Apr 5, 2009

Thank you Maria! What beautiful Golden Rays!

Keep visualising people. Lets build up that energy for the 10th.


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Just wanted to let you know I will be joining in on the visualization here in Germany! Also wanted to let you know that all day today the sky and the sun was emanating rays of rainbow colors! Could it be that we are all ready seeing the fruits of our efforts?

L,L,&L to all!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely Picture!
Below are two embeded codes of videos from a lovely young Swedish man with a BIG heart who joined one of The Federation of Light groups I am taking around the net, here is his comment (I love his broken english!) love this work I seem to be doing! Thanks for this Blossom, WC & The Feds

o what a Lovely Picture and Lovely words Kerrie as i sit here a Flow of Love is sended to me and staing focus on the Breath and beeing centerd the feeling is abduance the filing is Lovely so i cant find anny words

thank you for you Nice comment and that you looked at my youtube chanell

it is a Lovely Place that i have builded up


here to i i dident remeberd that i made so manny songs about this i had great time chaneling messeges from them it was werry intence at one point



I looked at his other videos they are all heart focused but only these two on The Federation of Light a couple on The Galactic Federation of Light(which are more UFOie!) and most on feelings of the heart it would seem he genuinely did not know about all this when he made the videos


p.s.Thank White Cloud for switching me off yesterday:)) was soooo sleeepy

AnonimaAnonima said...

The Sun

There is something I have noticed and that I would like to share with you all, because I think that I'm not the only one who is aware of this.

Of course I was very curious about what would happen on Oct. 14th. Although I didn't expect the spacecraft to appear, I was still very excited. So I was talking with a couple of people about Blossom's October 14th channeling, and we all noticed that the Sun was extremely BRIGHT that day. A brightness we aren't used to in my part of Europe. And this brightness lasted a couple of days.

Around the Spring equinox and the days that followed I noticed exactly the same thing, the extreme brightness of the Sun. A brightness I can't imagine seeing before. It's like the Sun rays contain more bright whites than yellows. And it makes me feel more energetic than ever.

I wonder if anyone else notices this, also in other parts of the world. Does it have something to do with the solar flares that seem to be active now? Or with the photon belt or the ascension process in general? Or is this part of the energies our cosmic family are sending? I definitely feel the new and much brighter energy that is coming from the Sun.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly not the only one noticing this about the sun.
I live in the northeastern Caribbean since 29 years, and noticed that the last few years it became brighter and much hotter. Right now it's so bright -and white!- that even in our "winter months" walking in the street I am looking for shade. One hour before sunset (my house is facing west towards the ocean) it is still very, very strong, hot and white.
And I am asking myself if it is the atmosphere changing, the sun itself, or if we're getting bombarded with energies from "our family"??? I want to believe the last thing...

AnonimaAnonima said...

I think ascension happens on both physical and non-physical levels. Science will notice the changes on the physical level. And that will give many skeptics the proof they need to think outside the box.

I remember a channeling from Steve Rother (www.lightworker.com) about the spiritual signifigance of solar storms. I will copy the channeling in my next message.

With Love :)

AnonimaAnonima said...

The spiritual point of view and the scientific point of view.

The channeling: