Jan 22, 2008


Interesting .... a soul very close to me ... in fact my mother ... feels that I cocoon myself in this lovely bit of paradise called Noosa, Australia, and shut myself off from the 'real' goings on in the world, and apparently 'life just isn't like that!' Well mum, whom I Love and respect dearly 'It is for me!'

Before I continue, may I just say that there is no malice regarding our difference of opinion. I KNOW my Truth and my mum KNOWS hers. We respect that in each other and I am Truly grateful. In fact I think its great we have these differences, it gives me insight into the way other people choose to think about our world.

She feels that I am shutting myself off from information regarding wars, violence, politics, rape, torture, murder, law suits, .... in fact 'THE NEWS' and she could not be more correct. I choose not to watch this kind of info because I KNOW that if you feed something it will live. If you do not it will die.

I wander when souls of this planet will come to the understanding of this. The more everyone sits there allowing their soul to 'invest' in the misery that is taking place, the more they buy into it, the more they chat to others about it, the more they continue to think about how awful it is ... then the more there will continue to be this war, violence, rape etc!!

White Cloud once told of a situation wherein a man was convicted of murdering a young child. All over the world people watched their TV and HATED him for it. 'Bring back hanging' they cried. 'He deserves everything he gets in jail' and an onslaught of obscenities poured forth toward this man.Do you think that is the answer? Do you think that is going to make our world better? All those millions of people sending out such negativity? As difficult as some of you reading may find this ... what if all the world were to send that man LOVE? Would that not change that man at the speed of Light? What if all the soldiers in the world decided to change careers and become nurses or doctors? What if everybody STOPPED reading gossip columns that bare no resemblance to the Truth and STARTED reading material that gave them knowledge of who they are? What if everybody STOPPED focusing on the bad in the world and STARTED focusing on the GOOD?

IMAGINE just for a minute what that would do. It would change our world in an instant. If we simply REFUSED to buy into all the propaganda, if we only allowed thoughts of Love to enter in, then if you KNOW the LAW OF ATTRACTION to be Truth, then do you not see? That is how we could turn this planet into the planet that we originally intended it to be.

I have heard SO many times ' If there is a God, then why would He allow all this suffering ?'
HELLO! We came here in the knowledge that we had free will ... through this free will, we, as mankind ... (man what?) have chosen through thought all this suffering. Don't like that thought? THINK ABOUT IT! We are our own creators remember? GOD ... THE DIVINE ...THE ONENESS ... ENERGY OF LOVE ... whatever term is correct for you, DID NOT allow all this suffering! WE gave the world permission for it to to be present, over thousands and thousands of years of thought ... turning into energy ... turning into reality. Its so much easier to blame someone else isn't it? And God is always so very handy!

Be vigilant of your choice not only in thought word and deed, but of your choice of visual and audio intake.For whatever a soul chooses to 'take in', and worse still, hold on to, they help to keep it alive.





Lesson over.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

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