Dec 24, 2008


Just had to come here this christmas eve to wish everyone who does the same a REALLY special christmas. Now all the hubub is hopefully over, lets see if we can find even ten minutes to switch off and BE AT ONE with everyone and everything. We all know what that feeling of LOVE in our hearts is like ... lets magnify it and send it out to THE ALL. Just ten minutes of your time ... that is all the universe is asking.
PEACE UPON OUR PLANET .... It is already here ... we just have to choose it.
May your stocking be filled with an abundance of
Love Light Laughter and Golden rays .
Happy Christmas everyone .
Bloss xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Blossom!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everone

Mr Nice said...

"All you need is love, love, love is all you need"
Merry christmas everybody..
Ohhh yeahhhhh

NightHawk said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Blossom!!

Pam said...

Merry Christmas Blossom!!!!!

I wish you what evre the universe hasto offer as a gift of love and peace !!!

Pam :))

Elfosvaldo said...

Merry Christmass Blossom
fist of all, I really want to thank you; I always felt connected with you and I still feel it. Peace and Love for you and for our planet, a big huge from here, south of Chile, with all my love.

Anonymous said...

This is a copy a posting I made on saviorsofearth today,at this specal time when we are in alignment with the Christ Conciousness the site has been full of love (which sometimes isn't the case)

Ok now this is # 3 I've been lead to focus on Angels at this sacred time, how beautiful was your video. As FOL say 3 is a high vibrational number first it is heard 2nd it is computed and 3rd it is sealed.Thanks again Tony.
My Christmas has been the most magical of all my Christmases this year, I know the Angels are around inspiring us to be the human angels we are, I feel them when they are near especially on special children, I get a strong blissful energy sometimes when I'm near them,A young boy called into my salon a couple of days ago and just wanted to pat the dogs as he passed by me I got that blissful feeling, the more I was in gratitude for the Angels presence the stronger it got, this boy was about 10 a gentle soul a little bit slow but with a great awareness, he is Lebanese and live in an area here in Australia where there is alot of intolerance he says that the older boys like to fight with the police. As a full on Gemini (4 planets) I've tended to be in my head alot, an astrologer said that she didn't know how I was going to get to my heart and feel what others are feeling, as she said this is what I will be doing when I turn 54, but it goes to show you the Angels have been working with me to help me get there, it took them over 50 years but their very patient:))
I read in a channeling That our astrology will not be apt soon, the lady this message came through didn't understand it.I think maybe astrology is the explanation of egos contract but as we ascend into the human Angels we are there will be a whole new ball game as we create in the void of infinite possibilities as Deepac Chopra says.
Love,Light and Peace

there will be NO need for a rope ladder FOL here we come.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Blossom and everyone!

Think we all know 2009 is going to be special. Can't wait!

Love, Light, Laughter, Golden rays, Jelly beans and all the other lovely things we deserve!!


Anonymous said...

Tell the aliens I said 'happy holidays'

Anonymous said...

hello blossom

I think your searching for the truth just like me, what is been told to you beware there are many deceptors as i know they are looking for personal gain mireing the truth and I think you know what I am saying, october 14th that you were believing it to be true that is maybe a clue to something that you will find out in time, I am sorry I know how your felt by it, deeply human emotion can be effected by lies against belief we are hungry for truth only the wise can truely know what I am saying and know that spark is still there.

there is something important there for you in that whole thing I don't know if it was a good thing to tell anyone that his event was going to happen, but i was sucked into that negativity of others just as you were not the positive side.

I have always believed that there was a good "god" out there, I have always have, those deceptors have always stood in my way.

may that real certainty beyond that is told protect you, you know that true faith inside yourself can and will be beyond human ignorance this is why you go on, thier logic was to fool others by their short comings, not you.

they think they have won but they have not, let those negatives think that as jesus would say let them have their cake and eat it, feed their fire but in the end your without sin as like those who have been sinned against more than sinned, I know myself.

a friend


merry christmas

don't look as i was in league with those fools, you know the truth will shine as you will, I do not hate humanity, I hate what is happening to them, i feel it's pain and see it's suffering which is greater than before, preach protection for those to see through it I know you try, you have hope.

if you can see through it, you can change a world!