Jul 22, 2009

Two new posts in one day! Struth!!!

I have just been sent these two you tubes. I felt them to be so poignant. Especially as my first book channelled by The Federation Of Light is called The Bridge and also because The Federation talk so much about rainbows. Really worth taking the 20mins I feel.

We are 'getting it' people ... with people like this man in the world ... we are getting it!
Thank You.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays


Anonymous said...

He is good! Blossom:)

I was thinking tonight of how this all started for me on the 24th December 2006 when I had a vision of Jesus and I looked up the achieves on Celia Fenns site as it was her site that I first was guided to before your's Blossom and look what I found!

12:12 Stargate on the 12th of December, and moving through to the Solstice on the 22nd of December.2006

…….you will begin to perceive yourself as a "Galactic Human". For your Galactic Lightbody will be fully connected, and you will become aware of the presence of the Celestial beings who work with you. These beings have always been here, waiting patiently for you to be ready to see them and work with them. For, dearest ones, you will only "see" them with your Heart. Your mind will not accept their presence, as the Collective Consciousness has as yet refused to allow them to exist in the mental framework of reality. But, as you move into a heart-based reality, you will see with the eyes of Love and you will feel and receive the Love that has always been there. it will be a Joyous Reunion as you begin to merge with your Galactic families.

But, we can say that this may be a turbulent process. You are pioneers, and you are breaking through consciousness barriers of fear and illusion that are thousands of years old, to be the first to welcome your Celestial families.

I popped the full channeling on my blog


Vigusa said...

Hiyas Blossom :))

I found this and I thought you might be interested on advertising and selling your books there.. I am subscribing to it oday.. Eventhough I don't have products to sell I can always advertise other people's products.

And as it seems to be for a good case and at the same time one benefits from it, sounds very appealing.

This is the websire:


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
That channeling was so close to my heart thank you my dear friend for all that you do and are:)
Today I was in a space that was sort of melancholy, My mind kept going to thoughts that I didn't want in my head and I kept bringing myself to the present moment and remembering what The Feds said about how we have control over what we think, that it is a choice so I sent myself love and forgiveness all day trying so hard to stay centered in my heart, after work I sat down to meditate and then I decided to try and connect. I said to them I so need to talk to you to day, I asked my soul to allow this and I promised this ego would cope.I asked if they could please communicate more with me as I am feeling such a yearning to connect.They said that everything was on target and to stay focused in the light my light and that all is in readiness for the event, I felt a sense of peace come over me and they said peace be with you and I said also with you (very appropriate for Sunday and my old catholic school days:)
I noticed they used the word family in the channeling and that is exactly what I called them today:)
I sat there afterwards feeling the peace that I was given sending them my love and a feeling came in my solar plexus, I put my hands on it and closed my eyes and saw a white light around a empty space the word portal popped into my head I opened A New Dawn where White Cloud talks of the energies these days and I felt such love for him and then to come home to that beautiful channeling my heart is full:)
Love,light and GRATITUDE

P.S. FIRE THE GRID is 28th july or 8.19am 29th in Australia firethegrid.com has a world clock I'll pop more details and the youtube on my blog click on my profile.

*Hi Vigusa luv ya! we keep on keeping on friend!

Dan said...

Your channeled message today seemed to hit me exactly where I needed to be hit and I read it after watching the (linked here) You-Tube video for way too long. The video is of a wedding that took place here in the states and I think that if all relationships started with the love and energy shown in that short video, we'd all be a lot better off. I feel like we're all about to start a long, strong and Loving relationship with our brothers and sisters from "off world", and your message after seeing this video had me a LOT more than a little emotional this morning. THANKS!
As always, I send you all the love, energy, light and all that you have been sending to so many for so long.



Faith said...

Thanks to all for sharing from the heart on this site- reading people's posts always leaves me feeling more heart-centered. That new channeling is quite something- feels like they are even closer now...

Love from Faith

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Frosti ... hello there ... I didnt publish your last post ... the youtube was not quite full of Love and Light! Are you OK Frosti? Look inside for YOUR TRUTH and don't allow what is going on outside of that to bring you down. Because then the darkness is winning. Shine your Light in its fullness Frosti... thats why you are here. You can... I know you can ... and you will!! Big GOLDEN RAYS from all of us here. Blossom xx