Jan 22, 2015

Every breath you take ...


Inhale, Exhale … The breath of life is sweet.
Inhale, Exhale … You rarely miss a beat.
Inhales, Exhale … Draw Love into your Being.
Inhale, Exhale … Then feel the thing you’re seeing.
Inhale, Exhale … As Energy takes wing.
Inhale, Exhale … Allows your heart to sing.

Inhale, Exhale … And smile each time you do.
Inhale, Exhale … To find the road to you.

Inhale, Exhale … Surrender to the Light.
Inhale, Exhale … Release the wounds you fight.
Inhale, Exhale … Gives time to think anew.
Inhale, Exhale … Finds space to guide you through.

Inhale, Exhale … So easy, such a gift.
Inhale, Exhale … And vibrations you shall lift.
Inhale, Exhale … A magical manoeuvre.
Inhale, Exhale … It makes the journey smoother.

Inhale, Exhale … Removing all your pain.
Inhale, Exhale … Now do it once again.
Inhale, Exhale … Welcome in the dawn.
Inhale, Exhale … Another baby born.

Inhale, Exhale … To calm your troubled mind.
Inhale, Exhale … It relaxes, don’t you find?
Inhale, Exhale … Have not your stresses gone?
Inhale, Exhale … I could go on and on.

Inhale, Exhale … Just breathing in and out.
Inhale, Exhale … It proves without a doubt …
That to …

Inhale, Exhale … Is all you have to do …
You must

Inhale, Exhale… or that’s the end of you.
(In the flesh!).
Blossom Goodchild.
Simple, Timeless Practices
Ancient systems were developed that activate your conscious ability to receive Light. Most of these have been brushed aside in the hope of new, more powerful teachings. However, in many ways the simplicity and the clarity of the tools to expand conscious awareness remain the same. For instance, accessing the elements of subtle energy through your breath remains one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration
From one of the earliest videos by Matt Khan (The Power of Breath, 2008), this second quote:
"The breath is the delivery system for the heart's love.  It goes to the heart, picks up love and delivers it to wherever it is needed, where there is awareness of resistance, conflict, disturbed peace, etc.
Take a deep inhale, direct the breath into the heart filling the breath itself with all the Love life can offer.  Then acknowledge that the Love has been delivered with the exhale (sighing)."

Golden Rays my friends ... as we continue to
Inhale ... Exhale ....
Blossom G.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Blossom. Thank you.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Enrique ... you're still on board!; How Lovely ... Hello!
Love Blossom xxx

Coach Enrique said...

Well, once we are in the quest for Truth and Freedom, we may get tired but we just cannot quit, can we?

Unknown said...

Thought I would drop by n send sum luv. <3 Peace. :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is that this sort of discrepancy between realms occurs far more frequently than many perhaps realize. Time, especially, is a factor of much consternation between earth-based, linear reality and higher frequency awareness and experience.

Imagine being on a speeding train and attempting to toss a coin out the window of your boxcar, in order to hit a specific spot on the ground.

Our realm is dense and slow and seemingly bound (tho it's not really) by time and many other factors that are in fact not actually "real", in comparison to the FOL and other higher frequency consciousnesses!

The analogy is not meant to be exact to the situation, but it does present one with the construct of varying speeds of being (in truth it is of consciousness since all is light/love and not actually matter anyway.) And consciousness USES tools such as time and space, but is not bound or controlled by them. Time and space are not nearly as fixed and constant as we tend to believe here. Same with exactitude of placement in space.

Consciousness is not bound by these things, in other words, as humans tend to believe. And higher frequency consciousness such as FOL are far less constrained in their native element, than anything we can likely conceive from here. To interact with us so directly as they do with you is itself quite a feat and one we owe a great deal to YOU, for your ability to rise in love frequencies enough to pull it off! (((Hugs)))

Anyway... Blossom, you say you wish only to bring through the HIGHEST truth. I would present to you the possibility that you indeed ARE, and that where that level of truth resides... time has very little meaning or certainly a differing usage than we exist with.

It's not that YOU need be technical because you can simply trust your heart and what you FEEL. But when you are presented with technical points to consider from others, you get thrown from your center. In truth, it is as nothing.

So all this simply to say that perhaps recognize that the highest truth brings with it conundrums, dilemmas and issues that humanity has not been well-versed to address, as yet.

But we're working on it. And you're doing your part quite nicely, I'd say!

Much love, no worries and ALL IS WELL! ((((Hugs))))

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks so much for those thoughts anon . I am still unsure of what I think. Time will sort it out ..
Many thanks for taking the time to express that which you did . A lot of it makes sense.

yk248 said...

I just LOVED the last channeling Blossom (Feb. 5th) thank you. I also Love the new communications with direct voice!! Awesome :D Beautiful energy.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Goodchild what do you think about Archangel Michael aka Ashtar planning to bring about world peace on Saturday ? I believe your friend Zoolthie is in contact with him on her site.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hello anon . I think it a splendid idea ... and one that we could aspire to putting into practise... every day ... Until we get it ! Many Thanks.

Unknown said...

Keep doing your thing. :) Peace. <3

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your channelings, I especially enjoyed the latest one (Feb 27th) with White Cloud speaking...so much love came through. Wow. Keep on keeping on, you're doing a wonderful job xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,
Could you tell me which document you have read? I would like to make my own opinion.
Thank you

Blossom Goodchild said...

The document was 'The Fifth interview. Dr Neruda ... wingmakers.com .' Its 72 pages long .. and research shows it to be fact/fiction ... a mixture of things. I got to a point where I wanted to leave it be , so didn't go into it further ,
many thanks ...

Ami said...

Dear Blossom and FOL:
You are in my mind and heart every day. Thank you so much for giving us those treasures. I LOVE YOU!

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thank you so much Ami. How lovely! Much Love right back atcha!!

Unknown said...

Hello. :3
I liked your latest channeling, but there are certain thing that I disagreed with...
Like for instance, what if the new experience that my soul is looking for is immortality, to me that is something new...I think that eternal life is one of humanities biggest wishes.
And also when they talked about food and said some of it is poison, I understand that some of it causes harm but I think that is natural too, I understand that is just the natural evolution of things, it's not completely refined, I believe that eventually things will be better. Peace & Love.

Unknown said...

I liked your channeling, having personal power seems like a great ideia...Peace & Love.

Unknown said...

Thank you Blossom for being and shining the LIGHT you are to us all around the globe. I've just read your simple 'breathing' exercise to raise our energies; so many of us shallow breath or even hold our breath without thinking. Thank you for these reminders to focus on our breath and breathe in LOVE. I AM glad you are safely back home in Australia and back in the fold so to speak.