Dec 28, 2008


Hello everyone. Well, I tried today to write something on this 'ere blogger. I tried yesterday too! But just totally uninspired! So, I decided to put an excerpt from The Bridge. How inspirational is that?


Your world is undergoing vast changes, as you know. So too,the souls that reside in your world. Yet, there is little that is understood at this point. Within side of yourselves each one of you is transmuting. Each one of you is undergoing cellular
transformations that will assist you in this change. For all of you, at this time, there seems to be confusion, coupled with a breakthrough of Light that you cannot explain. You are finding it difficult to keep on top of things. This is so because
of the changes that are disrupting the very core of your being. From one ‘Now’ to the next, more strength is able to penetrate into your vibrational level. The shifts are causing disruption in all manners, and yet, when a certain degree is in place, this shall settle once again to allow all to adjust.There seems to be a conflict within the self of many. Unsure of the Truths they have come across. Unsure of themselves. Unsure of anything at all. Be kind to yourselves whilst this transformation is taking place. Allow for the differences within to find their home. We do not wish to contort or disturb the balance within. But it is necessary for the shift, in order to bring it to its Higher place. In time, you will recognise the changes to a degree that you have not yet experienced. It is difficult for you in these times. We are aware of this. Try to keep your head above water. We are behind you, in every endeavour. We are unable to assist as much as we would like, due to the density. It is up to you to clear the way, so that efforts to bond and be known can be felt more clearly.

We have not deserted you. We are building up our strengths also at this time. As the fog clears so much more can be seen. How we praise you for your Trust. How it fills our being to hear you speak in the manner that you do. We are marching onwards. Gathering our armies as we go. The Light that is streaming down into your world is stronger now, enabling much to occur at a rapid rate. Keep yourselves healthy in mind and body and spirit, oh warriors. The time is upon us. In Love we shall allow the transformation to move into its rightful place. When all that you know now, will seem a vague memory. For it is written that those who shall lead us into this new world will do so with the greatest of ease. What is your Truth today shall be a past of a distant long ago. This new age shall be all there is. Where angels, and planetary beings shall fill your hearts with Love. Imagine an existence where there is nothing other than Love. Where all doubts and fears have been replaced with pure thought. Moving ever onwards into the Light of who you are. This is your Right. It is your journey home. We thank you from the position that we are in, for choosing this difficult and yet rewarding position. It is not for the faint hearted.
Despondency shall be removed. For what is about to be revealed will bring renewed hope to your everyday living. Trust in yourselves. Trust in all that you do. Know that you asked to come to this planet at this time to assist in its great plan. To remove the past errors. To lift it and all within it, to its new dimensional home. Never again to be distorted by human misconception.

This Earth of yours is awaiting your Love and Light in its new strength to bring to it the healing that it longs for. It wishes to serve you, and for that service to be accepted, it must be understood that you are part of it. In serving you, it is serving itself. In the same way, if you serve the planet you are serving yourself. For you are one and the same.

Do not take these words as merely words. Take them for what they are. A means to explaining in the best way wecan, what is to take place. Always have faith. Know that it is happening, even when all around you seems to be exhibiting the opposite. You, from where you are placed cannot see the overall effect that each minute atom of Love, as it changes its vibration is having on yourselves and the planet. One day you shall look in wonder and awe. Knowing within you that you assisted greatly in this new world of yours. Bringing it into the vibration of Light and Love that you shall then find yourselves in. Lift your swords to the heavens. Recharge them with the Light. Continue on. Your Trust shall not go unrewarded.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxx


Spirit Mascot said...

A message of pure comfort, Blossom. My soul was feeling so agitated, and your message came along--one of a series of messages delivered over the past few days...all messages about relaxing and trusting the process that is going on now.

A heartfelt Thank You for being there, Blossom, broadcasting the messages that provide comfort during the transformation we are creating together.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,hi Guys, I wanted to share a posting I did on saviorsofearth.
I was wondering today if we are up to the 2nd (returned) moon so I looked on the calender and yes today is the new moon of the 2nd (returned) moon:)) With the first full moon in Gemini we all were madly communicating on this site releasing all our s...t allowing ego to dance in the light, and then when it was exhausted showing it a better way, no longer does it need to stop us from flying we can allow our spirits to sore so lets fly and gently let ego know it can enjoy the ride, that 'All is as it should be'.2008 is a #1 year getting to know the real self.The next full (returned moon) will be in it's ruling sign Cancer (LOVE,FEELING, LISTENING TO THE HEART) on the 10th Jan.09, 2009 is a master #11 where now that we have our wings we can fly so where are we going to fly to? How are we going to co create this New Earth? I FEEL by BEING the soul truth of who we are NON JUDGEMENTLE LOVE,co creating in the void of infinite possibilities as Deepac says. As for the above posting of FOLs Nov.30th moon channeling, I think it was White Cloud channeling the visualisation of the waterfall, I like how he is always one step ahead with us preparing us for the bomb shell FOL were about to deliver (replacement of the moon) first there was my email to Blossom about the moon the previous night (when I got the interview date wrong )and when I was told this, I got in my head all is as it should be, then he prepares Blossom and us with the waterfall message filled with his love,so we will listen with an open heart, I can see his expressions all through the visualization like(I show as if) but more than this I can feel his love for us his compassion.
Happy 2009 Human Angels, lets raise those vibes and bring FOL in, There is a Devine plan, this is happening God does not make mistakes I believe many ships will come, I just want to be in alignement wih FOL, so stay centered in the love that you are and lets not need that rope ladder.
Love and light
p.s.Blossom,I was just thinking about the love White Cloud has for us and how FOL spoke in snapshot pg.27 about a member feeling unduely responsible for those on your planet as to desire to step in although this is not the way in the higher realms even though they can see the benifits of such intervention. The member I believe is probably White Cloud this would explain so much and he has had an incarnation on this planet.So he would be very aware of the debts of our emotions.

Coach Enrique said...

Thanks for reminding us that the way to walk these times is by Faith and Trust, and specially by Being the best version of ourselves. It is not easy though...In the knowing of what is about to manifest, it is sometimes difficult for me to accept that fear is still ruling the actions of people. I don't see the need for those around me to get sick, to suffer or to die young anymore. I don't see the need for anyone to lose their souls anymore, and yet... it is still happening... Shouldn't this be over NOW?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to leave the old year and to enter the new. Sincere thanks yet again Blossom for getting this message across. Like Spirit Mascot, I found it such a comfort .. life seems so different now which can sometimes feel bizarre!
I wish you Blossom, and indeed all of us!, a glorious year ahead filled with light, love and the unexpected in the brightest sense!
Thanks again and much love to all.

Claudia said...

Hang in there my dear.

And LL&GR right backatcha in 09!


We believe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom and friends,
How did your New Year start mine started just before midnight my intention for the New Year was to be more connected to spirit and spirit celebrated that intention as I closed my eyes I was greeted by images of the energies I have been feeling, past family members, Angels, Fairies,Masters and Stellar Beings it was quiet a party but more important was my reaction I felt calm as if this is how it should be, this is who we are.
This morning I woke up with a feeling of peace, of a feeling of acceptance of the ALL, I went on saviorsof earth site and came across a posting of the Alien head crop circle some clever person with the use of a computer that has recently been developed,had deceiped what was written on that crop circle.
It is well know on this site of the love I have for FOL. I was the one that started FOL group on the site when some went a bit ‘no show’ crazy we have a lot of groups GFOL, Meditation,Crystal Healing ect.
I am reminded of FOLs Nov.8th channeling …seek answers with in………………….each individual soul is a part of the whole, and this is becoming more widely known.Therefore,we would ask you to think about the possibility that……………………
The following is my reply to the posting,
Hi S.W.L. I have a great love for The federation of light and that will never change, I can see how some would regard them as false prophets after the no show on 14th Oct. especially when I read the above crop circle "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.I have just replied to a discussion on Illuminati and how Arch Angel Lucifer must be of great light to be the catalyst for our growth for indeed WE ARE ALL ONE, this is a game a spiritual exercise.
I had a reptillian eye appear before me once I felt it's dark energy, I sent it love, it disappeared and a being of very bright light appeared, I felt so much love. As the federation of light said WE ARE ALL ONE.They, I believe are complete they are of the knowing that they are one, if we had to experience the pain of broken promise to acept that we are ALL ONE, who better then FOL with all their love to be our teachers. It is with grace and gratitude that we accept their assistence for the betterment of our selves and our planet.
Love and light

Louis Hart said...

Thank you for the encouraging words...especially in the email newsletter I received yesterday.

Pam said...

Happy New Year Blossom!!! :)))

How's you? I hope you had a chance to rest and recover your energies :)))

I wish you and all the people that come here all the happiness of the world and to connect with their Oneness no later than this year! :)))

lost of love and kissess to all :)))

Light may become you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and everyone,
Below is a posting on saviorsofearth by the lovely Jenny she is an Australian, her and her son recently saw a UFO and was engulfed in light, time stood still, where they went they both felt immense love. Jenny and a lady from America both saw a couple of light ships on New Years night. Jenny mentioned in dreams group.I had the most amazing dream last night. I was driving along a long bridge. It was very long with no other cars on it. In the sky to either side of the bridge were dozens of rainbows. As I travelled I could see there were people at the end of the bridge. As I got closer I thought they looked like metallic statues. When I finally arrived at the end they suddenly looked just like ordinary people. I said in the dream "You look just like us." I then found myself on a lightship. I was standing talking to the beings on the ship who looked just like ordinary humans. I said to them "You are the same as us. We are all the same." I heard a noise and looked around and saw my 2 children and my partner walking towards me on the ship. They were smiling and I smiled back. I then woke up.
I told Jenny to get The Bridge next.

Jenny's posting,
I am just starting to read Blossom's book 'Walking in the Light and the Love'. I really wanted to post this small section relating to loving all, especially those who we may perceive as 'dark'. As I read the words I felt myself filling with unconditional love. Anyhow here it is.

Words of wisdom from White Cloud
In your world there are many lost souls. Automatically, when you are watching
your electrical box, you see a picture of a particular violent incident and you
condemn. If you learn to give Love to these souls who have created the violence,
then that is the way to rid your world of the terrors that lie within it. When you see
a murderer, or a very darkened soul that has abused children perhaps, ones
automatic thought is to say ‘I’d kill him if I found him, lock him up’…. Do you
not see that all negative thoughts are being sent to him on mass? As some of you
may be aware, a thought when it is concentrated upon, is an energy, which
becomes a reality. If you want your world to be one that is a paradise in your head
and your dreams, do not think of ridding your environment of these souls. Can you
imagine what the effect would be if all on mass, that were watching in their homes,
sent that darkened soul Love? Surely that would be the better option of the two.


When I saw this posting and remember reading it myself, my heart started pounding the energy went right to my crown chakra.

So appropriate as our next full (returned moon) is in its ruling sign of cancer on a stargate opening of 11/1/09 and 2009 is a master #11 Poooowerful loooove energy ‘Hold on to your hats’
love and light Kerrie

NightHawk said...

Happy 2009 to all. In a world less than eager to provide encouragement it's important that those who are positive remain close. I must thank Blossom from the bottom of my heart to have created and contributed to the cause of good even when the scale was tipped against her. Alot of people believe that the right thing to do is also the hardest thing to do but I belive the opposite. It's easy to do the right thing but it's harder to live knowing when you didn't. With so much negativity going on in the world it's very clear it is time to come together and rise above it. Wars, Famine, Economic woes, poverty, can all be counter-turned with peace, love, and prosperity. The only way to make it happen is for you, you reading this right now to really believe that you can make a differance and to go and do it. "It" is a vague word but in all our hearts there is something each one of us can do to make a differance. So go do it, stop reading this and go make 2009 a year people will be proud to have lived in. A Happy New Year To All.