Dec 6, 2014

A chat from White Cloud.

A WHITE CLOUD AUDIO ... where he chats openly about who he is. (about 14 mins long) This was taken from a 'private session' with a gentleman visiting from Canada. It finishes abruptly as the rest of the session was personal. I am sure you will enjoy it... ... even with the atmospheric thunderstorm in the background!

Many thanks.
 Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays 
Blossom G. xxx 


Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

Excellent contact, indeed.

Another brother from the Stars.

This and ALL you do is good.

Ciao for now

Unknown said...

I believe in fairies :3

Unknown said...

Thank you for your dedication. <3 Cool.

Unknown said...
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viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom, is there now a longer break in your conversations with the Federation of Light???

Wishing you and all of us a peace-in-heart-Year and lot of joy and enlightment.
Greetings from Germany

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Viola. No ... I haven't had a moment to myself yet to be able to channel ... House full of beautiful guests...since I can't remember when. Hoping to have a post up by the weekend and then all being well, on the regular weekly basis ..
Happy New Year to all .
Blossom .xxx

viola-annai said...

Thank you, dear Blossom, for your quick answer.
A house full of beautiful guests .. whow, that`s truly a present :-)

Loving greetings!

Rafael VR said...

Hi there dear Bloss!

Reading the last channeling, which was incredible...

I tried to contact them via telepathy.

And it seems I was successful in doing so. I had the channeling done in 30 minutes.

Yet... I did as they said.

But still... Sometimes I just couldn't let myself to think it was just me thinking out loud.

But I trusted my feelings. They said they truly were the federation of light, but told me to call them the 'friends of the overseas'... something alike from what they tell you sometimes...

So, I would politely ask you... if they could give us some more techniques to reach them out...

I channeled these beings, and like you, I wrote all down via computer, and what a blast it was.

However... i wish they tell more about how is this kind of experience... do you hear a different voice when you channel? how to make distinctions when it is you thinking versus their telepathic message?

This of course... if it is possible... there is so much to learn from this new form of communication.

Thank you so much in advanced!

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hello Rafael.
Glad it went well for you. It really is all about TRUSTING yourself. No, I do not hear a voice ... it is all telepathy. I seem to KNOW by the feeling and the way it flows that it is them. There have been times when it was quite the opposite. My suggestion would be to keep at it and learn to discern ... should there be times that do not feel so 'them'... or it simply doesn't flow and becomes too hard.
It is all in the intention to serve for the ONE I feel.
Many thanks

J. L. Navarro said...

Curious to know what tribe White Cloud was associated with during his earthly existence, and in what era did this take place? Also, was he considered a medicine man or shaman during that lifetime?

viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom, that was an uplifting conversation, whow.
And I am doing nearly nothing,.. no more and no longer (mediation etc.) - but this one was beautiful indeed. Although I didn`t understand all words, but nearly all - and that will serve me.
You spoke clear and slowly, that was quite the right tempo.

The point is:
I wanted to download it to have it on my tablet, so that I must not do it onlin.,e But it is not possible.
That`s too bad.
Is ist possible for you to change that?

Thank you for all you do.
Greetins from Germany.
Thank you for

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Viola.
It will be available to listen to o YouTube when the audio is sent out in a few days . Otherwise if you email me I will send you the audio file via drop box, so you can download it .
Manny thanks

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi J.L Navarro..
The little I know is that White Cloud was last on the Earth plane in the late 1500's.
He speaks with a broken accent (French Canadian?) and I FEEL he lived around the ARIZONA area(?) due to the time I was there and him asking to see the Grand Canyon once again ... through my eyes. How could I refuse? The emotion was overwhelming ... for both him and me . We do not go too much into his last incarnation . ... as he says is his message that is important .
Hope this helps. many thanks. Bloss.

Rafael VR said...

Thank you Blossom for your great answer!

I trust what you say.

And indeed... the envelope is opening little by little!

You are such a wonderful soul... learning from you and your gift makes me wonder what else is on the table for everybody and your community as well!

I can only think right now... that the beginning is happening right now!

Thank you so much Blossom Goodchild! You are a beacon of light... and what a POWERFUL LIGHT INDEED!

Rafael VR

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

You said: Nov 15 2014
". . . .‘The Event’, ‘The Pillars of Light’ etc. … or, at this particular time … The FOL saying quite a while back … that people would know of them by the end of 2014" [quote]


Ciao for now

Blossom Goodchild said...

That's beautiful. Thanks Anon .

Anonymous said...

Bloss did you have an incoming call

"Astro-boffins tune in to weird real-time cosmic radio burst"

Keep up the Great Work - We Love You