Nov 16, 2008

White Cloud and 11.11.

You must all be wondering what is going on ... putting three posts up in less days . I know ... Hold on to your hats comes straight into my mind ... AGAIN!

Its just that I have been asked by a few people about 11.11 and why they keep seeing it. I know there are many sites that go into detail ... all I can offer is what White Cloud and another energy had to say on the matter when asked about it in a meeting a few years ago.

Hope it assists ??!!

Passage taken from chapter 23 of A New Dawn.

White Cloud: My friends, it is me again, little WhiteCloud. It is now the time of the evening that I enjoy very much,where we can speak with one another and ask questions.

Q. For a long time now I have been seeing the number 11.Everywhere at least six times a day …

Is this about the 11/11?


This is indeed a rather large subject and Blossom is saying ‘Over to you, White Cloud’ and asking for a picture. So please bear with me one moment.I must first of all say, as I think it appropriate, that I spoke to you earlier regarding Trust. May I say regarding this work that Blossom and I do, there is a great deal of Trust that is required from her as well as for me. Why I am saying that my friends is because Blossom is saying ‘Come on give me a picture’ … I am showing to Blossom a little mouse and a little hole in theskirting board. That is all I am presenting her with and I am asking her to say this and to Trust that what I say from then on,will answer your question regarding 11. The reason I give that isbecause I wish you to understand that however obscure things may seem sometimes, try it on for size, Trust it and see where it takes you. It is only through learning to Trust that you can learn to Trust. You will find that the more you Trust the more things work. The more things work the more you Trust and so it goes on. So now let us get back to little Mickey Mouse here and we will see where this story goes. I show to her a very tiny little mouse. It is that the little hole in the skirting board is made to fit that little mouse. A bigger mouse could not go into that little house. I show the mouse going in and out, in and out taking little pieces of cheese into that little house inside that skirting board. I then show to her that further along, perhaps in another room there is a cushion that a pet would have, perhaps a cat that would be on that bed within that room. So within the one house we have the little house that the mouse is comfortable with and that is where its little world is and then we go to the room that is bigger where the cat has its home. Then, if you like, from that to the bigger picture of the whole house which is where the human souls reside. Much more life lives within that house than one tends to take note of. From there, I am showing that next door are the neighbours and in that street are more houses and then comes the town etc. The mouse could not possibly understand … being the little thing that it is … the concept of the town because it isbeyond its imaginings. It is beyond its capacity to understand the size and what takes place within one unit of a town, let alone the suburb, let alone the country, let alone other countries, let alone the world. As human souls you are down here for your own individual reasons and yet also for the group reason, if you like. Within this vibration that you reside, there are simply matters that cannot be explained because of the vibration that they are residing in. If I wished to tell you the whole situation that you are asking of, I say to you in my Truth, I cannot. There are not the words to be able to explain what that particular aspect is all about. In the same way that you could not tell the mouse about America, if you like, when it can’t even understand the next room etc. But please take note that you are a soul that has this 11 … 11/11 coming up in the day of the month, on a number plate etc. over and over. There are many other souls that have the same recognition with that number. There are many other souls who do not. They may be tuned in to other things that are taking place on other vibrations if you like.

(Suddenly the energy changed)

A New Energy:
I have been given permission to speak this night. I give to the lady the image of what you know as a gate and as it is opened she sees merely of clouds. She is seeing of many souls that come through that gate. They are looking around in wonderment of where they are, because of the newness. Then I show to her, that when that area is full, of the gate closing for a period of time. Then she is seeing as if it is of clouds encompassing that area as if it is no more. It is no longer visible but I tell you it is still there. There is a reason for the amount chosen, to go inside of that gate. There is work to be done but it is not for the light-hearted or faint-hearted. I say to this lady, it is of important work to plans of your world. I am aware of my abruptness it is a first time for me.

(It was gone as quickly as it came.)

White Cloud: My friends, it is for each individual to take for themselves their Truth. When that was being spoken, it was for Blossom’s Truth that she understood the message that came through. She got the gist of certain understandings, but that is what Blossom understood from it. What each one of you understood from that is up to you to decide. One bit that I would like to add, is that I would say to souls who seem to be shown 11 etc and others of other things, that each time that takes place then just accept it and give thanks for your blessings. Even though you do not understand why that number is in your face once again. Maybe at this point where your earth plane is at, there isn’t a way of letting you know the full identity of that symbol or that number. Accept it within your soul and give thanks and Trust. Trust it. Other beings may never see the number 11 for three of your years, but they might pick up on other things. If you are aware of certain things that keep coming to you and your heart is telling you of the Love and the Truth and the feeling that you get when it comes to you, accept it. Regarding the energy that came to speak, I would say to you, that for those souls who would be going inside of that gate at some given space / time, that energy would resonate far more deeply than the ones that have not been chosen for that particular task. I would leave that there if that is agreeable to all.

Now my friends the time has come for me to take my leave.

We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love.

Adieu, my friends, adieu


Pam said...

wow Blossom just read your channeling for 11/16... it is mind blowing lol

What I understood was that present, past and future are as if time was a circle where you are in the center as an spectator and you can chose to go forth or backwards or just stay.

Time bending all over for there isn’t really time.

Just the reality we chose to create, meaning that if we change our now, then past and future would be different.

So we don’t exist in a specific time and/or space but in a whole, where anything is possible as we rethink what we are and we make it our now.

That is so awesome LOL

Love and light my friend :))))

Pam said...

Regarding this message with White Cloud I was thinking that what he and the other energy expressed was that it is some kind of revelation that will occur for those people who are seeing those numbers... like a symbol which they will find its meaning when the time is right... I was thinking that maybe it is when their higher conciousness will awake at last.

I wish I had those revelations too lol

love and light xoxoxoxo


Anonymous said...

If you go to there is a video of a talk on the Mayan callender. we are up to 1999 - 2012 Gallactic consiousness.
after 2012 it is Universal consciousness.We are on track lineing up with soul truth, being powerfully but loveingly guided every day.Living with integrity in the now, attracting the abundance of what is required for our souls higher purpose.
The game is on lets have fun.
Love Kerrie.

myrkewan said...

Dear Blossom, thanks for your response. I misunderstood your previous blog note and thought there was a second Kryon channeling. I did get the transcript in your newsletter. Thank you. I notice 11's some of the time, but strangely enough I often see 4's. Like 44 or 444, or 4:44.
I notice that our new president (elect) is the 44th president. My recent home address was 440. 44 is said to be number of God.
I love to go to your website and blogsite. I am looking forward to the changing times.
with love and many blessings...

Claudia said...

Hi Blossom, just wanted to point out that in many languages there are sometimes different words for "to be", one example, in Portuguese the word "estar" means to be physically somewhere, and "ser", which means just "to be" something or someone, and sometimes, also somewhere. (did that make sense? lol)


(no ads)

Blossom Goodchild said...

444 as far as I am aware is teh sign of the angels.There is a book called The Message (can't recall who by)all about the 444 movement and all the wondrous things that have taken place at 4.44. I always say HELLO when I see these numbers!!! Love it!! Golden Rays throughout your days.

Bing Haley said...

Hi Blossom Goodchild

My name is Bing and I am an 1111 Lightworker. I have a “Google Alert” that searches the web for individuals who are interested in 11:11. If you are curious about the 11:11 time prompts and are looking for more information please follow these links and they will help you immensely. After a while you will notice that the prompts will change to include the number of the hour plus: 11, :22, :33 and so on. You will start to see the prompts on sales slips, licence plates of cars that “just happen” to pull in front of you and also on addresses. A book that I would recommend is “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue.

These links leads to some short inspirational videos that I hope you will enjoy and pass on to others. I have no connection to the authors; I just like the messages.

Here is a link to a site that will help you to focus on the “Law of Attraction”. I have read these books and they come highly recommended not only by me but by many professional book reviewers and people who have followed their advice. These books will really bring what you want into your life.

These two links are to great meditation music sites. The first one is a link to the music of Chuck Wild who goes under the artistic name of “Liquid Mind”. The second is to a on line radio station that is free and features 10,000 genres. This particular genre is “New Age relaxation music.

Another topic that you may find interesting is Crystal and Indigo children. These are children that are being born with a raised level of consciousness. Some of them have two extra genes that allow them to see auras and be more psychically in tune. Here are a couple of sites that provide information on this topic.

The following link is to a definition of the word Namaste which I feel should become more common place in our vocabularies. Whenever I feel myself becoming judgmental of others I say this word to myself and it puts me back in the right frame of mind. There is no “us and them” only “US”.

I hope that this information will help you on your journey to becoming a better person and to help raise the level of Life, Light and Love in our world.

Throw some love into the wind

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always, Blossom. I recommend you to check out this link, it's a community Brad created for us:

I'm sure everyone would love to see you there.
Love and Light to you :).

Unknown said...

Hi guys,

I don't know how to contact you so I am posting this as a comment.


you can listen to the last kryon channel. It is wonderful. So I invite you all to listen to it in its fullness. Though if you are in a hurry skip to minute 39.

we did it guys. we rock! thank you blossom, and every single one involved. So whenever we catch ourselves beating ourselves up. how about telling those voices to shut up and remembering that you, a "common" human being contributed to avoid a global earthquake on october 2008 by rising the conciousness of humanity?

on our way to peace on earth!

love you everybody,

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom & everyone else here.

I was just having a look through an old book I have about Nostradamus last night & found this. It is from Century I Quatrain 46

Near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande,
A great fire shall from the sky for three nights fall,
A thing shall happem stupendous
And wonderful,
And shortly after the ground shall

Sound familiar.

In the chanelings leading up to oct 14 there was a part that said for them to make themselves visible to us, there would be a tremor & this was unavoidable.

I have no idea what Auch, Lectoure & Mirande are I will do some more research & try to find out. If anyone has any ideas, Please share.

May the light shine upon you always.

Anonymous said...

Brad Johnson's latest site saviorsofearth is 'Blossoming' it has a lovely energy to it, a real surportive community feeling.People are coming together beautifully.They have started an Australian page.
Love and light Kerrie.
And as White Cloud would say 'A big smile from ear to ear'

Coach Enrique said...

I wouldn't use my mind trying to figure out what 11:11 means. I know it can be entertaining to think about complex scenarios about what 11:11 is, but to me it is clear... 11:11 is SIMPLICITY AND BEAUTY. It is a highly-intelligent, armonious and beautiful Energy saying 'hi' to us DIRECTLY.
It is Universal in nature, but at the same time is deeply Personal, since it makes us turn to the clock, sign, plate, just in time to see it. Other clocks may be 1 minute ahead or behind, this means this Energy is already inside us.
And the greatest meaning of seeing 11:11 (or any beautiful prompt)is: "I am now able to communicate with you, the barriers are down and out".
We don't need to know more than this. Don't spoil this communication by trying to 'make sense' of it. Put your mind aside and start using your Hear center to move through these Times. It is imperative that we learn to do so quickly.

Bing Haley said...

Hi Rob

Here is a link that will help you with your search for more information about Nostradamus's quatrains.

There is also other prophecies that predict a comet hitting Saudi Arabia in the area of Mecca, as well as a hit on Seattle Washington.

I can be reached, if you wish to talk to me, at

Throw some love into the wind

Pam said...

Hiyas Blossom :)))

I found this on the news today in the NASA website

"Mysterious Source of High-Energy Cosmic Radiation Discovered"

The website is:

It was releasd Nov 19, 2008.

I think it is VERY interesting

If they take out the post as they did with Planet X I have a copy of the website just let me know if you need it.

Love and light :)))

NightHawk said...

It has been scientifically proven that the human-being is only capable of using ten percent of their entire brain. Imagine if only ten percent of your telivision worked or only ten percent of your car worked. You would probably render them useless no? How is it possable then that the greatest machine known to man, the human brain, is ninety percent wasted yet has produced so much. Look at how much has been acclomplished at just ten percent of cappacity: a world just less than a few hundred years ago was literally in the dark now has the world at its fingertips. You can click this..and click that..but the "clicking" cannot go on forever. We must tune in to the untangeable things in life. In this world of instant gratification it is nearly impossable to connect with your inner-self, but it is only there in that obscure place you will find the truth. Take some time out to go back to the basics again. Something is there that has been overlooked. Until this is done numbers like 11.11. and 444 or any other combination you can conjure will never reveil the code. The mind is a terrable thing to waste.

NightHawk said...

Pam, Yes you have completly got it. Time is simply a word created by man to measure something not understood. It has and always will be irrelivent. I don't know what inspired you to write what you wrote November 16, 2008 10:11 pm, but listen to and trust that voice always. Take care Pam nice to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
They may be picking up on a proton band that is running through the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way these protons are carriers of electomagnetic energy.As we move into 2012 our sun and solar system will be fully within the Band.The proton band is one of the integral elements awakening humaity and raising our vibrational frequencies.The LOVE WAVE:))
STARTED 7/7/07 Awakening dorment energies (activating our DNA )The golden cycle.
Many stella beings are also raising their frequencies and part of their exspansion is in helping us.
Sourced from
Alot of us have Pleiades energies (the band is running through part of the Pleiades).
Love and light Kerrie
P.S. I am feeling FOL very strongly today 'love is in the air"

Anonymous said...

Hello Nighthawk

It is funny that you have wrote this today as it was something I was thinking about last night. Albert Einstein was supposed to have been able to use 15% of his brain & he was a genius. Imagine the possibilities & what we could achieve as a race if we could tap into our full potential. I totally agree with what you are saying. We should take time out to get back to basics. Go camping for a weekend with only the bare essentials, go for a walk in the bush & take the time to tune in to nature & yourself & just be in the moment to listen to what it is that your true self is telling you. There is a saying by Carl Jung that goes. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct you life & you will call it fate!!
I believe once we have bought our unconscious mind into our every day waking state then we can begin to sort out our belief systems & clear blocks we have created in our lives, at the same time be able to tap into our deeper levels of consciousness & start to reveal our true potential.

Hello Pam

That’s a great revelation. Not only is time a limitation that we have placed on ourselves there are many others. Physics, the monetary system & many others that I won’t go into as it may cause some controversy. Ever heard of the saying “think outside the square” I believe the square is all of our belief systems that have been engrained into us since we have entered into this plane of existence. From the moment we are borne we are influenced from others around us & are taught how to live, how to think & what we should believe in. I believe that there is an ancient knowledge out there that we have forgotten & this is due to people seeking power & control to suppress the truth & over many centuries we have forgotten the truth.

May the light shine upon you always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I went to a medium/healer to find out what these strong energies that come over me are about.They started while I was there (got to love that) I said I need to ground that they are very strong, he said to go with them that I am balanced and safe, I cried when he said that.(I think I shifted a fear block)
I felt very light and where ever I went, I didn't want to come back.When he started bringing me back I looked up and saw a dark red vortex and a large being coming out,to my right was my electric blue crystal pyramid,as I came into myself my hands were electric it took 3 attempts for me to sit up.The Medium said I am here to do work at this time.And he said that I have Pleiades energy.I feel this is probably why I feel so much for FOL.It is happening we will raise our light and allow them to come in:))
In Trust and love of them and you.
Kerrie (A Petal)

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom, thanks for all your continuing work and channellings.

Since I was a small boy I always had the phrases "thought creates reality" or "imagination creates reality" running through my mind.

Rather than thinking myself mentally ill or being "spooked-out" by it, it seems quite a good mantra to live by. What I mean is, by believing in something (preferably of the light!) you can in some way manifest it, be it on a personal level, or hopefully, with like-minded souls on a much larger level.

What we term extra-terrestrials probably cannot by Universal laws "intervene" but probably can assist.. if ASKED TOO. Using my thought/manifestation metaphor, if enough of us "will it" to happen, this may allow such an event to happen.

Anyway just a few thoughts.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

u are not alone. much love

Pam said...

Dear Blossom, Night and Kerry... thanks so much for validating my believes.. now i understand what the FOL meant when they told you Blossom that each of us might have our "own" truth LOL

It is amazing but that is a fact and what makes my mind blow is the fact that so many people who share 99% of the same truth always find the way to meet and share love, ideas, knowledge and so many things!

:)))))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of smiles there! :)))

I still remember when the FOL didn't come.. I felt bad, not because I was expecting them to come really... but because they let Blossom down... or at least that is what I thought.

But later I realized that they had given us the greatest lesson of all and it was to acknowledge the fact that we did not need saviours at all.. that WE all could make it happen... and as Blossom well told the FOL.. keep the love flowing and bring love, light and laughter to the world! :)))

But really, the FOL by not coming showed us how easily WE could change the NOW to make a better furture.. OMG it was mind blowing!!.

I can tell you something guys... those days were SO intense that my whole body had an outburst of energy ALL over and is as if energy was trying to come out of my insides that practically like BURNED all the outer areas of my whole body... I simply didn't know what was going on with me but recently I was trying a meditation to increase my vibration and VOILA it happened again anf my whole body was an out burst? (dunno how to say it in English LOL!)

SO now that I know what is happening and I know I am either absorbing huge amounts of energy or sending them out I can control it better ROFL

I am soooo excited that this is just AWESOME.

You know what Blossom?.. I truly think the FOL is doing just great because it is forcing us to use our monds in order to find ourselves.

I have noticed that when someone tells you... hey you are a God like person... then you sinply can't believe that due to old estigmas and beliefs... BUT if someone subjects you to certain conditions and you discover all the things you can do... OMG the limit to learning is the SKY!

I love you ALL.. and you in special my dear valient and wonderful Blossom!! xoxoxoxoxoxo :))))

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart Blossom!

Thank you again for your exquisite transcript and your fabulous humour!
Without your humour this could become a dreary affair and much too serious...

One truth - yes everyONEs' truth.

I love the offering of assistance. How can anyone critique that?
Say "yes" greatfully or "no thank you".
But demanding that they assist... In a way we decide...? Doesn't really work, does it?!

So happy to be in a body and alive in these special times on this beautiful planet.

Love & Light to You Beloved One