Nov 15, 2008

LISTEN UP (take 2!)

Well, for those interested here is another link for the Kryon channelling.

I am just offerring another take on things. I am not saying this is what happenned 'instead' for I do not know.

Its all very strange. It seems some got a warning about a virus and others didn't and the link was fine. It has been suggested by a few that those saying it had a virus were trying to prevent the link from 'getting out there'. yet I know this not to be the case, as some who advised me of the virus were trusted friends.

So again ... one of life's mysteries.

It is interesting though, how some resonate with channellings from others and some don't. I guess this is just another example of how different we all are and how we are all finding out what works for the self ... Trusting the self ... without having to conform to what another may think or feel. So it's all good!

It's funny too, how even some who subscribed to my newsletter (their choice) suggested that after getting 14th Oct wrong (?) how I'm now sending them a virus on purpose!! yeah right!! One man even wrote 'stay away from me . stay away from me' in frantic capital letters. Dear dear dear! What frightful places some souls reside in. Where has their journey taken them ... indeed where is it leading them? For me receiving letters such us this only goes to show me even more, that those of us who have evolved to a level that does not come from such a fearful place are doing well on our journey and to give gratitude for that.Yet we were all once there, and somehow or other moved on ... let's KNOW that eventually EVERYONE will move on from the darker nights of the soul and awake into the sunrise of the newdawn that is filled with understanding for ALL human Beings ... indeed ALL living things ... indeed ALL.

Thanks to everyone for the continual support and Love that I am receiving daily.
Fill your days with Golden Rays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom. Putting all this together, you, the federation of light and the rest of the people I have read on your website and others, I realize that there is a sense of stuck-ness across the board. I feel there is a gap between the messenger (you and the fed etc) and the interpretation of the message by the hearer (the rest of us). Even those who seemingly seem that they are on to it. Even at best of times. Though not all times.

The ego is a complex thing and it is very fluid, fast and complex to identify. Sometimes way out of balance and at other times very helpful and centered in pursuits of the soul.

We have a huge task ahead. I observe even light workers being stuck, even when I believe they are doing their best from their hearts intent.

We are getting lost in the story. I am not able at this stage to verbalise properly perhaps but I believe the meaning will come through. We need to let go and start doing. When I say we, I mean us who are light workers and or believers and who lead our spiritual life on par with our normal day to day life. We who have woken up have a responsibility, the quicker you surrender, the easier it will be.

There are only some who can take the role of a messenger that is of the calibre of Blossom and the like. The rest of us can relax (it's a good thing). The rest of us have a different purpose, of equal importance and varied task. We need to seek this truth in order to come together. See us as an organism. Each and every one of us have an individual task and truth that once found, we all come together and can be together at the same vibration. Like a morphing jigsaw puzzle that never ends.

We have a huge task. If we are honest, the change can happen overnight. It is up to one self. It is not about meditating, yoga, vegetarianism, ideologies, religion. Nothing of this matters. It is about truth. Who are you.

Where can we start? To share an example.

My work enables me to be in contact (verbal/energetic) with about 100 people a day. I feel blessed. Each day I get to practice my truth, in reflection of theirs.

The people show me in their facial expression/energy/tone of voice if I am not centered and if I have deviated from my truth. I adjust, the more the feedback occurs the more aware I become. This is how my compassion grows.

In reverse, if people come to me with anger/sadness/dissatisfaction, I practice compassion and unconditional love or rather patience for our fellow humans and self. Sometimes a pause of silence and relaxed eyes/eyebrows is all you need to reflect the truth (to yourself) back to the 'disturbed' (as in not calm and not balanced) and they will hear their inner self and soften. And you will too. Sometimes it takes time.

It doesn't always work (either way), but the more you practice the more tolerance and experience you gain and with this less fear.

This is where I believe you start to spread the truth. If you can practice on every person you meet in a day, imagine the change you can instill in the world, and in yourself, in a year. Imagine the hope and faith you may spread into peoples lives and your own. No preaching involved, only being and sharing, only awareness.

All you need to focus on is your truth, watch out for the ego, you need to harness your energy and have both feet on the ground.

When you greet others with truth, you are role modeling (you meet yourself with truth). It will start a movement of love, tolerance, compassion and patience. It is in us innately, all we need to do is relax and remember and dare to do. We are all one.

This is step one, I believe, the rest will unfold when we get there.

Dare to trust that you are good enough. You are Fantastic and you have a purpose. No one else needs to know, but you do.

I would like to share an epiphany I had (based on someone sharing some information with me), perhaps a bit out of synch with above text. But it may help some with overcoming fear. Evil, is what humans do with the feeling of fear. If we have no fear, there is no evil. It goes a bit deeper than what language and text can describe, maybe give it some perspective, and you can see what I mean. Meet fear with compassion and love.

I am here today, with this understanding, whatever it may be in your reality, because others loved me and showed compassion and faith in me when I was kicking and screaming. It gave me the confidence to believe and open up.

We are all here for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm in the US and almost 4AM (my normal bed time) and I get to comment 1st. :-) (IF I finish in time)
Blossom, you have been saying "Golden Rays" since the beginning, I think, and did you notice the reference to the Golden Race that you channeled? Golden LIGHT, this time AND in previous messages. :-) There are a few things I question in almost every channeled message I read,but SO few in yours. YOUR heart is good, the messages you post are good (as in "full of love, hope and a genuine CARING") and anyone that panics do to either - is "gonna be here a long time" after the rest have gone on (or up). I have always had a great "6th sense" or just a good set of guides and I learned a long time ago that "my" anger HAS to be controlled of people or things get hurt or broken. NOT by me being physical, but by the force itself. I learned to turn fear into anger to protect myself and later to turn that anger into love. (If not love, a sincere caring) and discovered that the things that I "felt" that ran when the fear became anger, ran faster when that became love.
Bottom line... You are 110% right when you write that we HAVE to get rid of fear and turn it to love. It's tough!! I know. But the more "I" do it, the better I feel and the better, no, not better, but greater those around me seem to be and to behave and to care about others as well.
I was one that sent you an Email that there was no "bug" in the original link and "hearing" it while reading it made a lot of difference. The emotion in Lee's voice (Kryon) was amazing and rang SO true. No one and no thing is perfect, so expect to make the occasional mistake. (I send many and catch "a" typo once in awhile, even in your changelings from time to time) so... as long as the message itself is from the heart and felt in yours, DO keep it up and DON'T take ME off of your lists.
BIG Hugs, Lots of Love, light and major Golden Rays!,


myrkewan said...

Hi Blossom
I clicked on the link for Kryon in your Nov 15 blog message. It just went to the Kryon site, but no new message was there, or channelling. Could you put in the address for the actual channelling, or maybe send a text copy of it to your newsletter recipients. (I am one of them)
Thank you, and much love

Anonymous said...

Beloved one, Beloved all,

I feel so blessed to have found you dear, dear friend Blossom...
I don't even know how I ended up on your homepage a few days before the 14th Oct... A deep connectedness and heartfelt warmth...
Listened to the kryon message... Yes...
Take care and hear from you and our friends soon I hope!
Love, Light and Laughter

Blossom Goodchild said...

myrkewan ... just to let you know there is a text copy on 'Listen Up' post, below this one. also,you should have received one in the newsletter. if you have not received a newsletter lately , or Nov newsletter, please re subscribe. Had a few problems to begin with and lost a few addresses. So, for any one else also who has not received newsletters please do the same. Apologies if this is the case. getting every thing sorted bit by bit.Thank you. Golden Rays and have a greta day.

Blossom Goodchild said...

PAM ... I didn't publish your last comment as I felt it was personal. Perhaps you could contact me via email (see website) and I may be able to assist that way. I dont know of course, but may be able to help a bit. Chin up.Golden Rays. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom

I didn't resonate that well with the Kryon channelings fully. There were parts of it that struck a chord with me & other parts that didn't. I believe that we all have our own truths & that the channelings that are coming through at the moment from many channels appeal to different peoples truths.

All of the channelings that i have read/heard have all ultimately been pointing to the same thing. LOVE & LIGHT. It doesn’t seem to matter in the end whose channelings are right & whose are wrong, as there is no write & wrong in this aspect of life just different truths.

I believe if it sits well & your heart says YES then it is the truth that is right for you.

For the people who have sent back negativity I believe that these are the people who need healing the most. Most negative responses is a response to fear & it could be that these people where hanging onto the 14th of oct as a way to escape the life that they are in or not have to deal with an aspect of there life they don’t want to look at.

May the light shine upon you always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I'm not responding to this specific posting in particular but wanted to make contact with you in some way.

I came across your name around September of this year in connection with the 14 October thing. There have been channellings over the years where ships have promised to show up, then nothing happens, then the excuse arrives. I've always been very sceptical of this sort of thing and initially was just as sceptical of the recollections of your channellings on the internet. Then I visited your own website and started reading your channellings word-for-word, as recounted by you yourself. I was hooked. I was so taken with your personality, your honesty, your warmth, caring and love, that I lost all my scepticism and started paying attention to your writings. I'm still open-minded and haven't convinced myself that the FOL folk are real or not, either way, but your words are so down-to-earth and grounded that I can connect with them with ease.

I admit that when nothing happened on 14 October I felt a bit of a wally for having thought something might happen. But when I saw you on the video you posted a few days after the 'no show' I could have hugged you! Your courage, honestly and humility astounded me. Any nagging doubts I had about what you were doing, how honestly you were doing it and what your intentions were were instantly zapped as I watched it.

And so, dear Blossom, here I am, a man of science expressing his gratitude for the words of someone channelling spirits and entities not of this planet (and I have just subscribed to the website!).

I am fully behind you, Blossom, in my trust and belief in you as an honest, caring and loving individual who may, just may, answer some important questions for humankind in the months and years ahead.

Lots of love and respect,