Apr 2, 2009

To assist in April 10th Visualisation

I have just been sent this youtube which was created by Kelly T and her younger sister to assist those in visualising for April 10th.
How lovely. Many thanks girls. Enjoy everyone.


Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.
Blossom. xxx


Anonymous said...

WoW ! the Rainbows are spectacular and very soothing at the same time.

Thanks Blossom for the heads up and I will be listening to your podcast interview with Brad.

May you always be in glee.

Ciao for now.

Laura said...

Hi Blossom,

Just wondering if you would be willing to ask the FOL if they were aware of the G20 summit? With so many world leaders gathering in one place, I'm wondering if the FOL's presence was there in some capicity or another and if they have anything to say about it?

Love & Light!


Timerty said...

In one of my visions, I have seen long aerodynamic silver air crafts zooming in the sky. Has anyone had a similar vision?

Anonymous said...

I had a strange but interesting dream last night. I was looking out my window from the third floor of an apartment building and i was able to see 2 silvery crafts, which you can say looked like your normal ufos that you see in videos. As the crafts closed in near my window a woman appeared over one of the crafts. It was as if she was standing on it but at the same time floating. She said to me that they will be showing themselves two weeks from now in the Bay Area. I have no idea what the Bay Area is or what it stands for. I do not know why i would dream this because i ussualy dream of things I know of and things i can relate to my everyday life but Bay Area is a word I never use. Thanks For Reading.

Timerty said...

San Francisco Bay Area?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it might mean that but i live on the other side of the U.S. and have never heard of that part of San Francisco.

I have just had another dream that i woke out of around 30 min ago. This was very different and much darker. The scene looked like where Obama was inaugurated earlier this year with there was a crouds of milions, there was a slender man in a suit talking on the large podium. He was talking about we should not fear what is too come and to not believe everything we hear. Then a very large man in a high ranking military uniform which was very decorated in medals walked up to him and punched him. After he fell on the floor, the man shot him in the head. At the point I felt like the impossible had just occured. It was as if i was watching the news on television. The last words I remember hearing once that scene ended was as if a reporter spoke,he said the new world order has begun. Then I woke up.
Thanks for reading again. This might not be to relevant but I just wanted to write down this dream before I forgot it and this seemed like a good place.

Timerty said...

The NWO is over-rated. I live at the other side of the globe.

Liz said...

I hope they do come to the Bay Area, that's where I live! Hee hee! <3