Jan 27, 2008


I meet so many souls these days who feel very lonely on their quest for the Truth. I am blessed in that my work draws to me souls that are like minded and therefore I am never starved of conversation regarding spiritual matters. However it seems sad that so many are. They may go for years never having anyone to 'share' their Truths with. Never having confirmation from another regarding the thoughts that are filtering through from their Higher Self. I cannot imagine a world like that any more, although it was once the same for me.

The time is coming when it shall be impossible NOT to be with souls that are on the same vibration as your self. It will feel so uncomfortable to be in another's frequency that does not resonate with your own that it will be as if your physical body will experience electrical impulses in order to steer you away from that which no longer is of service to you.

It shall be that the sensitivity of the MIND, BODY and SOUL shall align to such a degree that only that which DOES serve shall come to you. Let us all try to work towards this. Let us start to LISTEN to what our HIGHER SOUL is telling us. It seems that so often we put up our barriers in order to sabotage the TRUE GREATNESS of who we are.

Why is it we are so fearful of who we TRULY are?

Why do we hold ourselves back from allowing our full potential to SHINE ?

What exactly is it that we are afraid of?

Until we give ourselves permission to at least TRY and see what lies burried within , we will never find out that which we are afraid of finding out. And when we DO find it out we will LAUGH to discover that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

FEAR was created by mankind. It was driven into our beings by those in POWER to surpress POWER. For how could those in POWER have POWER over us if we knew that there was nothing to FEAR?


Set it FREE into the nothingness that it derived from. Set yourselves FREE from the chains you have placed around your heart. What are you protecting yourself from? Yourself? Open the doors that you have chosen to keep closed for so long in order to let your LIGHT shine out and THE LIGHT shine in. KNOW within the GREATNESS of yourself that nothing that is not of LIGHT can enter in. Then people of earth ...... FILL YOURSELF up to the brim daily with the POWER OF LOVE that is the very essence of who you are. WHY DENY yourself of yourself? To what avail?

WAKE UP ... WAKE UP ... WAKE UP from this frozen sleep into the sunshine of the promised land which lies within each one of you.

Blessings on your day.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Bloss and whoever popped in to assist.

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