Nov 9, 2008


Good Evening/Morning,/Afternoon/ Vibrations! Good everything!!!

First and foremost I must make it known about 11.11 on 11.11Th!! I have left it SO late to publicise this. I do apologise. For those who do not know, there is to be a world meditation for peace and unity of all nations and universes! For more info

As far as I am aware it is 11.11am/pm wherever you happen to be ... and it's not just at 11.11 it's all day ... on that day. It's a beautiful concept. I think you can also find details on although it may be the same.

So wherever you are, whatever space you find yourself , spare a moment to connect up with not only yourself, but everyone and everything 'out there' on this special day where we can create ... through the law of attraction ... all that is necessary to move this world of ours into the space and time that we so long for. It's up to us is it not? No-one else ... US!

So, here we all are then ... almost a month down the track from 14Th OCT. Does that seem a long time ago or what?! I often wonder how everyone is doing? It was such a HUGE thing . So many people put their 'knowing' on the line and had to face the music. I wonder how everyone dealt with all that? It's all very well for me, I was sent so many letters of Love and courage and understanding. Not everyone was that fortunate. They had to go into work and get the 'so where's the ship then?" snigger snigger... "I see no ship' snort snort ... A difficult time, yet a time to look at ourselves and indeed our pride and with that ... our ego! It was a time when we had to look at how much it bothered us about what others thought about what we thought!

Humiliation? What is all that about ? Really, when you look at it , it's allowing others to make us feel less than we know we are. I certainly felt humiliated to start with ... no doubt about that ... but when I investigated what was going on inside, what was really going on, it was definitely the concern about what others thought of me! Sure there was disappointment, shock ... not anger, there was never anger... but ultimately for me the 'feeling stupid syndrome'!

Like so many in the same situation , it made us have to hold our head high and REMAIN in our TRUTH. Which wasn't that easy .... IF ... we allowed it to be hard. I was amazed at the response the world chose to present me with .... and I am speaking here of the positive kind ... (the other I feel is best left to disintegrate through lack of food) From the thousands of letters I have received it is just so heartening to read everyones stories and experiences surrounding the whole event. But more so the fact that we seem to be sussing on to this 'following your heart' idea. And through this 'following of the heart' one is letting go of caring what others think and walking courageously onward in the knowledge that they are on the path home.

And when you look back over the last four weeks ... assess how much you have grwon. How much your attitude has changed toward so many things. I bet there is not one of us that can say we haven't evolved at least five degrees in the right direction. And how good does it feel?

For me , I can definately feel the difference. I can recognise the speed in which I notice my mood falling and why, and find tactics to change it immediately, instead of indulging in the negatives that can so quickly take hold.

If we are to be the change we want to see, we must be the example of Love and Light that will assit this change. I believe it is through example that people will join up and register for the greatest army of all. The LOVE Brigade! (a bridge ... anogram ...) Whoah ... need to take a sip of water ... I''ve startled myself!!

Ok thats it for the night ... one thing I have also learned , is not to try and write a post in between commercial breaks ... it takes all night and the thread keeps snapping!!

Thank You to all for the comments you are sending. So few are having to be rejected. Bliss! And again my apologies for not acting upon them all. It really is too much to take on board along with everything else on my agenda right now. But I thank you just the same.

May your being be overflowing with

Love Light laughter & Golden Rays throughout your days.
Bloss xxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Blossom, thankyou for your perserverence! My husband and I never lost faith in you or the message...

We have had so many amazing experiences around this event and continue to do so, no doubt you have too!!!

Keep up the good work and keep smiling :-) !!

Love light & laughter!

Best wishes now and always
Sarah & Mick

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I had been following your journey and today came by to get an update. I applaud you enormously for your strength in standing by your truth. We each have our truth as we go through our soul awakening work and although your truth and mine are different in the end it is all about love. I have been getting strong messages that it is time to stand up and reveal my truth and to see you continuing in your journey only strengthens me in mine.

More love, Anni in Brisbane

Unknown said...


I just wanted to say that your channellings from The Federation today had really hit the head on the nail with me. I woke up with an overwhelming sense of my heart being torn apart, but your/their message really brought my senses home. I started to feel bathed in golden light and warmth, and started to pray for love and forgiveness to those that keep us in chains. I hope they heard me!

So, thank you for making this day so wonderful!

-Patric in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom!

Thanks so much for continuing the blog, and for continuing to post your channeling's with the FOL. Although Oct 14 turning out to be a non-event, it ended up being very significant for me personally. It has 'awoken' me if you will- and I'm not very actively reading up and learning about a great deal of things related to spirituality and the like!

Incidentally, I noticed that a great deal of the FOL's last message is right in line with the overall message from the Law of One series. ( For me this makes a lot of sense. It seems that humanity is really getting with the program quickly as we move towards 2012, or whatever date is in our future! It seems to me that Oct 14. was just another step in the right direction towards our spiritual preparedness.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, let me add my heart felt thanks for opening up your blog again and for having the strength and courage to continue these channelings and making them available to all and every one of us - they are SO uplifting!

The global meditation is a WONDERFUL idea - an opportunity for us all to connect and help the world to change. I'm sure it will be extremely powerful!

So good to have your light and sense of humour back with us again, THANK YOU!!

Much light, love and laughter

Pam said...

Count with me Blossom for the 11/11 and for anything you might need :)))

Hope you are doing well.. and don't let those enraged people to disturb your peace or love.

May THe One God be with you.. lots of love and light my sweet friend!


Anonymous said...

It is so good to read your messages again Blossom, please don't let anything prevent you from giving us you message of love and light.

and again, welcome back!

Love, light and peace for you and all with you!


reb said...

i was reading your entry and i just glanced at my computer clock.


i'm geared up for tomorrow. :) even though i have no idea how and what to do... i'd try something

Mr Nice said...

Well here we are, as you say!...and after the (NO SHOW)....and the Federations message after the 14TH, does anybody feel differant?

.......Ohh yeahhhhh!...(i cant believe the change in consciousness)
...the differant shades of colours that come & go,the overwhelming feelings, the knowledge we are infact (amazing beings) with amazing talents that have been locked away deep in the soul!!!!......this all comes in waves over me...and i believe its only the start!

Love ya Blossom


Anonymous said...

Blossom good to see you back
I am interested in the FOL and what their names are that speak with you?
Also what their interests are on their home worlds.
Lastly what is their understanding of the Mayan Galactic Calendar and 2012.
Will they be able to make contact with the People of Earth before 2012 in some direct way?

Blessings Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Yeeha! Here we go! Federation of Light, our dear friends are getting down to business
- guiding us to our souls and into our hearts and center
- the center of the universe and the door to ALL...

What a great excecise they gave us - to see myself in others...
To feel ME in YOU.
To really feel we are ONE and the same: LOVE.

To understand in our/my cells the truth of being our own creators. The creators of the LOVE we want this planet, and all life in och on it, to be restored in LOVE.

Waiting in LOVE...
- for enough of us to KNOW THIS so that the shift will take place. The inevitable.

Anonymous said...

hi blossom this is a rainbow warrior from Venezuela, i have noticed since 14 of october this "strange" triangles in the NOAA website, check them out ... they might be ships



StPinker said...

Hello Blossom,

First of all I must admit I believe in you and I'm sure the GFOL has a lot on their hand right now and that is why there is so much delay.

I also want to point out that some "false prophet" in the US is litterally stealing your work and using it as his own. He continuously repeat what you are saying as if it was him receiving this info. And I'm not talking about correlating your work ... he simply stole it. I suggest you investigate this a bit further.

Once Uponatime said...

Dear Blossom,

I want to thank you and congratulate you on having the courage to apologize publicly for the October 14 prediction.

Channeling is tricky and one must be discriminative with information of this nature. As with any kind of beings, be they in body or not there is a wide range of intelligence and wisdom. It is well known that there is a plenty of spirits that love to play and misguide us with bogus knowledge. And since they can often read our minds it becomes very easy to be tricked by them and also by our own hopes and desires.

It would seem to be useful to come up with a protocol that would allow channelers to verify the validity of the source and nature of the knowledge given by entities. A process that is use abundantly in research and science to validate information.

Just an idea

Anonymous said...

Re Pauls protocol on validating chanelling. As the FOL has stated go to your heart and FEEL the truth of them, your soul knows of truth, your soul is truth is love our mind can sometimes get confused your soul resides in all knowing, all love.BELIEVE.Remember who you are.Feel who Blossom is.

Pam said...

Hiyas Blossom :)))

Take a look at this video.

It was taken Oct 14 LOL

It is awesome :)))

Prof Paulo Maximo said...

Dear friends:

Some strange circles appears in a small city, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, past night.
They´re 20 m (61 ft) in diameter.



http://picasaweb.gooDear friends:

Some strange circles appears in a small city, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, past night.
They´re 20 m (61 ft) in diameter.



Maybe a sign...

Peace, wisdom and patience (lots of)

Maybe a sign...

Peace, wisdom and patience (lots of)

NightHawk said...

Hello Blossom. Welcome back. Glad your blog is open again your humar and light has been missed. Following the heart can mop us into some pretty tight corners, but remember where one door closes so another opens. Never lose your faith, hope, and expectations. A strong light dwells upon and in you always, lead the way to light and destany will take it from there. Thank you for all you have done.

NightHawk said...

Hello Blossom. Welcome back your humar and enlightment has been missed. Following the heart can mop us into some pretty tight corners, but remember where one door closes so another opens. Never sacrifice or give up on your faith, beliefs, or self-being. A strong light dwells in and around you, lead the way to light and faith will take over from there. Thank you for all you have done

Anonymous said...

search for a high-resolution satellite photo of middle europe:

15.10.2008 - 10.00 h a.m.


you will see...

greets, an anonymous pilot

Blossom Goodchild said...

to anonymous ... re the coordinates for 15.10 08 etc. I REALLY tried to find something, but to no avail. any other clues??
thanks .......Blossom