May 1, 2009

Keep smiling through!

May day!! Isn't that an emergency signal? Perhaps we should look at that ... in a few ways! Is the emergency our own? To the world in general? Or ... why not look at it from a positive point of view in that the darkness is sinking? Their final struggles as they try to scare us with flu's and low flying planes and economic recession. Perhaps THEY are the ones that are going under AT LAST. When you have watched the news lately ... what have you done ... have you reacted in the way the darkness hopes and become fearful and talked about how terrible this all is? Or ... have you heard the words (for instance) 'swine flu' and immediately send out those Golden Rays on those very words and dissipated the dark energy?

ARE YOU COMING FROM FEAR OR LOVE?????? Check it out people ... be discerning and vigilant ... check yourselves out.

This is what The Federation and many other 'channells' are talking about at the moment. Letting go of the fear factor. There are some out there who appear to know all there is to know about Love and wish the channellings to 'move on'. From an outside looking in ... I would say ... clearly ... we may have been given the 'tools' to turn all we know in to Love ... but are we doing it ... all the time? This, in my opinion is what it is all about. This is what we are being taught. Come from Love at all times .... and yet ... if you just go back two weeks of your time in your own personal space ... how much fear mongering have you yourself spread? Have you been talking about the very things that are scaring everyone!! Or sending on emails that are simply fear ridden? Yes, there is awareness ... but if we stop spreading all this terrible news around ... it won't have the energy necessary to survive, because no one is feeding it ... no one is buying into it! Yet still, I am for ever being sent emails that are of this nature. Ask yourselves folks, before you send on an email ... is this coming from Love or fear? If love ... happy to receive it ... if not ... no thanks.

We must step up our game if we are to win through. In order to shine we have to recognise that which is coming from the Light and that which is not.

And when the 'down times' appear to be in the lead ... where are you coming from? ... Hang on in there with all your might! Consciously recognise that the lower vibrations are not only sending out the big stuff , but the little nit picky things too, in order to drag you under. It is in THOSE times that you need to remember to stop the head stuff and make the effort ... yes effort ... to let the Golden Rays shine out of your heart place... to everything in general. If you think about doing that... as you are doing it ... you can't be thinking about the stuff that is dragging you down.

That is what The Federation are talking about when they say 'be vigilant'. That's what I think anyway.

These are such powerful times. It is so important that YOU do your bit to keep the vibrations HIGH. Consciously!!

They say allow ourselves to just 'be'. Quite honestly, I am not quite there with that yet. I would Love to be, but my head still gets in the way with many things. But we can keep on keeping on until we DO get to that place of Being.

It just makes sense to me. It 'feels' the right thing to do. Just got to work at it, until I am in it, and don't have to work at it any more... for I simply AM.

Thank you ..

I am aware too that my channellings are taken to other sites, some translated in to other languages etc etc. I am unable to keep track of indeed most of it. But I have been told that some of it is 'changed' and integrated with other channellings.
All I can say is ... My website contains the original channellings from The FOL. In Truth in the form that they come through to me. As for what is published elsewhere I am unable to do anything about.

I channell the Federation Of Light. I know The Federation to be of a vast organisation .... which 'I FEEL' encompasses the Galactic Federation of Light and many many many other Star Kind. But I wish to make it quite clear that the energy I channell call themselves THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

If anyone has written to me in this last week and not received a reply I apologise. I won't even begin to speak of the troubles I am having with my new server. It was going to be cheaper in order to cater for my large email list ... but it has cost me a fortune in emotions!!!Still not sorted ... but every day brings me closer. I have a feeling I may have lost many emails in cyber space as my inbox is empty and that simply doesn't happen. Who knows if they shall ever be found!! This too shall get sorted ... and a great test for my Golden Rays , which at one point during this change over ... were not so very bright!! And now it seems I have to change back to the original server. If it's not broken , don't try to fix it!!!

Don't forget that a smile on your dial not only brightens someone else's day, but yours as well.

At this point there can be no May newsletter as my new server cannot send out the number of email addresses I have in my mail programme. When you get a newsletter , you will know the problem is fixed. Hey ho!

Love Light LAUGHTER and plenty of Golden Rays
Blossom xxxx


Liz said...

I have been reading your channelings since September '08, and yet it wasn't until about less than two weeks ago that I finally started truly applying the philosophy of love and light to my life. Sometimes when I'm alone in my thoughts, I let negativities from the past consume my mind and try to pull me into a dark place. Then one day, I said, dark forces be gone! I pretended that the dark forces were like a monster feeding off my negative emotions and the only way to banish it was with love and light- and it worked! All the negative emotions just went away and I no longer cared about what had been bothering me! And so I've been trying to keep doing that over, and over (I also began meditating which helped as well) and ever since then, I've been experiencing some crazy things - I've been seeing a double or triple digit number prompt nearly every time I looked at the clock, especially 11:11, 3:33, and 4:44, and other small surprises, such as psychic predictions (ie. I woke up suddenly at night knowing I was going to get a text message, which came seconds later). It's been quite surreal, and it all seemed to start happening as soon as I began banishing all darkness from my mind. I will try to smile more as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

blossom can you not see that this is causing fear. every time you say we can get it ,people are doubting themselves and saying i cant ,i dont which is causing panic and fear itself even the people who are really trying can only go so long before they give up its a human thing if thier is no proof lets be honest they are not the most trustworthy are they.first impressions go along way

Anonymous said...

When I look at the news I feel like an Observer. I dont feel fear, just a sense of knowing. We all chose to be here at this moment in time because we all knew what would be taking place.
A wolf is most vicious when it is cornered, thats how I see the negative forces in the world at the moment......They know they are "cornered", they understand the law of attraction very well.
They have all ways used Fear to attract more fear....
But people are waking up, all over our beautiful planet.
We are waking up to who we really are.... spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Love is the answer.....just love yourself for the amazing soul that you are.
Then you can love others for the amazing souls that thay are.

Have Commpassion for the ones that are locked into negativity, they are so fearfull of losing control that they don't realise that they only hurt themselves in the long run.

Remenber, NOTHING can exstinguish our souls.... Whatever happens to our physical form.......our souls are allways eternal.

We live in very challenging times, but we chose to come here to shine light into the darkness.

We spread light by loving and laughing and looking for the beauty that is all around us.

All my love to everyone x


crystalpersuasion said...

You are so right, blossom and other bloggers. We are all beginning to see through the news commentaries, we see it as a last resort for negative energies to exist. The latest attempt, the so called swine flu. Keeping it real, a normal flu season causes 36,000 people, usually very young or feeble to die. That's 70 people a day. Thankfully we are no where near these numbers, yet the media is trying so hard to keep fear high. Negativity feeds off of our fear. Don't give in, keep strong and keep your heart center vibrant with loving thoughts and feelings! Love and light to everyone!

Dethduck said...

I do not fear, for fear creates fear.
I do not forget, love creates as well.
I know that both love and fear are choices and not the result of external influences and stimuli.

I know that to say whether I feel love or fear because of external forces is to hand over responsibility and control of myself to those outside forces.

I do not fear, I love because I choose to.

Anonymous said...

now that you said MAY DAY lets ask the fed for help in the next channel

all those in favour say i

Anonymous said...


Vigusa said...

I like to be aware of wht is going on so I can gather my friends together to start sending love and light to the people that are in trouble, or to what ever is happening so I can counteract it :)

Never with fear but with love and light ... later lots of laughter :)))

I just think that the FOL can't say it clearer than this... Love is the answer... just love,.. As John Lenon said.. All we need is loveeeee lol

Regarding the negativity lovers I simply am ignoring them nowadays and it feels awesome lol

Anonymous said...

"Never with fear but with love and light ... later lots of laughter :)))"

Lissa said...

I agree that love is important, but you cant ignore all the negativity & fear in the world. It was created by first source just as positivity was, the purpose of having both light and dark is so that WE can make a conscious CHOICE to choose a loving thought over a fearful one, if we simply ignore it and put our heads in the sand how do we ever learn to make the choice consciously, which is the exact way we do 'ascend' or 'evolve' into 4th density love. If you dont know how to change your thoughts when presented with a choice, how do you think you will make it to the 4th density? You dont get there by right, you have to earn it, to work at it, to grow and to evolve, you have to pass the 3rd grade (density)!!. The only way to do this is to CHOOSE loving thoughts when presented with negative ones both on a personal and community level. Ignoring it teaches you nothing about having control over your thoughts and your actions. Ignoring it teaches you nothing about what true unconditional & divine love is all about. What do you think your creator does when you are being negative? Do you think he ignores you? I doubt it, I believe he CHOOSES to think loving and positive thoughts about you & focuses on the outcome he wants for you. If you believe that thoughts create our reality, then what is ignoring creating? Apathy? If you ignore it, then you cant help to change it, because you are not giving the negative event or thought any other option, by facing it and CHANGING your thoughts when you are faced with it, you then create something new. Remember, you cant change anything you dont acknowledge!

Anonymous said...

Lissa there are so many clever THINKERS I have noticed on the net and your point is a valid one if I was to listen to all the many points that the minds are bringing up I would be lost, 2008 was a number 1 year that meant KNOWING who you are, KNOW you are LOVE and come from that place of trust then you will recognise the truth when you FEEL it,It is important at this critical time that we correct the balance that has tilted the sea saw caused by left brain THINKING this is why the feminine energy balance is penetrating our atmosphere and the perfect
balanced Christconsious light.Yes and I know some are saying that the Aliens get to you through your emotions.FEELINGS are NOT emotions,emotions come when the MIND ads dialogue to a feeling that has nothing to do with the feeling.Remember what The Feds said:

Because there is an expectancy from the mind that expects that feeling within the heart to ‘feel’ that way. It is merely past expectation and the familiarity of what you think is happening that is causing the ‘stress’ factor.

I loved this bit,they can explain things so well,that's what they do for me, their teachings clarify what I already know but can't put into words, words are so limited,so that is what they are doing I guess more supporting that which you already KNOW.and that feeling inside of you goes out to others that perhaps are struggling with their knowing, their soul truth.Namaste