Nov 26, 2009


A new day dawns. All being well I will accomplish, neigh, achieve ... a few tasks that need attending to. The mind is willing ... but the flesh is weak!!!!

Many of us are aware that we are now oh so very close to the 27th Nov. It is plastered all over the net that this shall be the day when Obama informs the world that we are not alone! Gotta say I am a bit dubious about it actually taking place, for all sorts of reasons. I guess like everything else we shall just have to wait and see. Of course,I would Love it to be so , not only would I be holding on to my hat (as The FOL always say) I would be eating it as well!! It certainly would bring on a necessary shift in conciousness. And yet ... as we are all learning, it is US that are here to do that ... to make that change. WE are the ones that are making the difference. And if what we are doing allows our space family to visit sooner rather than later then indeed 'Bring it on'.

For me, I think it is more about their arrival making those asleep stop and think. Although many will be of fear, it may at least stop are species gunning one another down and blowing up our neihbours.(for a minute or two anyway...) My instincts tell me, that once the dust settles, it would bring about a feeling of PEACE. I think the energy that they shall bring to/for us, will enable us to stop and breath. We have been force fed with the vision of the nation going into panic and fleeing for their very lives. I don't see it that way. I believe that when The Federation REALLY feel it is in alignment with all things to put on a show that it will be of a splendour that we have not even allowed our imaginations to indulge in. There will be no questioning of whether they are about to blow us up. The fear will subside almost instantly ... for what we about to behold will cause us to drop our jaw , fall to our knees, let the tears flow and allow our hearts to speak in a gratuitous flow like never before. And then our TRUE work as LIGHTSHINERS shall begin.

A little tip I came across that I'd like to share. When taking in deep breathes (as in meditation, or just as a quick energy pick up), try smiling as you do it. What a difference it makes. I love it. By the end of the breath it feels like you slept with a coat hanger in your mouth!!

Again may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind well wishes, healings and suggestions for tonics and pick me ups. I am not yet energetically well enough to channell by any means. It would a) be disrespectful and b)Dodgy (in many aspects). So I shall remain as content as I can in that knowledge!

A thought dropped very clearly into my head the other day which I got very excited about ...and I now have a 'cunning plan me Lord'. I am making a CD (background music composed by my good friend Ric ... how convenient that he is such a talented musician, all part of the tapestry I reckon)) and on it I am to read passages from THE BRIDGE on differrent topics ie, Love, Vibration etc. I have been sorting through and feel very excited about it. A way for the Federations teachings to TRULY be instilled in the soulself ...... plus a project to keep me sane and also use my 'acting' skills to feed my soul. ( and I've got to be honest here.... hopefully bring in a few pennies!!) A win/win don't you think? I would LOVE to get it out by Christmas , but we shall have to see how we go. All is as should be , but rest assured it will be done. I will let you know via the newsletter when it is available. Oh the Joy to the soul when creativity knocks on its door! Yep ........ I'm definately ready to be well!!

I shall leave you with a rather lovely little tubey (thanks Joan)

Take great care of yourselves everyone .... The planet needs you!!

Cheerho for now .... as you emit a billion volts of
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.
Bloss xxxxx


Anonymous said...


I just now put that rainbow youtube in The Feds group on my site and I noticed it is underneath the rainbow bridge picture, I just put up last night after a post out of your book the bridge! Love it!!

Looking forward to the CD Blossom Love,light and gratitude kerrie

Anonymous said...

Bring it ON!!!!

Cath said...

Lovely to hear from you Bloss. As the planet needs us all...We all need each other.
Love and loads of light,

Sharyn said...

Lots of love and light to you Bloss.

Cory P. said...

Of course there is that skeptical side for the November 27th thing. But hey, if it does happen, I'll be outside giving off some of that light and a big smile to our family out there, like I always have loved to throw out there every now and then. :] Always in that great spirit though. I'll probably fall into some joyous tears hearing it though. It's just that heavy confirmation that we've all felt in our heart of hearts allowing us to have physical truth and to finally allow us all to be together once again.

Much love to you, the others posting, and to all of our family out there. :)


Anonymous said...

Friday, November 27th : Conversations With Dr. Steven Greer

11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern
and 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern


200 Gather for Contact With ETs
Dr. Greer and Linda Willitts will give a report on what happened at the Contact: Countdown to Transformation conference in Rio Rico on Oct. 24 - 26.

200 people contacting ETs in the spirit of Universal Peace. Exciting!

Find out what happened at the conference with contact and with our excellent speakers: Colin Andrews, Dr. Lynne Kitei , Dr. Ted Loder and, of course, Dr. Steven Greer.

Ask and it is given! I wanted to know what happened when Dr Steven Greer and his group of 200 called on the ETS on the 3 days of the 24th,25th and 26th Oct. and just now someone gave me the link, this talk is syncronisically on that all important date of the 27th Nov. when President Obama is hopfully going to release to the people the ETs presence,I have just now come from a medium who said to me oh my God something huge is about to happen, I said you think!she has no idea about all this, but she said that it is beyond her comprehension as to what is about to happen.

Jerome said...

Hey Blossom! Good to hear from you again! I wanted to share this latest update from project camelot with you;

26 November 2009

• Many people have asked us for our current view of the information provided to David Wilcock and ourselves in June by Dr Pete Peterson that "time had been booked with the networks" for an announcement about Disclosure by Obama tomorrow - 27 November.

We're not holding our breath: there's no immediate sign of this, and we doubt that this will happen. Dr Peterson himself stated as an immediate caveat that it was just a plan, and that plans often change. Our recent marathon audio interview with Clay and Shawn Pickering (alongside the most interesting July Barcelona panel discussion on Disclosure, which Camelot hosted) offers insight into the many problems of the subject. And as a note of interest, we were told recently by an insider source that a speech had been written for Bill Clinton - in his first term - as a Disclosure announcement. But of course, that never saw the light of day. We don't know why it was canceled.

Recent events, however, suggest a steady build-up to an announcement of something, sometime. Two weeks ago the Vatican held a conference on extraterrestrial life (we enjoyed the 'ET phone Rome' headline). NASA has now stated that there's water on the moon. And there have been more interviews by Larry King on UFOs this year then ever before. Like everyone else, we're watching and waiting for the announcement to be made: whether it's this year, next year, or in 2012, it has to come sometime. The world's as ready as it ever will be.

David Wilcock said some time ago that he was told by a different insider about a certain date for disclosure which he didn't want to reveal so as not to jinx it(or something along that line). When you read back Mike Quinsey's messages, his source of the GFL speaks about the time around christmas that will bring more reason for celebration.... I think we have to consider that tomorrow is more of an opportunity than a fixed date so to speak. Recent channelings have spoken of possible delays concerning disclosure since timelines are as always 'fluid'. There's always the possibility of some form of (minor)interference. It will happen, I'm sure of that. Maybe not to tomorrow but who knows, it's open window from here on... Perhaps we will have 'something else' to celebrate around christmas! Love to all and keep up your spirits!
Be well
Jerome, the Netherlands

Coach Enrique said...

I have nothing to say about disclosure except that it won't happen, at least not in the way this group expects. And this is OK to me, I don't need a confirmation of what I already KNOW with certainty. I'd rather finish a comment I started on last group of postings, about the Now. I have said that a certaing degree of personal power is needed to be able to access that special State of Being. Now I have to say that the only obstacle that keeps us our power to grow is Ego, the "mind" within ourselves installed by Society. One of the main tricks that Ego plays is that it keeps us looking back or looking forward on time, preventing us to find the Now. This trick is designed not only for its own survival, since Ego cannot possible operate in the Now, but also to constantly drain our energy so we are easier to control by the elite. For example, when Ego cannot make us FEAR the future to drain our energy, then it changes to HOPE, the wish for something to happen someday, so our energy ends up being wasted as well. This is because both fear and hope are focusing on something dilusional: the future. Yes, I know some will say that hope is the opposite of fear but isn't Hope just another disguise of fear? Hoping involves a certain degree of doubt, of fear of not seeing our hopes come true. Hope is just a postponed fear. Nothing that focus on the future or the past will bring us freedom, whether is blame, guilt, longings, yearnings, hopes or desires. Only the Now holds True Freedom.

Pamela said...

As much as I would love to see Obama make the announcement tomorrow here in the States, alas, it looks as tho it will not happen.

I was on the Project Camelot site a few minutes ago and they (Bill and Kerry) also posted it does not appear to be in the works - at least not for tomorrow.

I know I should not be disappointed, but once again I am. This will be the third date I have heard and passed on to others that something significant would transpire. But at least it is the last date. Regardless of what I hear in the future, if it involves a date I am keeping it to myself.

Tilly said...

Hello Blossom, I've just found your website a couple of weeks ago and have been, like you, very ill. I found it encouraging to read and have that contact. I've never heard of Whitecloud before, or you, but it feels lovely to have the connection. I hope the connection with help with my anxiety. Love V in UKx

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and all.

Well, sorry to say, but nothing is going to happen on nov. 27...

Even those who said it(Project Camelot) are now saiyng that they doubt it.

Light up the darkness!


Avraxis said...

Another step in the carefully planned scheme? :D
The only words that pops up are: "hold on to your hats".

Anonymous said...

guys i seen this youtube you got to see it .it has some truth to it

Daniel said...

To be honest, I really wanted this to happen tomorrow, but it seems that, again, the "information" was wrong.
I'm trying not to think in this way, but If FOL talks so much about TRUTH, why we have chanellings telling these dates and events things if it is not supposed to happen?? This is not TRUTH at all, this is LIE. And I'm sick of lies in this world.
I will keep updated with FOL, but this "game" is getting dissapoiting to me and much people I know, as well.
Much Love, Light and Peace to everyone.
Blossom, hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

The Feds said they come to give us hope, I for one am grateful, as I have always said, we all do not wish to go to the light yet, sure go to the now moment 100 times a day, this is something everyone can do, train yourself to do this as many times as you think to do it, all of us, not just some who are empowered in some way, we are all of Divine energy as The Feds said we are indeed equal and therefore can connect to that Divinity to the oneness in the now moment, however some of us don't want this dream to end that ego (mind) is creating, we just want to create in awareness (conscious living) from guidance in the now moment,for example if I was at this moment connecting to my Divinity, I would not be posting this, but my small self is observing my higher self sitting back observing! and my small self (who wants to play and create this individuality)is posting this.Is that not what you are doing creating your individuality? See The Feds also said we must honor anothers truth and while I did say earlier on that I pray for the grace to not try and make everyone think like I do, I can not just let this one go it would not be me (this individual). there is balance in all things. I just need to learn when to back off. I am wondering Coach are you so disillusioned that all hope is gone and you don't dare go there again? Is it not safe to just allow yourself to not feel hope for fear of those feelings you have obviosly felt Coach give thanks that you can/could feel.face the fear of feelings and nothing will be able to get you again.
Love,light and hope

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ gigabyte ... just to say the 2th date was not a channelled one... it was a supposed leak from an insider! It really is not for us to be dissapointed ... just to follow our Truth and go about uplifting ourselves which inturn uplifts the planet. THEY WILL COME WHEN THEY COME AND NOT BEFORE. This I know!
Golden Rays.

Pam said...

Hi Blossom, I have something quite interesting to share which I observed this evening. Earlier in the day I learned that the space station and shuttle Atlantis would both be visible to the naked eye this evening at a certain time in my area, so I went outside to watch, the sky was quite clear. Almost right on the dot, I saw a large white blinking object go across in the area of the horizon predicted. Then, there was the second brght white object, which didn't blink....followed by the third, which also didn't blink! Two of these were the space shiuttle and Atlantis overhead, but what was the first???! Also, I had a dream last night that I would see UFO just like that, and I rarely have dreams about UFOs. I did not know to watch the sky until this afternoon, when I read a NASA article. I think something's afoot.

Faith said...

Avraxis- I'm answering your post on the previous section, that you had a vision/dream of yourself talking to masses of people about ET's, like my recent dream. You say you're not sure what it means.....I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS--once we have disclosure starting, there is going to be a need for many of us to stand up and speak to the masses to help them get up to speed with this topic. So, start making your outlines everyone!

Also, re: Nov.27th, yes it was just given as a possible date. To all the people pronouncing that it definitely 'won't happen' 11/27,to me that is as silly as someone guaranteeing that it will happen ahead of time. Why can't we all just surrender to not knowing ahead of time, look forward to it anyway, and detach our egos from all of this agony/ecstasy and self-pity and skepticism parties. Please! thank you. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving....

Rob said...

@ Coach. I believe it is Hope that will change the world & it is hope that gives us energy to do so, without hope where dose the possibility for change come from? I do agree with living in the now but I do thing that it is ok to think about the future & what we can do to make our future as bright as possible. It is from that hope ideas come about to help bring that future into being. I think looking into the past and dwelling on past events can be a trap, as the past is past & something we can look to too learn from, but not a place to dwell.

Light & love to all.

The Happy Picker said...

HI everyone. I just came in from outside and looked up towards the sun, and in the sky was a large dark ring in the coulds where the sun was shining through. It was HUGE. I have never seen anything like that. I will check later so see if anything changes. I noticed this at 1:42 Perth time.

I wonder if that is a bit of sign. :)

Take care all.


Anonymous said...

I was just sitting in the garden after watching this youtube on
27th Nov. disclosure it is good a mix of a few things in it.

I was thinking or trying not to think of all those people who are say he won't do it,I closed my eyes and I saw the statue of liberty and a mandala behind it and I was reminded of a dream I had about 2 years ago before I knew anything about all of this, I saw Mt. Rushmore crumble and there was an English play going on and they kept right on with the play (the play must go on just now came in my mind) I remember looking up the 3 presidents in this Mountain on the net and this started me learning about all the conspiracy theories and what not, but I didn't get all that interested, I feel it is just another piece of the jigsaw puzzle sooo fun!
Well I am still in hope and creating it to happen, yet again I have told many people around me, but it depends yet again on the collective, but I always remember what I read once that one lightworker can out do hundreds not yet awake and one Master can outdo thousands and that is on this planet and off! And from memory I read that 20 years ago in that Australian author Dawn Hill's Book 'With a little help from my friends'and this is the book White Cloud was spoken about and he has confirmed that it was him.I love the syncronisities:)Love,light and joy

Anonymous said...

Well, great post Coach.

I dont remember where, but i read a text from a monk that says that to let go fear, at all, you have to let go hope, be one with the universe, live the moment and be SURE of that. Hope means that you have doubt. Doubt about the future, doubt about whats going to happen, doubt about your fellings.

For example, i hope that FOL someday will show up. And for that, it means that i dont know if its going to happen or not.

Just think about it, when you are having a really good day, when you are really happy, you dont have a "hope thought". You just live that moment with joy.

Anyways, great post Coach. It did make me think about it...

Light up the darkness!


yk248 said...

Coach I also think it was a really good post.

When you hope that something will happen then you're "not sure" like Eddie said.

When you let go of your focus on things and just go with the flow (also flow of your thoughts and let your actions flow) then everything that you need comes to you.

When you don't "hope" for something and have a certain kind of "certainty" just "certain" that everything is happening exactly as it should be then your focused on the Now and are free.


victoria said...

Hi Blossom

I have only just come across your website and have been off for over 6 weeks now with a sickness, so its been lovely to touch base with all the things on the website. I feel hugely anxious though, unlike all these happy people, please send some of those Golden Rays and light - the anxiety is with me all the time. Love Victoria

Blueagle said...

Greetings Lights!
I dont equate fear with Hope. And it doesn't have to be in the can be NOW!
Definition of HOPE:
1 : to desire with expectation of obtainment
2 : to expect with confidence : trust
3.(my addition) Archangel Gabriel's twinflame. :))

We are the creators of our own reality! Why not use our imaginations and visualizations
for Positive 'in the present',
like this:

"..........the upcoming mass decloaking of all the Lightships in our vector of space that will make themselves visible at the same time. This event is scheduled to begin in November 2009."

there may be those naysayers who think that we must have disclosure by the media first because it would cause to much turbulence otherwise! But on whose authority? How does any one of us as 3d humans know what our CREATOR is capable of? All we have to do is envision it the way we want its outcome. Personally I dont envision chaos!
Nor do I put any trust in what man reports on our media.

On the other hand....the FEDS have the Power to knock out our satelites and make their own announcements over our tv's and radio stations and computers.
And they will do it with such LOVE...

Here's another Positive! from Solara
"At some time around the final week of November, the Pivot Point in the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE will activate. This is like turning on a switch that causes everything to start flipping over into their new, rightful positions like a long line of dominoes."

We are each getting there! Focus! BREATHE! Focus! Breathe!
WE ARE THE LIGHT! And whether we can see them or not, our Higher Light Family IS assisting! and are sooo very close! They can't do it for us...they can only assist. It's totally up to us!
Ascension Blessings!
I AM the Ascension in the Light!

RafaelVR said...

@coach – if it wasn’t for my hope for a better world, I wouldn’t even read channels anymore, or hope to get uplifted. It was hope that put me here right now and write this. I like your words, and I would like to read much more, not only about this subject, do you have any website, blog? I really would love to read more from you, so as many people here, I guess.
Bloss- “A new day dawns. All being well I will accomplish, neigh, achieve ... a few tasks that need attending to. The mind is willing ... but the flesh is weak!!!!” – This rings so true to me, and when I read it, I felt compelled to think further and further, especially when my ‘nerves’ are loud in my heart.
I had a dream this night, about the moon, I was having this great time and doing something that I love doing, when I looked up to the sky, and saw the moon getting bigger and bigger, and it was changing forms (mutable process) as quick as I could notice it, I remember the sensation of a new horizon, what eyes cannot see the heart doe not fell?! Of course this is not true! It’s there, but the curtain is falling. It’s a progressive sensation.
Maybe I dreamed about it, ‘cause last night I was driving on the road as usual, and couldn’t stop looking at the half moon entering Aries constellation, and sense a new begging for humanity, and I was like: “guys, why don’t you show up now?”. At the same time: “are you REALLY ready for this?”. At the same time, I fell that more should happen before this take place. I mean I don’t want more wars! But people need to feel more their hearts in order this to happen, not only think about it. But as blossom said it: “THEY WILL COME WHEN THEY COME AND NOT BEFORE.”
My opinion about this disclosure: Aquarius is known for E.T subjects, Aquarius is radical, progressive and UNEXPECTED, Jupiter (the king of gods) which is now in Aquarius constellation is all about expansion, and this year we are all experiencing a mind (Aquarius) expansion, of course, each one is experiencing it different form the other, people got more used to the fact of Aliens presence could be known this year. Don’t count on an specific day or time, they are always subject to change (fluid), don’t except it to be precise, maybe the date was to collectively express humanity hopes and attract the unusual to happen, and prepare the mind and heart for its surprise. And I don’t like the fact of a president declaring Aliens presence; I think they would do it by themselves. I don’t think by a government in which not everybody approves it to declare it. It would be too arrogant. Disclosure is a worldwide fact. In my view, of course.
As always, thanks Blossom !
; )

RafaelVR said...
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BlackSwan said...

Let's not try to get too clinical. There are many different types of hope we can experience ranging from desparate fearful hope to heartfelt joyous hope. Bottom line if it feels good it most probably is good.

What is clear to me is that the FoL put our free will and also our safety above all else. Disclosure will only come when it is safe for us to hear it. The current regimes must be rendered harmless for certain events such as disclosure to transpire. There must be an incredible no. of variables to compute. From a non linear time aspect, all these events have already happened. How this gets translated into this current timeline I have no idea but I bet it's a tricky business which makes the setting of concrete dates unlikely.

In quantum experiments they say that the mere prescence of an observer changes the outcome of the experiment. Similarly, I think the exact moment the date of the 27th was made public, it caused our timeline to immediately shift and thus for disclosure on the 27th to immediately cease to become an actual event in our collective reality. I think disclosure will spring out of the blue when we all least expect it but will leave us all dazzled by it's perfection and have us saying how could it have been any other way.

Coach Enrique said...

I want to clarify that there is nothing "wrong" with hope, my point is that it doesn't bring Freedom or Enlightment of any Kind. Hope is what Governments create when they sense people will get out of their control, and it has been also used for Religions for the same reasons. What creates the future is not what you do or plan to do, all future circumnstances are selected out of the Universe and drawn at everyone of us depending on where and how our Energy stands in the Now, not because of what we do, think or hope. The hope for a better future arises because of a feeling of dissatisfaction and that feeling is what creates our future. The hope for the FOL to show up and help us arrange our world comes from a feeling of powerlessness and THIS feeling is the one creating our future. It is only in the Now that everything is created.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks everyone. All good.I too had been thinkng of suggesting to 'coach' to start up a blog or something. Could I ask that we dont make the comments 'too' long? Why you may ask? Answer.... dont know!!Just a feeling. Then again , dont want to restrict, but just to keep it in mind. A cross between the long and the short possibly? And now I clearly need some more medication. Whatho!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria, so good to hear from you, sorry you have been sick, I was wondering why we havn't heard from you,I feel aweful at the moment, stuff going on my friend, I stay focused on The Feds channelings and other stuff I do now on my site and it keeps me feeling better, but if I stop to feel what is going on inside of me it is not comfortable, energies are coming in and old energies need to go out. And the mind can go into fear,I read somewhere to think of it as lots of little colored balls inside of you and that all these white balls are coming in and all the coloured balls have to be released slowly so as not to shock, to make room for the white balls.I just keep blessing and drinking heaps of water and breathing in that pink light.Love Kerrie

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Kerrie .... dont think its the same Victoria ... as this Victoria says she has only just come across my site. Chin up girlfriend... a little cockney song I know goes ..
'ere's a little trick.
whenever fings get a little bit fick.
Just you take it on the chin
turn on a little grin
and smile .... SMILE!
Golden Rays

Anonymous said...


victoria - UK said...

ah no! Its not the same Victoria, but I loved the little cockney song, thanks Bloss! Have begun a homeopathic treatment for the anxiety and the dr believes it will be of great value. I'll focus on the little balls too Kerrie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
Here is a link to an audio of Dr. Steven Greer on what happened on the 24th,25th and 26th Oct when 200 of his people that are trained in remote viewing succeeded in contact!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I noticed "hope" was a topic on here recently. Here is something that Steven Greer posted on The Disclosure Project website (a recent dream he had about hope)...


A few months ago, I had a very lucid dream early one morning before rising.

A thought - recurring and insistent - entered my mind, gently saying:

"Let us hope, so that we may live..."

As this thought recurred, a number of lucid images appeared:

First, I found myself in Africa, in a rural and desolate place, clearly impoverished and lacking any means of sustenance. A child, perhaps 10 years of age, was wandering through this bleak and forbidding landscape, starving, and cradling a younger dying child in his arms. And the voice was saying: Let us hope, so that we may live... I wept as I saw that this and this alone - the spark of hope within the soul of this child - propelled him forward to live. Amid the suffering and against all odds, only the driving force of hope sustained him.

Then I saw my own childhood - desperate at times and lonely, not knowing how I would survive and not knowing how to go forward. And this thought was repeating: Let us hope, so that we may live...

And so I saw at times that this was literally all that I possessed: The spark of hope, somewhere in the crevices of my soul, keeping me going - even to today. Hope.

Next I saw all who dwell on Earth now, at this time of great change, challenge and difficulty, and this singular thought was repeating: Let us hope, so that we may live... And I saw that this was the indispensible quality to which we all must hold: Hope, which will carry us forward together to the fulfillment of the promise of humanity.

While we may not live on hope alone, surely we cannot live without it. So throughout the coming days of trials, changes and the transformation of life on Earth, we can turn within and hear, and never forget: Let us hope, so that we may live...

Steven M. Greer MD
29 October 2009

Faith said...

Very interesting thoughts everyone on hope. I love Dr Greer's dream and way of speaking about hope.

And Rafael- do you realize you are the third person on this board to have had a dream of the moon getting big/changing shape recently- I was one of them, I dreamed of the moon very big but elongated from top to bottom, narrow side to side. Interesting! Love to all here, Faith

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous for that beautiful dream of that beautiful man, I will put it in my Dr Steven Greer group I have made in honor of him on my site, today I was thinking that I have got to slow down and go within, but the universe is still talking to me, I recall just before The Feds stopped channeling I was blessed to get a little bit of communication from them, I feel this was to assist me on my journey and they told me that I am manifesting so quickly as usual that of which I focus on, this is true,not just info on Dr. Steven Grant at the moment but emails are flying in left right and center in answer to my dilemma of what on earth it is I am doing?
Balance is a challenge I feel,Thank God for you Blossom:)The Feds told me also to be prepared in my soul and I just today thought of a member on my site who is friends with Mark Kimmel, so I looked up his site and they have also stopped channeling (6th Nov.)and have asked us to go with in!

I have this in my diary out of snapshot I read it a lot Blossom

I guess the trick is to always
make sure I remain in
balance with ALL things.

That is not a trick. That is a factual reality. In order to
keep oneself in balance one indeed must conduct
one’s life in such a way that it is ordered. Embracing
many aspects of the soul self’s desires so that it can
function at its Highest level. And yet making readily
available the ability to ‘switch off’ at the drop of a hat
so one may receive orders and replenish the batteries.

I know this is getting long Blossom sorry, I just want to put this link up on hope, I have this song playing sometimes when you open up my site

Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance

Living might mean taking chances but there worth taking
Loving might be a mistake but its worth making

I hope you dance, love Kerrie

You said...

Blossom I hope that you are feeling better.
With Love.

BlackSwan said...

Our dearest Bloss,
how can we not put in long postings when they are as beautiful as this, your mischieviously, Lawrence

Mother Mary: Be in Joy

Beloved Ones,

Today is another 11-11-11 Portal and the majority of you have been feeling the great energies flowing through you already. This will continue to occur and flow into the Earth and will be taken up by Her to be used wherever it is most needed. Know that each of you is always guided to contribute in a way that is for the Highest Good of all. 

These energies are now bringing greater alignment within yourselves and helping you to connect with your Divine nature. All about you the life that teems around you is joyously awaiting your remembrance and recognition. That which was hidden is now being revealed. Look around you and within you each day and see what you can see. Your growth processes have taken each of you to the depths and the heights and now the balancing will start to occur. 

It will become easier for you to be in the World but not of it, for you are all connecting with those of like mind and creating an energetic support network that will continue to sustain you in the times ahead.

Do not forget that the support network includes we of the Spiritual realms. We are here in ever increasing numbers to give each of you assistance in releasing the last of your perceived hurdles and challenges. We can help you to quickly move through whatever is occurring for you and move you into greater alignment with your Divine Self. It is our joy and greatest pleasure to be of service to you Dear Ones in this way, but you must ask, Beloveds.

Most of you are so busy trying to cope with the energies and your daily mundane living, that you oftentimes forget to ask. We are but a thought away and eager to assist you. State your goals to us and we shall guide you into the most efficient ways to accomplish them. We wish to see each of you move into your rightful places in the Divine scheme of things.

This day I, on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy ask that you spend this day and each coming day connected into that which gives you the greatest joy, in whatever way that translates for you. By maintaining the sustained feeling of joy and equilibrium, you assist in the raising of the frequency level of the Earth and everyone and everything upon Her.

If today, having a long soak in a tub of fragrant water is what gives you the greatest joy, do that. If spending time with your beloved family members gives you the greatest joy, do that, whatever act you partake in, be in joy! We from this end take that raised frequency and give it even more impetus. Always we work together for the Highest Good of all. Our efforts are unceasing in our desire to uplift all of Humanity and dear Mother Earth and all of Her kingdoms to a more refined state of Being.

So my Dear Beloved Ones, dance through this day in joy, peace and gratitude, for that is what brings back to you the wealth of the Universe and your connection to it.

I AM Mother Mary

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

Anonymous said...

@Victoria from the UK.
I too, am having lots of anxiety that does not go away. For several weeks now, but the last 2-3 weeks have really been WILD!
It is like huge influxes of energy. I have had them before but in the past they would finally subside. Someone on Blossoms last post gave this utube vid that really helped to show me what is happening. So will post it here for you or anyone else who may have missed it.

I Know it effects the nervous system,. I would love it if you would email me as I would be interested in your homopathic methods you are trying. click on my pic for email.
Many Blessings to you and all!
Bloss get well! WE ARE LIGHT!Much Love

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Lawrence .... just because its you! xxxx , but usually best to put links to the site the channellings are on. Hello ALL. have a marvellous last day of November.xx

Faith said...

Hello everyone-

Here is something for you all, go to and read about La Natividad, a wonderful Mexican style Christmas play happening in Minneapolis MN 12/10-12/20. There is a video clip on there...a trailer...I am an angel choir singer in it for the 2nd time--it's a beautiful play, you are all invited! Love, Faith this will cheer u up

RafaelVR said...

@Faith – hey! I don’t usually read the dreams, I think it’s because I find dream particularly too personal experience. But now I will for sure! And yes, it’s interesting that 3 people here dreamed the ‘same’ thing about the moon, I didn’t know that, and now it intrigued me!

Have good dreams ; )

AnonimaAnonima said...

Hello Blossom :)

Inspite of your health problems your golden rays are shining brighter than usual. Many hugs and healing rays to you :)

It's really cold here in Europe, but we already get this cosy crispy Christmassy feel.

Hugs and blessings!

Anonymous said...

7 more sleeps Blossom:) what is it you want for your birthday?
I had this song going on in my head this morning.

When you wish upon a star
makes no difference who you are when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

@ Faith I will be with you my friend in spirit when you sing at that play, I am not surprised you are an Angel in it. and thank you my friend for all our talking these past 2 days it has been fun!

Love,light and joy Kerrie

Anonymous said...

I have just put your birthday up in events on my site and there are some bithday messages for you already Blossom,it was so funny I almost forgot your birthday, I am not all that good on such things, I was in meditation and it popped into my head so I thanked White Cloud:)I love spirit I don't have to do anything but respond, that is the true meaning of the word responsibility the ability to respond, no blame just listening in the now moment. ( looks like René Descartes is out again) LOL

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Kerrie ... you are a one!! Thanks for that and please thank those on your site for the well wishes. And still a week to go!! I have to laugh ... all these people sending me such kindness ... it doesnt really seem like its me ... how did it ever come to this ? Oh yes ... I remember!!! Golden Rays.

Wanda said...

Namaste' to all !! I've been silent for a while.. shifting and moving in my own space. I miss you ALL !!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOSSOM !! Mine is Christmas presents always got joined somehow.
I was sent this beautiful video from a dear friend, was told to pass it on. To anyone who is ever in doubt about the sheer Love out there.. you must watch this.
Desmond Tutu.. Deepak Chopra.. so much more. Help us continue the Shift :-)

"The Shift" movie trailer.

BlackSwan said...

OK Auntie Bloss

here is your special birthday link. Have a great celebration!

[D.Wilcock: Many of you have written in saying this is the best article we've ever written. You have our sincere thanks. Never before have we given such a comprehensive and invigorating overview of ET life at the different levels of 'density,' and how this reflects on the immediate future.]

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ lawrence ... less of the auntie!!! And also, it seems Kerrie has sparked something off here. My b'day is not till next week. Heaven forbid I should peak too soon!!
Golden Rays of course. Dec. newsletter will be with all imminently!

Anonymous said...

Wanda thank you so much for that link to The Shift movie trailer, I am all inspired, fantastic!!!!!!!! we are indeed on course and all is as it should be, I donated and I will get the movie sent to me when it is completed and they will match our donations dollar for dollar for the cause and I have put it on my site also so hopefully others will also, I love the way the money system is changeing I feel we are transforming buisness consiousness, I read about this way of transforming old consiousness realities a few years ago and I put it into practice in my buisness, shifting the focus off survival mode and stopped focusing on money or the lack of, staying in integrity and coming from the heart in service to clients and to self and it worked, people thought I was mad but they saw the results.
And Blossom we need to build up to your Birthday we need a week to see what else the universe comes up with, just be ready to respond!manifestation takes a little time, we are not in no time yet!I'm off to see The Dalai Lama tommorrow I'll send you some of those nice vibes I promised.Love,light and peace Kerrie

Coach Enrique said...

Thank you Blossom and guys for giving me the idea and courage to start a Blog. This is like a seed that I intend to turn into a beautiful tree where everybody can sit below and spend some time in Peace and Joy. You may find me now in but I will drop by here from time to time. Peace in your Hearts...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know that "all" the holidays are fun.

BUT, Maybe we should all GROW-UP and realize the 'TRUTH' - (Knowledge of the Sciences).

TRUTH will enable us to contact our true benevolent brothers and sisters of the Light.

As Blossom has done.

Ciao for Now.

Blueagle said...

Yes!! there are soo many beautiful Lights on here!!
I was given this web site today.

Love and Big Hugs!

Faith said...

Kerrie- I am very happy you will be with me in spirit for the play,help us poor 2 sopranos sound like 5 ok?

Rafael- glad my moondream statistics are getting your attention. And as far as a president making the disclosure, I think Federation ET's want our own leaders to prepare us first so that the contact scene doesn't shock the h...out of everyone and so that it can't be made to look like an alien attack!

Faith said...

Hi again, here is a great article about LOTS of sightings in South America recently-

LOve and HUGS from Faith

ps get those speeches written, we only have about a week! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys just back from seeing The Dalai Lama so I am all nice and calm, he is so natural and compassionate,sending you all Golden Rays

I just found this on

There's a high intensity energetically about the Earth at this time that has been agitating for humanity. There has been surfacing many emotional expressions and many emotions and some depressions in some instances because of this agitative energy that beings are balancing with as we speak. So know that if you're experiencing these expressions and agitations it will not be long lived. It is moving through an energetic field at this point in time that is activational for laying groundwork for things and manifestations to come to fruition in the year of 2010. You're sowing the seeds so to speak. So of course there is a reflection on what has been learned in the past. So to reflect on this year past is important to see the growth that has been and invite growth and understanding in this time, for illumination will occur. " - THEO

Amy Debeij said...

Why do I have 12 December stuck in my head as a date for disclosure? Pretty sure I read it somewhere, for the life of me can't bloody well remember where. Maybe it's just me..... Or does anyone else have a recollection of reading this somewhere....


Coach Enrique said...

Just to let everyone know that I have a new post on in case someone is interested.
Take care Blossom, we're almost THERE...

Anonymous said...

Well Blossom I said to get ready to receive! I have just received this info from a channeler,things are happening my friend,yesterday at the Dalai Lama's talk I found an old fortune cookie note that said

'Be on alert for a new opportunity'


Imagine luminous extraterrestrial ships suspended high over every city of the planet for a period of seven days and nights. The ships perform light displays that indicate universal greetings of peace, joy and fraternity. Ships play natural sounds such as whale songs indicating universal acknowledgement for cetaceans as an intelligent life form that has long communicated with extraterrestrial races. The visualization should be done in a way that elicits positive emotions such as joy, love and celebration. The visualization can be modified in ways that best inspire individuals to celebrate First Contact as a new era for humanity. The visualization will be performed at 10 pm in every time zone thereby creating an energetic wave of consciousness that sweeps around the planet. The length of the visualization should be between 5-10 minutes.
Date & Time: Sunday, December 21, at 10 pm (local time).

Anonymous said...

Amy this is an important star gate my friend be there!!!!!!!!interestingly Blossom is going to see Law of Atraction... Esther Hicks the day before and I am going the day after this star gate!

Anonymous said...

@ amy: i had a similar thing.
several months ago i dreamed about watching tv and a guy in a sort of "conference room" (something like the UN) talked about the reality of extraterrestrial life, it was official.
i recall going very happy and a feeling of relief at what i was seeing on tv and i said something like " wow, at last!, finally they are coming clean about this!.

the tricky part of this dream its that i havent being able to elucidate whether i dreamed this before i heard about this "official disclosure" or after that. mmmhh
just in case do you want to know, i have to say that i dreamed about the horrible tragedy of 9/11 BEFORE it happened.
a few years after.
At that time it didnt made sense to me, i dreamed about watching some plane going irremediably in a crash course to a mountain, like if someone inside the plane were planning to crash it against the mountain, and i was like "Please! that plane its going to crash!!, somebody do something!"
it was a horrible dream.

Some time after 9/11 i just realize and "knew", in a deep and inner level of myself that my dream was a precognition.



BlackSwan said...

Hi to all us gorgeous multidimensional beings. Hope the weekend is going great. Another nice summary here/

yk248 said...

Golden-and-Pure-White-Light Rays to all!!


Pamela Vicik-Smilth said...

@ Kerrie ~

I am so excited for you that you and Blossom will be seeing Abraham! I have been an Aber for three years and went to a workshop two years ago. I love them!

However, I have never heard them speak of ascension, GFOL, or anything remotely connected with this.

It would be awesome if you or Blossom get called to the hot seat!!


Anonymous said...

Pamala what do you think I have been creating!I just now I felt you wince Blossom I'll be good!LOL

A lady did say to Esther/Abraham that she wanted to help ETs to land and I wasn't satisfied with Abrahams answer they said they don't need her help, but that they don't want to stop her from her desires, but that she should not ask others to desire the same thing, well that may well be ok if we are all going to go along with our individual soul growth and slowly fix ourselves (the rippel effect) but we need a huge shift to happen and soon and we have been told by Matthew Ward in a channel that whilst it is very admirable that we think we can do this ourselves we are too stuck in the mud and we need help, they need us to awaken people that are open to this so that more lightworkers can hold their light in.yes the journey is the individuals soul growth and we should not interfer with that but the stargates are upon us now this is to happen now and they need us awaken.It is going to be a bumpy ride.And they don’t want it to be too bumpy.

~The Federation of Light~ out of snapshot

Then know this Blossom … the more that our
visitations can be accepted, the quicker we shall be in
getting here. This is why we desire so many of you to
foretell of our coming. Until a certain amount can
acknowledge this fact it would be ‘improper’ for us to
make ourselves known. The plan would not work as it
should. So, to all those who are reading these words
we say … ‘Introduce us to those who are unaware of

If souls of earth can begin to train their bodies, by
breathing techniques, to prepare for the arrival, then
all shall be well. It is a matter of the deep breath
allowing an energy field to build up around and
within the aura of the individual … thus preparing the
self for the energy that it is about to be subjected to.
Otherwise it is very likely that souls would ‘pass out’,
from the sheer strength of the frequency coming into
their auric field.

The Happy Picker said...

Hi folks. I have been following blossoms and Mike Quinsey posts for awhile, and sometimes I find it a bit confusing at times.

The feds say there is nothing to worry about the up comming events, and that everything is undercontrol. I like that bit, but then they go on about ascension and saying that is a pretty good thing, and they are going to help us achieve that, But I take it that for this ascension thing to work you need to be pasted on. Are the Feds also going to be going through the same thing, or is it just for us.

If someone here can shed a bit of light on the above I would apprecaited it, then I can go back to picking on the banjo :)

Take care

Claudia said...

Happening as we speak, in Hidrolandia, Brazil. Ihave a close friend going there in person and she will bring back some videos. Stay tuned.

yk248 said...

Have a nice day (:

Sharon V said...


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with Golden Rays!

Love & light,

Sharon V

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich no passing on required my friend we take the body with us,yes everything is ascending including them. so stay playing your music and you will enjoy the ride.

Happy Birthday Blossom, have a BEAUTFUL day,filled with lots of Golden Rays,

Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Blossom how are you doing?
Still unable to get contact with our friends?
Love & Light

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blossom. Have a fabulous day and trust you are well enough to kick up your heels.

Love & Golden Rays,
Tricia J

The Happy Picker said...

@Kerrie: Thanks Kerrie, that's great to know. I was a bit down in the dumps, due to misunderstandings, but its good to know all the pranayama and I am mantra meditation I have been doing twice daily wont be going to waist.

@Blossom happy birthday, and another year younger :)

Take care


Anonymous said...

******HaPpY bIrThDaY****** dear Blossom :)



Sharyn said...

I hope your day of birth is filled with love, light and a myriad of blessings Blossom. Be well and happy.
Love Sharyn

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered that the visualisation that was channeled by Jean Ederman. Original in French, was in fact done in 2003 (see my above post 4th Dec) so it is interesting to note that this has been manifesting for 6 years! we are slow, I marvel at the ETS patience with us. I am still going to keep it up in events as the 21st Dec is a huge star gate and I am going with "all is as it should be" on this one, The Feds have asked us to visualise everyday and I haven't been doing that enough, so this may well be a reminder. .

Depending upon the speed to spread the message across the world, several weeks, or even several months will be necessary before our "great appearance", if such is the decision made by the majority of those who will have used their capacity to choose, and if this message receives the necessary support.

Not choosing, stands for undergoing other people's choice. Not informing others stands for running the risk of obtaining a result that is contrary to one's expectations. Remaining indifferent means giving up one's free will.
It is all about your future. It is all about your evolution.

And as a fan of Gregg Braden and a reader of this book I like this comment from the organisers,

The global First Contact experiment is based on the concept of the 'Isaiah Effect' popularized by the author Gregg Braden. The key idea in the 'Isaiah Effect' is that by visualizing a desired event and fully immersing oneself in positive emotions of the event as though it had occurred, a powerful energetic impulse is created that helps manifest the desired event in the concrete physical realm. The emotions of celebration, joy, love and gratitude thus act as powerful engines for 'thought creation

Love,light and gratitude... AND JOY! Kerrie

P.S.This is so cute a new animated movie coming out soon where the astronaut is feared by the aliens as he crash lands on their planet (Back at you "V")

P.P.S. My son had his first UFO dream last night the ship beamed something down into him and he asked if they are harming him and they said no we are helping you. since the 11:11 stargate he has been activated at last!he is a number 11 birthday! it is so good watching the transformation.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blossom! Lots of love and golden rays to all of you!


Anonymous said...

a very loving happy birthday blossom xxx corrina

yk248 said...

Happy Birthday Blossom!! LotsofLove!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys how are you all doing with re reading the channels? I have just been reading the 12th July one and my heart was crying out for them not in desparation but in love and gratitude, so just want to say go to the 12th July channel and top up your light, I just did and I feel good!
Extract 12th July The Federation of Light
We ask you to KNOW of this as a beckoning call … as the winds of change whisper to the deepest place within your BEING. Listen to its voice … for when you do … there is the recognition of the familiar tone of HOME.
We … of The Federation of Light seek only your permission to assist you as you walk on your pathway home. We desire to be your beacon when the pathway is shadowed by fear. Keep your hearts’ eyes on the LIGHT that is there for each one of you. There are many of us … we are nations from many corners of many galaxies. Our strength is of a magnitude that is unsurpassable.

yk248 said...

Doing well Kerrie. I want to recommend reading the channelings of John Smallman and Saul. They're very heartful. They make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Have youb seen this?

A Huge Spiral appeared in the sky over Norway.

Hope the link works

Mr Nice said...



Kevin. ;o)

Anonymous said...

9/11/09 Curious: A blue-green beam of light was reported to have come shooting out the centre of the spiral
Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre - lasting for ten to twelve minutes before disappearing completely.
The Norwegian Meteorological
Institute was flooded with telephone calls after the light storm

What could it be? Astronomers say the spectacle did not appear to have been connected to the aurora, or Northern Lights
Read more:

From AA Metatron:
This spiral of light in the sky is an opening through a portal. This is the beginning of the Cosmic Burst of Love StarGate Portal Opening. This is a 72 hour process which will raise the vibrations of Earth and on 12/12/09 nothing that is not at 5D or above will be capable of withstanding the energy here. Everyone will be able to feel the effects of love and bliss pouring out over the Planet. It will be in this extremely high energy where miracles will occur. This is a dispensation and it is the largest burst of love energy to be emitted to Earth in all her history. We have been bringing a message to Earth regarding changes in the financial, political, and religious sectors. This is the Celestial Sign you have been waiting to see. Decloakings cannot occur until we have PEACE. This burst of Cosmic Love entering through StarGate Portal Opening, pictured here, is the bringer of Peace.
Blessings my Beloveds,
~Archangel Metatron
Beth and Mark

Last night I was so moved, I stopped in my tracks at one point and closed my eyes as tears fell and I sent them my love, I felt them so close. Love and light Kerrie

P.S, a member on my site from Norway has had a personal visual and has translated the news for us,

Anonymous said...

I guess you all noticed
I put the wrong date on my above post should be 9/12/09 last night!! so excited

I awoke this morning with the word 'pulsar' in my head I am not sure what that means? and colored geometrical shapes. L&L Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Norwegian authorities are investigating strange lights seen in the arctic sky. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. Locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon. The phenomenon comes a day before Obama arrives in Norway to receive his Nobel Peace Prize Award.