses in all manor of ways these last couple of days and the dragon fly has been around again.



I will never let you down
I will always be around
I will never raise my voice
I will keep this tender poise

In the time we are here
We'll see love disappear
In the time that we're here
We'll be lost in our fear
Lost in our fear

I will never bring you down
I will always stick around
I will heat you when you're cold
I will nurse you when you're old

In the time we have left
We'll raise eyes to the sky
Don't ask how don't ask why
Just fly dragonfly
Fly, dragonfly

I did White Clouds visualiseation today I am going to do it tommorow for the fire the grid if anyone wants the visual it automatically starts up on below link.Blossom I tried your one and it wasn't working.


Blossom Goodchild said...

Still cant find out why my site is down. Kerrie, the Fire the Grid in australia isn't until wed morning 8.19am my time. Frosti... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! HANG ON IN THERE!!!

frosti said...

How am I suppose to feel.
My own Love is hurting me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom,
Had to quickly check I had put the right times up, all good! I will be sooo glad when there is no time I have such issues with time:)

Frosti we love you my friend:)hang in there:)observe and release make room inside you for these new energies.

Golden Rays to your site Blossom:)
I live near the Airforce base and I think they are getting ready for a show down!!!!!!!!!:)
Jets have been very active tonight:)

Faith said...

I just read somewhere that Gaia loves our touch ( I know it was in one of the Anastasia books that I have recommended) can you get yourself the first one- www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org

Anyway, Gaia loves gardeners, she loves a gentle caress of our hands. So I went out last night before bed, lay down and hugged her goodnight! And there is no limit, you can do a bunch of them! You get grounded too when you touch the earth, makes you feel better..try it and let us know how it feels! much love Faith