May 2, 2009

Email issues!!!

As I know many people visit this page, (for which I am very humbled!) therefore the best place to mention it ... I am having EXTREME email problems, having gone to a new server that sadly cannot serve me in the way they originally said they could. i.e. sending out a large capacity of emails in one go. So unfortunately there shall be no newsletter this month. They also are unable to let me keep the same email address as promised. Therefore I shall be returning to my original server but this cannot take place for a month!! Golden Rays. Golden Rays Golden Rays. 14 hours ... yes, you read correctly ... 14 hours of phone calls later ... I feel it is best ... if anyone needs to contact me to use until further notice. Apparently web site addresses ... i.e. and are also experiencing difficulties due to a mass collapse of the 'web central' whereby millions of emails are clogged up in cyber space at the moment and until it gets freed up, a lot of people are experiencing problems with their web site emails. All this happening at the same time as changing my service provider that can't provide my service!!!!. Don't you just Love it??? More Golden Rays!!! So, if you have written to me recently and I haven't replied, it is probably because I never received it. Come June ... all should be back to normal. And normal is ???***!!!!!!

many thanks
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxxxxxx


Faith said...

I was feeling very out of sorts myself today, went to a Global Love event tonight and it cheered me up.
So I could relate to your May 2 session with FOL...thank you again for being yourself! Love, Faith

Anonymous said...

As the Truth unfolds there can be little doubt of what lies ahead for those of you who have chosen the path of Love. Again we would say ‘hold on to your hats’.

this is the latest statement by the fed which i dont get especially the part that says "what lies ahead for those of you that have chosen the path of love" dont you think thats it is a bit is love and if you truly love then it is all love you cannot choose .some people are struggleing yes but some of the other bloggers her say things like dont listen to the fear /negativity whatever you want to call it. but if you truly love then help these people.

let me explain
in a recent blog a blogger called VIGUSA SAYS

Regarding the negativity lovers I simply am ignoring them nowadays and it feels awesome lol

you just dont get it. cant you see that this statement alone means you dont get it how can you be of love and then simply ignore somebody (and it feels awsome) i think should start again my freind.

the problem with the negativity in here is that 90% of humans do come from love or we wouldnt be sitting here today the problem lies within belief that the fed are real.


Anonymous said...

hey rich--

We are ALL love, every one of us. This is never in dispute. And yes, it is the source of our very existence. And our existence is proof that we are love.

The trouble lies in perception. We were given free will to choose separation or unity. In PERCEPTION. Again, we are always and only love, in truth. But coming to this world of duality was a choice that demanded of us a forgetting... and through that forgetting we are enabled to believe false things. To deny our truth. To pretend we are not love itself, in form.

To believe in things not real, to invest ourselves in fear, to follow the winding road of exploration in any way we choose... is a Divine Gift. Some have not finished opening this gift, or exploring it's many facets. Many have not yet discovered the incredible value of this gift. So some are not done choosing to explore life from a fear-based perception. And they have that right. A Divine Birthright, in fact.

But for those who have chosen to "return to love", to align their perceptions with the highest truth possible, which is love... changes to their experience of being here are coming.

My own guidance once said that we "separate to unify" and "unify to separate". Love loves to deny itself and see what happens. Hold onto your hat, but... (heh heh) ...It's only a ruse.

It's only a perception. It can never be real in any true sense. What's real is eternal. And that realness is love. But the illusions created through forgetting who we truly are, denying love... are amazing, exciting, dramatic and yes, greatly upsetting sometimes... and SEEM very real here in physicality.

Reacting to what isn't actually real is a natural human response. But guess what? It means you're not done exploring fear too. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Nonetheless, there are some who are done exploring these "anti-self", "anti-love", "anti-truth" pathways. And for them... something is about to manifest that reflects the truth of their choice to return to love. Something never before existing at this level of physicality. Something that reflects "wholeness in form"... prior to now soul was always fragmented at this level. Always had some part living in the perception of separation.

Living from the heart... embracing love as the only source of one's every moment... is not nearly as easy as it sounds. It requires an unconditionality, a LACK OF BIAS, prejudice, judgment... that most people are only just starting to understand. And of course, it begins with the self. Loving the self that hates… loving the self that denies love… loving the self that can't quite be loving no matter how much it wants to be… it begins with the self.

There is no wrong. There is no bad. Fear is an illusion. Everything borne of fear is also an illusion. That doesn't make it less real when we experience it. And that's the glory of being here.

And by the way, EVERYTHING EXISTS. Every thought, every possibility, every conceived alien or higher being, every everything. The fact that so much of it doesn't exist HERE... is not "proof" that it doesn't exist. It's evidence of the limitations set here at this density level, which produce humanity's limited, biased perceptions.

To deny the existence of anything is to NOT KNOW TRUTH. It is to have a bias where there could be love. Absolutely anything and everything conceivable exists in The One Source. And it's all borne of love. Even fear. (wrap your head/heart around THAT one!)


Anonymous said...

I believe a LOT of peoples frustrations stem from the 'unknown', and NOT being able to 'connect the dots'.

To start I suggest watching 'Zeitgeist - the movie' to help those who NEED to know what's going on in the world.

The movie is a good start but one MUST look further into many avenues to find the 'truth' for themselves.

Ciao for now dear Blossom.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point and would say I agree with most of what you have just said. Mind you, I am really just a lurker here. I am not a believer or disbeliever, just curious observer I suppose. But the point you make is a good one for certain and if one is of love they don't shun those who may shun them. We don't solve anything by wrapping ourselves in a coccoon of protection against the outside world because face it, the outside isn't going away anytime soon. For me surely the way you reach someone who maybe doesn't understand the good feelings you may have despite the world falling down around you, is to reach out to them and never give up. It's not just about love, it's about compassion for those around us even those who think differently or aren't as kind as we would like. Or at least that is how I think it should be and it would be if I ruled the world hah! As for the FOL I haven't the slightest clue if they are real. Some might call me a sceptic in some sense as I see no pink light and am completely baffled by what a golden ray is, however I am not about to judge another persons reality. What is real for them may be real and what is real for me is my reality. I don't pin my happiness on such things nor should anyone else. Make your own happiness, find the things in life that make you smile even when the rest of the world may seem to have forgotten how. Basically don't give up and that's even if FOL aren't real. It would be great if they were but I keep being reminded of something said in on of my sons favourite movies as a kid. "Your the hero you've been searching for" and that is a really powerful message I think.
Best wishes to you,

Vigusa said...

I am sorry Rich I said I ignored them as in I ignore the fear monguering and the negative comments they bring. I never said I didn't love them.

In any case we need to focus on love and not on trying to convince people that the FOL is not evil.

They seem to have an agenda to prove us all wrong and create a negative feeling towards the FOL and Blossom. I simply won't accept that.. and as I am opting to let them be I am expecting they respect my choice of ignoring their horrible comments about the FOL or Blossom...

I don't see how that will interfere with the "love" I feel.

I spent 8 months trying to show them that inciting fear among the Forum members wasn't achieving anything for the llight/truth.

They chose to keep on inciting fear and many of the Forum members decided to keep on listening to their words, then I did all I could and now I won't listen to that anymore.

I am on the other hand with many other friends trying to focus on sending love and light to all the places and people that are having problems all over the world.

There isn't much time left hun and we need to bathe earth with love and light.. Earth and the human beings do not need to give more weigh to all the fear and hate comments out there by trying to respond to them or fight them.

I do love Jesus paraboles cause normally they would really get through lots of great messages which were very deep and true.

For example he said: Matthew 7:6
6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces."

These fear inflicting people are confortable where they are and nothing you or I do will change that. That is why the FOL said to leave the fear behind and come to the light and truth and remember who we really are.

Love, peace and light to you rich :)))

Sharon said...

To anonymous....I can relate to what Vigusa says "Regarding the negativity lovers I simply am ignoring them nowadays and it feels awesome". My ex husband is one of these negativity lovers. He is the father of my two children, & we love him & care deeply about what happens to him. However, his mind is closed...he is asleep...& I'm not sure if he will awaken in this lifetime. He sees only the negative side in everything, & no amount of love & support from us can persuade him any differently. He has chosen to numb himself with drugs & alcohol...& refuses any kind of help. I still send him 'bubbles of love' during my meditations...I still ring him once a week to check that he's ok...but my children & I have had to distance ourselves physically from him due to his unpredictable & sometimes aggressive behaviour. I also soak up his negativity & can feel very depressed after being around him. Unfortunately, we had to distance ourselves to protect ourselves & stay sane.
I think these are the kinds of people Vigusa means when he says 'negativity lovers'. People who just don't 'get it' yet...who don't want to be helped...who are so closed minded that they don't see the possibilities that lie ahead.
When the FOL says "what lies ahead for those of you that have chosen the path of love", I don't think this is discriminating. We all have free will...we can either follow the path of love...or not. For those that choose not to, we can only pray & hope that they DO find that path.
Anyway, just my thoughts...have a wonderful day & Golden Rays to you.
Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

We are indeed all love, love is an energy not an emotion,The Feds I believe are not judging those that are chooseing another path for indeed that is soul choice, if a soul wishes to experience seperation from source for a growth not only for its growth but for those still lost in judgement be that of themselves or of others so be it, that is a brave soul as are we all,we will learn that is what this is about choosing what path we want to take to this ascenion, without those human angels that are in need of assistence those that are assisting wouldn't be able to experience their soul growth, it is all a game that we are all in together and personally I don't want anyone to sufer as they will if they resist releasing fear, this is what keeps me going, but I need to realise that I can only do what I can and then back off and respect that souls choice.The planet needs to cleans the negetive vibes in order to asend the seasaw has gotten unbalanced these negetive energies are in all of us the light is being shone on it.Namaste

Inpired reader said...

Rich, I also didn't get that too.

How can we be 'of love' and then enjoy ignoring others?

If we really love, then shouldn't we seek to make peace and not 'ignore' each other?

Blossom, what do you think about this?

Anonymous said...

About "ignoring others"...

If someone is in your personal environment with negativity, it is yours to address. Life presents us with what is ours to do without our having to go out and find it. Face what lives right in your own space, your own backyard, your own environment. And to truly, effectively deal with something "in your space", go inward and address it. Not "at" or "to" those who are merely reflecting this negative part of your own self to you, for your edification. They are merely your mirror, but the real work is done inwardly.

And if the negativity is not directly connected to you but simply "out there in the world", accepting it exists as part of the All and then yes, essentially ignoring it because it is not yours to address... is appropriate.

If you feel niggled or bothered by that negativity out there, that is your cue that is yours to address! But again, the place to do that tending is inward, not outward. So again, ignoring it in others becomes once again appropriate.

To attempt to correct it, fix it, fight with it or love it outside of yourself, when YOU are the one who is bothered by it INSIDE... is missing the point of the reflection. They are merely there to show you what's in conflict within.

And if you are not bothered by negativity of others outside of you... there is nothing to do. You already love them, because you are not triggered by them. There is an acceptance and understanding already existing in your energies... or you would be bothered and feel a need to "do something".


Victoria said...

Hi Blossom,

Have you or anyone else seen any rainbows today?

Have your camera ready...just in case!!!

I can feel what's coming this year is going to be breathtaking!!!!

They say "hold on to your hats!"

Indeed! and I say "hold on to your spirit!" because you are going to need it! LOL

Love and Light to you Blossom and everyone else,



Anonymous said...

Also we would say that there are times when our vessel is far closer to you than you realise and that is another reason why you feel this ‘calling’. .. because you are linking up with your ‘kin’. And they in turn our able to connect with you in a stronger fashion because you are within a closer range of each other … if we may put it that way.

Blossom this is why I felt so emotional last week and didnt want their energy to leave me and I called them FAMILY:)

I saw a few weeks ago lightning within a white cloud and again yesterday (2nd May)I don't know if this is normal when we have a clear day but all I know is that I was drawn to look and I have never noticed that before.
And we have that Pleiadian alignement mid may.LUV4U


Anonymous said...

i love you all

together we stand divided we fall


Anonymous said...

"To deny the existence of anything is to NOT KNOW TRUTH."

Very nice comment, many thanks

Wanda said...

"Look, look, look to the rainbow, It is a sight to behold."

I finally get it, at least for me. I was sitting outside thinking about this last message, and I realized...aside from the absolute perfection of a rainbow, what else does it symbolize? What's at the end of every rainbow? A pot of gold! Golden Rays !!
Suddenly I was engulfed in this feeling of pink/gold Love! It felt electric somehow. As they said, not so long ago, the world was primitive by our standards. Time has accelerated, time as we knew it is over. We're getting close to the end of the rainbow!
I have an aquaintance from another shore, who is "One who walks amongst us", and he introduced me to the author Dolores Cannon.
I would recommend everyone to read "Keepers of the Garden." So much said here and there is my truth.
Golden Rays and PINK Love.

Victoria said...

I didn't catch a rainbow today. I kept looking for it but I only got a
Maybe next time. Never Give Up!!!

Love & Light to All,


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have two questions.

Do you know if wars exist among aliens anywhere in the cosmos?

Are there any other planets in a similar situation as our Earth?

frost said...

Im not sure if anyone here noticed. I think that date Blossom was sending out to the world was important. If you recall the issues of the world, it seemed our timeline shifted. Spreading the word for people to pay attention to this was her mission even if you believe otherwise.

much love*

Anonymous said...

Oh I definitely concur, frost!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning at 4am with a smile on my face and a song going on in my head, It is out of Olivia Newton Johns album GRACE and GRATITUDE

Thank You for life
Thank you for everything
I stand here in GRACE and GRATITUDE and I thank you.

Yesterday I was speaking to someone about the way being grateful allows the creative energy of life to flow with out hindrance from the mind.
And just now while working on the net I came across this from The Feds:

Be at one with one another.The Light of Grace shines down into your HEARTS from those of us that are in GRATITUDE of the love that you are sending to us.for indeed we are one. Dear souls of earth...ask your hearts where we are. You will feel them beat faster and louder and this is us telling you we are so very near.We said we would not leave until we have accomplished our mission.It is not accomplished yet and that is why we are still here.Keep searching within yourselves for your and thou shall this not so?

It is with grace and gratitude we accept the assistance of The Federation of Light for the betterment of ourselves and the all.

Love,light & gratitude

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe by now that the universe is a supportive universe how’s this!
10min. ago on this blog I just posted on gratitude.

10 min. later after I had just helped someone on the net who was not sure about all this UFO stuff! I came across this video:
Neale Donald Walsch
- Gratitude & Love

sorry url for video not available you need to view at above site or my blog.

I have been experiencing the results of one of my ego drama creations lately,
and trying to stay out of my mind as Neale says,
In order to know God you have to be out of your mind.
And the universe has not stopped assisting this cause, by keeping me focused in the heart,sooo good.
Thankyou Feds:)

Love,light & gratitude