May 6, 2009

An Evening of Love Light & Laughter!

Hello Everyone.
Just to let you know that I will be presenting an evening of Love Light and Laughter on May 22nd in Cleveland.(Brisbane/Gold coast).

So if you live in the vacinity, feel free to check out the events page on my website for details.

It has been six months since the last one ... and a lot has happenned since then!!!
The first half is me chatting away ... and the second half White Cloud and friends pop in for a chat too!

The lovely Victoria who created the spinning pink globe to visualise also made this for me. The reason I put it up here is because I have found it great to close my eyes for a second and think of it. It is 'comforting'. So I thought it might do the same for others. Obviously imagining your own face in a pink bubble .... not mine!!!! And I have found I then automatically enlarge that bubble to encompass my whole being. Good protection and good vibrations!!! Victoria felt inspired to do this for me, and it wouldnt go away until she did. So I think it is meant for all ... not just for me! Worth a try anyway.

Stay in your Truth folks. Swords of Light ot the sky!!

Many thanks
Bloss xxxxxx


Neil Jenkins said...

The Golden Rays are soon to become Pink Rays, perhaps? :-)

On a more serious note, I'm having real trouble with the whole visualisation thing. I try to visualise things, such as the light ship of our recent mass visualisation and now the pinkness. I think my key problems are (i) I can't concentrate on visualisations for long before my mind becomes filled with mundane, everyday stuff and worries, and (ii) I have trouble visualising something I haven't seen before (in other words, I have a lousy imagination!). Does anyone else suffer from the same thing, or have any advice on how I can visualise 'better'?

Victoria said...

Hi Neil,

Doing some deep breathing before visualizing helps clear your mind and relax your body. Also, having a strong intention very clear in your awareness before doing 'anything' makes a BIG difference with the results. As well as, consciously tunning into your God-self/Higher-self for guidance and support makes any task you are up to, easier and more fulfilling.

With each time you do these things, you will improve and get much better at it while at the same time expanding your awareness, strengthening your relationship with your God-self/Higher-self, and reinforcing your confidence and Trust in yourself.

Also, to make it easier for you and everyone else with the visualizations, I will put together and send Blossom for her to post (if this is ok with her) some images of pink bubbles for you to put your own pictures inside it and an image of a ship and a rainbow unveiling from a mist of clouds.

Please let us know if any of these things help you.

'Pink' Love and Light to you and all, Victoria

Faith said...

First, thanks so much Blossom for the pink bubble- I will definitely be using it. It occurs to me that placing challenging people in the bubble would probably be a good idea too ! :)

Second, to Neil- to see if you really have a visualization problem, we need to know if you have trouble visualizing your favorite food. Sort of kidding, not really though. Maybe the key is putting some emotional weight into the visualization. I don't think it's necessary to see a very precise image, more have the emotional feeling behind it. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Neil,
Ask and it is given!
We are all sooo happy to assist:)
The Feds have given some advice on this in the 14th Dec.channeling I use it a lot, also I would suggest that you practice allowing your thoughts rather then trying to push them away,observe your thoughts and don't attach any judgement or frustration of yourself, nurture your mind as you would a child and let it know it can take a back seat and allow you to take over,every time a thought comes in look at it don't judge it and then bring your attention to your senses and your breath, also during the day practice bringing yourself to the present moment when you notice yourself thinking too much,this in it's self is awareness the fact that you are aware of your mind thinking! gradually your mind will let go more and more as it realises that it is not threatened.Don't worry about not seeing anything just know its all good and let go of expectations, KNOW you can't go wrong!10min. a day and bringing yourself present moment through out the day is all you need to do.
Love,light and gratitude

Anonymous said...

To Neil:

About a year ago a very 'motcho' friend of mine had the same problem, meditation was NOT his forte.

So I suggested he take a six-pack, sit down, relax, and try to visualize one of his very 'dirty' jokes. He did as I suggested and within 7 days he was able to visualize anything he wanted WITHOUT the six-pack.

He now meditates on a daily basis and is very pleased with the results.

I don't know if this will help you, but it did help my friend.


And Blossom, I believe the FOLs' reference to 'holding on to your hats' could be because of the Mayans "Kunab Ku" this May 9th - 11th, 2009.

Supposedly, it's the start of ALL the powerful energies we are to experience before the golden age starting on March 21, 2013.

Ciao for now dear star child.

AnonimaAnonima said...

If you can't visualize: use pictures from the internet, magazines or postcards that give you positive feelings. Or (try to) draw what you would like to visualize, this helps you to hold the visualization. Be creative in finding something that works for you. And remember that trying to focus on a certain thought or feeling works just as good as a visualization.

It's easy for me to visualize, but it's easier to stay focused when I'm looking at a picture. And it's easier to connect when I'm focused.

Anonymous said...

re:Kunab Ku" this May 9th - 11th, 2009.

Also there is an alignment of the great central sun and Pleiades those of us that have connection to Pleiades will receive DNA code activation (orders!)

And I have just posted on my blog a very interesting explanation of these powerful May energies.
and about the Full moon of the 9th May and the Full moon of the 7th June in Gemini (the 3rd moon of these powerful spring energies)remember WE GIVE YOU 3!
It also mentions Mother Mary's assistence and I for one have had her visit a bit over the last 6 mths and as recently as a few days ago.
It also asks you to not miss out on invoking these energies daily.
Love,light & gratitude for the Feds assistence in advance:))

Anonymous said...

UFO filmed by Russian Farmer, posted on May 5.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Blossom and all the Mothers out there,Very appropriate for Mother Mary to be in focus at the moment, last night I was reading A New Dawn again and it was when Mother Mary came through you Blossom, I am happy that she said she is not sheding tears anymore, I don't get that from her either just a warm motherly love for her children.
The full moon last night was beautifull and golden, all day I was feeling close to spirit and that night I dreamt my first dream of a space ship, but it was not theirs (space family) it was ours (earths) and our planes were mock fighting it.but it was pretty pathetic. I'm going to try and BE!(a bit of a challenge!)God the Feds /White Cloud are good, I don't know how they managed to get past this mind,maybe thats why they involved me, they couldn't stop my mind so they got it focused on the channelings.
Love,light & gratitude

Anonymous said...

I was thinking it a good "idea" to have a discussion thread after every reading to get some 'feed back' from everybody.

Your choice, I'm being selfish.

But if it resonates with you Blossom.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

May 10th channelling.
(see Blossom I'm getting good at this labeling:)

The plan has been in place too long and is too vast to be miscast (?) It is time dear people of earth to come forth in your strength. To shine your Light more brightly than ever.

And yet we would acknowledge the fact that receiving these energies is entirely up to the individuals desire to accept them. They are a present to all, and yet it is so that many choose not to unwrap this gift.

As this is recognised more and more the vibration that is now with you shall become more apparent to those who are Truly in awe of themselves.

They are reading my mind again! everything I have been thinking on especially these past 2 days what is stopping people from owning who they are? am I the only one feeling like this? Why isn't this out their more? I am in awe of what is happening to me. open the gift box people THIS IS NOT EGO!
we have not been miscast OWN IT! release the I'M NOT WORTHY EGO it no longer serves.


Love,light & gratitude

Victoria said...

Happy Mother's Day Blossom and all the Mothers out there!

Let your Light shine through you!

Love and Light,


Victoria said...

OMG!I posted my last comment:
"Let your Light shine through you!"before I even knew there was a channeling for May 10th where they say:

"It is time dear people of earth to come forth in your strength. To shine your Light more brightly than ever."They really are good at this!

that is, getting to connect with us.

I love those guys!!!


Neil Jenkins said...

Thanks everyone for the visualisation advice. Sorry I hadn't replied up to now as I've been away from the internet for a few days.

I find that putting emotional weight behind it makes me more frustrated when I can't visualise what I want to. Also, the picture idea is a good one, except I have no idea what their light ship looks/will look like, which is why I had trouble visualising that.

I guess I should just chill out, relax and start again! :-p Maybe I'll use the 6-pack idea (perhaps swapping the 6-pack for a nice bottle of red!).

Best wishes and 3xL,

Anonymous said...

Greetings Blossom,

Could you please check with our friends from the Federation of Light what they know about the 'Zeta' extraterrestrial community? Just check out!

Blessings and Golden rays to you.

Anonymous said...

hi blossom!
a very huge and beautiful rainbow appeared on my city (santiago, chile)on this monday at 18:55 local time, it was almost dusk and the rays of the sunset made all the atmosphere look VERY golden, it was unbelievable, making all the colors of the sky, mountains, trees and flowers very vivid and awesome!!!
very very surreal yet comforting.
i ran to a wider space to take pictures but the rainbow was gone!!
next time maybe!
anyway, i felt very excited and happy to see all these colors in such a vivid way, i just dont ask for anything more


Anonymous said...

I have just now noticed this on my site,this beautiful lady has been a God send to me lately, I feel so blessed these days and yet still filled with yearnings to go home, I feel I can't stay here too much longer at times.Feeling more and more home sick as it becomes clear to me who we really are.

Comment by ametrine on May 4, 2009 at 8:07am

Genesis 9:16
The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

Anonymous said...

i dont know if im trippin but for the past 2 days and tonight iv seen like 11 little lights in the sky about the size of a star flying over. are they the aliens??? what are they? i have no idea what they are but they move kinda fast. has anyone else been seeing this?

Anonymous said...

Strange flashes all trough the night in central today the day?

Anonymous said...

Re the lights sounds like what my daughter and I saw in 1989 in Gosford Australia it also was reported in the local newspaper and it was soon after that the medium I was sharing house with and I were visited in meditation by them as they worked our chakras.
And all day today I kept giving thanks to them for this place I was in today,I felt very connected,balanced, peaceful sort of spiritual space a sense of welbeing a little off the planet but still very centered.In meditation I went into a lovely space of beingness and I saw a ship with a gold light coming down and I felt so much love in me, I sent it out to everyone and everywhere flooded the earth with pink light and lately I have seen bright iridesent colors ( I rarely get colours) and I have never seen them so beautifull before pink turquoise and indigo all swirling together:)

Faith said...

Hey Kerrie-
thanks for the golden rays!

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith your welcome my friend thanks for yours:) NAMASTE

Anonymous said...

just in case you are still having troubles with your email I thought I would pop this here.

Hi Blossom,

Below is an email I received from a new member of my site who also joined my THE SECRET group I started on the site I quoted in this group The Feds 'what you think/feel is'.

the reason I am so excited that this man has joined is that for 7mths he has been very angry at the Feds no show and has come around:)

serg has sent you a message on THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT

Hi hope you are well. Yes this is the secret that we have been looking for and it seems to have been one heck of a journey we have all been on and finally it is nice to start to see things coming to fruition. I was trying to get people on this stuff a while ago and became increasingly frustrated by the lack of commitment from people. I kinda lost my way like many as it is very hard when you wake up to the reality of the world ,very frightening at first. I never gave up hope and always felt blossom goodchild was as honest as the day dawns. Many of us have been through a lot of trials and tribulations on this journey it has been very lonely at times but it is nice to see peoples conciousness changing and realising we are all magnificient beings of light. Yes, it can be hard at times as we are only human however the truth always seems to prevail. much love to you and your family and especially to mother earth :)

Blossom I can only guess at why you arn't returning my emails and if there has been gossip or you have concerns about my intentions, you don't know me,I am a very proud person and I value integrity above all else, when I make mistakes like copy and pasting the channels out of the Federation of Light group onto the forum and forget to label them, know this is just me overtired as I do 30hrs a week on this machine as well as the salon and I do it out of love from the bottom of my heart, please trust this, and as I realise that there are no acidents and I accept that I am the creator, I always ask that my intentions be purifyed and so therefore accept 'That all is as it should be', and that we just don't understand in our human form.LUV4U

Anonymous said...

I just now received this and thought I would remind others to'JUST BE' as The Feds said, a bit of a challenge for me, but I will do it:)enjoy your download people!

Thanks, Kerrie,

Good to hear from you! Pleiadean LineUp starts Friday evening and continues through the weekend. Hope you can have time to yourself to be still and connect.
One Love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for the headsup about the Pleiadian lineup- I didn't know about it, although I just dreamed that a number of us lightworkers were gathered for some multi-faceted events that seemed important.PS If you want to talk to the Pleiadians, I once dreamed that the correct pronunciation of their name is more like the German, 'Ply-adians' as in plyers....Blessings to ALL Faith

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, I always have trouble with that name, so you were spot on with your intuition:) thank you,It was a lot of syncronistic guidance that got a few of us together these last few days that are from Pleiades apparently.
I was told this by several mediums, I'm not up on all this stuff it's not my focus,I pick up bits as I go around the net, but all too hard for me or maybe its not where my heart is, I think thats more it, I feel my heart come alive with The Feds or White Clouds teachings, but according to my healing teacher we came here about 4000 years ago I think and Quan her 500 yr old chinese medium said we are back aparently on the green ray.
love,light and gratitude

Faith said...

Hello everyone-
I want to thank the person who mentioned Nancy Burson's book/website on this board recently. I am almost done with the book 'Lineage' and I HIGHLY recommend it to Blossom and everyone else here. Nancy tells of her experiences with some beings she calls the 'E.C's' or Extra-Celestials, since they are part angelic and part ET. Specifically relevant to FOL followers is her experience of finding that the more she is attached to a particular outcome, the more slippery it becomes. (Sound familiar?) Yet the beings are always loving. Some very amazing photos in there too!