Mar 26, 2013


Well, here I am … back home after a five week trip visiting and catching up with over 60 family and friends in England. What an interesting little scenario that was! Such emotions … having not seen many for almost nine years. An eye opener in many respects … popping back into people’s lives for maybe only a twenty four hour period. No time to process a thing!

It snowed!

Point being … now I am home. Ah Home! Already my soul is back in gear and I remember who I was before I went. Yet I have come back KNOWING that my experience has assisted in reaching a Higher part of me . A newer part of me.

I was experiencing so much. It was huge! Yet I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that when I got home I would have moved up a notch. I have also moved a few steps sideways I might add ... not backwards …oh no ….sideways. A far smother thought pattern.

Yet this newer me shall let go of those ‘old patterns’ because I KNOW they no longer serve. All in their own good time.

I haven’t followed anything really whilst away. So I know not what has been sparking ones heart regarding spiritual sustenance. I believe that a spring equinox has brought through much Higher energies. (so ok … I’ve read a bit since getting home ). This would make total sense to me … for having been home only a few days … already my life is slotting into gear in the most fabulous fashion. I am so excited with projects afoot I can hardly sit still.

It could be just me. Just on a roll. I was on the tedious 35 hour journey home thinking …’How exciting. An open book … a blank page … a new chapter'. And within such a short time so many opportunities have arisen … putting me on a new High. Feeling alive and zinging and ready to create!

So if this is what is meant by the new energies hitting us … Bring it on. A piece of cake. Put out there what you want and providing you’re in the ‘sweet spot’ … it shall appear! (New car about to manifest … that’s a given! Yet I know not by what means. Doesn’t matter … that’s the beauty of it . Just KNOW!)

I am looking forward to channelling with The Federation of Light again. It seems such a long time ago since we connected.

Whilst away … I felt quite disconnected from source actually … not totally … just ‘a step to the right’ … and now home … my soul immediately returns to the gratitude and the deep breaths of reconnection … and it FEELS SO GOOD.

Imagine if you will … each one of us doing exactly what we want to do. Living our passion … and by doing so ... creating such High energies that can merge together and take this world by storm!!

How exciting .To be moving into a Higher part of ourselves. It’s like a bud waiting patiently to open … those Golden Rays of sun give it that extra push and … Glory Be ... It’s a rose ... In full bloom.

It seemed an eternity ago that it was a seed growing shoots and pushing its way through the soil and the mud … yet was not this what it needed to move on up out into the open? And then the growing pains … the branching out ... yet with each moment it was one step further towards its Grand Finale.



That’s what I’m going to do anyway. Care to join me?

Love Light and Laughter

Blossom G.


Anonymous said...

Love the New Energy :) Woo Hoo it is grand, isn't it :) We speak a language of light, a light code, that lives Life in the manner I recognize in your recent channeling.

I understand Life is who we are, and I hear that White Cloud is living life everywhere, even here in 3 d. My life, my true twin, lives as I do here, there, everywhere. White Cloud is a lightbeam. My twin is a lightbeam. We mingle these lightbeams and move in and groove in every particle of all life. That light ship he speaks of is Us.

We are the light ship. We just are, and he's right. We move and groove in every particle of All Life, as we choose. We can change in an instant. An isntant is all we are in all life. All moments of all timelines are only in one second, so we can board that ship, skip on out of here and beam us up, Scotty uh hu hu hu just a little laughter there. I do recognize a twinness between you, too. i just do, and laughter is an old shoe between loves. Whew And that ought to do it. Love, Ianda Hi

Unknown said...

Welcome home radiant lady of light,

Wonderful to read that you had a fabulous trip and so many beautiful souls to reconnect with again after such a long period... Good on YOU!!! And what divine timing you have, with all that has changed throughout the world... Perfect timing...

Such a beautiful channelling, all slotting into my vibration, like a jigsaw puzzle coming together, no surprises there, just all beautiful wisdom that all is as it should be...

No longer do I feel as if I need time, situation or flash of light for vibrations to settle and integrate into my being. Your channellings resonate perfectly now, whereas previously, say early 2012, I felt that I needed to walk a journey or change something within my life to be the change that I am meant to be, to let go of this and that. On reflection, it seems that I was still trying to control my life, ever so slightly, but still controlling outcomes, even though at the time I thought that I had dropped my baggage, but here I am 1 year later truly, truly knowing that it was simply part of the process.

As I am discovering, to resonate within one's own frequency requires physical changes that one simply does not expect to happen (as in your previous channelling), like saying good bye to long time friends and opening the door for new ones to come through. Or, as I have freely chosen to do, quit my job and work for myself, not to have employees, just me. Financially can I afford to do this, heck no I cant, but I have to do it, I can no longer hide from me, I can no longer live a lie, I have to freely stand in my absolute truth, as I no longer belong nor reside in a vibration of greed and fear, whereas my employers know (at this time) of no other place to be. They are exactly where they need to be and I am exactly where I need to be, its all perfect. What is perfect for me, doesn't need to be perfect for anyone else, it is my individual journey and remembering what I am here to do.

We will all arrive to a place we know as home, how we get there is for each beautiful soul to decide according to their own vibration.

Again, Blossom, wonderful to see your back home again.

One light, one love,


Anonymous said...

Blossom so good to have you back and speaking to 'life' for us,I am overseas at the moment,missing Australia,9 more sleeps.
I had to smile an hour ago we were on the beach and my son was taking us through a work out and he used the words 'fairy dust' asking us to lift up our arms as high as is comfortable:)
much like what was in your .....Like a fairy mist that wafts over one’s senses and gradually they open their eyes and SEE how things REALLY are.
.....These little things make me feel connected and I like that.
Love and gratitude Kerrie/Zoolithe

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom,

I see that you are beginning to question who the gfol and white cloud are. I like your messages as you ask the questions we all want answered, and your latest post (march 26) "white cloud" didn't quite answer them. Even though we may not currently understand other dimensions they or it can still explain what their mission is with us and of this planet. Is it really to our benefit or theirs? white cloud said they are of life and light, and can use light to their advantage.. I wonder what kind of advantage they have or what advantage they use and take, is it for everyone or for them only?

Honestly, I don't trust them and that's my opinion and my gut instinct. I don't draw or bring energy down into me either nor am I religious. I bring out the love energy from within me, and accept everyone as equal. IMO These are the false gods or messiahs of our age, if you are true and genuine you will see through the lies.

Thank you again for your message Blossom, take care.


Sérgio said...

I think I just made it...


Anonymous said...


First Blossom, you are lovely, and I am glad you are home and had a good trip. I have been following you since 2008, but unfortunately I also am having difficulties believing the FOL anymore. Don't get me wrong. I fully believe you converse with someone. But I no longer believe they're going to help us. I tried all their advice. Did what they asked. Believed what they wanted me to believe. I don't trust them anymore. I no longer expect to see them in our skies -- ever. Everything they do is a failure and they make no certain apologies, and the excuses are usually problems caused by us somehow.

I think they're just stringing us along. They will probably do this until we reach old age. I know you feel differently, but I think we're being totally had.

In Oct. 2008 I entertained the idea of having a large ship (Alabama?) scanning around our earth three times so we could take photos. I told people at the time. I probably sounded like a fool to them. Unfortunately im starting to feel like a total fool. I hope you understand my leaving. I didn't really want to leave this way, but I would like to walk another path in my life. I hope you don't take this to heart. You are losing me and I am losing you. Take care Blossom.


Anonymous said...

Dear ALL involved,
Did I miss something ?!?... When are these ‘Pillars of Light’ going to start appearing ?!?... When do WE get the ‘go ahead’ to release the ‘Balloons of Love’ that WE have been saving and filling up ?!?... I really, REALLY, want ‘First Contact’ to begin ! … Lately for ME, I have become appalled by the CHEMTRAILS here above my head in Sonoma County, California ….The F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration), E.P.A.(Environmental Protection Agency), and N.O.A.A. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) have ALL denied this is happening and have told me to write my Congressman if I want CHEMTRAILS to stop… What I have found is that this is a Military Program and IS A GLOBAL PROGRAM. All NATO Powers are Spraying above OUR heads. THEY want to be able to control the weather. I want them to STOP experimenting with GOD and MOTHER NATURE, all the while SLOWLY poisoning OUR PLANET EARTH….. Do the F.O.L. or White Cloud have any insight into this murder of OUR Blue Skies almost on a GLOBAL DAILY basis ?!? … At least I’ve heard that every last Wednesday of the Months to come at 11:00am, a Peaceful Protest in San Francisco, California at City Hall will commence. These protests will be about CHEMTRAILS to awaken sleeping people to this crime of spraying US without any consent.
I am hoping to afford a high end camera to film these atrocities and perhaps put them onto YouTube in video form to do my part…… Can the F.O.L. shed some LIGHT onto this very important subject for US ALL ?!? ….. I have not lost hope on OUR Universal Friends but do frown from time to time because I have yet to SEE with my own two eyes some valid proof of their existence. Sorry. +Greg+ in Petaluma, CA.

Anonymous said...

Dear reader,
since last summer my life changed so much: I loved buying clothes, I loved making my own clothes, I loved working in the garden and now all that is over, gone.I don't want music, I don't want TV,my friends left me. Nothing is the same anymore. Does somebody recognize this?It makes me "sick" when people tell me: do this or do that, the only thing I want is my new life;It is as I am on an island,alone and all I can do is looking to the sky;I am not the same person anymore and not happy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Good to have you home.
In these last few years you have given me much to think about.
Sadly,in my heart of hearts, I don't
believe you or the FOL. I do believe you have been channeling mischievous
spirits. I've seen this many times in automatic writing. I caution all your readers to use their better judgement. We are too quick to trust.
I wish you well, Blossom
Good bye

Anonymous said...

Blossom - do you sometimes feel as though you are being used by both the LIGHT and the dark sides in this silly thing we call the human condition ? Being tossed about like a balloon from 3D to 4d and on to 5D. We must thank SOURCE for the courage to carry on and sending groups like the Federation of Light to help us make it to our final destination. Welcome back home!


Anonymous said...

To "not the same person anymore" anon: for some reason, a sense of despair and utter loneliness is a part of the final process of disintegrating the ego. Society calls these feelings "bad" to make you want to avoid them, hiding with success the treasure that lies just beyond them. It is only when we lose hope that Faith shows up to replace it. Accept without reserves your current situation, and you will be Free..... Peace to you... Enrique

Anonymous said...

Dear Enrique, dear Blossom, thank you Enrique for your comment, my heart is smiling,and thank you Blossom for making this possible.The last days I say many times to myself: surrender! Let it go, trust yourself and trust life.Let the new energies come in!
I told Blossom some days ago: see you in heaven, I didn't mean after fysical death but here on this or an other planet. So again to both of you: see you in heaven, love;
Anon= Chris

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you, Blossom would say a few words to your fans. Please address our comments!!! I for one would appreciate your feedback.We have followed the FOL for many years and deserve that much!!
Thank you for your time,

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi NYC. I appreciate your comment and accept what you say.In all honesty ... although I read all comments in order to publish or reject ... I simply do not always get the time to come here and discuss matters. I am sure you will understand that time flies by so quickly and what with learning lines for a new play ... working on a new workshop with a friend and a few other projects ... PLUS spending many an hour daily answering emails of this very nature ... there is little time left at the end of the day as it is. As I am sure you are aware my channellings , healings and time are given freely from my heart so I do the best I can ... and I try to keep my life as balanced as possible. Some days I spend far too much time on this computer as it is.
Hoping this helps to put you in the picture a little more and know where I am coming from regarding the matter . Many thanks to all for the support and back up ... as always . it makes my heart smile .Golden Rays to you . Blossom .xx

Anonymous said...

Morning here in NYC,and just read your reply to my comment. With all due respect,I don't think you get it. I know you are busy, we all are( jobs, family and so on ).What I'm asking for is your feedback on the disappointment many are feeling with the FOL. My gut tells me you are skirting the issue. I hope you don't wait till the donations dry up before you fess up! Thanks for the golden rays, right back at you!!

Blossom Goodchild said...

NYC , I started to write a long reply ... then I changed my mind. If that is how you feel about 'me' and why I do these channellings (re your comment on donations and skirting the issue)then thats how it is for you.I am just the messenger .. doing the job as best I know how.I can offer no more than that. Many thanks . Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, Blossom.
I apologize for the mean comments, just frustrated. At my age, time is running out. I had no right taking it out on you. I know you're doing the best you can. Sorry !!


Blossom Goodchild said...

NYC. THANK YOU! No worries at all my friend !HANG ON IN THERE !! I KNOW IT WILL ALL COME GOOD!! Blossom.

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,

Welcome home! I'm so happy to read your channelings again; We've missed you a lot. Thank you for your effort, time and love. We appreciate it so much, so, so much!

Don't give up fellows; there is a peacefull world waiting to each one of us, inside and outside. Be love and hope in these, sometimes so difficult, days.

I'm sure it's very hard for the FOL to encourage us permanently, being in a non-human reality. Thank you star brothers and sisters, too. Your words, through Blossom, give us courage to keep walking in the path we had chosen...

Anonymous said...

Consider that it's time to put aside the channeling. Is there really anything NEW that is being said? I speak of All the channeling, not just Blossom. It is time for us to face the fact that we are on our own -- NOT ALONE -- but ON OUR OWN in terms of what is going 'to happen.' It is a cold, hard, reality to embrace at first, but when it's done, it begins to change, and the uncertainty turns to excitement as one begins to brush up against the feeling of empowerment that comes with the experience of co-creation.

The quickest way to grow up is to stop sucking from the teat of channeled messages, and start reaching even deeper inside ourselves, INSISTING on the diligence to maintain our will and intention to arise, to commit to (in a take no prisoners kind of a way) bulldozing the crap away each and every time it slithers into our minds, trying to trick us with despair.

We can never become ourselves as long we depend on the psychological comfort of being told what will happen, and to keep begging for when. We need to be interested in standing on our own (so to speak). We need to take THE biggest leap of faith yet -- the leap that says we know who we are BECAUSE we have embodied the truth of love, NOT because we're being told who we are. A mama bird can sit on the nest all day long and tell her babies how they'll fly high but until they actually take that leap away from mama and into the arms of the sky, they'll never be the birds they were designed to be, will they.

I'm not suggesting turning our backs on the love our Galactic friends offer, but to stop looking to them to show up with the same message, again and again and again. Because they WILL keep giving us the message as long we we need it. Don't you see? We're the ones prolonging this!

There has been channeling in my personal life since 1993, and we stopped it this year. It was apparent because I realized I was looping. I kept hoping to get a nugget of info, or hope, or a timetable, or something, but they just kept throwing it back to me. I was angry, and frustrated, but really, I was petrified at having to fly. I recognized my fear as a signpost of the direction I needed to go, and so we said our (temporary, see you on the other side) goodbyes. In the weeks after I was filled with longing and second thoughts, but even as a part of me WANTED to call upon my friends again, the other part of me knew it would be walking backwards if I did. I will see them when I can see them, and when I can see them I will have actualized myself beyond my this singular-dimensional identity. The gains I have witnessed since taking this leap have been awesome, and validating.

As Morpheus said to Neo: I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it. And I ask each one of you, how much longer are you prepared to sit, looking at the door? That's the thing, isn't it? No one can believe for anyone else. We all have to do it on our own.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sahari,I gain much needed support still from the channels I must say,I feel the love,I feel the energy speaking to my soul,I do not feel disempowered by asking for support from those who are not in this challenging dimension,that is their job,that is what they said they would do,just as we said we would do this,we are all doing what we came here to do,I would not stop doing this, for as much as I have wanted to at times,I know that many are doing so much more then I am,this I truly feel,I remember The Federation of Light saying that they have made sacrifices too and this I truly believe in the very depths of my soul.
I have never concerned myself with asking questions of them,I am not concerned with dates,I know they know what they are doing,I just enjoy their love,their wisdom,their new found sense of humour even,I enjoy knowing that everything I sensed growing up is true,that we are so much more then we ’think’ we are,that God is so much more then we ’think’ he/she is,that just because we can not fathom the unfathomable that doesn’t mean we should give up,they have not given up on us and so I will not give up on them.
If you are blessed with communications I would not take that for granted,something as sacred as that deserves to be honoured.

Unknown said...

I feel like energies are settling, and everything is going to it's rightful place. Love to everyone, from my heart to yours.

Alagon said...

Dear sweet Kerrie Zoolithe,
Did you even for a moment consider the words of Sahari, or are too afraid?
Please... no response necessary.

Unknown said...

Alagon you call me sweet! then you ask if I even considered what Sahari said, then ask me if am I too afraid,then silence me by telling me not to reply???????????
I am not the ‘sweet' enough to be silenced or have you not noticed?
Sending you some golden rays! hope it helps.

P.S. A contactee of 39 yrs has just had an incredible vision of the first ‘landing’ if anyone is interested it is here,I like the bit about the tones and colours:)

Anonymous said...

More like a Roller Coaster Ride than a spinning top. Hang in there Bloss the times definitely a changeing.

This song should be their anthem:

The Youngbloods - Get Together - 1967

It worked when we were all Hippies and the New Age of Aquarius was born....Smile be Happy !

Ami said...

Dear Blossom:

Today's channeling (Apr. 24) was perfect, enlightening. Thanks to you and to the FOL. It has left me speechless.

Love, love love,

Anonymous said...

WHAH! It's 11:11 again..... ONE ONE ONE ONE....... WE are all ONE. +Greg+

yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom for the latest channeling, liked it very much, I see much truth in it. The end was inspiring.

Love :)

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom....
I have the impression you don't believe what the FOL are telling you.

am I wrong? You seems a little ironic when you answer them. Am I imagining that?

Blossom Goodchild said...

hi Patricia. It's not so much that I don't believe them ... yet as with any conversation with anyone ... if I am unsure of that which they are saying I will ask questions. I have great trust in them and LOVE them dearly ... it's just the way our relationship is .Many thanks . xxx

Anonymous said...

Miss Blossom could you please do a blog on your experiences on one of the Galactic Lightship Dream flights. It's one of the ways we can have hope for a positive future for the younger generations on this planet. We must learn to equate "SOON" in all channelngs with "MAYBE SOME DAY", we love you and keep up the good work and vibes.

Blossom Goodchild said...

I would if I had been on any!! yet I know nothing of them until I clicked on the link.
Many thanks .