May 23, 2010


Sorry folks . it seems it was a hoax!!!The following correction from The Weather Space is posted here, admitting that the photos and videos were part of an elaborate hoax:

A hoax designed by a Southern California resident made a circle around the internet for a couple of days. The hoax of a UFO zooming out of the solar system at a high rate of speed. Had the video been real it would have been the best footage caught, however it was not.

Betty Morgan was's Space News Editor on the story. She printed the story for what looked like an easy campaign for her column. Kevin Adams, owner of, gave her a week notice.

"We simply do not accept stories to be posted on this site without looking over the material with managers", said Adams in a company e-mail.

The hoax, staged by Kevin Martin of Southern California, was only taken seriously by Morgan. When asked for a comment on the story Morgan had nothing to say.

"We are going to get back to real news reporting", Adams closed. " was designed for actual facts about the topics on the top bar of the Web site. We will fill Morgan's position with the right candidate over the next week .

Hey ho and Golden Rays hoping that the guy that did it gets well soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Kerrie for sending this on to me ...

What on earth .... ?????

UFO Spiral in the sky seen and heard across Western Canada


Golden Rays
Bloss xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

This Western Canada spiral thing has been proven a CGI hoax... and a pretty obvious one at that!

Ami said...

Thanks to Kerrie and to you Blossom. Realy awesome, amazing! It's exciting!
Love to all you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't think this is real.
CGI-fake, done quite bad, actually.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

please don't tell me you think this is real all this ufo alien stuff is loosing interest even the changelings are all the same looking for ideas .just waiting for one of these changelings and others to say something like this.

dear ones you have all worked so hard but were sorry the dark cabbal are to strong for us we leave you in peace but we will be back.

its all getting hard to believe just because one veil is coming down doesn't mean the one behind is the truth

Anonymous said...

This video is amazingly beautiful! It will be interesting to see how it's explained!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Blossom!!!!

Here is another Video of the Spiral from an Airplane~~~~


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, and I'd like to believe it's real, although it's reasonable to think it's fake--let's see if more reports of it come through.

It's hard to keep believing the predictions of wonderful changes are soon to come true--very hard to keep believing since we have been so often disappointed.

Nevertheless, very odd stuff is occuring all over the planet, and the world is noticing and talking.
I don't think we know what it means yet.

Blossom, the messages and news you bring to us, whether channeled or not, are wonderful and sincere in their own right. Being loving, kind, and living in the light are essential lessons for us, and apparently we do need to hear this over and over. As for the stuff in the skies, I'm hopeful/doubtful at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ami and Mark 2010 is the year our collective consiousness will be raised high enough so as to accommodate our family from other dimensions according to this beautiful young sharman as you already know Mark:)these portals are bringing in so much energy more then this planet has ever had and expect more of them according to Mark and I feel that is true.

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther 2/10

"Little Grandmother" at Santa Fe Soul

P.S. Anonymous perception is so good when you raise those vibes everything seem brighter, the trees seem greener, people seem nicer, channels reveal truths that would have been over looked,read them from your heart not your head, the gift is there for all of us,not just a few.But also energies are shifting and I too am releasing big time, I am learning to go with the flow and quickly and with the help of the channels find my center again, so thank you Blossom for that.Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

Aurora said...

Thanks for sharing Blossom...

Whatever the spiral is friends - it does not matter.

Be still, be quiet, and know that it is time now. You are living in it right this moment. Make your choice and be at peace with whatever comes next.

Blessings and love to you all.


Anonymous said...

i don't know anything anymore
before i started on this path i knew nothing .then i knew everything which lead me to nothing all over again :) whats truth one day is a lie the next .i know life is in a constant state of change so its impossible for me to believe anything other than this wisdom as soon as i believe something it becomes rigid ,which i know is impossible .i dont even know why i am sharing this thought or even expressing it with justice .i feel so lost and helpless yet so strong and full of compassion .i wish to find the plateau into which i can view myself but it eludes me (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (sigh)I love your post, I just now was told that the spiral was a hoax and I know how you feel and you expressed it so well and I thank you for taking the time to express your feelings,all this releasing is challenging and humbling.... All is as it should be! Love Kerrie

P.S. I am still standing firm on the Norway spiral though, hanging in there with that one, due to the communication I received on that day from beings from a pulsar! which thanks to Blossom
guided me to Zilanthrah a lovely channeler in Canada that comes from the heart.Spirit once told me that the light is shinning bright now and to climatise myself with it, that together we are a powerful force and this is true.

Anonymous said...

I also stand Firm on the Norway Spiral Dearest Kerrie and Beloved Blossom!!!!


pablo said...

thank you kerry for posting those links about kiesha!!!
it felt very good to listen to her beautiful words, i feel better now about the future,
thanks thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

The quicker you rise the faster your neighbours shall awake. The faster your neighbour awakes the sooner the better for ALL THAT IS.
Love it! love them, love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are ok Pablo,Blossom's 27th May channel should give you hope:)

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Wonderful channeling! Thank you. We send them and all you our love.

I was wondering about many chennelings this days (Candance, Hazel, Kibo, Alexiis etc.), that are anouncing a big earthquake to come. They say mother earth is giving a birth. The messeges are from different channelers, and about the same thematic.

I wonder what is going on about that...

Love and light to all you.

Sharyn said...

Sorry folks - this link might work! Possibly the real West Canada spiral? Not a hoax?