May 9, 2013


My! How remiss have I been in writing these blogs?! … and I was doing so well there for a while!
You know, I find it rather odd really that ‘people’ read what I have to say. I am never sure what the subject will be until I get going! Yet it usually ‘comes’ when I begin … so here I AM!

Compared to so many I have little to moan about in my life. A beautiful husband, family and friends. I live in a place that we frequently refer to as 'Paradise' ... these things and many more I give thanks for regularly. Yet …

I can still feel so very lost within ‘The System’ quite a lot of the time.

The other night … out under the stars … deep in ponder mode … I found myself thinking that I KNEW what GOD is … for me … and I accept that the word ‘God’ has duality vibrations within it … depending on the thoughts of each.
GOD to me is an energy of the purest … top notch … Highest vibration of LOVE there IS!  I get that! Then I started realising that I haven’t really found … let alone … become … that same GOD that is within me.

Indeed there have been moments of utter joy and wanting to burst with this LOVE … yes that I would say IS GOD … yet GOD is ALWAYS present for I AM GOD … AS ARE WE ALL … so it is those moments … (and oh too many of them for my liking) when I do not FEEL that way … in which I know I haven’t REALLY found my entire Truth.
That is why we are here … to discover that fullness of Truth. Yet we make it so hard for ourselves.We make mountains out of molehills. We forget all that we do have … when we don’t have what we want. We beat ourselves up time and time again for not BEING the best we can be. We fall by the wayside now and then. Where is the GOD IN ME at work then?
Of course, I KNOW that really That Energy is always there … no matter what. Even in those darker moments I am still ‘operating’ as GOD … just vibrating on a lower frequency of it …

Yet it is the ‘All TIME’ Highest frequency that I am seeking.

‘Seek and thou shalt find’ as they say!
Inside each one is the KNOWING of God … even when one doesn’t know they know that they know!!!! We are having this human experience and we have volunteered and were chosen. This I know too as a TRUTH ... for me … Yet sometimes we simply ‘don’t get it’.

I KNOW … I just KNOW we are on our way to a better world. All that is taking place with the Citizens Hearings and much more is a sure sign that we are ‘breaking through’ and gradually there will be enough of us to allow ‘an integration’ with our friends from other worlds to take place. It is happening … and we need to hang on to that excitement in order for it to manifest.
All these things I FEEL in my heart. Yet ‘gotta’ say … sometimes … I WANT IT NOW!

The KNOWING that it WILL happen can sometimes frustrate the soul … because we don’t know when that 'happening' will be .
I LOVE our friends from other realms. I FEEL blessed to be in communication with them. Yet I AM simply the messenger and just as confused as the next person as to when their ‘soon’ actually is.

So much we do not understand whilst in this Earthly coil. Too many questions … of which some are not even formulated for fear of ‘combusting!”
Ladies and gentleman of the world … KNOWING we are all together in this with our thoughts and FEELINGS is indeed a bond of LOVE that I simply could not do without. To KNOW I am not alone in this … as many many feel they are … is what assists me in holding on to my TRUTH … my KNOWING.

To KNOW that all over the planet we are ONE BAND … pursuing the same dream … a dream that we created before we came here … allows me to hold on and become stronger.
What a celebration we shall have when what WE KNOW … is KNOWN by all. How we shall bask in the joy. How we shall laugh when looking back at past thoughts about it all. Oh how funny they will seem … when we KNOW the Higher perspective … The Bigger Picture!

I look forward to that time … when familiar faces that I have never met … recognise my soul as I recognise theirs and we say as we embrace … ‘WE MADE IT … WE ACTUALLY MADE IT’ … and then we laugh some more !
Keep on keeping on my friends … my sisters and brothers of Light.

Love Light Golden Rays and all the good stuff.
 Blossom G.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your posts. They help me not to feel so alone in my thoughts.

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Meidtate for Peace tonight in Syria.

Update from Cobra via

Love and Light to ALL

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

Your last paragraph really got to me Blossom. That day when we can come together and say "WE MADE IT. WE REALLY MADE IT". Can you imagine? I live for that day. Oh what a day that will be.:D

In love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom..I know we have never met in person..but I feel I know you.. your words acknowledge my thoughts and give sometimes make me cry with joyful emotion from the messages about our lives truth..and you often make me laugh ..what a blessing to give..thank you Blossom..much love to you from Wendy XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom - Just want to say thanks for your channels and also that I definitely experience that new way of seeing that's been mentione. Particularly when looking at my plants & my apt. but it even happens at work sometimes (which is no small feat for me!). Everything looks more beautiful even if it's messy - sharper and more 3-D if you know what I mean. I have also had many many dreams about being taught and told things during the dream state, this has been happening for many years. I have even had a couple where I'm the one teaching/showing others.
Also, I'm enjoying your books that I purchased. I got interrupted so haven't finished them all, but am particularly enjoying your candidness and seeing how your relationship with your guides evolved and the process of that. I've only listened to a few minutes of the link you included in your last channeling (May 10) but am looking forward to hearing that as well. I have no problem whatsoever believing in what they say about music and have been trying to explain my own concepts of this to people for awhile. Finally, thanks for the suggestions from your guides as always.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom. I can relate to all that you say, and I too look forward to the day when we can say WE MADE IT!! Much love, Tricia

Unknown said...

To me the Creator is loving. Whenever I feel lost, I just hold to this truth: 'I am loved' I have many truths but this is the most important one because can I feel this truth inside my heart.
I prefer to call Him Great Spirit, because I feel it reflects better the way I feel about Him. But to everyone call Him whatever they want, there is only one God Creator of everything.

He is always with us.

Hope all is well.
Much love and peace to all.

Anonymous said...

what is it that makes people focus on Syria where little can be done and be blind to their own neighbours where much can be done? or to their own Heart where EVERYTHING can be done?

Anonymous said...

This is why Syria and possible WWWIII make a difference to us all , the following may be sped up.

You decide if you want to post Bloss.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother’s Day Blossom,I hope you had as lovely a day as I did picnicking with my mother and her poodle under huge gum trees filled with rainbow lorikeets, listening to the waves crashing on the shore ahh heaven,thank you for being the channel through which The Federation of Light blesses us and opens our hearts so we can choose to feel again the love we are,so we can choose with wisdom to focus on that which we want to create more of in our lives,so we can be anchors of light despite the winds that try to blow us off course at times......
I have not the words to express that which is in my heart,but they do....thanks for this Blossom xxx

… take the time to become One with the very core of your Mother Planet. When an unborn infant lays gently within the womb of its parent … it’s comfort … its resonance … knows only of the regular heart beat of the soul that is providing its very nurturing. It relies upon the FEEL of that heart beat … to know that all is safe and well. It is ‘at one’ with that pulsation … for it is feeding from it in the knowledge that it can Trust the harmonic rhythm in order to be sustained and fulfilled. We say to you that this is no different from how we wish you to relate with your Mother Earth. Be at ONE with her heartbeat. The more you take the time to vibrate along with her, and to feed on her milk, the faster your growth shall become. And what does a young infant give in return ? Take a look in the eyes of a child. Look into the very windows of their soul. They ARE LOVE. They give LOVE. A Mother gives of herself freely asking nothing in return, yet a smile given in appreciation is worth more than any of your words can express. You are a family of LOVE. Every one of you. At times … your siblings may not always conduct themselves in the manner you are in alignment with … yet they are BEING who they are … and in the acceptance of who they are … YOU … another part of you … you are allowing the flow of what simply is ‘life’ to emanate its rays of experiential upbringing to teach and learn all in the same breath.13th June 2009

Anonymous said...

well we are not all the same blossom you believe the gf is something good and i dont believe that to me they are part of the problem not the solution

i think its time to get rid of all these groups claiming to be this or that its just more of the same manipulation, and as always we are stuck in the middle

i personaly feel very strong about this and all the times i have hearded soon just sickens me and this alone has an effect on people much stronger than anything your gf can say in fact it pushed me and many others away realizing we are stuck in the middle and we dont take this no more

who do they think they are coming here like that claiming lots of stuff we simply have to believe coz of what? there is nothing just read back a few years on any channeler including you and make your own conclusions

Ami said...

Thank you dear Blossom. That last channeling (May 19) was really amazing. So interesting. I wanted to read more and more and more... I enjoyed it a lot! I hope one day we can read/hear all the chapters :D

We love you, Blossom and FOL!!!
With Love and Light to all you,

yk248 said...

Dear, dear Blossom.

What a wonderful post, full of inspiration. I am thankful for you shining your light in this world. And for all that you do with your channelings. You certainly have a strong purpose with you here.

I really feel like we are getting closer to that Light, shining like heaven in this earth.

I have, while reading your blog, got the picture of not just this band of Lightworkers and Light-bearers being together as a group energy on this earth, but felt it expand to ALL the people on this earth, being one group-energy, going to the Light. So maybe things are changing. I think they are.

Much Love to you dear Blossom.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bloss - great conversation. We all knew you would eventually squeeze some interesting tidbits out of them.

Now that ascension has been slowed down by a personal request from Gaia - may WE all can just relax and be ourselves.

Love & Light .......

Anonymous said...

Blossom, great post the 19th of May. In my opinion, this may have been your greatest channeling yet. I am kind of speechless right now. Don't know what to say. Just that a lot of my questions were answered, and they fit in with my personal experiences. I really hope your future channelings are as informative as this one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Blossom once again for last nights channel,I just now came across this earlier channel of yours and want to share in light of last night’s channel.

~The Federation of Light~ 20th Jan 2011~
Let go of these man made fears. For so many of you are now aware enough to see that is what they are. You are more than manmade are you not? You are so much more than who you believe yourselves to be. You chose to embark upon a journey of such magnitude in order to bring into BEING a world that is of the brightest future. You, who have endured much in order to bring this about, must recognize that NOW in your finest hours, you are aligning the new vibration with it's fellow assistants and through this the New Dawn is indeed arising. The promises made to the soul self are being fulfilled. The accomplishments that are occurring within yourselves on a soul level are astounding the core of your BEING. For you are awakening to your Truth.

Anonymous said...

***THANK YOU*** the energy emanating from the channelings is all about ***LOVE***

Unknown said...

The new world, our new society, will be fair for everyone. Happy to be living in a world like that.

Love & Peace.

Unknown said...

I hardly have any time now, to do anything that I really like and it's hard because now I have responsibilities. I wish things were different. But it's hard, because there is just too much pressure.
Thought these words could offer some assistance to anyone.
Much Love and peace to all.

Anonymous said...

You always have time to breathe Humble Dandelion do it consciously in gratitude for your breath then watch the world present to you more things to be grateful for,this is where I go back to when I feel it is all too much,back to the basics as White Cloud says,this is where I am gong back to now,so nice and we are not alone xxx
Look to the skies for inspiration:)

Anonymous said...

Blossom are you on holiday again ?

In you next channel please inquire why so many of us around the globe are feeling so terrible - both physically and mentally if the dark forces are on the way out and the Love Light Energies coming in from the sun are designed to do the opposite. Do they have a mass depopulation of earth under way ?

Blossom Goodchild said...

No not on holiday . Just sent a newsletter out saying I had tried three times this last week to channell , yet it wasn't working. I shall leave it for a while and try again in a week. I understand your question ... yet I have a long list of them in a folder that people would like me to ask ... It all depends what feels right at the time . Hang on in there ... That's all we can do ... and do our best to keep our own vibration as high as possible ... which in turn serves the whole . Golden Rays , Blossom

Unknown said...

We are loved, and this is the evolution that I'm waiting for, it's already here, and by staying in this knowing I'm cool. I just wish it was a little bit more easier to explore my true potential. I'm a little lost here, without knowing very well how to make change happen...
Peace and Love.

Anonymous said...

I came across this today Humble it may assist, passing it on..... thanks for this Blossom:) asktheo says 'Trust the process'

29th Nov 2009~The Federation of Light~

There shall be confusion as this particular shift is occurring. LET IT BE. Simply LET IT BE. May we advise you, that by simply accepting the process it shall be made so much easier. It is programmed to work it self , if you allow it to do so. Do not question, just allow.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Firstly thanks to everyone for your comments. I choose not to go into some of the longer ones personally ... in detail ... mainly due to an inbox full of emails to reply to ... and so I simply say thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to express them. It would take me far too long to do the same at this time. Many thanks .